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Recap: The Golden Knights returned home for their first home game since March 5th. The opening 20 got off to a slow pace but warmed up towards the end of the period. The Flames got on the scoreboard first and held a 1-0 advantage going into the 1st intermission.

Calgary doubled their lead 3:39 into the middle frame. Nine minutes later Zach Whitecloud cut the Flames lead in half to 2-1. Moments later Reilly Smith evened the score with his 23rd goal of the season. Later in the period Calgary regained their lead to 3-2.

Vegas forward Brett Howden committed a costly penalty 7:33 into the final period and the Flames capitalized on the opportunity. Calgary went on to record three more in the final frame to finish off Vegas 7-2.

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 42-21-6 losing to the Flames 7-2. Vegas will have an extra day off and will next face the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday afternoon. Puck drop against the Blue Jackets is set for 1 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It took VGK quite a while to get the offense going in this game. They were doing well enough defensively for the first portion of the game but they just didn’t generate much. They did well to use a quick flurry to storm back in, but like many games on the road trip they weren’t the better team for most of the night. Without the early lead, they couldn’t manage to find a way to make it work in this one. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames at T-Mobile Arena.

  • VGK’s struggles against the Pacific, cause for concern?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Zach Whitecloud
** William Karlsson
* Reilly Smith



Bettman Ensures Games Will Continue To Be Broadcast On AT&T Sportsnet Through Rest Of Regular Season


Golden Knights Struggles Against The Pacific Continue


  1. Sorvino

    Nothing really good about this game. They had no gas, no jump, nothing. This is one where you just throw it away and out of your mind.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Lowering the bar from 109 to 108:
    9-4-0 = 108 pts

    Have not watched the game yet but it does not look like Quick stood on his head exactly. Apparently one of them was an EN but with 6 GA his GAA plummets from 2.25 to 3.2. SV% from .930 to .899. Geesh. Plenty of blame to go around probably but something tells me Patera gets the start Sunday. If they were mostly good goals I stand to be corrected lol.

  3. Mention to Bruce to put the vegas pin on the left side not the right. The better team won they beat the Vegas B team tonight. Not much to say other than onward and upward. Let’s make sure the A team shows up Sunday

  4. TS

    Predictably, the back- home letdown occurred. Not surprising, unfortunately. Bury it, move on to Sunday….1pm game not ideal time..guys seem sluggish in early games.

  5. Jailbird

    All the other contenders won, so just up one point on Kings now. Throw away this non-effort and get back on track Saturday!

    • Pistol Pete

      The first two periods were definitely not a “non-effort” by the VGK in fact it was pretty much a great game through two with a great effort by Vegas to tie it. The tip-in to go up 3-2, Quick had no chance. The first CGY goal reputedly a knuckle baller from the point that maybe Quick would want back. I have not finished watching the third period but again the PP failed to come through and not sure how many of the three additional goals allowed by Quick were good. Definitely an over simplification imo to say that Vegas did not “show up” or whatever. Hurt not scoring on the power play for sure. Need to fix that. Though still a work in progress I thought Dorofeyev kept the intensity going and his two shots were about as many as anyone else had.

  6. Bobby

    Whole team looked tired, including coach in the post-game interview. Need these next couple of days to rest and recover.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sure did not play tired in the first two periods. Defensive structure broke down in the third for sure. You’re right in that there was some burnout from the road trip but they worked their asses off imo the whole game. Just was not going to happen this game and against a hungry team that has been underperforming the whole season. Not excuse making. Just the way it is. Hopefully goes better after two well earned days of rest and practice the PP for goodness sakes!!! Would Patera have helped? Maybe.

  7. Former season ticket holder

    Let’s hope this team learns how to fight thru this return to home haze…cant have this crap in the playoffs

  8. THE hockey GOD

    no energy
    soft goals
    fast ice
    or as someone said above “had no gas”, like a “coal car” , you know one
    of dem dere new fangled electricylical vehiculars that like to get
    stuck on Florida turnpike during hurricane evacuation. Touted as no emissions, but anyone with a brain knows that is not true- there is a coal plant somewhere making the parts for car and power to run it. Liberalism is surely a mental disorder of highest magnitude.

    your friendly daily community service reminder

    PS I don’t see the pervert, sicko psycho nut job from north las vegas posting today, rumor has it he/she /it is back in jail for wearing woman’s underwear , over regular clothes on the Strip by the Strat zone last nite.

    • TS

      Thg. Did you forget to take your meds this morning??

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS unlike most people on the left, I don’t need “meds” to live life and get by.

