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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to bounce back at home facing the 25-point Arizona Coyotes team. Vegas was the more aggressive team in the opening frame, outshooting Arizona 13 to 4. However, neither were able to find the back of the net and the 1st period ended in a scoreless tie.

Vegas opened the scoring on their first power play of the 2nd period. Daniil Miromanov registered his second goal of the season but Arizona answered 1:18 later. After 40 minutes the game was locked in a 1-1 tie. 

The offense picked up in the final period. Mark Stone and William Carrier scored a minute apart to stretch Vegas lead to 3-1. The Coyotes got within one but Stone added his second and later Michael Amadio put the game away. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 23-11-1 defeating the Coyotes 5-2. Vegas next hits the ice Friday night against St. Louis. Puck drop against the Blues is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The dam finally broke in the 3rd period. VGK were excellent in the 1st but it felt like more of the same as they were unable to convert. Vegas got the power play goal in the 2nd but the play at even-strength was fairly even, if not tipped in favor of Arizona. It all came together in the 3rd though. Power play goals, shorthanded, rush chances, you name it, VGK got it. It definitely feels a bit cathartic… at least for now as it’s hard to forget this was against the Coyotes. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** William Carrier
** Clayton Keller
* Mark Stone



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  1. TS

    Hey, the guys CAN score goals at home– Just took 2 periods to warm up!
    Slow starts are a tough way to win games, but a home win it is! Stone was a firecracker tonight…he leads by his actions and his intensity. Good game, great finish!

  2. Pistol Pete

    Hard to complain about 23-11-1, home record withstanding. 14-2-1 on the road, it’s tempting to say you have to lose games also and they have just lined up at home. Truth be known though, there should be a remedy to the poor performance at home, for example on the road the team approaches each game differently, somehow. Nice to see the PP has improved, now #7 in the league? Miromanov sure looks like a keeper to me. Potentially better than Hague imo. Miromanov and Whitecloud.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no 42 is very weak on defense, a blind man can see that. When no 27 comes back it won’t be no 14 sitting.

      • Pistol Pete

        All I’m contending is Miromanov is D #7 replacing Hutton. He has a ways to go to equal Hague defensively but I like his chances. Obviously you free a little cap space to pick up that badly needed depth forward. We know Miro made it up in some measure due to his offense but do you really think if his defense was a complete abomination they would have him up here? His D is improving and it must for him to stay up. The guy is not dumb, he knows this is his chance. In any case I’ll take the judgement of the coach and his staff over a fan’s including myself.

  3. Blitz

    At least we can still beat the special needs team.

    • Vic

      LOL. Very well summed up….brief and to the point. It’s 2 important points as they try to keep the ship afloat with key people missing, but the VGK have many issues.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    vGK had enough to over come two weak goals let in, save % holding steady.

    IF that was RL in goal the haters would be here coming out from their nooks, crannies, and troll caves.

    • Thg- RL is not even in the picture so why bring him up. He’s out and in all likelihood you will never see him again. No sure what your fasanatipn is with the past goalies. Turn your clock forward to the presence it will help with your current events and life in general. You may even make some sense doubtful but possible. They won scores a few goals for a change so he thankful for small wonders. They have been tuff coming on home ice.

      • THE hockey GOD

        just pointing out that the prior RL posting hate are delusional misfits, deal with it.

        have a cookie
        wait I made some brownies, have a brownie instead

  5. Jailbird

    Much needed win. Way to go boys!

  6. Danny

    They got 2 key tip-in goals, by simply going to the shooting lane in front of the net and using hand eye coordination, just as Joe Pavelski has successfully done for many years. It is about damn time that they start using the main tools available to score goals, like rebounds, tipins, and screens, and goalmouth scrambles, and forget the perimeter long distance soft crap.

    Now we will see if they can do it vs a better team like the Blues, or was it just a one off vs a desert dog?

  7. Tim

    A win at home takes a little pressure off but just a little.

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