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Recap: The Golden Knights closed out the season by hosting the Anaheim Ducks for game #82.  Vegas got off to a quick start taking the first six shot attempts of the game. Jonathan Marchessault fired four of them on net, but the period ended in a scoreless tie.

Anaheim took the first lead of the game early on a second period power play. Jack Eichel evened the score 14 minutes later to carry a 1-1 tie into the second intermission.

The Ducks shocked the Golden Knights in the final frame scoring two goals in the opening :80 seconds. Vegas tried to claw back but couldn’t generate any offense. Anaheim finished off the game with a late empty net goal.

The Golden Knights record drops to 45-29-8 losing to the Ducks 4-1 in their final regular season contest. Vegas will now wait to see which team they will be facing in the first round of the playoffs. Game 1 against the Oilers or Stars is tentatively scheduled for Monday night. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were in complete control for the early portion of the game, they just couldn’t find the net. Then, a few of rough goals let in by Adin Hill allowed the Ducks to get some confidence. Vegas did not push back too hard and the regular season went out with a whimper. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Anaheim Ducks at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Previewing the first round matchup on Spaces
  • Q&A with reporter from the other side
  • What’s different about them from last year’s series

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Tomas Hertl
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Jack Eichel


Ken’s Three VGK Stars Award


Playoff Scouting Report: Dallas Stars


  1. Cheese Louise

    Fan appreciation night
    Thanks for getting stomped by the 3rd worst team in the league fellas!! Your fans sure appreciate it!!

  2. David T

    If this is what they plan to bring in the Playoffs, they won’t get very far. These inconsistencies are going to bite them in the butt. This might be a painful thing to watch.

    • Rashaad

      I agree David T, in regards to their inconsistencies. They looked pretty good in the first period but then didn’t sustain it. But I don’t take too much stock in tonight‘s game. Not close to what the lineups gonna look like in the first game Dallas is going to be very very tough.

  3. Jack Hammer

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    • Richie-Rich


      • Pistol Pete

        More plagiarism from ThQ

        • TS

          Haha, PP! I had wondered if the ” Q” was a typo, but now I get it– you MEANT to do that! Q is precisely what you meant, and you’re right!! There is a Q among us!!

        • ThG

          more like a post from you popgun, i had nothing to do with this !

    • TS

      WTF?? Dude, take that CRAP to the GAY SITES!! This is HOCKEY Sinbin, NOT GAYS AND WANNA- BE GAYS Sinbin!! Get the difference??

    • knights fan in minny

      the nut job is back

    • knights fan in minny

      what cult are you in hammer dip shit

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      I didn’t know McDavid liked to post here. WTF go back to Edmonton!

      • Emily51

        LOL Earl!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

        P.S. (To everyone) This is what we get when SinBin is too lazy to moderate the comments.

        • TS

          Emily, Ken explained there isn’t enough time in the day to moderate idiots! Lol

  4. Stu C

    Hill is a major liability, he inspires no confidence heading into the playoffs.
    No question Logan Thompson deserves to start.
    He has earned that right by playing better, it’s not about what Hill did in last year’s SCP.

  5. If one is going to bring a knife to a gun fight between goalies…one should ensure that said goalie’s knife can at least stop routine pop flies into his glove…tonight that was the difference…and we ca ill afford for that same goalie to get the call in Game 1 Monday!!

  6. Who really can predict what we will see in Dallas. It’s like we will be bringing in a new team to play for the first time. I definitely can’t trust Hill. We keep trying to give it to him and he continues to play poorly. We have talent but is it realistic it will come together this quickly. Also, how injured are these players,Mantha,Stevenson, Petrangelo illness, Carrier, Stone. How effective will they be if they can’t play in this game. Are they miraculously be fine come Monday. Way too many questions and not enough answers.

    • Emmanuel

      They literally could be the best of the 16 or the worst, we have no idea.

