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Recap: The Golden Knights before the game emphasized having a strong start against the Coyotes and they did just that. Vegas scored four straight goals, including one on the power play and on a penalty kill. The Golden Knights dominated the opening 20 minutes outshooting the Coyotes 22-8.

Chandler Stephenson extended the scoring spree with his 8th of the season. In the first 25 minute the Golden Knights scored five unanswered goals. Arizona scored a late period goal but trailed 5-1 heading into the second intermission.

Arizona made a late push in the final frame. The Coyotes outscored the Golden Knights in the 3rd period but Max Pacioretty’s iced the game with a final-minute empty-net goal.

Vegas’ record improves to 26-11-2 after defeating Arizona 7-4. The two teams will square off again on Sunday afternoon. The game is scheduled for 1 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It may have been the best 10 minute stretch in Golden Knights history to open the game. They completely manhandled the Coyotes in every facet of the game of hockey and jumped out to a four-goal lead. From there, they certainly coasted it but, which made the game a little more interesting than it should have, but in the end Vegas was never in any real danger. Those first 10 minutes were Cup-winning hockey. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. Coyote

    Nice to see the Misfit line with all the stars.

  2. phantom major

    Nice start, good win, BUT

    it does not matter if it is 5-0 or 1-0, the opponent should NOT be given breakaway chances under any circumstances.

    disappointing 3rd period lack of effort.

    a fancy team reverted to form after getting a big lead.

  3. I am surprised no DOC comment – take those wins anyway you can. I only hope we don’t see a duplicate of the Big win Monday against the blues and the let down Wednesday against them. Sunday afternoon will tell the story.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Big defensive letdown in 3rd.

    Gotta say Theo looked awful in a couple of those.

    Anyway, 26-11-2, not bad!

    2 days till deadline ….. tick … tick … tick!

    • In many cases any goalie is only as good as the team in front of him. Yes there are exceptions but it is a team effort that ultimately determines the winner. Vegas never has been worth a shit trying to sit on the lead and that resulted in 3rd period situations & in this case letting Arizona back in the game. In many regards while a big lead may be comforting I am not sure from what I have seen makes any team play to their potential after it is achieved. It’s a 60 minute game they are expected to play not sit back. What’ s interesting interviews afterward attest to that fact as they say it one way or another and are well aware of what went on. They obviously know better but apparently negative instinct gets in the way

  5. goalie trade

    looks like the Knights are interested in Scott Laughton from the Flyers.. He is an aggressive center who can score a bit. A 3rd line type guy. 26 years old. last season had 13goals, 14 assts, +13……this season he has 7g,10a,+8

    in the bubble playoffs in ’20 he had 5goals,4assists in only 15 games ,and +2, so he is playoff tested.

    he is a rental, a UFA, with a $2.3m cap hit, so somebody would have to take half the cap hit to make it work

    hearing that Nosek may be traded.

    • goalie trade

      also, Mattias Janmark is being held out of tonight’s game for Chicago waiting for a trade…another vgk possibility

      • Mike StG

        I’d be good with either Laughton or Janmark, or Iaffalo if LAK don’t re-sign him. I think the 2021 NJD 2nd round pick is good trade capital- virtually a 1st round pick given Devs’ record.

        • Pistol Pete

          Do you think Haula is possible? Out all the players I see being mentioned he’s the only one to have anything like that 55 pt season with Vegas. Plus he’s fairly big at 6’0″ 193. I think he’d fit great centering Tuch with whom I believe he played here. Definitely think he could see a renaissance with the Knights.

          • Mike StG

            Pete, I loved Haula and still do and he’d be #1 or 2 on my list. He’s good net front and on PP. But with the Preds in 4th place now and on a heater it seems possible that they won’t be sellers after all. That’s the only reason I didn’t mention him. My understanding is he loves Vegas and still has a lot of friendships and connections here. I think he would be center now. Gallant put him on wing when they acquired Stastny with Eakin at 3C. He didn’t like being a winger, but the 3C spot is a need now. I’ve watched him this season and he still looks fast, so I don’t think his injury had a significant impact on his play.

        • Mike, thanks for your repsonse below on Haula. So who is your other top choice to go with Haula?