        • TS

          Silly man. Just how do you know this? Have a good breakfast, get some fresh air and sunshine, your attitude will improve!

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS my attitude is fine, and I know what I eat. Presumptuous of you to lecture me when you are clueless about my lifestyle.

        • TS

          So funny. YOU seem to think you know EXACTLY what other people think. You’ve got everyone figured out, and everyone is ignorant, in your view. Attitude is everything, and yours is usually negative. Come on, be honest.

          • THE hockey GOD

            another wildly presumptuous comment, which tells my you don’t know the meaning of word presumptuous.

            Your comment above clearly shows that you are completely missing the point.

            People that don’t understand simple words like presumptuous shouldn’t be let anywhere near the internet

        • TS

          See— I DO understand the English Language, after all!!

  9. knights fan in minny

    to many mental mistakes by the home squad flames play that hard heavy game they were in the puck carriers face most of the night really didn’t test markstrom at all

  10. Getting tired of seeing Eichel skating around not attacking. Look at other teams highest paid players and they are everywhere attacking the net. I would think that Eichel not Kessel should be a constant on PP with his skill level. Don’t know the whys but for Eichel to not be the shot leader every game is a big waste of $$

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ barracer
      I’d like to see him post high, like Crazy Ochkin does, on PP and use his great shot.

      I ‘d like to marty on PP too, but they use no. 7 (who has been flailing recently) and no. 23 (who has been good)

  11. Jose

    13 comments right now and only one is written with great anger for some reason. The angry commenter really hates his country with the dems in charge. The dems are not going away so this guy seems like he would be happier if he left the country. I’m saddened by the hockey gods angry rants. I hope he finds peace. I know one thing for sure and that is that nobody who follows this blog is responsible for his anger. We just want to talk about hockey.

    I agree with Sorvino and Pistol Pete’s comments. The team had no jump or energy left for the third period. The third period was not close. It looked like David vs Goliath, 12,000 square foot mansion in Connecticut vs trailer park in minnesota, Ferrari vs Pinto, etc….

    • THE hockey GOD

      you obviously are clueless, “great anger”, wrong again. Learn to read ENGLISH , before you post lies in public forum. As you will be called out for your stupidity, and putting words into posts that are not there.

      Clueless and witless ALEX again.

    • THE hockey GOD

      do you ever have an original thought, Alex? All you and Alex do is repeat what other people say and mock, troll , insult people on this board.

      you have no added value. Never, ever.

      everyone here knows you hate this site, Jose, Alex, Rashid, oblivous, minnie, all the same sick psycho creepy person from NLV.

  12. Rashaad

    the hockey god says, ” Liberalism is surely a mental disorder of highest magnitude.”

    One thing I have noticed is that ones you call liberal seem to be pretty happy people and not angry like you.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Rashaad , I am not angry, anyone reading my posts can see that I bash Liberals because they hate america and are destroying the USA. I point that out with FACTS.
      Unlike your ilk that are not happy, but stoned most of the time, brainwashed, and clueless about what is really going on around you every day in USA.

      Happy ? HA HA HAH , clueless, witless, inept, incompetent, illegal, etc are better ways to describe them. Pathetic, yes. Far from happy though.

      • knights fan in minny

        how funny was that THG kamala went to the ncca basket tourney and she was booed.they all know what a worthless piece of crap giggles is but she was a first

        • THE hockey GOD


          She was also heckled mercilessly before her TV show the other night, even people in CA can’t stand her

          hopefully they impeach both biden and her at same time

      • TS

        Thg, you are HILARIOUS! Professing to know just what perfect strangers think and do— you’ve got this Spock mind meld thing going?

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS look up the definition of presumptuous, then you will see how silly your comment looks

          • TS

            I understand perfectly, thg
            . You ” presume” to know what other people think and do. You ” presume”to know what’s in the minds of complete strangers, as you pre- emptively bash them. You ” presume” that Dems are evil pieces of flesh, even though you know ZERO. You ” presume” to think that EVERYONE thinks just like you, and detests the ” other ilk” as you like to label them.
            You constantly insult and offend people for NO REASON. Unprovoked… Just because you insist on ramming your offensive insults down our throats on SINBIN. I’m not sure WHY you so enjoy poking your frigging stick at people here, But you have been, and continue to be anti- social, and downright MEAN. you CHOOSE to behave this way. You delight in the response you provoke. Have you ALWAYS been angry with the world??

          • THE hockey GOD

            wrong again, you are the one presuming

            don’t know meaning of word presumptuous

            I post facts, that provide conclusion.

            I only react to people who attack me first.

