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Recap: The Golden Knights returned home from their five-game road trip to host the Arizona Coyotes. The game started off slow with neither team finding the back of the net in the opening twenty minutes.

Vegas outshot Arizona 7-to-5 but the game remained scoreless after 40 minutes remaining. Arizona opened the scoring midway through the final period and sealed the game with a late empty-net goal.

The Golden Knights record drops to 14-5-2 falling to 2-0 to the Coyotes. The reigning champions will hit the road again with their first step being Calgary on Monday night. Puck drop is scheduled for 6:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Bit of a sleepy game for a majority of it as both teams seemed unwilling or unable to get to the center of the ice in the offensive zone. The offense never really got going until it was too late. A single home game after a long trip is always tough, but losing to the Coyotes is never great. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jack Eichel
** Alex Pietrangelo
* Michael Amadio


Odds Have Changed Around The Pacific But Not For Vegas At Quarter Pole


What It’ll Take To Break The Recent Scoring Slump


  1. George L.

    Skid marks

  2. Alex

    Very embarrassing VGK performance

  3. Alex – yes for sure – give credit where credit due.

  4. Sorvino

    Complete snooze fest

  5. Richie-Rich

    Game 21 Coyotes at Golden Knights Recap
    Only Star of the Game:
    #39 Ingram with amazing saves

    Last 6 games>
    9 goals on 206 shots, shooting pct: 4.3% GPG = .67
    Shutout twice

    First 15 games> 34 goals on 457 shots shooting pct: 7.4% nearly double GPG = 2.27

    -Pucks are just not going into the net.
    Shots per game average 31.57

  6. Richie-Rich

    Let’s give a Star to #36 Logan Thompson as well. That goal was not on him. It was another case of a puck being sent back out to the front of the goal by our own D (I believe it was Pachal) with McNabb getting the assist on Keller’s game winning goal.

    If the puck is behind our net keep it there or along the BOARDS!

  7. Pistol Pete

    LT 16/17 = .941 (the ARI guy 34/34).

    Cotter’s pointless streak goes to 11 games. Time to bring Pav back in and see if he can set Karlsson up again as he has several times this season.

    Denisenko and Brisson each score in HSK’s 3-2 loss this afternoon. The competition between those two appears to stay hot and heavy!

    Canucks lose to the Sharks (about as unexpected as the Knights losing) but those Kings keep rolling!

    • Richie-Rich

      It’s not just Cotter. The entire team has been down and out as far as scoring. .67 goals per game isn’t going to cut it. That’s what they’ve been doing for the past 9 games.

      But, hey, let’s bring Doro up and give him a shot. Cotter’s ice cold and he failed again to put a puck on net or make a pass on that signature drag move with the puck between his legs. It worked once, but it’s getting a bit old.

      I would stop pulling the goaltender. Clearly they have no fucking idea what they are doing out there in that situation.

      • TS

        I’ve asked it before: since WHEN has pulling our goalie EVER resulted in a a Goal for US, and NOT for the OTHER team??

  8. Pistol Pete

    OK let’s go north and sweep this upcoming inter-divisional road trip! Need some bounces or shots to go our way!

  9. Emmanuel

    They need a finisher, probably at LW.
    Thats why the Barbashev signing was a bad idea, hes a good player but what they needed was another Goal scorer.

  10. Hockeydiva

    It’s seriously lame to lose to the COYOTES. GEEZ

  11. Pistol Pete

    I hope Paul Cotter does not read this post. Something that stands out about him compared to every top prospect as well as existing VGK players are his modest AHL numbers, in fact they are the lowest I have reviewed. This does not mean he can’t continue to grow and become a solid NHL player, more than likely depth ala Carrier or aiming a bit higher ala Roy. Personally I remain skeptical of his potential to be more than bottom six or bottom three. Usually guys, even bottom six guys, do better in the AHL ie. pushing half a point a game or much higher.

    AHL stats:

    Cotter; 60 pts/153 games = .39 pts/game
    Dorofeyev: 82 pts/119 games = .69 pts/game
    Brisson: 59 pts/82 games = .72 pts/game
    Denisenko: 81 pts/118 games = .69 pts/game

    You can see compared to his immediate comps in the prospect pool that he lagged considerably in AHL scoring. And compared to depth players or in Roy’s case a bit higher he also lagged in the AHL though as one will see not as much behind Carrier and Kolesar but still behind each.

    Carrier: 56 pts/127 games = .44 pts/game
    Kolesar: 67 pts/151 games = .44 pts/game
    Roy: 96 pts/166 games = .58 pts/game

    There are those who will assert that AHL pts/game does not tell the whole story for example physicality is important. Whatever, the fact is, even most NHL depth guys are probably pushing a half a point a game of offense in the AHL with nearly all mid to upper level NHL guys north of half a point. And you show some AHL offensive prowess in your early 20’s and make the transition to the NHL. Most AHL players never make it though they may go on as older AHL players to achieve above average AHL scoring stats.

