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Recap: The Golden Knights went into Friday night’s game against the Buffalo Sabres riding a nine-game point streak. Vegas was awarded an early power play, but Buffalo stopped several quality chances from Vegas. Both teams had opportunities but the opening period ended in a scoreless tie.

Each team swapped power plays in the middle frame but neither would score on the man-advantage. Moments after the Sabres PP the visiting team took the opening 1-0 lead. Six minutes later Ivan Barbashev evened the score on the power play with his seventh goal of 2023-24. Late in the period, Jack Eichel drew a penalty which carried over into the final frame. After 40 minutes of action, the game was locked in a 1-1 battle.

Jack Eichel scored his 13th goal of the season to give Vegas their first lead of the game. Minutes later Buffalo came back and tied the game 2-2. Midway through the period the Sabres took a 3-2 edge over the Golden Knights. A few shifts later Buffalo’s Alex Tuch extended the visitors’ lead to 4-2. With time winding down the Sabres sealed their win with an empty net goal.

The Golden Knights record drops to 20-6-5 losing to the Sabres 5-2 from The Fortress. Vegas will next face off against the Ottawa Senators on Sunday evening. Puck drop against the Senators is scheduled for 5 PM.  (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights could not stop turning the puck over pretty much the entire night. For the first 45 minutes they were able erase a lot of the problems that were caused by the turnovers. The last 15, they couldn’t, and it got pretty ugly. They’ve had puck security issues before, but rarely this bad. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Buffalo Sabres at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Puck Security (probably)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Nic Roy
** Ivan Barbashev
* Jack Eichel


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  1. VGK in Henderson

    Sieve goal tending. Terrible to watch but not as bad as Roy and Barbie’s turn overs. Damn.

  2. DeezNutz

    Classic Logan Thompson 4 goals against game.

    Turnovers were pathetic all night but Buffalo also turned it over alot and one team was able to capitalize on their chances and the other team was Vegas. They made another backup goalie look like a Vezina finalist.

    • Pistol Pete

      Per usual this loss will be another cliche-filled field day for the VGK bashers!

  3. Pistol Pete

    Only good thing about this game was Eichel extending his point streak to nine. Some games the puck management just is not there consistently. Can’t win them all!

  4. Alex

    Thompson is so bad…he’s not even a solid minor leaguer at this point …

  5. knights fan in minny

    entertaining game the pace was good all 3 periods young dawson levi was fantastic in the blue paint a. tuch with a nice goal

    • TS

      Tuch was fun to watch. Always a threat to opponents, quick for a big guy!! Sure like him, wish he was a Knight, still!

  6. Sorvino – well my friend if you saw the game this evening realistically speaking of course “most of the time” truly applies. Interesting they can’t defend 6 on 5 or score 6 on 5 and get scored on to boot. Not being negative just factual. To many turnovers and not a great performance overall. On to Sunday. Go knights go

    • Sorvino

      Who cares whether they lose 5-2 or 4-2.

      • Sorvino – I am shocked I didn’t think you had a comprehension issue – I was referencing “most of the Time”. which you conveniently overlooked. I referenced the 6 0n 5 situation as interesting as the last couple of games confirms that problem. Your right whether you lose by one or a dozen makes no difference in the Win/Loss column. Maybe Sunday thing will improve – let’s hope so – go Knights Go

        • Sorvino

          No dummy, you’re the one with the issue. If you think six on five play is something to complain about. They are in first place and they just won the Stanley Cup. There is nothing to complain about but you find something. That’s always been my issue. But I’ve let it go and don’t care and you just won’t shut up about it.

        • Sorvino

          Hdbiker, you kept saying Jack Eichel was a cancer when they acquired him so I think there’s a lot of things that you don’t understand. Do you still think he is a cancer? What made you initially think he was a cancer? Was it the self proclaimed unique way that you look at the game that nobody else does?

          • Sorvino

            Hdbiker, i’ve seen all of your old comments. So get off your high horse. You’ve been saying that the front office sucks for years.