            Once again you are clueless in your posts.

            Not angry, just defending my turf, and you won’t cancel culture me with y our spin which is entirely off base, as usual.

          • TS

            Btw, I DID look up Presumptuous. Fits you to a T. have YOU looked it up?? Potato, tomato, you’re STILL presumptuous!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      rasheed go smoke soms herb man

  13. Sorvino

    Hey Ken, any more injury news. Really hoping we start getting some guys back next week especially one of our goalies. Seems a little ridiculous that a 50 year old in Freddy Brathwaite has to be the back up with Henderson.

    • Arnold Rothstein

      Golden Knights coach Bruce Cassidy said this morning All-Star goalie Logan Thompson was close to being cleared, but was unsure when.

      Tonight I was told by someone with knowledge, that barring any unforeseen circumstances, the target day is Saturday for Thompson.

  14. TS

    Side note: ( before last night’s loss) Power Rankings had us 4th, a move up from week before. ( noting Martinez as a big factor) Now? Back down again, undoubtedly. Still, the VGK have the attention and respect of the hockey brains!

  15. Donald J Trump

    I have all the words, great words, simple words. I see the bad ice deniers are absent today.

    Where did they go?

    It’s a beautiful day, and Joe Biden is still the worst installed president in history of USA

    • THE hockey GOD

      sorry I don’t have green eyes or green skin , like you do ?

      I liked hulk in avengers movies

    • Donald J Trump

      To Jose

      my friend, this is a beautiful song.

      I think all the beautiful people out there will love this song.

      Enjoy !
      twitter this


  16. Sorvino

    Paul Cotter was drafted in the 4th round in 2018. Only 7 players have made the NHL so far that were drafted in that round. Only Philipp Kurashev has played more games then Cotter. Great work by team management on drafting Paul Cotter.

    Cotter was drafted 115th overall. The average rating of a player drafted between 110-120 ends up being 1.72 which is just below a player being an AHL player that plays less then 50 NHL career games. I believe that his rating will be between 6 and 7 which is a top 9 forward when all is said and done. This caliber of player is generally drafting in the first round (5th to 10th overall.) I project Cotter to be a guy that will get 15 goals per year and perhaps a couple of 20 goal seasons.

    10 – Generational
    9 – Elite Player
    8 – First Line, Top Pair D
    7 – Top Six Forward, Top Four D
    6 – Top Nine Forward, Top Six D
    5 – NHL Regular, 350+ NHL games
    4 – Fringe NHLer, 200+ NHL games
    3 – Very Good Minor Leaguer, 50-200 NHL games
    2 – Minor Leaguer, under 50 NHL games
    1 – 10 or fewer NHL games

    See attached link if you are curious where I got my numbers

  17. Jose

    Link doesn’t work.

    • Jose

      I hope this song is about not paying taxes which me and the Donald have in common.

      • Donald J Trump

        Jose – the most uninformed person on the internet.
        Last four years Donald J Trump worked for free.

        When you have the BEST CPAs in the world, you get what you pay for.

        Unlike sleepy Joe who took money from China, as did his son who is not registered foreign agent.

        10% for big guy, and look at the train wreck that he has been for this nation.

    • knights fan in minny

      do what the best prez ever told you to drink rasheed son

  18. TS

    Good morning VGK fans! On behalf of all fans here, I want to apologize for my unkind words to Thg yesterday. I try to get along with everyone, and be a positive fan. I enjoy the different opinions and takes on our team. OUR TEAM.
    What fries my ASS is bullying and harrassment for NO REASON, other than to provoke that same anger in others here. I tried to hold my tongue for months, but I finally had enough, so I reacted in kind. There is NO place for these incendiary POLITICAL ATTACKS on SINBIN. PERIOD.
    I enjoy joining in on spirited HOCKEY discussions. I’m a ” home- grown HOCKEY fan, just LOVE the sport, thoughI never followed it til our VGK came to town. That’s why I joined share the passion. That’s my ONLY agenda. But the incessant, combative POLITICAL attacks on others is highly INAPPROPRIATE, PROVOCATIVE and JUST PLAIN NASTY. Kills it for the Hockey fans.
    I will ( again) TRY to keep my OWN anger in check, and NOT fall into the angry rabbit hole with him. It is not a good look for ME, and a really Nasty look for HIM. Again, apologies to all who detest the bullshit.
    Btw, Ken: any chance in hell you could BAN the political garbage? ? Your base here would expand, I’m sure of it. Past posters have left SINBIN because of it.
    I know, free speech. ..It’s his default response, when asked to STOP. But, we ALL know POLITICS is a BAD mix with just about everything, and esp HOCKEY and sports.
    Again, apologies to all. Lost my cool, will try to keep it in check. GO KNIGHTS!!