    • Pistol Pete

      Dorofeyev’s comparitive scoring prowess in the AHL immmediately stood out at the time compared to Leschyshyn, Rondbjerg and Cotter. One had to not be paying any attention to what was going on in Henderson to not see it and his points were more weighted towards goals than probably any of the numbers I posted above.

      NHL regular season:

      Cotter: 26 pts/83 games (-5) = .31 pts/game
      Dorofeyev: 14 pts/32 games (+5) = .44 pts/game
      Carrier: 103 pts/392 games (+13) = .26 pts/game
      Kolesar: 57 pts/217 games (-4) = .26 pts/game
      Howden: 87 pts/298 games (-15) = .29 pts/game
      Roy: 99 pts/240 games (+34) = .41 pts/game

      Definitely tougher to point in the NHL than the AHL we all know that! By the way, Howden played just 5 games in the AHL getting 3 G and 1 A before the Rangers brought him up for good!

      • Pistol Pete

        I should have noted at .31 pts/game in his first 83 NHL games Cotter is actually ahead of Carrier and Kolesar and even edges out Howden. That is actually not too bad but I still say Dorofeyev has more upside. Depending on how Cotter and Dorofeyev plays out, getting a look at Brisson or Denisenko may not be far off.

      • PP – your analysis windy as it is suggests Vegas 4 line needs to be replaced based on points per game. Apparently Cassidy doesn’t share your point in oof view. Cotter is not up to be the task but right now that appears to describe p retty much the team. Cassidy’s remarks last night pretty well stated so much. Time to right the shop and the up coming trip north a perfect time. Go knights go

  12. Pistol Pete

    I might have included Amadio in the AHL rundown as he is an interesting case in point in that he was a high performer in the AHL starting at a young age and ended up being waived a least once after he made it to the NHL. He got sent back down at the age of 24 when the Kings traded him to Ottawa but overall he is an impressive 104 pts/130 games = .80 pts/game in the AHL. Again though, another illustration of how NHL players tend to have an AHL history of a half a point a game and higher, a category Cotter does not fall into. After scoring 27 pts in 67 games last season, by far his best pace, he now stands in the NHL regular season with 95 pts/317 games (-5) = .30 pts/game.

  13. Jailbird

    Boys in a scoring funk right now. If they weren’t getting good chances I would be more concerned. Things tend to even up, so I think the puck will start going in.

    • Sorvino

      Jailbird, I think you summed it up perfectly. Chances just aren’t going in right now. The structure is still there. Yesterday’s game while irritating wasn’t concerning. The tweet games against Montreal left a lot to be desired.

  14. Tim

    We just don’t score and that’s become an issue for the team and the fans who spend time watching game after game goose eggs or a high scoring game for us is two. Where’s that sniper I’ve been promoting? I think more and more of you are going to convert to my thinking of a sniper to loosen things up.

    • Jailbird

      Tim, just so I know what you are thinking, please give me your definition of a “SNIPER”. Hard to know what you mean without knowing what you mean. Thanks!

  15. Tim

    Three game Canadian tour Vancouver with Demko in net you can probably chalk that up as a loss we won’t score on him. In fact there are very few teams I think we can score on the way we are playing. Look at our scoring since the 7-0 blowout of Colorado not of championship caliber I’ll tell you that.

  16. ThG

    and the BIDEN curse continues , what will break the curse ? A trip to Canada?

    and “next man up” was the ghoulie for the yotes.

    • Alex

      This is why we need VP Harris to become President. Our beloved Las Vegas Aces win the WNBA championship and visit the White House. They are blown off by Uncle.Joe and see Harris instead. Then what happens! They repeat as champions!

  17. LVsc

    They have been shutout 3 times in the last 6 games… no-name AHL goalies basically.

    the opposing teams have figured out how to shut down the Vgk….just snooze them with a neutral zone trap…that takes away the forechecking from the Vgk, and the perimeter Knights are toothless, stymied, throttled, soft, and boring.

    the pollyannas will pretend there is nothing to worry about, and it is precisely that attitude that extends the slump.

    first there will be line changes, then there will be personnel changes, and then even more drastic stuff will be needed.

    remember, 2 years ago they were in first place, and did not even make the playoffs, so it is definitely time for concern and adjustments and tweaks and changes.

  18. Luckily western conference teams continue to lose so we maintain a comfortable playoff position… but maintaining is not the goal of course..rough road trip coming up with another back-to-back and then the high scoring Canucks…then back home to try and solve lindgren at the fortress.. vgk practiced hard yesterday and were loosy goosy but then the game started and we all saw the effort and result!

