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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Calgary Flames in an important Pacific Division battle. Vegas committed two early penalties which Calgary took advantage of. The Flames opened the scoring on the power play, carrying a 1-0 edge into the 1st intermission.

Calgary didn’t waste time to double their lead in the middle frame. The Flames took a 2-0 advantage 1:24 into the 2nd period. The Golden Knights got within one after Jack Eichel scored his second power play goal of the season. A couple of minutes later, the Flames regained their two-goal advantage. After 40 minutes VGK trailed 3-1.

Vegas came storming back in the final period. They scored twice, held Calgary to one shot in the period and tied the game 3-3 to force overtime. Alex Pietrangelo completed the comeback with his game-winning goal.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 35-18-5 defeating the Flames 4-3 in overtime. Next up, Vegas will welcome back former coach Pete DeBoer and his Dallas Stars on Saturday night. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights took quite a while to really catch up to the game and it forced them to overcome a two-goal deficit. However, at the end of the 2nd and into the 3rd they really stepped on the gas pedal. The skating improved, their win-rate on stick battles picked up, and they were more willing to get to the front of the goal. Playing against a tired Flames team, they took advantage of what was there and pulled off their ninth 3rd period comeback of the season. A huge W for the standings. (Analysis by Ken)
Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames at T-Mobile Arena.

  • NINE 3rd period comebacks

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Laurent Brossoit
** William Carrier
* Jack Eichel



T-Mobile Arena Has Been A House Of Horrors For Calgary Flames


Looking Back At VGK’s League-Leading Nine 3rd Period Comeback Wins


  1. Pistol Pete

    The goal post stays put:

    15-8-1 = 106 pts

    • Richie-Rich

      I am predicting 101 points, but sure 106 should give us a shot at the #1 seed in the West…… We will have to beat several of the top 10 teams to get to 106 on the way and win all of the bottom feeders.

  2. Ice Warrior

    We were at the game. A group of Flames fans were sitting behind us and they were jerks. It’s cool to cheer your team on, but to insult the opposing team and dog their players is bush league and that’s what they were doing to the VGK. This was one sweet win. Sorry Flames, but you’re now 0-8 in T-Mobile.

  3. Roberto

    Marchessault’s shot looked like a goal, the crowd went off and it would have been easy to join in the fist pumping and turn the mind to what you’re going to pair with your post-game 20 oz 42 day dry aged bone in ribeye at Bavette’s. Great work by Pietrangelo for following that shot and ensuring it got over the line.

    • Blitz

      I assume the league reviews it for the official stats, but I was thinking the same thing. IMO it was a really bad job by ESPN to not show that last goal more closely (slow mo). From the views they did show I thought the puck, after hitting the crossbar, landed behind the red line then went forward (before Petra finished it). ESPN was just like “were done, let’s go, kill the broadcast”. Can’t stand the ESPN crew. TNT on the other hand are legit. I like their broadcast alot. ESPN is trash.

  4. Richie-Rich

    The lead here is that I am way more excited and happy about where we are at right now than at the break. Still, the remaining games are going to be tough with quite a few top 10 teams. CGY, EDM, and SEA all back-to-back as well. BRUTAL.

    Let’s recap by going back to the break. There were 31 games left in the season. 16 Away, 15 Home games. It’s interesting that we will face Seattle at home and then away for the last two games of the season!

    Let’s extrapolate. To date:

    VGK has done much better than the home & away record since the break, so let’s assume that they go .518 (home) and .625 (away) like they did in the 1st half. At that point they would wind up with an 8-7 home and 12-4 away record (49-29-4 = 92 pts).

    Now there are 24 games left in the season, 10 home and 14 away.
    Home 5-5, Away 8-6.

    Current Record 35-18-5 = 75pts + 26 = 101pts, much better than the predicted 92pts at the end of the break. At 101pts it would be hard to NOT make the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the remaining 24 games….

    Game 24 DAL (72pts, +36) 2/25 7pm. Ranked 8th in the NHL. VGK hopes to win on home ice. PDB would love to stick it to us.

    Game 23 @COL (67pts, +18) 2/27 6pm. Ranked 14th in the NHL. Playing as well as can be expected without Landeskog. Always a threat, especially in Colorado.

    Game 22 CAR (84pts, +44) 3/01 7pm. Ranked 2nd in the NHL. This team is hitting its stride at the right time and on the rise. It’s a home game that we’d like to win. Probably a loss.

