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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to get back on track with a victory over the visiting Boston Bruins. Vegas had several quality chances on net in the period but kept coming up short in the offensive zone. Late in the period, Ivan Barbashev drew a penalty giving the home team the first power play of the game. The reigning champions had some chances but ultimately skated into the break tied 0-0.

Both teams played strong defensively in the middle frame. Vegas’s Jack Eichel and Mark Stone left the ice for a period of time with an apparent injury, but both returned later in the game. After 40 minutes the game was locked in a scoreless tie.

Vegas finally broke through in the final period on their 5th power play. Jonathan Marchessault found Eichel in front of the net giving the reigning champions a 1-0 advantage. Five minutes later the Bruins evened the score, forcing overtime.

In extra time Stone broke out and assisted Alex Pietrangelo for the game-winning score.

The Golden Knights record improves to 24-13-5 defeating the Bruins 2-1 in overtime. Vegas will continue their five-game homestand with a matchup on Saturday vs. the Calgary Flames. Puck drop against the Flames is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: For a lot of this skid the Golden Knights have not played well enough to deserve to win. This was absolutely not one of those games. They played very well defensively for most of the night and won the special teams battle. In OT, the Golden Knights controlled the puck for the entirety of the frame and eventually found the game-winning. A much needed win for a reeling team. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Boston Bruins at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Jack. Eichel.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Logan Thompson
** Jack Eichel
* Mark Stone


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  1. DeezNutz

    Well that game just solved their scoring problem we can now expect a minimum of 4 goals per period moving forward! Seriously though that was brutal. Barbashev could have buried it in the 3rd and absolutely chokes. Thankfully the only guy who can score kept us from getting shutout again. This team still needs to make some trades asap.

    • DL


      You’re an idiot.

      One of the best games of the year. Thompson stood on his head. The team showed toughness and resilience.

      • David T

        Agreed. Very physical game. They will be a little banged up against Calgory, but all the teams are hurting some at this juncture of the season. They need to treat their bruises and get ready for another hard hitting game.

    • knights fan in minny

      shut the hell up simple nuts

  2. Bobby

    Like Jordan, it was Thompson’s ‘Flu’ game. He was AWESOME his best of the season.

  3. Richie-Rich

    Game 42 Analysis VGK 2, BOS 1 OT

    At the end of the 2nd period the VGK had gone nearly 116 minutes without a goal. The offensive skating and puck movement had become to mechanical and not crisp. All of that changed on the Eichel goal. The puck was moving at a much higher pace and the boys were moving! That’s how you create quality chances! Now, commit that to memory, watch that on tape over and over and over and over and over and … well you get it. They found the mojo and the only way to maintain it is to rinse and repeat, especially the movement and the timing of the passing. Excellent!

    Cotter & Barbashev probably had the worst games of the season. We had a major scare on the Cotter turnover, and I am sure everyone was on edge with Stone and Eichel going off to the locker room with potential major injuries. Thankfully that was not the case.

    My 3 Stars:
    *** Eichel with the PP goal
    ** Stone with the assist on the GWG
    * Thompson’s performance was the difference

    Why not Pietrangelo? Well, right place, right time, wide open net. Good for him. He’s played a ton of minutes. If there was a 4th Star I would give him the 4th one.

    On to Game 43 and Calgary. This should be 2 points!

    Don’t look in the mirror because the Kracken have won 8 in a row and the Avalanche have won 9 in a row. If you get out your binoculars you will see the Canucks 6 points out in front of us for the division lead. This run of losing cannot continue. I thought the Pacific would be a very competitive division this year and it certainly is turning out that way. The Canucks are making a major statement that they are the ones to beat, but don’t discount the Oilers, Kings or the Kraken.

    • David T

      VGK needs to go on a run of their own. This homestretch is a perfect chance. They will be a bit sore against Calgory, as this was a physical game. But, rest and get ready for Saturday. Time to make their move.

  4. vgk21

    Excellent statement game. They played more structured like last year. They minimized east west neutral zone turnovers, and they for once won the special teams battle….. and the system only works when they get saves, and LT was outstanding….the only goal against was deflected in off the stick of his own dman, Martinez.

    the return of Eichel and Stone was a huge sigh of relief, as it would be season over if those 2 join the Mash unit.

    Petro admitted that the negative feedback, even from his own family, had an effect on the players…..he basically said that it forced them to look in the mirror, and dig deeper.

    They definitely could still use another winger who can score.

    • Emmanuel

      “the return of Eichel and Stone was a huge sigh of relief, as it would be season over if those 2 join the Mash unit”

      You said the ONLY thing that matters……

  5. David T

    They lose games they should win and win games they should lose. They still need to prove to the fans and to themselves that they can play with some consistency. This 5 game homestretch is the perfect chance. To run the table or to at least go 4-1.

  6. Mark

    Thompson was a beast tonight, just amazing. Let’s face it, we all have disappointed, but the injuries are awful. It was a blood and guts game. This team isn’t going to score a ton of goals as of now, so it’s defense and goaltending. Let’s get our guys healthy for a stretch run, we know if we firing on all cylinders, we got a shot.