    • knights fan in minny

      do not apologize you have the right to lose your cool stay strong TS

      • TS

        Kfim, thank you for that. You’re a decent person, and I do appreciate it. I’ve told thg that I enjoy and agree with a lot of his HOCKEY posts. The Political Bashing Is what triggers me. He knows it triggers people, which further triggers me! MADDENING! HEY, kfim, let’s make a pact: neither of us will react to the BULLSHIT, from Alex,, THG or ANYONE else! DEAL??
        Enjoy your Saturday, kfim!

        • TS

          Kfim, Btw, it was the damn ” Hitler” comment that made my head explode! I was incensed!! That got really personal for me and my German heritage!

          • knights fan in minny

            i understand that

          • Rashaad

            Kfim, are you actually going to put or shut up? Are you going to agree to the pact that TS set with you or is your “I understand” response not sincere? You have said the most disgusting racist stuff to me. I won’t reply to it anymore with trailer park talk anymore but will that make a difference. I know you hate the sound of my name and the vision of what you have that I look like and that won’t ever change but can you stick to talking about hockey. I will believe it when I see it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          what a snowflake
          when the truth and facts are revealed
          all the lib tards do is whine and cry like a baby.

          FActs that support that democrat party is evil

          baby killers
          KKK members
          supported slavery
          started every war we have been in , in last
          100 years (WW1, WW2 and it’s offspring korean war, Vietnam
          war (under JFK , furthered by LBJ, Gulf War (clinton did nothing
          to stop Osama Bin Laden) and off spring in AFganistan, and now
          Biden is starting WW3
          jimmy carter let the mullahs take over Iran
          Clinton let the socialists take over Venezuela
          hillary and obama let putin take over Crimea
          Hillary got four americans killed in Libya
          Obama killed the leader of Libya in cold blooded murder
          the dems support the neoFASCIST groups Antifa and BLM with al their violence and rioting.
          Clinton visited Epstein island over 17 times, Trump never did
          Clinton and Biden are accuse rapers.
          Dems keep blacks and minorities down with their gov. dependent policies.
          Pelosi did nothing to stop J6 despite being repeatedly warned to
          get more security, and an unarmed American citizen was killed in cold blood
          without due warning
          Dems are politicizing the judicial departments to go against people in opposite party.
          Dems AG and criminal justice officials are letting criminals go free on the street, the most recent was mass shooter in Michigan State campus who was let off by lenient “prosecutor”.
          Biden and Dems are doing nothing to curb illegal invasion of southern border by criminals, 90% of which are male; coyotes who rape and kill women and children
          Blue cities are filled with filth, crime, homeless, high housing, turning into
          third world shit hole cities
          Biden’s first month of EOs gutted our once self dependent energy industry
          causing high inflation, high interest rates, inflation, recession, massive lay offs in the high tech industry, and now BANK FAILURES

          Anyone who thinks DEMS are not party of EVIL missed their last two presidential conventions in which they completely disavowed GOD , in public forum. They also support such sick and evil topics: a latino rep from LA area recently endorsed a bestiality bill, they openly support racists critical race theory to be taught in our schools, they support evil perverse trans agenda pushing it on our children without parents knowledge.

          Any who doesn’t think the DEMS are not evil have their heads up their smelly butts, or are so brainwashed they can’t see or think straight.

          sez me
          Want more, I have a whole pocket full of them.

          • TS

            OH, SNAP. Thg, so does that mean you aren’t going to be part of Detente?? How about ” NO POLITICS EXCEPT ON NASTYDAY”??
            I know, let’s take a VOTE!! Now, that’d be old- fashioned DEMOCRASY AT WORK!

        • TS

          Sorry, kfim, I responded to THG. Though not with ANGER, but with HUMOR…
          Do you suppose it’ll work?? Nope, neither do I. He has no sense of humor, unfortunately….

  19. knights fan in minny

    i understand that

  20. Jose

    TS, the hockey god is a very angry human being who is not quite fitting in with what our society has become and is lashing out. He hates everything and hates everyone that doesn’t conform or agree with him. So this is not fixable by anyone else, but only himself. He doesn’t even need to be provoked. As I pointed out of the first 13 posts that were clearly about the Calgary game he was the only one that just strayed from hockey and became hateful.

    However, I don’t think he is your issue with this site and never has been. He also can’t fix it. Even if he were to never talk about politics again, and strictly talk about hockey, some other lunatic would arise.