    Game 21 NJD (81pts, +44) 3/03 7pm. Ranked 3rd in the NHL. Another team that has been a surprise this year. Sold +/- and a legitimate Cup contender. Another home game that the VGK would like to win. Could be a back-to-back loss playing a top tier team again.

    Game 20 MTL (52pts, -51) 3/05 3pm. Ranked 26th in the NHL, this is another MUST WIN game for the VGK. On paper this is 2 points, but ……..(fill in the blank).

    Game 19 @FLA (64pts, -1) 3/07 4pm. Ranked 18th in the NHL, I would say VGK has a good shot at winning this game except it’s the first game of a road trip in FLA.

    Game 18 @TBL (76pts, +37) 3/09 4pm. Ranked 5th in the NHL. Tough one to win on the road.

    Game 17 @CAR (76pts, +37) 3/11 4pm. Ranked 2nd in the NHL. Likely back-to-back losses here on the road. Can the VGK win at least 1 of the first 3 of 5 road games?

    Game 16 @STL (56pts, -34) 3/12 4pm. Ranked 24th and a declared seller at the trade deadline, this is a MUST WIN on the road for the VGK.

    Game 15 @PHI (56pts, -31) 3/14 4pm. Ranked 25th in the NHL and has slipped from grace. This is another winnable game on the road for the VGK.

    Game 14 CGY (66pts, +6) 3/16 7pm. Ranked 16th. Home game and winnable, but evaluating this one as a toss up. We will know a lot more about the VGK by the time we get to this game.

    Game 13 CBJ (41pts, -68) 3/19 1pm. Ranked 32nd in the NHL. If there was ever a MUST WIN game this is it. At home against the worst team in the NHL. Should be a fun night for the fans, right?

    Game 12 @VAN (51pts, -35) 3/21 7pm. Ranked 27th. This team is an enigma. Every year Vancouver is supposed to make the playoffs. There’s something wrong in Vancouver, flush it all and start over. Another MUST WIN against a down and out team, but it’s on the road……so……will VGK play down to a bottom feeder again?

    Game 11 @CGY (66pts,+6) 3/23 6pm. Playing them again? In Calgary. I don’t like this matchup, especially in Calgary.

    Game 10 @EDM (72pts, +30) 3/25 7pm. Ranked 9th in the NHL. Wow, back-2-back games against McDavid and Draisatl? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Edmonton is on a roll and could be our biggest threat for the Division Title. I hate that we have them back to back.

    Game 09 EDM (72pts, +30) 3/28 7pm. See above notes.

    Game 08 @SJS (47pts, -39) 3/30 7:30pm. Another no brainer MUST WIN game against the 28th ranked team in the NHL. But, on the road…. Meier and Karlsson?

    Game 07 MIN (69pts, +9) 4/01 7pm. At home against the Wild? What possibly could go wrong in this game against the 13th ranked team in the NHL? This won’t be a gimme plus a back-to-back … don’t break my back.

    Game 06 @MIN 4/03 5pm. See above. Must win the home game first. Lose at home and it won’t look good on 3 April.

    Game 05 @NSH (60pts, -10) 4/04 5pm. Started the 2nd half against this team in Nashville. With 5 games left this is looking like a MUST WIN.

    Game 04 LAK (72pts, +1) 4/06 7pm. Ranked 10th in the NHL which is a surprise for a team with a -10 GF/GA at the break. They are +11 since the break and are still hot on our trail. I had predicted the Kings to win the division with Seattle in 2nd. Looks like the Pacific is going to be a photo finish this year with at least 4 or maybe in 5 teams battling it out. With 4 games left, I am willing to bet that this is going to be viewed as a MUST WIN for the VGK.

    Game 03 @DAL (72pts, +36) 4/08 12:30pm. These last 3 games could be either ones that define this team as a hot team going into the playoffs or one that is going to sink like a rock. Once again, this game is going to be a spotlight on McCrimmon as the VGK faces off against the Head Coach it fired at the end of last season. Lots of drama in this one. Lose this one and the last two might be meaningless. PDB would love to stick it to us.

    Game 02 SEA (70pts, +19) 4/11 7pm. Ranked 12th. Front office and coaching is on the right track unlike what happened in Vegas where the front office panicked and flushed it’s All Star Coach and Vezina Goaltender. Management style in Seattle is consistency unlike chaotic shiny new toy shopping in Vegas. This game and the final one could define the VGK for years to come. The drama is going to be thick.