  7. Richie-Rich

    Game 82 Analysis VGK 1 ANA 4 LOSS

    VGK records now stands at 45-29-8, 98pts .598, +22 GF/GA

    Hanifan got to rest this evening. This game was for 3rd place in the Pacific. It turns out we slipped back into the 2 Wild Card spot and a huge drop to 4th place in our division. The bottom line is that this year’s performance was lackluster as compared to the playoff run after the All Star game last year. The goaltending and defense was much better last year.

    Period 1: The VGK dominated the ice and shots, but Dostal remained a brick wall. We knew the lack of scoring was going to be a bad omen and that is exactly what happened.

    Period 2: The teams traded PPG’s in the 2nd period. Hill actually made an attempt to catch this wide of the net shot but he bobbled it and the puck bounced left and into the goal. He was not screened at all on the play. (SOFT GOAL). Jack Eichel scored his 31st goal of the season.

    Period 3: The LaCombe goal was a shot right into Hill that he failed to control and it slipped off to his right and into the net. Hill was not screened and it is a save that should be made. (SOFT GOAL). On the 3rd Duck goal Nick Hague got tied up with #17 of the Ducks (actually an interference) and allowed Vatrano to skate right past him into the zone, and Hill let in his 3rd SOFT GOAL of the night. Vatrano sealed the deal with an empty netter.

    I want to be clear about something. Dostal played his ass off and kept the VGK off the scoreboard. He played outstanding despite numerous breakdowns in the Duck defense. The difference in the game was poor defense by Nick Hague and a very bad night by Adin Hill.

    Stars, all original misfits just because…..
    1st Star – Ducks Goaltender Dostal

    Asteroids go to:
    1 – Adin Hill for a very poor goaltending performance
    2 – Nicholas Hague for getting tied up and allowing Vatrano to skate right by him into the zone for the 3rd Duck goal.

    Dallas Stars (1C) vs. Vegas Golden Knights (WC2)
    52-21-9 113PTS +64 GF/GA 45-29-8 98PTS +22 GF/GA
    Game 1: Golden Knights at Stars — April 22, 9:30 p.m. ET (ESPN, SN360, TVAS, FX)
    Game 2: Golden Knights at Stars — April 24, 9:30 p.m. ET (ESPN, SN360, TVAS)
    Game 3: Stars at Golden Knights — April 27, 10:30 p.m. ET (TBS, truTV, MAX, SN, SN360, TVAS)
    Game 4: Stars at Golden Knights — April 29, TBD
    Game 5: Golden Knights at Stars — May 1, TBD
    Game 6: Stars at Golden Knights — May 3, TBD
    Game 7: Golden Knights at Stars — May 5, TBD

  8. Pistol Pete

    So this puts the VGK in he Central Division bracket creating the possiblility per the wild card system that two teams from the same division could play eachother in the conference final, this time being that Vegas stands to play the winner of the WPG/COL series and advance to the conference final against a fellow Pacific Division team. This did not happen with FLA last year because as a wild card their first round was against a team in their own division.

  9. knights fan in minny

    i watched a highlight reel yesterday of all the vegas playoff goals and cup goals man this team was tenacious on the puck the boys need to go back and watch that

  10. Tim

    No one seems to concerned we lost game 82 at home against a bottom feeder. Were magically turn it around in the playoffs I hope so for Bill Foley’s sake the best owner in the NHL. I wonder what that locker room was like after the game. The good news is we have a few days to get the lines together to get ready for Dallas.

  11. JB

    I am so excited ! Much prefer playing Dallas. Also people, the lineup you will see n game one, will be much different than tonight’s lineup. So settle down. We matchup so well with Dallas. I’m not going to say we threw this game, but when we started the third LA was up 3-1 in their game. I think our mindset changed. We now have until Monday to get the lines figured out. Can’t wait!

  12. TS

    Ugh. Dallas. Not gonna be pretty. The guys better rest up, get ready for it.

  13. ThG

    a game that meant nothing

    sort of like slo JOE in WH

    Joe – don’t do it

    iran and israel, fuck you Joe, no one listens to you, feckless weak moron.

    You all know this shit wouldn’t be happening if the other guy was in the WH.
    You know it, I know it, anyone with a brain knows it.

    deal with it

    • knights fan in minny

      watch out for those cannibals!