          Here’s the LVRJ article on the trade deadline:

          And here’s the one on Haula I posted yesterday on twitter from

          • Mike StG

            Pete, interesting piece you wrote. I had read Schoen’s piece on the LVRJ a few days ago. The only player I would object to in his article is Hoffman. He DID play with Stone in OTT, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing given the team issues created by his wife with EK65. Plus he’s a one dimensional player – doesn’t play D. My wish earlier in the season was they could land Roslovic, who went to CBJ in the Laine/PLD swap. He would’ve been ideal at 3C. Right now it would probably be Glendening, since Kolesar and Nosek can play wing on the other side of Tuch. I like Glendening for his FO percentage (highest is the league) and think if he was paired with the others could easily be a better than .5ppg player on VGK.

  6. Jeff

    This team still gives the impression of a Country Club team. They put forth effort if and when they want to. If they win they win. If they lose they lose. Only Stone and Fleury wish to be competitive and put forth effort at all times. Culture starts at the top with the owner and migrates to the management then to coaching and the team. I think Foley is more interested in appearing on the Knightron in his helicopter than in supporting a championship culture.

    • sb

      Ahhhh, maybe you’d be happier with Buffalo’s Owner and what he has accomplished. Me, I am very happy with this Owner who has produced the most successful four year old franchise in North American sports history and first class infrastucture supporting it and the local communities. I’ll take Mr Foley.

      • Knock off the maybe happier in Buffalo bull shit. Who cares what’s going on there No one in Las Vegas for sure. Yes the franchise has have done well and yes thank you mr. Foley nice you have the money to support that effort. Also SB let’s be truthful about why he is doing this, he’s a business man and making money is in his DNA hi certainly isn’t involved in this business for fun. Has it been good for vegas absolutely and it’s great that the team has done as well as they have – not a Cup team but a decent team. If things turn it will be interesting to see the fan response as posts here over and over show the fans are a little fickle.

        • Mike StG

          Hd, points well taken. But a little reminder on them not being a ‘Cup team’. Facts:

          Since VGK’s 1st season…
          (1) There have been 6 teams that made the cup final. NONE of them have been there more than once.
          (2) There are only 2 teams that have made it to the conference finals more than once. They are Tampa Bay & Vegas.

          Also, a reminder to all that 30 out of 31 teams every year do NOT win the Cup. And remember the 30 to 40 years it took for the Caps, Kings & Blues to finally hoist their first Cup. The Sharks have been around for 25 and not won it yet (or probably any time soon). I think the success of this team is extraordinary considering what they have accomplished in 3 seasons of existence. Add to that they will make the playoffs again, so in every year of their 4-yr history.

          So, like Doc, I’m not overly optimistic. Just hopeful, and happy that we have a very good team to cheer for.

          • Mike – point well taken and yes l realize all the good they have done and yes year one particularly only to be beat by a team that tried for 40 years. I would be remiss if l didn’t point out the fact which was proven the misfits had a point to prove to themselves as they were whether you like the term or not rejects from their previous teams. That situation provide an attitude that the current bunch to this point don’t have. Many have very comfortable contracts with little to nothing to prove and l think you would have to agree that is something that can’t be ignored. DOC is an eternal optimist which is great but that does have a tendency at times to cloud ones vision. No a bad thing but a fact. Your posts are generally quite objective and lean to vgks and again that’s fine. You are more objective than some however. Sunday should prove interesting and determine if it’s a country club day or not. Time will tell

          • Pistol Pete

            Well said Mike. All message boards have bashers, it’s part of being on the internet.

    • Pistol Pete

      I believe in Foley’s infuse the organization with the West Point “team before individual” culture. I have heard Tuch reference it and as far as I know it remains the basis for the team’s culture and imo continues to play a role in the team’s astounding success.

  7. Tim

    Tick ….Tick…. Tick…. is right Doc were all little anxious. Do the Splash Brothers go big or just week around the edges.

    • Tim – the splash brothers aren’t in position to go big in fact the last couple of situations emptied the pool – the 8.8 mill a yr for a guy who’s best years are in the past is certainly no feather in their cap. Actually it was and is a big waste of money that apparently the guy couldn’t get anywhere else. Can’t blame him the suckers are the bunch who provided that opportunity. It all boils down to the misinformed idea you can buy the CUP.