    Game 01 @SEA 4/13 7:30pm. Last game of the season. I am projecting 101 points and at this point they are almost assuredly going to get into the playoffs. Lots of what-ifs remain. Will they be active at the trade deadline? Might they try to bring in a great offensive threat like Timo?

    I for one am happy and excited by the performance of this team since the break. These remaining games will either build chemistry for the playoffs and the future, or the other thing…..

    • Roberto

      Great breakdown. Appreciated the work and the read. Thank you RR.

    • SMH

      Hey Richie, you forgot to praise Eichel and Pietrangelo tonight! Funny how you always blast them for every little thing you can think of, but never give them credit when they are key to winning the freaking game. It’s interesting how Ken, Mike McKenna, and every other hockey reporter that I listen to always praises Pietrangelo for being one of the best & most consistent players on the team, and one of the best all-around defensemen in the NHL (not to mention his pedigree of captaining a team to a Stanley Cup championship), but Richie the Keyboard Warrior has told us how AHL’ers like Miromanov and Zach Hayes are much better than him. I really think your mom should revoke your internet privileges for a while – after all, it’s her basement you’re still living in. The fact that you can come up with such a ridiculously long-winded and totally useless post proves you are in great need of something called “a life”. Better luck in the future!

      • THE hockey GOD

        RR said VGK would be in fifth place by now.

        wagon wanker that RR is.

        • Richie-Rich

          Holy Shit, that is NOT what I said. You’re reading comprehension sucks ThG. What I predicted was a 4th or 5th place finish at the end of this season.

          With 24 games to and the division as tight as it is, that prediction could very well still come true if the real HOCKEY GODS (not you) don’t shine some grace down on the VGK.

          Jeesh, so ready pounce but like “bad ice”, your analysis is just as bad.

          • THE hockey GOD

            R R
            you have a “convenient” memory, just like when you said RL would be done in January last year, when he lasted until March.

            and you have no clue about difference between good ice and bad ice. Even Cassidy mentioned in a few games back.

      • Richie-Rich

        If you’ve read my posts you would know that not long ago I said Petro was the best defenseman we have. He puts in long minutes and is the core of our defense. When he tosses a puck over the glass late in the game that ends up in a delay of game penalty, then he gets the thrashing in internet ink that he deserves. The VGK has played extremely well since the break, but have only played 1 game for a full 60 minutes. Obviously Brossoit is a bit rusty.

        By the way, I said that Zach Hayes and Miromanov are very good prospects and future NHL players.

        McNabb makes less mistakes than Petro, but then again #3 rarely takes chances in the o-zone or with the puck.

        Me thinks that SMH shakes his head a bit too much – rattling his brain. Great job keyboard warrior. No, not really.

        • Sorvino

          Jack Eichel had an extraordinary game last night?

          Big time game breaker.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ sorvino

            at least you don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth

            (like some people , with initial beginning with R
            and initial ending with R, then change your “story” every few weeks)

  5. TS

    Smh: geez, guy. I was going to thank Rr for his research/ analysis, and there you are blasting him for it! There are others who enjoy lengthy posts, (at times pretty absurd/angry/unrelated posts), yet you don’t blast them. Kinda petty, dontcha think?

  6. TS

    Fantastic comeback! THAT’S showing some Grit and Desire!!

  7. Pistol Pete

    Would love to see Eichel be a hero in his first postseason and silence his many detractors once and for all. Not saying that will happen. It may not and I might join the detractors, an injury notwithstanding.

    • Richie-Rich

      Eichel carrying this team to a Stanley Cup is exactly the medicine he needs. All of the bad juju and karma goes away and McIdiot becomes McGenius.

  8. Sorvino

    Thank you SMH

  9. THE hockey GOD

    rrrrrrrrinnnng !
    rrrrringggggg !!

    Wake up call for VGK
    Wake up call for VGK
    it’s the third period.

    Coach Grumpy has no solution to wake up call for VGK. No doze at intermission
    didn’t seem to work.

    VGK were sleep walking in period one
    in period two they were day dreaming.

    These early game starts for ESPN are not good for VGK.
    What or who was that pink blob wearing ESPN credentials
    sitting in between the team benches at ice level ??

