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Recap: The Golden Knights hit the ice for the first time in five days to take on the Carolina Hurricanes at T-Mobile Arena. Midway through the opening period Jonathan Marchessault added to his team-leading goal total. Marchessault gave Vegas a 1-0 lead with his 28th tally of the season.

Carolina quickly evened the score at 1-1 in the middle frame. Carolina scored the period’s lone goal 1:21 into the period.

Again, the visiting team wasted no time to score to start the 3rd period. Vegas failed to recover defensively and the Hurricanes took advantage of a quick break into the Golden Knights zone 0:19 into the frame. Carolina took a 3-1 advantage five minutes later, batting a puck down behind Adin Hill and into the net.

The Golden Knights record drops to 31-17-6 losing to the Hurricanes 3-1. Vegas will travel up to San Jose on Monday for a one-game road trip against the Sharks. Puck drop in San Jose is scheduled for 1 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a great start for the Golden Knights as they were generating dangerous chances at a great rate in the 1st. They could only sneak one through and ultimately that became a problem as the chances slowed down. Carolina’s depth started to wear on VGK’s and a shorthanded goal to start the 3rd was a killer. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Carolina Hurricanes at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Puck support on exits

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Ivan Barbashev
* Jonathan Marchessault



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  1. They were pathetic and the shorty by the Cane’s to start the third ended any hope of winning. They looked more tired than the canes and they played last night. There are no excuses to just show they played. The only positive was the body check by Barbie. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Dadlizard

    Game started off great, then got really tough to watch. Team is 1-5-0 after having 3+ days off (per broadcast). Ouch.
    That one was winnable…if they played all the periods like the first period

  3. Richie-Rich

    Game 54 Analysis CAR 3, VGK 1

    Defense remains a major issue. I am beginning to think that we are not only missing Eichel, Theodore and Carrier but it is obvious that no one has been able to fill Smith’s spot. Dorofeyev’s injury is also having an impact.

    The tying goal happened as Martinez lost an edge and fell down in the NZ. There’s always some excuse lately. Not enough offense, and getting scored on short handed is a disgrace. Hill posts a sub .900 performance and clearly wasn’t sharp on that shorthanded goal. Miromanov isn’t showing me that he has NHL credibility.

    Edmonton picks up 2 more points and is threatening to take over 2nd place in the Pacific. Vancouver lost tonight, so the VGK doesn’t pick up any ground on the Canucks.

    The team simply isn’t dangerous. The guys that are out there can’t even put the puck on net missing wide and high way too often. I’ve been waiting for Cotter to break out this season but he continues to be a major disappointment.

    The VGK starts out next week with a back-to-back. Sharks on Monday in San Jose followed by Nashville at home on Tuesday. Four games next week with the 3rd game on Thursday against a good Toronto team, and Ottawa on Saturday on the road.

    The team is .500 since the all star break after winning their first two games. It’s hard to believe that we might be looking at the VGK being a seller at the trade deadline.

    The team simply hasn’t been playing well enough. Passing was off, puck management was off, getting scored on shorthanded. Just not good enough. The team simply hasn’t been able to play through pressure, that much is evident right now.

    • RR – it would not a.nd should not be a surprise to see vgk sellers at trade deadline of for no other reason to shake things up. They are not playing to their potential and maybe feel to comfortable with the idea they are safe from any trade. They are in need of a wakeup call in one way or another. Last night the Cane’s had more energy and they played the night before. History shows vgks do not perform well with extended time between games which shouldn’t be the case but it sure affects them negatively. Continue as they did lady few games and you won’t need your seats for any playoff games.

  4. Barb

    There’s got to be a medium between too many games with very little practice and too few games with too much rest and practice time. I know the rotation of players in and out of the lineup makes things hard but there needs to be more fire in the belly for some of the players (won’t name names)

  5. DeezNutz


  6. Niggles

    Terrible game after a nice start. Passes were very inaccurate, bad decisions controlling the puck, and indecision as well. Quite a few major turnovers which we are lucky they didn’t capitalize on. I’m wondering if Stone is playing through an injury because he’s looked rough the last few games. Not nearly as accurate as usual and is getting frustrated.

    I’ll be in San Jose for the game Monday. Let’s hope they bounce back!

    • Perro

      From someone with an injured back, I see the tell tale signs that Stones back is bothering him.
      I can see it in how he skates, how he gets up after getting knocked down, and the pain on his face when he tries to catch up to players.

  7. JB

    We missed so many chances in front of the net. Then the shorty, which Hill should have stopped, sealed our fate. Must beat the lowly sharks on Monday!

  8. Tim

    This year no game is safe with the Knights and it wouldn’t surprise me if San Jose takes us down. What will management do by the trade deadline?

    • JB

      Just go away Tim. You are not a Knights fan. Just a complaining pretender!

      • JB – the only difference between you and Tim is the fact he tells it as it is, and you post how you want it to be. I believe you are both VGK fans good or bad. I know having read some of your posts in the past you are more knowledgeable than to just brush off a realistic point of view and accuse anyone of being a pretender. I venture to say your more of a man than that.

  9. Bobby

    Tremendous first period, that’s about it. Trade deadline approaching.

