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Recap: The Arizona Coyotes gave Vegas all they could handle in the 1st period but couldn’t get one past goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury. The Golden Knights had multiple quality chances but were a bit unlucky hitting the post and crossbar several times. The game was locked in a scoreless tie after the opening 20 minutes.

Both teams struggled to generate offense in a tight 2nd period. The Golden Knights widely outshot the Coyotes 16-4 in the middle frame but came up short. The game was locked 0-0 after 40 minutes played.

Tomas Nosek continued his hot streak giving the Golden Knights a 1-0 lead ten minutes into the 3rd period. Vegas fought off a late attack from Arizona and held on to win 1-0.

Vegas’ record improves to 27-11-2 after defeating Arizona in consecutive games. The Golden Knights hop on a plane for a quick trip to LA to take on the Kings. Tomorrow night’s game is scheduled for 7 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: We expected the Coyotes to come out with a lot more fire than they showed on Friday, and they did, but the Golden Knights at full strength on defense for the first time in a long time held them up. Vegas kept the Coyotes out of the dangerous areas the entire night and Arizona was never willing to throw shots on goal from long distance. Fleury stopped all of the ones that made it through but the defense deserves the majority of the credit. Scoring droughts aren’t nearly as concerning when you can play that well defensively. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. Walt23

    get a clue, Ken. did you see the dirty hit to the head on Nosek and the dirty hit on Martinez right before Reaves leveled Gross??

    wake up man. THAT is how you respond to your teammates getting cheap shotted.

    • Daryl

      Wrong… You don’t cheap shot another player. You drop the gloves. Reaves will be suspended

      • Walt23

        I don’t give a shit if he gets suspended, but the head was NOT the principal, initial point of contact. The refs made that clear by NOT calling a penalty on him.

        and who is he going to drop the gloves with, little Garland? the coyotes toughest player is standing behind their bench with a suit on.

        • Daryl

          You have a right to your opinion… But using what the officials called as whether or not it’s a or alry is a little bit of a joke. To me it was not a cheap shot as he came straight at him but it was illegal. Slow-mo clearly showed it was a high hit

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    2 point yawner …… easy donut for Flurey.

    Most entertainment in the game was watching Flurey move guys out from in front of the net, himself!

    Deadline ….. tick … tick …buzzzzzzz!

  3. Howard

    Man, I wish we could dump Reeves off to someone. I agree, that was a dirty hit and the league will see that and likely bring down the hammer on him.

    • Mike StG

      I agree with Shane Hnidy and Mike McKenna who both said it was NOT a high hit, initial contact was below the shoulder and through the body. He sustained a knee injury probably from the way he fell backward. The same with concussion, since the back of his head hit the ice directly.

      • If the head is not the principal point of contact, what is?

        Can anyone not paid by the Golden Knights actually answer that with a straight face?

        • Thank you Ken. The forearm did the damage and of course the recipient of the hit is substantially shorter than Reaves. If that was against a Vegas player people would be screaming bloody murder.

          • Daryl

            Completely agree with you… I watched the Slow-mo and to me it was clearly a high hit. And either way, fans on here would be screaming for weeks if that was against a VGK player

        • Mike StG

          Ken, I tweeted you the image at the moment of contact. His elbow was NOT up, and the point of contact was directly on the numbers (on his arm), which is 8-10 inches below the shoulder. He drove through the hit, not up into his head. Also, I don’t think your implying that McKenna and Hnidy are biased is fair or professional. I’ve heard them both call these things fairly without excuses. Example: Chandler’s elbow suspension. Just because you see it differently doesn’t mean they lack integrity. One could argue that your bias against Reaves is why you’re so hellbent on condemning him. I heard the Yotes broadcast team call the play and even they never suggested it was a high hit or dirty play.

        • Tim

          Ken no doubt Toronto will bring the hammer down on Reeves. Stephenson got 3 games I’m sure Reeves will get something similar.

      • Julie

        I didn’t see the replay, but I think you are probably right since it wasn’t called as a penalty. There were other hits that seemed worse like the Garland hit on Stone going low on his legs. The Reaves looked rough, I will say that. But I thought that was part of his job, no? Are the refs paid by the VGK? If not, I think that answers Ken’s question.

  4. phantom major

    was Kolesar held out for a trade? or was he injured?

    dirty play by Demers against Patch, and very dirty play by Garland against Stone….that is what Marchand got suspended for, the dirty low bridge hit

  5. goalie trade

    I see that Getzlaf has returned to the ice today from an injury. He has been mentioned in some trade talk by the LV Journal.

    the new cap avoider is the 3 team trade. Toronto just made a trade for Nick Foligno, and just like the Tampa trade for Savard, they are only paying 1/4 of the cap hit, because Columbus picks up half, and SJ is picking up half of the remaining half. That way 5 mill players can be acquired for about $1.25m

    • Mike StG

      Goalie, although very unlikely IMO Getzlaf would be the guy who could put Vegas over the top. Would be a pure rental and a 3-team deal obviously. But he’s a game changer.