  10. Jailbird

    First period pathetic. Third period amazing. Way to go boys! And Kraken lost big lead to Boston!

  11. Richie-Rich

    Dig a very deep hole and put ESPN in it. What a bummer. Just mute that shit and watch the game. And the fashion show in between periods with Subban?

    WTF was that?

    This is hockey, not some Heidi Klum walkway show.

    Ummm, okay – I get it….



    • THE hockey GOD

      R R
      the biden cabinet has inclusivity, what ever the hell that is. And they are all inept and incompetent yo yos. That Peter Butthead is top of list, followed by energy secretary grayhelm (liberals arts major heading up technical field in energy? ) . Give me a break, no wonder JoeFlation, soon to be JoeRecession, is one train wreck after another after another.

      diversity = perversity.

  12. Ken Hates The FO

    I know many won’t agree but if he even gets a few more games in the net coming up, I probably feel more comfortable and confident with Brossoit in the net than Hill and maybe even LT.

    At the very least, LB should be backing up a healthy LT when the playoffs start.

    • TS

      Ken, I like Brossoilt’s athleticism, but at times it seems he doesn’t track the puck..ESPN announcers mentioned it during Flames game. Hill really fills the net with his size, which gives opponents trouble. But, I do feel good about the two taking care of business, without LT.

  13. Sorvino

    Richie Rich, there are no bullies here. You were called out for being extremely negative. There are dozens of posts in the archives to support that. Why would several people say the same thing and have the same assessment? It’s a drag that you have such passion to post when the team loses but much less vigor when they win.

    This team has one game breaker in regards to creating offence at crucial times and that is Jack Eichel. He was extraordinary last night however not a word from you on that but Pietrangelo gets a penalty late in a game and you still won’t stop talking about that.

    Anytime you even attempt to provide a positive comment there is some negativity attached to it.

    When they beat Tampa you said, ” I was at the game last night . I would have to say it was the best game I have seen them play in a long long time. Eichel still doesn’t deserve 10 million a year.”

    Why say that??? Just be happy with the win. Eichel played fine that night. Was not on the ice for any of the Lightnings goals.

    You did it again today. Direct quote from you. ” The VGK has played extremely well since the break, but have only played 1 game for a full 60 minutes. ”

    You want them to dominate an entire 60 minutes of a game in the best professional hockey league in the world? You do understand the opponent is another team on the ice that wants to win just as bad.

    I’m not imagining this as others are saying the same thing. It’s a drag and it’s a downer to hear when your team is in 1st place.

    They don’t have a prayer of winning yesterday’s game without Eichel.

    If you are a student and you consistently get 65% on your exams you are not doing very well. If you are in the greatest professional hockey league in the world and you win 65% of your games your team will finish with 107 points which will likely be 1st place in the Western Conference. It seems as though you are angry about 35% of the time for no justifiable reason.

    The rest of us enjoy following a team that is in first place in the Western Conference.

    I’ll say that one more time and you can try to let that resonate for a couple of minutes.


    In laymen terms in regards to points garnered they have been more successful then any other team in the Western Conference.

    You seem to like to refer to yourself as a realist who fairly constructively criticizes.


    Other then shitting on the THG and SMH for feeling exactly what many others do about your ultra negative stance on this team why don’t you tell me what you felt about Jack Eichel’s performance yesterday.

    That’s a question.

    Richie Rich, how did you feel about the way Jack Eichel played yesterday?

    Please answer and when you do kindly don’t end your thought a “but.”

    Last night Jack Eichel (bunch of good stuff) followed by (but then a bunch of negative stuff.)

    BTW, nice work on your long post of the VGK’s remaining schedule. I enjoyed reading that,

    • TS

      Get along, Guys! I dunno, maybe too much testosterone in hockey…gotta get some chill pills for you men! ….sigh…

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ sorvino
      “not enough vigor when VGK loses?”! RoflMAo

      maybe the blue bill wore off, and he needs a higher dosage !??

  14. Sorvino

    FYI, In my opinion I think that the Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Avalanche are all better teams then the VGK in spite of the standings. I wouldn’t even be that optimistic of a potential first round matchup against the Calgary Flames. The fact that the VGK are currently in first place in the Western Conference tells me that they have actually overachieved this season with that roster. No negative in that. I’m proud of these players.

  15. knights fan in minny

    lack luster first the boys dug in the rest of the game and pulled out the win lb had a nice game 4 tough games coming up

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