      • sb

        A very deep hole for the remainder of this decade.

        • Knock off the maybe happier in Buffalo bull shit. Who cares what’s going on there No one in Las Vegas for sure. Yes the franchise has have done well and yes thank you mr. Foley nice you have the money to support that effort. Also SB let’s be truthful about why he is doing this, he’s a business man and making money is in his DNA hi certainly isn’t involved in this business for fun. Has it been good for vegas absolutely and it’s great that the team has done as well as they have – not a Cup team but a decent team. If things turn it will be interesting to see the fan response as posts here over and over show the fans are a little fickle.

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Letting up with a 5 goal lead, certainly isn’t a trait of just the Knights. Lots of teams do this.

    It pisses me off when I see the Knights doing it. With such a jammed schedule, you can almost predict it, as I told my wife last night as the 3rd began. I said to her: “I sure hope they don’t just set back and try saving energy for the back to back games they have coming, Sun & Mon”.

    But that’s exactly what they did. I don’t like it, but a win IS a win! 😉

  9. goalie trade

    dman Brandon Montour traded to Fla for a 3rd round pick

    dman Patrick Nemeth traded to Col for a 3rd round pick

    goalie Devan Dubnyk traded to Col for Greg Pateryn and a 5th round pick

    Avs getting depth pieces….it is now your turn McCrimmon

    • goalie trade

      looks like dman David Savard is headed to Tampa

      there won’t be anything left on Monday except the slim pickings

      • Mike StG

        Goalie – I would be genuinely shocked if GMKM don’t make some sort of move, at least to upgrade the bottom 6 and in particular L3. They surely can’t believe it is not needed, especially with elite teams upgrading as well. The Savard to TBL is pretty scary. 🙂

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        We’re not looking for Dmen though.

  10. goalie trade

    To #tb lightning: David Savard

    To #CBJ: TBL 2021 1st rd pick, TBL 2022 3rd rd pick, Brian Lashoff.

    To #RedWings: TBL 2021 4th rd pick.

    so, Tampa trades another first round pick. they traded 2 last year for role players to win the cup. the future is now.

    hey McCrimmon, what sayeth you?

  11. THE hockey GOD

    this is why salary cap is like socialism , getting something for NOTHING, the team getting the player is NOT paying his full time salary. Not a dime. Liberalism in NHL is surely a mental disorder(1)

    David Savard D, Tampa Bay Lightning
    The Tampa Bay Lightning have acquired David Savard from the Columbus Blue Jackets as part of a three-team trade also involving the Detroit Red Wings.

    Columbus is ending up with Tampa Bay’s 2021 first-round pick and 2022 third-round selection. Detroit is getting Tampa Bay’s 2021 fourth-round pick while the Red Wings are giving up Brian Lashoff to Columbus. For Tampa Bay though, the biggest perk of this being a three-way trade is the additional cap relief. Columbus is retaining half of Savard’s remaining $4.25 million cap hit, who then sent Savard to Detroit. The Red Wings then retained 50% of what was left of Savard’s cap hit before sending him to Tampa Bay. Savard will be a big help for the Lightning defensively as they gear up for what they hope will be another lengthy playoff run.

    Paying for someone else’s salary should be illegal.

    (1) reference is from Michael Savage’s NY TIMES best selling book “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”

    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder stayed on the Top 10 New York Times best-seller list for three weeks, after its release on April 12, 2005.

  12. Mike StG

    GOD, more stupid drivel. Funny you describe a bunch of rich (conservative) billionaires making rules about the teams they own to further their own financial profits as ‘liberalism’ and ‘socialism’. They have a cap so the richest among them cannot buy the championship, thus taking the competition out of their sport and negatively impacting their own team revenues. FFS, what a stupid and fake claim to rant about. Lolololol.

    • Hi Mike – don’t dignify the hockey god with CAPITAL LETTERS that will go to his head for sure. He’s obviously delusional to believe he is in that category.

    • THE hockey GOD

      only thing stupid here is people who don’t get it , like you Mike St G It’s about the players who can not make as much as they can without the salary cap , moron.

      Idiots like you just don’t get it, you’d rather wallow in mediocre state. Whereas I would rather excel and get behind the failed socialism.

      This isn’t about the owners moron, it is about the NHL. TAke your spin elsewhere it won’t fly here.

