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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Columbus Blue Jackets hoping for some payback for Vegas’ loss in Ohio earlier this month. The visitors took the opening lead by batting the puck over goaltender Adin Hill. After the opening twenty minutes Columbus held a 1-0 edge.

The Golden Knights offense began to heat up early on in the middle frame. A little more than three minutes into the period Ivan Barbashev tied the game, scoring his 15th goal of the season. Jack Eichel followed up with his 23rd goal a shift later. The reigning champions carried a 2-1 advantage into the second intermission.

Vegas scored again quickly into the period to extend their lead to 3-1. Pavel Dorofeyev reached double digits, recording his 10th of 2023-24. Eichel added a second with a power play tally late.

The Golden Knights record improves to 38-25-7 defeating the Blue Jackets 4-2. Vegas will hit the road for crucial four game trip beginning on Monday. Puck drop against the St. Louis Blues is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: VGK sleepwalked through the 1st period which caused quite a bit of concern. Then, they started to figure it out in the 2nd period and continued to dominate the Blue Jackets. Vegas landed nearly 40 of the last 45 shots. Bumslaying at its finest. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Columbus Blue Jackets at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Ivan Barbashev
** Nic Roy
* Jack Eichel


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  1. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Good thin the VGK showed up in the 2nd period. I always say out shoot the opponent then good things usually happen. Wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall during 1st intermission. St. Lousi is gonna be tough, they are chomping at the bit, I think this road trip is going to make or break the season.

  2. Rashaad

    Let’s hope that Hill is not hurt too badly.

    Good win,

    • TS

      I watched the Hill replay a few times– where was he injured, I wonder? I didn’t see it..

  3. Pistol Pete

    Biggest road trip of the season coming up starting with a must win vs. STL. Is the season in LT’s hands now with Patera as back-up? Jiri has not been having a great season in Henderson.

    • Rashaad

      PP, it’s definitely a concern. I was hoping that they would pick up another goalie at the trade deadline because both Hill and Thompson are not the most durable guys. There really wasn’t anybody good available but I think a guy like Alex Nedeljkovic would have been easy to get. At least he is NHL calibre and I don’t think Jiri Patera is. I hope that if they lose to St. Louis they still put Patera in against Nashville because the last thing we need is for Thompson to play too much and also get hurt. It’s a great opportunity for the kid.

      Might be getting ahead of myself, though as Hill might not be that badly hurt.

  4. DeezNutz


    • knights fan in minny

      why are you so obsessed with us dumb ass come up with something new moron

    • TS

      Deez: well, you told them to get a room, so they DID! Just Kidding, folks! KIDDING!

      • Anand

        TS, you just fueled Deez Nuts gay sex fantasy. Atleast you made him happy and excited for the next couple of days.

        • TS

          Anand, maybe he’ll be satisfied for awhile, huh?? Gotta satiate those unmentionable desires!

  5. niggles

    Where has the hockey god been?

  6. PJT

    Not as simple as it looks. We did great in the first 4 and a half minute before CBJ scored that flukey goal that got deflected by Nabber high up and sailed over Hill. Honestly, can’t really blame the goalie for that one. One goal, still lots of time, no biggie right? Wrong, suddenly the entire team started gripping their sticks tightly, second guessing every play and CBJ owned us after that. Confidence or the sudden lack of it is a real thing. Good thing after the 1st INT, VGK came back in top form and finished the game as expected by the entire crowd (which lacked CBJ fans unlike other visitors) and the Vegas bookie.
    What’s still a problem is that thing I mentioned about not quite finding that elusive finishing touch. SOG was at 47 to 22. As I said before, we’d be champions if SOG counted for anything meaningful. Sadly it doesn’t. Either the goalie is outstanding or this is something coaching needs to work on. Particularly the skills coach. Gotta get every player to work on their skills more. Crisps passing, less whiffing and if you want to do a set play tic-tac-toe kind of scoring, you need to work on the timing and hand eye co-ordination. Also learn to be patient before you shoot. Dorofeyev is a great of example of taking your time, out deke the goalie and score. There were at least 8 or 9 scoring chances that would have gone in had the shooter taken his time to pick a spot and shoot. Sure it’s easier said than done but Eichel managed to do just that for his 2nd goal. Other players need to pay attention and realize it’s not how hard the shot is but it is the placement of the shot that counts. Still too many of those corner-kick-header-in type of attempts to use a soccer analogy. Great if you can pull it off consistently, otherwise, practice, practice and practice. Also nice to see Haguer and Theodore throw a few bombs towards the net. All of them missed though but they’ll figure it out. GKG!