  19. knights fan in minny

    what are we 20 games in get a grip people you know they don’t have to win the division to be good

  20. knights fan in minny

    not much to say about this one plenty of shots the kid in goal ingram did his job and slammed the door the yotes are a pretty decent team short memory. the squad is not going to win every game

  21. Sorvino

    Jailbird, in regards to a sniper, I believe that Tim is referring to someone who just has a knack for putting the puck in the net when given the opportunity, high shooting percentage.

    Unfortunately, those guys are very expensive and they don’t grow on trees and they’re very hard to acquire. Max Pacioretty is the closest thing that we have had to that.

    I feel like Jack Eichel is a sniper, even though he seems to want to set up guys more than shoot. He is a gamebreaker and gets those big goals in overtime. For shits and giggles, I decided to use the NHL database and check who are the top 10 golden Knights players in their history in goals per game. I only listed players that played over 90 games.

    Matt Pacioretty 0.44 goals per game
    Jack Eichel 0.40
    Jonathan, Marchessault 0.35
    Mark Stone 0.33
    Reilly Smith 0.31
    William Karlsson 0.31
    Alex Tuch 0.29
    Paul Stastny 0.25
    Chandler Stephenson 0.23
    Michael Amadio 0.21

    In regards to goals per minute played Michael Amadio is third all-time on the Vegas Golden Knights. He has had a very strange career trajectory. He keeps improving and is a late bloomer.

  22. Sorvino

    Using the same formula, I decided to look at the leaders in the entire league in goals per game since 2017-18, VGK’s inception and Eichel is 36th just behind Pacioretty who is 35th.

    FYI, all of the players in the top 34 are stars.

    See link

  23. Sorvino

    Sorry, that link didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to. Anyways, I just think some of us are a little bit frustrated by the scoring Funk the team is in. We are a spoiled fan base. lol.

    I’m not interested in getting 130 points and winning the presidents trophy and getting knocked out in the first rounds like Boston last year. Adversity is a good thing.

  24. Sorvino

    That link didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to.

    Anyways, I think we are just a bit frustrated at the scoring funk the team is in. I respectfully disagree with the notion that we need a sniper or another player on this team. We just won the cup and these guys are awesome. We are a spoiled fan base. lol. This is a great team and a mini slump isn’t going to change that.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I personally couldn’t care less about leading the league in points and winning a presidents trophy only to get bounced in the first round like Boston did last year.

    Didn’t we tie the Colorado Avalanche in points a couple of years ago and then knocked them out of the playoffs?

    • ThG

      ” We are a spoiled fan base.”
      some would say one of the most “unsophisticated” fan base in all of sports.

  25. Ct

    McCrimmon will be busy

  26. goalie trade

    Ken’s rebound stats prove that they need better net front scoring.

    and the solution to that is to acquire Stefan Noesen from Carolina to replace Kolesar.

    Noesen scored 7 PP goals last season, and his cap hit is only 762k, half of what 55 gets.

    Noesen is one of the better net front rebound guys in the league for a bottom six guy, and a career plus player to boot. the 4th line would be much better, and so would the Vgk PP, and they would have another 700k of cap space too.

    • knights fan in minny

      put him on the 3rd dont break up the 4th line to good to break up 4th line is not out there to be a scoring line

      • goalie trade

        only 2 guys on the 4th line are worth their salt, Roy and Carrier.

        • knights fan in minny

          how do you know the carolina guy is available

          • goalie trade

            I don’t. They are probably not looking to trade him, but who knows? but But Vgk and Carolina have worked together on the trades of Roy, and Pacioretty and Haula etc before, so they might be amenable to a deal.

  27. knights fan in minny

    hard to say you never know

  28. ThG

    it’s November 27 2023 and genocide Joe is worst occupier of the White House in the modern era. The Democrat party is making a mockery of our constitutional republic, and it started with that Kenyan , the great divider.

  29. but on the hockey front….shea is on LTIR….korczak has been recalled as pachal needs to find his spot on the bench as in being benched…goaless droughts are moving into the ridiculous categories….flames and a seemingly healthy mcdavid and rejuvenated oilers wait in a 4 point matchup tomorrow…yea its early…yea its a long season…but im sure cassidy has as he only can has lit into the boys its time to start playing again!!

  30. ThG

    paging dr howard
    dr fine
    dr howard

    to the emergency ward

    shades of two years ago !

  31. ThG

    paging dr howard
    dr fine
    dr howard

    to the emergency ward

    shades of two years ago !

  32. Jailbird

    Only one time this season have we had our 18 top guys play in a game and we got shutout. How ironic! Now with Theo on IR, it will be awhile before we see all 18 together again. But we know what we have accomplished in the past under such situations. The boys will pull together, starting tonight hopefully and get going!

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