      • Well Mike whether you win by one or 10 a win is a win. Not terrible impressive but they survived. Why they have such a tuff time getting out of their zone is unbelievable. There were times they couldn’t even ice the puck. Any idea who could be leaving? Regarding g the hit you wouldn’t expect the announcers to say anything different would you. It was the forearm to the head that the ref missed. Of course the guy was short compared to Reaves so somewhat defenseless. That said it was quite a blow.

        • Mike StG

          Hd: click on Ken’s tweet above at 1:32pm. My response is the first one with a still shot of the moment of impact. It was a massive hit but it was clean. Incidental contact to the head is legal as long as it’s not the main point or target.

          • If you do not have the primary point of contact is the head, you need to watch the video again. It is 100% clear.

            As to whether it was avoidable, that is a different story altogether.

          • Mike StG

            I have watched it and I disagree. As do VGK and Yotes broadcasters. Usually opposing team broadcasters are the first to scream about high hits and dirty plays. I find it interesting that is this case they never even suggested it.

          • Daryl

            I had to watch the game online and it was from their perspective. Initially they said it was a great hit but a few minutes later when they were showing the replay they did say it was a high hit and he would pro ably be susoe ded for it

  6. Tim

    Well one thing if Conner Garland was on our radar he just went off the screen. The way he upended Stone would not play well in the locker room although I like him he’s fast and shifty. Not to be redundant but I’ve said all year long Nosak is a 110% player he’s tuff, skates well and he’s always been balls to the wall. Now everyones is on the band wagon. Doc it’s all in the eye text I’m just messing with you for the fun of it.

  7. knights fan in minny

    will the knights turn there attention to EH love nosek can score some gives 100percent

  8. Mike StG

    Hd, lot of posts. Excellent defensive game. Best ever to allow only 14 SOG by Yotes. Very few defensive breakdowns leading to odd man rushes. Not the most exciting way to win a game.

    No ideas on trade adds. Last year I was touting Martinez about 6 wks before they got him. This year seems like Laughton or Haula would help. Would love Getzlaf but that’s probably a pipe dream.

    • Mike StG

      Hd- so who would you like to see added?

      • Well Mike any addition at this point is questionable. 1. They can’t afford anyone who would make that much of a difference. 2. Their batting record at doing such things at this time hasn’t produced the desired results. 3. The turmoil it produced last year proved to be very detrimental in my opinion. 4. Any addition is not going to provide the the necessary attitude to win – in some regard may provide the opposite effect. 5. I hear Haula name battered around not sure he would want to come based on hiw he was treated – yes l know that would not be his choice but you have to weigh that against the desired results. 6. Like l have said they have a decent team and if they got their shit together could do some damage as they stand. There is a huge difference between a good team and a champion ship team but any addition at this point isn’t going to change that. Could they win as they are about the same chance as if they add someone. That’s not saying so.e upgrade isn’t necessary but to just add as they have do e in the past is little more than an exercise in futility.

  9. phantom major

    Jan 9, 2012

    Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand has been suspended five games for his low-bridge hit Saturday on the Vancouver Canucks defenceman Sami Salo.


  10. Mike StG

    Hd- so who would you like to see added?

  11. Tim

    I think if we have any chance in the playoffs we need a center so I believe they will trade for one. The question is will it be a good trade or one o there bonehead trades we’ll know by noon tomorrow. Will it be Jack Eichel, Gomer Pile or someone in-between.

  12. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I’ m not going to get in the middle of the Reeves hit.

    Only to say: Ken hates Reeves so you must take anything he says about him, knowing that!

  13. goalie trade

    it won’t be anybody with a longterm, high cap hit contract, that is for sure.

    it will most likely be a depth center, a 3rd liner, and likely a ufa, because of the vgk cap problems. remember, those 3 way deals done by Tampa and Toronto were for rental players, UFAs, with expiring contracts.

    however, a good player, Alex Iafallo of the LA Kings might be available, if they don’t sign him tonight. he is a UFA, has a cap hit of $2.425m, and he can play on any line. a double retention deal would mean that he could be had for a cap hit of just 600k. It would probably mean that the Vgk would have to give the Kings a 1st and a 3rd round pick, and would also have to give Chicago a 4th rounder for their 3rd party help in retaining some cap hit.

    • goalie trade

      the Knights have an extra 2nd round pick this year, and extra 3rd round and 5th round picks next year to offer.

      • Mike StG

        Problems with an Iafallo deal: (1) Kings probably wouldn’t trade him to their biggest division rival. (2) He’s a left winger not C. Do they really need a guy who wants $5M at 3LW?

  14. Mike StG

    It’s heating up!! Big Save Dave to the Leafs. Already added Foligno to their Top 6. They are definitely going for it big time. This is a blast!! TBL adding Savard is pretty scary. What a D corps. Supposedly Avs have been interested in Taylor Hall. Holy mama!