  10. ThG

    just say good bye to no 62,

    marty also coughed the puck up and fell down at center ice on goal no. 1

    the mirmanov d man experiment should be over as theodore comes back and miramanov is put on waivers, i doubt anyone would take him. Damage goods, didn’t show much.

    as billy joel would say
    say good bye miramonov

  11. Bryce Alberts

    As patches said a few years ago, the country club has struck again. There is no drive or ernest in any of our players. You see and watch the other stars and great teams in the NHL who are on the highlite reels almost every night, like Mcdavid, McKinnon, Makar, Crosby, Hughes, Trachuk etc etc, and the better teams in the league. I’m sure there are games they stink in too, but it’s the same thing over and over and I’m tired of the excuses. We’re the Stanley Cup Champions damn it, start playing like it!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      what does being on the highlight reel have to do with winning and losing vegas had nobody in the top 30 in scoring last year

    • Interesting take – country club struck again. That pretty much says it all. They are the current Cup champions but it’s about to come to an end unfortunately. No l am not being negative but l am being realistic much to my dismay.

      • knights fan in minny

        are you positive about that sounds like you’re a quitter

        • No quitter, never, but unfortunately a realist – which obviously gets in the way of an optimistic, rose colored glasses point of view. They currently, whether anyone wants to acknowledge it or not, are in trouble. If it turns out I am, and sure hope that is the case, I will be the first to admit it and cheerfully so. At the current moment they are not even close to the team that raised the Cup last year and that is the team it will take to repeat.

    • ThG

      more like hospital ward, than country club

      wake up pay attention

      shades of two years ago with all injuries, start your whining AFTER all the players get back on the ice

  12. Jose

    Less whiny bitches the usual. Fans are getting better.

    • ThG

      you mean the fans are getting bitter ?

      certainly not better

      too many whiny posts here, typical wagon jumper scum bags.

      • Richie-Rich

        Last year the team got healthy in time after the all star break. Stone remained on IR for the regular season. This year, we have Eichel out for at least 4-6 weeks with a knee injury. The 4th line is a mess. We really miss having Carrier, Roy, and Kolesar on that line. Smith being gone is also a major impact on defense.

        No one is whining. The team has 68 points with 28 games remaining. To get to 96 point they will need to win 14 of those games, .500 percentage. Third place is the likely finish in the Pacific. If the team cannot get back to 100% health then it is going to be tough to go past the first round.

        The goaltending is fine. Way too many shots missing wide left, right and over the top. This needs to be addressed.

  13. Jumping jehoshophat!!…calm down people…granted we didnt play well after the first period after getting stoned by spencer martin??!! in the first…did anyone happen to look at our 4th line…the energy line of our past…well as presently constituted it was and is a nightmare and is of no use or consequence for us…no matter what the trade deadline may or may not bring…no matter what ken keeps espousing…Roy must return to the 4th line predicated on a healthy shoulder completely mended Carrier to provide the spark and Oomph they provided during our playoff run!!…in my opinion if we were to move a defenseman for a capable winger….firstly it would be Marty simply because of the contract though he would be sorely missed in the heat of the playoff battle…secondly i would move Hague as his offense is waaaaay limited and does not use his size nearly enough to justify his playing time…hes a great teammate and stands up for his team but i would move him cause Korczak is ready and able….as far as miramanov ive seen enough…and quite frankly from what i saw of Brisson he is a very likely candidate to be included in any forthcoming trade.

    • Larry I thought a lot of your insights made sense, hopefully something will be done to lift the team out of the current malaise, getting Eichel and Theodore back will certainly help in that regard!

      I dont like to but i have to give credit to the Kings, they got blitzed 7-0 by Buffalo on the first game of their trip, and then won 3 in a row in come from behind fashion, and now suddenly they are 4 points behind VGK with a game in hand!!

  14. JB

    I think we will finish with 104 points, third in the division and all our guys back healthy and maybe one pickup. We’ll be fine when playoffs get here. Settle down!

    • knights fan in minny

      who would you like them to trade for jb i like the vatrano character th ducks would probably want picks for him

      • JB

        Minny, I don’t really know enough about all these players mentioned. So I really don’t have an opinion.

  15. Tim

    I usually don’t look up stats but for the hell of it I just wanted to see how boring the Knights games were. Was it me or do they pull to many clunkers. We’ve played 51 games and 18 of those win or lose we scored 2 goals or less. So in 18 games watching 3- 20 minute periods and 2- 20 minute intermissions your going to tell me thats exciting. You all think thats great good for you but if the Knights weren’t our team I wonder how many of you would be watching hockey. Now the end game is fine the team has played well compared to the other boring team so good for them. Stanley Cup was an accomplishment in 6 years. Let’s hope management get’s someone who can help with scoring and give me a rise if you know what I mean.

    • JB

      Hey Tim, your favorite boring baseball is starting soon. Why don’t you take a nice long trip to spring training camps. You know nothing about the game of hockey or how to watch and enjoy the game!

      • Tim

        I know when 35% of the games we score 2 goals or less. If that doesn’t fall under the category or boring I don’t know what does. Your favorite sport I assume is hockey that’s fine mines baseball that’s also fine so you don’t need to get testy. Like I said hockey is all about puck luck baseball has a much higher degree of skill involved so there not comparable. JB if we don’t beat the Sharks tomorrow I’ll be all over you in a fun kind of way. Believe me at 78 you learn to enjoy every day so I don’t take anything to serious.

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