    • Richie-Rich

      Liberals will respond that everything that has gone wrong in the past several years is due to Dictator Wanna-Be Trump. They sit back with glee as the Democrats have weaponized the DOJ and every other federal department and agency against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their liberal open borders, massive debt economy policies. Almost every liberal Democrat, and I might add many RINO Republicans hate our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They subscribe to the no borders globalist view that the Rich Political Elites shove down their throats on a daily basis through the Communist News Network (CNN), MSDNC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and NPR among other liberal globalist print media. Liberals sit on their hands as warrantless FISA legislation is passed allowing big government to spy on all Americans, which is a clear violation of our Constitutional Rights. Liberals closed their eyes when their Messiah, Barack Obama, droned an American citizen. They closed their eyes when their Messiah dictated an Executive Order granting amnesty to “Dreamers” even though he admitted that it was unconstitutional and that he couldn’t legally do it. They all sat quietly as the IRS was weaponized . They sat quietly while the CIA/NSA and other intel agencies hacked into Congressional servers and computers. Liberals have sat quietly while the Democrats and RINOs spent trillions of dollars on wars and regime change in the middle east and Afghanistan. To put it simply, liberal Democrats and Republican RINOs do not represent the average American citizen at all. They work against us all the time. But, the lemmings keep on going to the polls and voting for Democrats and RINO Republicans. It’s the end of America. Just hold on for a few more good years. I am too old to likely have to witness the coming economic collapse, complete breakdown of law and order, and genocide. ANTIFA and BLM riots was the precursor for what is to come. The only difference is that good Americans will not sit on their hands next time.

      Look, many of you on this forum are liberals. I don’t hate you. I feel bad that you feel that your are woke, when in actuality you’re just being used. In fact, I am not even sure that elections matter anymore. Certainly, the Justice Department is compromised at all levels of government. The electioneering alone in 2020, the lawless changing of the means and methods for the presidential election, was enough to convince many of us that Biden was illegitimate. Why? Because all of the votes that were cast under the umbrella of those illegal changes should have been thrown out. We now know, that in Georgia, that mail in votes were never verified at all. This is not meant to spin anyone up. I don’t speak down to, or use instigating language. I used to be a registered independent, non-affiliated American citizen. In 2021 I joined the Republican Party and I am a Precinct Captain here in Clark County. Many on the left have called me a MAGA idiot or worse. I don’t respond in kind. I stick to facts, and the facts are that Trump, despite all of his personal misgivings, was responsible for a great economy, no new wars, the Abraham Accords, Justice Reform, The Right to Try, more secure borders, permanent funding for traditionally black colleges, and so much more. On the other hand you have the real dictators, Obama and Biden, who have openly admitted that their actions on numerous executive orders were dictatorial and unconstitutional, like the forgiving of student loans. I urge every Democrat to walk-away from their party. I am not a Trump cultist. In fact, I am a supporter of Rand Paul, who I would rather see in the White House along with a good man like Ben Carson. Walk away Democrats. Tulsi Gabbard did. You can too.

      • Frank

        Don’t usually respond to the political goings on here in this forum…. But I do have to say this is a well thought out and well reasoned comment. All you have to do is take a step back from the vitriol and the propaganda to look and see with your own eyes that our country is definitely headed in the wrong direction with our current leadership. That is all.

        • Richie-Rich

          Thanks Frank. We are all Americans (at least I hope), but even if you are not we all have common human values that we believe make for a good world, community and society. Those who speak with vitriol to the issues only serve to put up barriers and throw gasoline on a burning fire.

          I don’t just blame Democrats. Many Republicans are just as corrupt and are as much to blame as liberals for the state of affairs in America.

          There’s a lot to be disagreeable about. We can focus on the candidates and our disagreements, but that doesn’t solve anything and will only serve to alienate one another. While I disagree with the current President, I am loathe to get personal. I focus on the bad policies and the results. The direction of our country is not good. One might argue that democracy is now failing us. I sure hope not.