    I think we all know the answer on how to fix this and make it a strictly hockey and VGK talking site but the owner and creator of this site obviously does not agree. Perhaps this is not just a hockey / VGK site at all.

    Yours and others repeated requests on a ban of all politics posts have gone completely ignored. You are an intelligent woman, and that should tell you something. I for one agree with you and think there should be a ban and but there isn’t and there won’t ever be.

    You could choose to just leave this site, which is what I hope doesn’t happen because I enjoy your posts. You could try to ignore the hockey Gods hate and unfortunate Hitler references. That’s not easy either.


    If it was, there would have been a ban on politics posts.

    The Hockey God is going to respond to this post with more anger, and this time I will ignore him as much as my testosterone does not want me to. But again, whether I ignore him or not, it won’t make a difference.

    I want to thought it was as well. You may think it is but it is clearly not.

    • TS

      Jose, thanks for the comments. You’ve got it right. The angry voices keep getting louder. Insane accusations. I can’t fix CRAZY, I know. My new mantra: ” IGNORE, IGNORE”! WISH ME LUCK!

    • TS

      Btw, jose, I tried several times to unplug, but I got Hockey Withdrawal and came back! ( that’s a real sickness, people- do not judge!)

  21. Rashaad

    That’s adorable knights fan in minny. The person who calls me a porch monkey and we all know what you mean about that says they understand to TS.

  22. Rashaad

    That’s what I thought.

    • knights fan in minny

      are you going to snivel like a little bitch you started posting awhile back mocking the good people on here just to get your little kicks fake ass oster alex you started all of this and now you don’t like it well guess what you deserve getting insulted you piece of shit deal with it loser

  23. Rashaad

    I only mocked you, because you said racist things about me. I mentioned porch monkey but I forgot about spook which you just said a few minutes ago. You don’t even acknowledge me as a person keep calling me Alex. Anyways, I’m going to follow what TS said it’s not reply with hatred to you.

    • knights fan in minny

      you mocked everyone by using their name so you can get some kind of sick kick you piece of shit fake ass poster alex the spearchucker you started all of this it’s up to you to end it you owe all the people you mocked a apology you started this a long time ago starting with TS then THG then me your call loser

    • TS

      Rashard, I APPLAUD you for reaching out to Kfim. Yes, rhe exchanges between you two have been UGLY, but you have gotten my respect for showing insight . It’s EASY to return fire, harder TO HOLD your fire. Now, if kfim will agree to our site- wide “detente”, (or a ” cease- fire”)we can get back to HOCKEYTALK!!

      • knights fan in minny

        i can do it but it will be hard

        • TS

          Kfim, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
          Three on board, progress!! ” we choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard”. Consider this our ” Moonshot”, kfim!!
          NOW, about you- know- who….who wants to try??? Any volunteers??

          • Rashaad

            I apologize for any bad things I said in the past in regards to kfim

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS sticking up for sick pyscho creep , who once stalked her.

        Now that is rich.

        • TS

          It is called DETENTE. FORGIVENESS. A RESET. PEACE. I’d rather be a POOR woman with love and forgiveness in her heart, than be a RICH bitch with NO HEART. You might not understand the concept, but CARING about others is important to ME. Getting along with people, instead of constantly angering others with incendiary POLITICAL BULLSHIT, is important to me. Being a DECENT HUMAN BEING is important to me. and THAT makes me VERY RICH.

  24. knights fan in minny

    in reverse rashaad does that sound right i gave it shot

    • TS

      I like it, guys! You are both WAY above the bashing stuff. ARE WE ALL HOCKEY FANS? HELL. YEAH!

      • TS

        I hereby volunteer KFIM to convince thg to ” cease fire”, join ” detente”, and agree to PEACE on SINBIN…..with only one term: NO POLITICS.

        • knights fan in minny

          no thanks you are the rock TS i will let you handle that one SORRY

          • TS

            Kfim. Oh SURE….Pass the buck to me. But you two get along better…He’ll listen to YOU. LOL!

  25. knights fan in minny

    i would not be to sure about that

  26. knights fan in minny

    have you been drinking TS just kidding

    • TS

      Kfim, not lately! Thg might LISTEN to me, it just won’t make sense to him, cause I’m an ” other”. I wish he could recognize that I and others are just “other” Americans.

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS you sound like hitler when he went after the jews, taking away guns, cancel culture, limiting free speech.

        why do you hate AMerica so much and free speech ??

        • TS


        • TS

          And YOUR post precisely exemplifies the meaning of PRESUMPTUOUS. Look it up again, THG.

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