          • Alex

            Hey give HD a break…we all make mistakes! The Hockey Cuck has been seen sending a tired old cum guzzling porn whore money for a pretend afterlife for years…

  7. Pistol Pete

    I would say Deez Nutz and Alex are disgruntled Oilers fans perpetually on the rag because they have the two top scorers in the league and can never win a Cup. What a shame!

    • ThG

      hey popgun, I mean Pete Gun; in reality they are ex congregation members of certain Glendale CA ministry who couldn’t deal with that fact that a certain pastor (by name of Doc Gene Scott) died and is now being led by one of the most favorable TV/Internet successful pastors today teaching the word of GOD. Before they left they started a vicious, malicious, campaign against the recently widowed pastor. Bowing down to evil tactics. But the congregation saw through these falsehoods and still retained her. Now going strong for nearly 20 years. But these disgruntled ex believers still hold a grudge. Possessed by an evil demon. They need our prayers. As Jesus Christ opened up the road to salvation. While they are on the road to perdition! Pray for their souls. PRAY.
      Hallelujah !!! The LORD IS COMING !

      • Alex

        Hey Hockey Cuck – last night the “broadcast” had 13 idiots watching! I tuned in for 15seconds and then went for A Shot In The Pink clip Luce identified…

        You are such a cuck! HAHAHAHAHAHA

        • ThG

          seek the path of the LORD
          this is what you need now in your time of possession

          • alex

            It took some time to figure you out, Hockey Cuck, but now it’s super clear…you are her cuckold plain and simple… She says send in cash, you send in cash…and she laughs at you as she thinks back fondly on her porn days at 500 bucks a film…


          • Jose

            I wanna bang her so badly.

  8. Barb

    Flush this pooper and move on! It’s not the end of the world

  9. Richie-Rich

    Game 31 Analysis VGK 2, BUF 5

    I definitely will shit on Thompson for the Mittlestadt goal, short side. It happens. Neither Hill or Thompson are very good at challenging 1 on nones. They don’t come out to challenge and do not poke check. It is definitely a weakness for both goaltenders.

    VGK had fantastic opportunities to run up more goals. This wasn’t a hot goaltender at all. Levi had pure hockey luck and luck only.

    With that said, the passing was way off, not crisp and more often than not was too far out in front of the receiver.

    It was late in the 3rd. Cotter had the puck deep in the zone to the left of Levi and instead of taking a shot, he decided to pass it back to the blue line. Not a good decision because the Sabres scored off of that mental mistake.

    I am going to say it. Buffalo didn’t win this contest, The Golden Knights lost it.

    That’s the analysis.

    On to Game 32 and Ottawa.

  10. Pistol Pete

    Sabres are loaded with top picks and still they suck. Highlights once again how a good GM like McCrimmon can build a championship roster by acquiring veteran talent. Sabres sure took it where the sun don’t shine on that Eichel deal.

    • Emmanuel

      Lotsa teams with top picks…..but no team defense. The kings did it right concentrating on D.

    • Pistol Pete

      Please excuse my vulgarity btw. Not sure what got into me lol.

      • TS

        Pp, you are forgiven! We ALL have said some things we wish we could delete. I’m sure guilty of reacting in kind to a certain disrupter here, ashamed to say. I regret some of my words, but I don’t regret calling out the HATE. Carry on, PP!!

        • ThG

          the only HATER here is you, and your twist spin bull shit; and karen rantings.

          example ” WAA WAA WAA talk about hockey” Wait a minute, the above post isn’t about hockey !

          Hypocrisy again revealed !! LOSER .

          I sense another rant from local screwball is coming.

    • Tyler Durden

      Yeah but they beat your gifted team. Are you VGK fans really this stupid in year 7?

  11. JB

    Too many turnovers. Didn’t convert on our grade As in the first. Buffalo has a fast young team. When they put it together, lookout. On to next game.

    • Pistol Pete

      If they can ever get the five man defensive part down for which they need direction from the GM and a coach who has the system for it and ability to get buy-in from the roster. Maybe they think locking in Dahlin and Power long term for huge money gets them the defense part. Not so.

  12. ThG

    so much for the jinx posts and over exuberance (what did Fed Chief call it? Irrational over exuberance) “talk” regarding VGK being the “best there ever was’. Or was it “best in class”, maybe “best in the NHL”?