  7. JB

    Two points sets up big game vs Blues. I would expect that Hill is out again for some time? With back to back, LT vs Blues, then throw in the AHLer to get mauled by Smashville?

  8. Rashaad

    PJT, you said, “ we’d be champions if SOG counted for anything”

    I thought we did win the Stanley Cup last year. If the VGK aren’t champions, then which team is. Is Florida the champions? Is Colorado the champions?

    • PJT

      Rashaad, of course we are the champions. However that’s in the past. What we need to do now if focus on the future of the franchise. What we know about VGK is that we are good at puck possession, blocking shots, forechecking, clearing the defensive zone, excellent goal keeping, staying out of the penalty box and to some extent penalty killing. What we’re not so good at is Power Play, Winning faceoffs, turnovers, scrambling in front of the goalie, scoring goals despite high SOGs. I’m just saying we need to work on improving the team is all if we want to contend for the cup.

  9. Tim

    Our last 12 games we have 3 cupcakes and 9 really tuff games. It’s going to be a struggle with teams that are also fighting for a playoff spot. We put our self in this position by losing to so many bottom feeders throughout the year. Now we’ve got to work our asses off just to make the playoffs. The year were having with so many games where we score 2 goals or less I hope but don’t see us miraculously turning into a scoring machine. Our last hope is if Hertl can come in and light a spark under this under achieving group Prima Donna’s. WE don’t make the playoffs look for wholesale changes for next year. Foley is to good an owner and management have tried to give the players to win and they respond by really playing like shit all year. When you look at it realistically if we didn’t have that 12 game run at the beginning of the season we’d be so far back in the woods they’d have to pump the sunshine in.

    • ThG

      last hope ?

      negative nilly ?

      get up off the floor , prop up your lazy boy TIMMAH !!!

      • Tim

        THG, Love my lazy boy when the Knights are pulling a snoozer I’m already in position to take a snooze and believe me there’s been a lot of snoozers this year. It is true baseball starts March 28 so that’s my fallback plan hope you all have a fallback plan. The Boys of Summer are upon us.

    • JB

      Go watch baseball Tim. Save your doom for that.

      • Tim

        JB, There’s no doom as the saying goes ( Praise the Lord I saw the Light ) You want to believe they’ve played hard this year that’s fine myself my eye test tells me there’s been a lot of dogging going on. You notice Whitecloud a healthy scratch next will be Hague those two are just taking up space and Cassidy has seen enough.There’s no doubt Stone was the straw that stirs the drink and with him not in the lineup you see how lost this team is.

    • TS

      Tim, ouch. Reality SUCKS, for sure. We’re up against the wall, now….no room for the kinds of losses we’ve seen lately. Gotta play like their entire season depends on it– and it DOES! GKG!!

  10. ThG

    whitey back, good d man, out nursing a small hurt

    petro still out , need him back

    they showed up on beat a bad jackets team,

    its time to talk about cosmos and the world

  11. The Voice of Reason

    I am always surprised Ken let his comment section become an unadulterated cesspool of toxicity by the regular commenters like DeezNutz and all the other mentally unstable people in this forum.

    If Ken even decides to moderate the comments, he might get some more logical hockey fans in here vs the constant personal and homophobic attacks you see every article by DeezNutz and the rest of the mentally unstable gang. Otherwise, there is no point in engaging in this comment section.

    • knights fan in minny

      see ya boy

    • JB

      It’s been this way for years. Ken doesn’t care as long as he makes money!

    • DeezNutz

      Shut up loser. It’s called free speech and I’ve never once said anything homophobic but I know minny mouse has. It’s convenient that you left her name out of your meltdown. Stay off the internet snowflake.

      • knights fan in minny

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        • knights fan in minny

          so fuck you numb nutz

        • DeezNutz

          You called Tim a “faggot” and he called you a pillow biter like a week ago minny mouse. I never said anything like that.

          • Tim

            DeezNutz, Minny never called me a faggot and I never called her a pillow biter. In fact I’ve never called minny anything good or bad and as far as I know she’s never called me anything either.