  7. JB

    Very important win! Could this be the game that gets them going? I think maybe. At home LT plays like an all star. Proud of the boys for gritting thru that one. LT took one to the face and kept on going! Jack, Stoney and Marchy all gutted out injuries. Was very disappointed in Cotters play. Mistakes and stupid penalty could have cost us the game. I have been a Cotter fan but he just seems so damn clumsy. Might be time to set him down a game or two?

  8. ThG

    stars and veterans stepped up ! *per last post !
    LT was clearly no. 1 star, he played lights out. Bruins goalie was good too. This match up shows that VGK can beat boston and last year’s SC win was NOT a fluke. Unlike the bird brains posting here who clearly have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine. Statement game.

    The cotter and doro fan site is temporarily flickering due to lack of energy due to failure in solar panels (hey it’s winter, what do you expect? Solar power 24/7/)

    And Biden , I mean genocide Joe, (october 2023 ) “I am asking for border funding in next round of funding for Federal Gooberment ” House passes border funding in 2023 (Biden and Senate ) let bill sit. . (January 2024) “I don’t want border funding”. The guy is one train wreck after another after another. Can November come any sooner ?

  9. Tim

    One goal in regulation and were jumping for joy well it is better then no goals which I think we’ve done 6 times. Injuries or no injuries is there any doubt we need some offensive help. You may enjoy a 1 -1 rough and tumble game for your 3 hours of entertainment but personally I think it’s boring. I’m over game after game watching the grass grow hoping we can score a goal not a lot of fun. Maybe your better at watching hockey and look at the intricacies of the game that I miss because I sure don’t get it. I listen to the hockey channel and Boomer who I like but please first say a prayer for him because he’s in a tough battle with cancer because he’s always commenting average goals per game are up to 6.2 or whatever. Why do you think he’s so concerned about goals for the logical reason of the entertainment factor which he realizes for the game his loves only grows when it’s a more exciting game. Hockey is fun to watch from there ability to skate, the hits, and fights are entertaining but not scoring is a big drawback in the game.

    • JB

      It’s obvious Tim you really don’t know hockey. It’s not just about goals being scored. A 1-1 ruff and tumble game, as you describe it, IS entertaining. Just quit watching the games and get the goal recaps later. That seems to be all you are interested in.

  10. Canada

    Good defensive game and LT stayed in it the whole night, best game for him in while also played well against the Avalanche , i’m guessing that puck he swallowed heightened his senses in the third . Petro played much better even threw his 2nd body check this year . All he had to do was have his stick on the ice for the winner and he did ,what a set up by Stone . Petro is above average in the o zone and below average in the d zone that makes him average right? could be replaced with a 3 mil player and give us some cap space for more offensive . Agree totally on former comments on Cotter . He is a good rugged player and he knows he should be better than he is. His heart seemingly is not in the game. He is just a 1/2 step behind even though he has the speed and physicality . He reminds me of a kid who is always looking up in the bleachers to see if his dad saw his last move. something strange going on there . With some professional sports counseling there is a great hockey player down there somewhere . Great entertaining game to watch other than the pp. Although on the plus side that’s when i catch up on my emails as i cant watch it.

    • ThG

      strat rated PEtro last year:
      4 out of 4 on offense
      4 out of 4 on defense
      and 3 out of 4 on Short handed defense.

      I don’t think he has fell that far from those stats this year. He’s only a minus three ( a very useful stat over a long time frame) this year, last year he was a plus 13. If anything his O rating has fallen more than his D rating. LEt’s see what strat rates him this year , after the season is done, for the whole season. Last year he had a spat of games where he wasn’t up to par. All players have streaks. They are human beings, not machines.

  11. Vic

    Several teams peaking in January, and like 2023, the law of averages will catch up to them.

    Goalies dominated, but a few of our guys needed to aim high not low.

    McNabb’s icing after the PK resulted in the Boston goal, and could have been a back breaker. The boys gutted it out for an important win.

  12. Martinez on the first unit power play… yikes!!.. of course Piertangelo is also a yikes… every good power play needs a quarterback out there.. while Eichel performs like one I’d much rather see him in perched on the wing for a one timer!!

  13. Jim

    the problem is obvious.

    the Vgk are 15-4-2 at home and that 32 pts is second in the Nhl…
    they also have scored 72 goals to just 48 allowed at home.

    However, on the road the Vgk are just 9-9-3 and that 21 pts is 20th in the league….63 goals for and 68 goals allowed

    so, the problem is that they are giving up tons of goals, 20 more on the road, and playing shit defensively on the road. THAT is what needs to be cleaned up. They need to play on the road the same way they played vs Boston last night.

  14. Tim

    Think about this for a minute. The last three games we’ve scored on goal in regulation so let’s break it down. A game has three 20 minute periods so that’s a 180 minutes of hockey now each game has two intermissions so for three game that’s 120 minutes. Together the three games your giving 300 minutes of your entertainment time for ONE fucking goal. If that doesn’t border on insane I don’t know what does and if you think management isn’t going to rectify this your delusional. The heads are going to roll Jack Eichel has shown us you have to be a player on a different level to make things happen and right now he’s the only one that has that all around game and I hope we tase for a couple more scores.

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