    • goalie trade

      Mike, this is the big chance for Leafs, they have a much easier path than they usually do in round 1 and 2, so they added Rittich for depth. Campbell is great this year, but is injury prone.

      also, Penguins are adding Jeff Carter from LA for a couple of conditional picks.

      maybe the Knights can get Iafallo from the Kings

      • goalie trade

        on second thought, that is probably why the Kings dumped Carter, to make room for a new contract for Iafallo. oh well

        • Mike StG

          According to The Mayor and DB on KOTP he wants $5M and the Kings don’t think he’s worth it given they project him to be a 3rd liner within the next 2-3 years . Based on their projections of the prospects who will be in their lineup by then. They’re thinking more like $3.5.

  15. goalie trade

    looks like Hall is going to Boston, according to Dreger. they already sent Lazar as part of the deal

  16. THE hockey GOD

    AZ two game series had atrocious non calls by the REFS on both teams, but many more non calls on VGK. Can’t blame the Yotes coach. Game 1 had tripping by 55 leading to goal. Game 2 had 75 obvious vicious head hit**, no 3 cross sticking, and several more- including the hit on Nosek. These non calls lead to life threatening hits on 67 and 61 in third period of game no. 2. Even the VGK announcers said it more than once that the “Refs decided to let the players play.” This is not a good thing at all. It’s like Biden and dimwits party not enforcing immigration laws. No difference. People are at risk to these obvious non calls.

    **VGK color commenter Shane Hnidy even said “there was contact to the head” . Youtube video slomo replay clearly shows it.

  17. Jason Mason

    No Reaves suspension. LoL, clearly the league sees things with a clearer eye than a number of others.

    I thought it was a hard hit, but that’s what Reaves job is, to knock people on their asses. That’s why “hits” are a stat item. When they stop keeping track of that maybe things will change, but until then as long as VGK players can be hit, you’ll want a guy that can hit back and protect his guys.

    I could be wrong, I haven’t seen anyone play it back far enough, but Reaves was roughed up a bit on a hit a few seconds prior and it looked as if he made the turn following the puck, and the guy that had just hit him was on the unfortunate end of a bit of payback, so Reaves didn’t need much incentive to “skate through the guy.”

    You guys will miss Reaves when he’s gone, but it won’t be today or this season.

    • Daryl

      Most of us won’t miss Reaves at all… His fights as of late have been very subpar, that hit was his best in 5 years and we probably won’t see him do it again for another couple years, his offense is horrible, he goes for hits instead of pucks putting himself out of position which hurts the team…. I will miss Reaves when we play the Caps, but that is about it. I do remember when Wilson refused to fight Reaves 3 times and Engo twice in the same year!!! (the year Reaves was traded to VGK)

      • jason mason

        Are you making my case for me? You think his fights have been subpar, so you approve of them if you’re rating is high on the fight? Ok, I’m in on that.

        You think it was his best hit in 5 years….so you’re do like the great hit, and the NHL approves by keeping “hits” in the stat line.

        His offense is, yes, offensive, but then I’d suggest a few of the guys being paid to score have been a little subpar as well. Likewise a few of the guys paid to keep people out of the crease have been falling down on the job a bit as well. Probably have to hit a guy to move him.

        And it wasn’t 5 years ago that he “yard saled” Tom Wilson at T-Mobile on a very clean hit. And if you’ll only miss Reaves when they play the Caps I’d have to suggest you might enjoy your higher rated fights every now and then, and maybe have had no complaints if Reaves had been on the ice to “handle” Mark Stone getting low balled yesterday at the end of the game.

        It’s a dangerous game…big men on skates with sharp blades and sticks being paid to hit someone.

        In the meantime, make sure you’re observing the watering rules. Reaves is still patrolling the neighborhood.

        • Daryl

          Sorry I just disagree with you…. I love big hits and I love fights and thanks to. Ettman both have dwindled. I still think Reaves hit was illegal but not dirty, he’s nothing like Wilson. But where has Reaves been all season? Stone has had several cheap shots against him and where was Reaves to stick up for him? Same with a few other star players. Reaves does a lot ofchirpi g but very little fighting. He also does t have many big hits, yeah he’ll get his hit totals but they aren’t big crowd pleasing hits.

          I just don’t think his salary is worth The one big bit a year and the occasional and not very exciting fights.

          • jason mason

            You’re entitled to the opinion, and I get it. The league is the final arbiter on the hit being within bounds, and they feel it was. No amount of forum board disagreement will change that.

            I can’t speak to where Reaves is when some players get hit. If he’s on the ice I would think he’s involved. He’s not really paid to be the offensive scorer that Pac or Stone are, so arguments about his goal scoring don’t really register for me. As to not having as many real fights, I think that goes to the NHL making attempts to clean up the game, which I think they’ve done, but some enforcer types are still in the league for a reason. Sometimes the threat of getting “yard saled” is enough to keep some players in check, and Reaves “chirping” at a few guys is nothing more than gamesmanship and getting into people’s heads….which a number of players do.

            Reaves won’t be around forever, but I think he needs to be appreciated for what he’s really on the ice to do, and not what people wish he was doing. Some guys making a lot more money, money paid to put the puck in the net, have disappeared for stretches that actually have cost wins.

            Coyotes probably had the posts and crossbar on contract yesterday.

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