          • knights fan in minny

            i have never said a word to tim you owe me a apology you piece of shit numb nutz

    • niggles

      The Voice of Complaining

  12. Richie-Rich

    Game 70 Analysis VGK 3, SEA 1

    VGK improves to 38-25-7, 83pts .593, +18 GF/GA

    The VGK (83pts) remains 4 points ahead of the Blues (79pts) with a game in hand, and 6 points ahead of the Wild (77pts) also with a game in hand. There are 12 games remaining in the season and Vegas absolutely had to rake in 2 points last night from the BJ’s. The Golden Knights started out slowly in the first period and looked lethargic. The BJ’s, coming off a beat down the night before by Colorado by a score of 6-1 in the mile high city, looked to be the fresher and more well rested team. The BJ’s took a 1-0 lead, but after the 1st period Vegas found their game and dominated the rest of the way putting nearly 50 shots on goal. Aidin Hill played well, but came out of the game with an injury. Logan Thompson finished but wasn’t tested until the final 11 seconds when the Jackets were able to lift one past him for their 2nd goal.

    1st Star – Eichel
    2nd Star – Dorofeyev
    3rd Star – Barbashev

    There are 12 games left in the season. The VGK must go 7-5 in order to reach 97 points. The Golden Knights remain in control of their own destiny. The next game will have playoff ramifications for both teams. The Blues are 4 points behind the Golden Knights and can ill afford to give up any more ground to Vegas. The Blues have 11 games left in the season and a loss to Vegas on Monday would be devastating to their postseason hopes.

    STL 38-30-3 79pts, .556, GF/GA -8 have won their last 2 games 5-2 over Ottawa, and a 5-4 OT win over the Wild. The Blues have scored 10 goals in their past 2 games Vegas will need to have to be on their defensive game!

    The VGK defeated STL on 6 Dec by a 6-3 score with 6 different Knights finding the net (Whitecloud, Eichel, Marchy, Kolesar, Amadio, and Karlsson). The Knights had to come back from a 3-1 deficit in this game. Thompson earned the win saving 26 of 29 shots, .897gaa.

    The first of a back-to-back, the Knights will face off on Tuesday against a red hot Nashville Predators team. The playoff picture will likely be much more in focus at the end of the week after facing WPG on Thursday and MIN on Saturday.

    SINCE ALL STAR BREAK *Playoff Team, **Wild Card Team (MW = must win game)

    26 2/22 H-TOR* LOSS 7-3
    25 2/24 A-OTT (MW) LOSS 4-3 OTL
    24 2/27 A-TOR* WIN 6-2
    23 2/29 A-BOS* LOSS 5-4
    22 3/02 A-BUF (MW) LOSS 2-7
    21 3/04 A-CBJ (MW) LOSS 3-6
    20 3/07 H-VAN* LOSS 1-3
    19 3/09 H-DET** WIN 4-3
    18 3/12 A-SEA (MW) WIN 5-4 OT
    17 3/14 A-CGY (MW) LOSS 1-4
    16 3/17 H-NJD (MW) WIN 3-1
    15 3/19 H-TBL** LOSS 5-3
    14 3/21 H-SEA** WIN 3-1
    13 3/23 H-CBJ (MW) 4-2


    I have listed 6 MUST WIN games below. That will end the season with the VGK on 95 points. However, a loss on Monday night to the Blues becomes problematic given the schedule ahead. Two games vs VAN, two vs MIN, and a game vs WPG and COL. All playoff or playoff contending teams. Win 2 of the next 3 and that should crush any chances that the Wild have of making the postseason.

    12 3/25 A-STL** (MW)
    11 3/26 A-NSH**
    10 3/28 A-WPG*
    09 3/30 A-MIN***(MW)
    08 4/02 H-VAN*
    07 4/05 A-ARI (MW)
    06 4/08 A-VAN*
    05 4/10 A-EDM*
    04 4/12 H-MIN***(MW)
    03 4/14 H-COL*
    02 4/16 H-CHI (MW)
    01 4/18 H-ANA (MW)

  13. Richie-Rich

    Another editing issue. Game 70 Analysis VGK 4, CBJ 2.

  14. Rashaad

    I hate to question Cassidy, but it looks like they pushed Adin Hill too far.

    Adin Hill has never started more than 27 regular season games before this season and Saturday was his 32nd appearance of the season. It was weird when they started him five consecutive times with Logan Thompson healthy. Healthy and playing well.

    Logan Thompson is not the most durable guy either and I hope they don’t plan to start him in all of the remaining 12 games.

    The fact that the play that caused the injury to Hill did not even look serious shows just how physically fragile he is.