    That is what happens when heads get ego inflated. Bam you fall down that rat hole again because of wearing of blinders.

  13. ThG

    Sabers are no more than VGK junior team.

  14. knights fan in minny

    dawson levi won the game for the sabres

  15. Tim

    A good goalie and we take it in the shorts again. It’s the same old problem shooting for the goalie’s chest or shins isn’t conducive to scoring goals. The puck has to be lifted over the goalie’s shoulder to have a reasonable chance of scoring, Right now its not skill it’s a wing and a prayer mentality keep peppering the goalie hoping something gets by. I know I’ve said this many times before but were short that one sniper that can rip it high. Now George and Kelly know a lot more about our needs then an old baseball guy like me. If I’m right we’ll know by the trade deadline if they don’t then I guess I’m full of shit it’s a simple deduction.
    Not to bash on Logan Thompson but he is a little shaky I really don’t have a lot of confidence but with Hill out he’s our best option and we’ve got to go with him.
    With Martinez, Theadore, and Korczak out of course were going to have a few defensive lapse’s but overall they’ve played ok. When you look at the big picture we still have a very good deep team with a great coach and management and owner who will do whatever to win. You can’t ask for more then that.

  16. Jim

    missing the point.

    last season the Sabres won in Vegas, and the Vgk went on to win the Stanley cup.

    therefore, it is a GOOD omen that Buffalo won last night in Vegas.

  17. goalie trade

    goalies with a wider frame body and good butterfly technique can play deeper in the crease and succeed.

    goalies with a skinnier frame body and less butterfly technique have to rely on reflexes too much.

    thus the disparity in H vs T

    • TS

      Goalietrade, case in point: MAF. Smallish G, literally was an acrobat, stopping pucks. All over the place.

  18. vgk21

    Some poor puck mgmt by the forwards was a problem. Marchy with a bad turnover in the o zone, and the bad neutral zone pass by Barby. Those led to 2 key goals against.

    Then you have the forwards with the shooting placement issue once again. They had fixed that in recent games, but it came back last night. Too many low shots, and not enough shots upstairs. They played right into the hands of a short, reflex goalie. Even the usually stellar Karlsson had a bad night shooting.

    • alex

      All true, but don’t forget the 2 goals (at least – probably 3) that a large orange cone might have stopped…Thompson just isn’t good enough…

      • knights fan in minny

        same old dumb comment from the dumbest fuck head in vegas

        • alex

          I notice that to you, he is “Logan” and makes your heart all a flutter… I myself am more interested in the actual goaltending.

          Don’t add being a cuck to your “stellar” CV…it hasn’t gone well for the The Hockey Cuck at all.

          • knights fan in minny

            a shit for brains like you knows nothing about hockey you comment the same thing every game. You are the clueless dumb fuck of Vegas

        • Alex

          “Oh Logan!” you moan in your trailer 40 states away…

          • knights fan in minny

            40 states away you really are a dumb fuck

          • knights fan in minny

            i was generous.saying you had a 3rd grade education change that to 2nd grade 40 states away you are the idiot of Vegas

  19. JB

    Need to regroup and win next one. The road trip down south could be a tuff one. Gotta bank two points before heading south!

  20. Alex

    You’re in the land of Omar! HAHAHAHAHA

    • knights fan in minny

      stop laughing dumb ass she is one of your relatives look in the mirror

  21. Mortimer

    I don’t like saying this, but I am a bit of a low class scumbag that lives in a trailer park in Minnesota. Ilhan Omar has done some great things for our community.

  22. Allalu Akbar

    She is a proud American citizen, serving her state, you racist POS

  23. Alex

    What is a “careless?”. And it’s AN American. Holy fuck you really are so dumb!

    • knights fan in minny

      hey dumb fuck it says i could care less if you call me racist go get some malt liquor it might make you smarter

  24. ThG

    this is by far the MOST
    important link for the next 9 days !!!