    • THE hockey GOD

      CAP management is a socialist scam to keep down player’s salaries, penalize teams that make wise decisions, reward teams that make bad decisions, furthers a bad product on the ice, rewards bad or “flash in pan” players with good contracts, teams end up paying for past performance, it leads to short staffed games resulting in poor product and provides more opportunity for ice time leading to tired players which result in poorer play or potential injuries. IT is CRAP and should not be tolerated by anyone !

      This indefinite conception about “buying a championship” is no more than that and it’s BS, complete and utter marginalization. Yankees one of biggest spenders haven’t won a championship in over a decade. The NHL is full of small market teams so no one is going to be bully and “buy a Cup”. Not the way the rules on ice are structured which reward mediocre outcomes . The playoffs, which last nearly a third of season, let anyone with living pulse in it, all to line the owners pockets by raising the prices on everything !

      I am surprised the players’ union hasn’t objected to this socialist BS.

      BTW I don’t see how some of these owners are making payroll with stands devoid of paying customers.

      Some idiot bike rider said “validated with yankees comment” I guess they missed the part of yankees not “buying a WS” in ten years. Failure for brain to function in that persons “brain”.

  13. Mike StG

    HD – I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game as well. Not sure a loss would necessarily mean the team didn’t have the intestinal fortitude or will to win. Bounce back games are common and sweeps in these 2+ game ‘series’ aren’t the norm. In the Blues game I think part of it was just the Blues were fed up losing 7 in a row and they busted out with a stellar game by skaters and goalie. They wiped out Minny 9-1 in the next game. But this game tomorrow could tell us a lot about this team’s will. Let’s hope for the best, PLUS hope GMKM add some help to improve the team.

    • Pistol Pete

      My sense is Blues are headed for a 2018-2019 run from a first half of the season slump. That time they came back to win the Cup. They might end up being a tough out in round one. Personally I think they are stronger than Arizona, heavier and better.

      If they lose today to the Wild this remains all the more speculative lol.

    • Mike I admire your fortitude and logic but please don’t make excuses for these guys they do enough of that on their own – if they truly have what’s necessary to get the job done they will come out today with all guns blazing. Win or loose as along as they come out with the attitude necessary to win that’s the important thing. I believe that is the thing that disappoints all concerned even greater than the final score. The playoffs are a great place to understand you can’t afford to think I won yesterday and the hell with what happens today. Those are the teams that experience a quick exit. I would bet you have read the poem someplace entitled “It’s all in the state of mind” – if you think you can’t it is almost a certainty you won’t. If you haven’t seen it some place look it up and you will see where I am coming from. I guess in a few short hours we will see and have the answer.

      • Jeff

        HD, I agree with you. This is a talented team. Maybe they need one or two more skilled players. The problem is attitude. They should be beating up on the teams below them and breaking even with their major competitors. They have a chance this PM to show the attitude required to get the cup.

        • Mike StG

          Hd & Jeff – I don’t know how you read attitude out of players’ post game comments or body language. They don’t look during the game as if they’re not playing hard. The style of game they play is physically demanding, and there are ebbs and flows in every game. I just see a team that is 26-11-2, winning 7 of every 10 games. I can’t get on board that they don’t care or haven’t the needed will to win. They ARE ‘beating up on the weaker teams and breaking even w/major competitors’. They’re 4-1 vs ANA & ARI; 4-2 vs LAK; 5-0 vs SJS; and 4-2 vs the 4th place Blues. Are you expecting them to sweep every series? Against the current teams in the top 4 they are 9-9 and 2 of those losses came on shootouts (meaning they played dead even in the game on the ice). I think the mettle of this team will reveal itself in the playoffs, but I don’t see anything seriously lacking on this team in their regular season play, other than what you normally see with all teams.

  14. Pistol Pete

    First, it was good to see as fast start which we can hope will be the blueprint for the remainder of the season including playoffs.

    Second, nice to see Smith rewarded for his always excellent two way play.

    Third, this could be the beginning of the end of Kolesar’s net fright. He sure showed poise in shooting that one to go along with the excellent checking to set it up. It’s becoming clear what they saw in him in terms of size, speed and potential for poise and finesse.

  15. Pistol Pete

    My dream third line:


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