  15. Richie-Rich

    Cap Friendly lists Hill’s salary as $4.9 million per year. He definitely got paid. But, you are right, he’s never played this many games.

    Logan Thompson is making $766K (this year and next). Patera actually makes $9K more than Thompson!

    The goalie situation is something that I personally believe that the FO messed up. I know that there are those on this forum who hate Fleury, but he’s still a serviceable goaltender and is making $3.5 million for the the Wild. It is my opinion that Fleury would have been a great mentor for Thompson.

    If Hill is out for the remaining of the season then this could be quite troublesome.

    • TS

      Rr, the G’s should have been rotated more, absolutely. Hill played too much, with LT ready on the bench, which likely led to Hill’s injuries along the way.

    • Henderson's Finest

      Patera is only signed through the end of the season. Based on his play in Henderson (I am a HSK STH), my bet is he won’t be re-signed. With Saville, Vikman, and Lundbom all playing better, there is no room for Patera.

    • ThG

      MAF is not a team player, get it through your head !

      back stabbing SOB

      he’s never coming back,

      move forward, not back ward !! Don’t go in circles !

      • Richie-Rich

        Despite the fact that you are right about #FJB Brandon….. You need to take a reading comprehension class. Did I call for #29’s return? NO. He is not coming back and at this point I wouldn’t want him back.

        The point of my post was that the FO has made some great roster moves. Goaltending is an area that has been questionable. Period. Leave it at that. I am not going to get into another debate over the sword incident or any of that nonsense.

        Hill and Thompson are good to above average goaltenders. Very good 1B/1B in the crease. I think they overpaid hill at $4.9 million, but sure he won the Cup. But the team in front of him providing outstanding defense and physicality was also a contributing factor.

        Thompson is a serviceable, not great, goaltender. Both have the ability to get hot or super cold. The GAA is ballooning and that speaks to both their ability and the inconsistency in front of them.

        I don’t care who the goalie is, if your defense isn’t playing well the goalie is going to be burned. However, both Hill and Thompson gave up super softies in the last two. The Point goal on what was almost icing on Hill, and the tip in with 11 seconds left in the game the other day on Thompson. Those sort of goalie mistakes can kill this teams playoff hopes. They simply cannot happen. They didn’t during the Cup run last year.

        There’s been a lack of roster consistency, and team chemistry has suffered and will continue when Hertl is added. Vey good acquisitions, but it takes time for new players to gel. It could be too late.

        Tonight is a playoff game. No doubt about it. Win and extend the lead over the Blues. Lose and the race tightens right back up again.

        Take a class on reading comprehension.

  16. Rashaad

    That’s a really hard argument to make since they won the Stanley Cup with Adin Hill playing exceptionally well. Adin Hill has the second highest save percentage in the playoffs of all time. Only Tim Thomas is higher. I think the mistake that may have been made was to not have brought in a third goalie at the trade deadline for insurance like they did last year when they brought in Jonathan Quick.

    Of note, they have placed Tomas Hertl on LTIR as a paper move to make room to bring up Jiri Patera. That could suggest that Adin Hill could still come back in the regular season. We will know the Adin Hill situation for sure when Tomas Hertl is ready to play and the corresponding move is to put Adin Hill on LTIR.

    • PJT

      Rashaad, stop living in the past. The goal here is not to win one cup and call it a day. The goal here is to build a team that can be serious contender every year. Every year, the roster is different, the coaching is different, the teams you meet both in the regular and post season is different, the opposing team roster is different so it’s not easy to repeat a cup championship. What you should care about is how to improve this team. Love them and support them as we all do but also point out their weakness and their flaws and what they should do to become better. Rotating the goalies is a step in the right direction. We should have done that and as coach just said, we’ll be doing that starting Monday against the Blues. I still think working on skills is important. You can tell from the warmups. These are professionals, being paid millions of dollars. The very least they should do is not whiff or miss a pass or spray and pray every so often. I know it looks bad to be in front of a stadium of fans and practicing your shots like you do in practice when no one is looking but the audience add that extra layer of stress to not screw up when you make a slap shot. Put away the ego and warm up seriously and make sure each shot counts. I am reminded a decade ago watching a Red Wings non-star player named Jiri Hudler who at every warm up would practice slap shots from the right circle, each time going towards the board. Those are tough angles to hit the net but he does it repetetively until his muscle memory kicks in. This is the kind of discipline our players need to instill. Same with facsoffs. Nobody practices these things but you have to in order to improve your hand eye coordination. I’m reminded of the time. the Blackhawks after winning 2 cups in 2010 and 2013 would still hire a faceoff coach to teach the centers how to win faceoffs. Even their captain Jonathan Toews had to be coached and he makes like $12m a year. All I’m saying if we’re paying Jack $9m, he’s gotta start winning those faceoffs. Finally, SOGs don’t win you games and they certainly will not win you championships. What does? Good forechecking, CORSI For, goal tending and scoring. Also known as playing to your identity. Remember, WE ARE VEGAS!! GKG!