  25. Sorvino

    Hdbiker, I literally just went into the archives and found all these negative comments from you. “Mr. realism.” I went to April 2022 after some game that they lost against Chicago and you have about five long-winded posts referring to the front office as the splash brothers for some reason. (I don’t know what that means ). You can check for yourself if you don’t remember. You went on and on and on about how Foley has to rip out the entire front office and as this team will never come close to winning a championship with them.

    Wow!! Hdbiker Nostradamus! Nice work!

    So the guy (hdbiker) who says that our front office sucks and that Jack Eichel is a cancer is telling me I have a comprehension issue.

    Again get off your high horse. If it was you running the team, they would be no jack Eichel, and a different front office and no Stanley Cup. But hey, you’re a genius, so keep looking at the game in your “self proclaimed different way”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, behold hdbiker7851. He is the smartest person in the room and looks at games differently than us with his realism and innovative ideas. We are in the presence of greatness.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorvino when I saw the job McPhee and McCrimmon did in building the VGK organization and team so that they made it all the way to the SC finals in their first year. I was all in as far trusting their judgement. That way, every time McCrimmon made a big move, Pacioretty, Stone, Petro and finally Eichel I never once questioned his judgement. It was very easy. Simply trusting som eone who demonstrated success in the organization from Day One and knows a great deal more about an NHL organization than I do. Fans are demanding and want to win and I get that but at the same time it makes absolutely no sense to question an FO that made the Finals their first yearand remained a contender.

  26. Sorvino

    Direct message after February 2022 loss


    Good article Blitz and right on which is the sad part. No rose colored glasses there. I wonder when Foley is going to say enough is enough as much as he wants to win the Cup integrity has to come to the forefront sooner than later. They don’t have a team capable of winning and they.just keep spending money like drunken sailors. You can’t buy team spirit necessary to win the Cup and the disparity which exists almost preclude that from happening. The miracle man, the 10 million dollar man Jack Eichel is no Alex Tuch. Entire front office overhaul needed.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorvino as I implied above, fans are almost always out of their depth when it comes to criticizing management. Sure if a team is not making the playoffs year after year fans should be disgruntled and question the competence of management. I try as I learn more about an NHL team to become more and more profound as my knowledge increases but yet as an outsider to the inner workings of the organization I will always be guessing. For example for some time now I have been claiming most teams don’t “get” the five made defense part like Cassidy does, that it’s the key to winning a Cup but this is probably an oversimplification. I may be right to a point because whereas all coaches and players understand the importance of forwards defending in the D zone, the challenge is getting the right coach’s system and being able to implement it in the locker room and on the ice. Also have to have the size and physicality in the depth players. Cassidy wants the team to play to their structure and tend to the details which is good coaching. He also has the system and defensive structure to support it.

  27. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete, I absolutely agree that fans are almost always out of their depth when it comes to criticizing management. As supporters of the team and payers of tickets of the games they have every right to cheer, critique, criticize but it boggles my mind that someone who has always criticized our front office to the point of wanting them fired and called our top player names like cancer, miracle man and 10 million dollar man is still always dissatisfied.

    How much better can you get then winning the Stanley Cup and then having no cup hangover and leading the league in points the next year at Christmas time.

    Well apparently we need something to complain about and I guess it is 6 on 5 play. Ridiculous!

    FYI…… I had concerns about the Jack Eichel signing as I was worried that the 10 million dollar cap hit would make it more difficult to have a well rounded roster. However I never pretended to know Jack Eichel personally to think that he was a cancer. Damn that is stupid. Front offices can’t be right on every single move. I would say if you are right about 65% of the time you are always progressing taking two steps forward and one step back. I feel like this front office is brilliant and correct about 95% of the time which is why they are the best team in the league. Unfortunately “realistic fans” will look at the 5% where things don’t go as planned and focus on that.

    Our front office is so focused and make decisons without emotion which is the right way to approach it. Nate Schmidt was my favorite player and most fans were upset when they moved him to make room for Alex Pietrangelo. That was clearly the right move. Schmidt is now the night time manager at a 24 hour Taco Bell.

    Pistol Pete, I don’t question management either. I have full confidence that they will make the right decisions on players with expiring contracts this summer. (Marchessault, Stephenson, Carrier) They sure have a knack for moving players at the right time.

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