      • ThG

        build a team is a good goal to have, build a dynasty

        but Foley wanted to win NOW. You can’t have it both ways !!

        There isn’t much ammunition left in organization to make more block buster deals at this point in time

        stretched too thin

        Panthers are favorite for SC this year, they are ready to pounce.

        • Rashaad

          Yes PJT, what the ThG said. Of course, they are trying to win every year but you can’t be elite every single year in a hard salary cap system.

  17. Vic

    Many thanks to Hill for being a major reason for the cup victory, however, he is beginning to resemble Lehner, and that is not a good thing. Now it’s Logan and Jiri for the home stretch.

  18. Jose

    Some perspective because things aren’t always as they seem. These are facts that anyone can research and confirm on the internet NHL websites. Adin Hill has a .914 save percentage but has an .899 save percentage since January 1st. We all know he has struggled. Marc Andre Fluery has an .899 save percentage this entire season. Fluery has sucked all year. He hasn’t been good for years. So basically Fluery has been stopping pucks at the same percentage all season as Hill has since January when he was at his worst.

    Everyone is going to hate this fact so buckle up and don’t shoot the messenger because this is a fact. Logan Thompson is not that good. He has a .905 save percentage this year. He is an NHL caliber back up or 1B. Robin Lehner has a .917 career save percentage. At Lehner’s absolute worst in his last year with Vegas playing with multiple injuries he still had a .907 save percentage which is higher then Thompson. So basically at Lehner’s worst playing with busted up knees, hips and shoulder issues he still stopped pucks at a higher efficiency then a fully healthy Logan Thompson is in front of a Stanley Cup winning defense core this year.

    Adin Hill is better then Logan Thompson maybe not by a huge margin but he is. The front office correctly decided that the teams best chance at winning in the playoffs would be with Adin Hill. They did it last year. That’s why they tried to get him going. However, their mistake was probably playing Hill way too much which resulted in injury. Since Christmas Logan Thompson has been better then Hill so they probably have the right guy in there now.

    Since Christmas
    Logan Thompson .903
    Adin Hill .899

    Ladies and gentlemen these are all facts.

    In summary, Robin Lehner was never really bad with Vegas, he was actually quite good when healthy but when broken down and injured he was still not as bad as most think. The numbers don’t lie. He looked funny doing it because he was a fat out of shape injured guy. As factually stated above, even at Lehner’s absolute worst with Vegas he still stopped pucks at a higher efficiency then Logan Thompson.

    Marc Andre Fluery was great and elite at the beginning of his Vegas career but he has not been even good for quite some time. If you think Fluery stopping the puck at an .899 save percentage for the entire season is good and Adin Hill stopping the puck at an .899 save percentage since Christmas is terrible then you don’t know how to read numbers.

    Adin Hill being hurt is not a good thing or blessing in disguise. The VGK need both (Hill and Thompson) of these competent but not great goalies for the playoffs if they qualify for the playoffs. The only actual blessing in disguise here now is perhaps the team will be motivated to playing even better defense then they are now to compensate for lack of goaltending down the stretch.

    So enough of the Lehner bashing or the hoping that Fleury is still here stuff. It simply does not make any sense when look at the numbers and actual performance.

    Thompson and Patera are the hands that we are now dealt and lets hope they can win with them.

  19. Jose

    If anybody wants to challenge what I said with their opinions, then obviously go right ahead. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I respect aIl opinions but I provided actual statistical evidence to base my opinions and I would hope that you could do the same to prove me wrong. Please try to do better than telling me that Fleury is the answer because he has a nice smile and cute nickname.

  20. JB

    So, the most important game of the year! So far, tonight. I think if we beat the Blues we will make the playoffs. If we don’t, trouble. Back to back vs red hot Preds tomorrow! We need the two points tonight to open up six ahead of Blues. Then throw in backup goalie to get mauled by Preds!

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