          Finding the common moral, social, and religious values is where we all can come together. Thanks for your kind post.

      • TS

        RR, Don’t feel bad for Dems. After all, you guys are stuck with Shadow POTUS TRUMP!! After his convictions, fines, prison/ restitution, he may be less ” Presidential” to voters, especially the Christians, who seem to have become more a CULT to Trump, than a legitimate Religion. But, the election will tell us all whether an aging man or a corrupt one has America’s vote.

        • Richie-Rich

          Trump’s guilty of nothing. You do realize that the facts show that the Clinton Campaign, in collusion with a corrupt DOJ/FBI and the White House cooked up a false Russia Collusion narrative about Trump. They then took this cooked up fake dossier and went to a secret FISA Court Judge and falsely submitted this documentation in order to spy on Trump and other conservative Americans. Who is the dictator? It’s not Trump. This unlawful, corrupt and illegal action was done by none other than Obama and Biden. Talk about a cult? Making matters worse is the fact that quite a few Republicans went along with this false and illegal investigation that produced nothing, because there was nothing. Mueller’s report wasn’t popped like a balloon. Last night the House once again reauthorized the “temporary” use of FISA (Section 702) to allow for future warrantless spying on American citizens, a clear dictator like violation of our Fourth Amendment Rights. Rand Paul is right.

          • TS

            Rr, I think there is more consensus on the state of America and world involvement politically than you might expect.America has made many costly mistakes, both globally and domestically, through History. Every POTUS has taken their own steps to TRY to fix problems.The ONE difference in ALL our past POTUSes is TRUMP. He is the ONE POTUS no one asked EVER expected: the Anti- American. The ROGUE.the Pseudo- Dictator. The PUTIN guy. TRUMP is the 200-year American Challenge.
            Will the Constitution and RULE OF LAW prevail, or be uprooted by this OUTLIER ? That is the Challenge of our country, our History as a free and fair Democracy.



        • knights fan in minny

          get ready your head is going to explode in November

      • TS

        RR, Ummm, I could be wrong, but wasn’t it TRUMP who actually admitted he would be Dictator on Day 1, exacting his revenge and Retribution for all the ” Others”?? ?? Come on, be HONEST. Who is the Dictator here??

        • Richie-Rich

          TS, respectfully, we completely are on opposite sides of this issue. You view the status quo leadership of the past 6 decades as “democracy in action”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our rights, our economic freedom, our ability to produce has been stomped on by your “democratic establishment”. Trump’s an outsider. It has been proven that he has zero ties to Putin. That entire case was proven to be a scam that was perpetrated on America by the Clinton Campaign, Obama Administration White House, the DOJ & FBI. I also find it strange that those with your views seem to get overly upset over the Trump presidency. No one can point to a single action that would define him as a “dictator”. Yet, when I provide you with factual evidence of actions taken by Bush 43, Obama and Biden, those actions are completely ignored. It’s not something I expect to change. I don’t USE CAPS in my responses and I do try to offer logic and facts when discussing the state of America. I would urge those on your side of this issue to do the same instead of simply getting so angry. I’ve pointed out the acts of a dictator by Bush 43, Obama and Biden. The response I get? RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, PUTIN PUTIN PUTIN, DICTATOR ON DAY 1!

          Knowing that this is false, why do you repeat it? Look, I am not trying to change anyone’s mind. I simply don’t understand you or your positions at all. I am sure you are an smart guy, a good person. We both love hockey and the Knights. It’s amazing to me how divided this country is. It is even more amazing that people on your side of this believe that continued borrowing of trillions, funding foreign wars and the military industrial complex, the use of departments and agencies against political opposition, and Bidenomics is working. Clearly the evidence shows that it is not. Trump’s presidential policies were good for ALL Americans. I am not only voting for him, I am a Republican Precinct Captain and a delegate to the Clark County Republican Party and a Nevada GOP delegate. I used to be an registered non-affiliated independent and opposed to both Democrats and Republicans. I joined the Republican Party after 4 years of Trump because he is not an establishment corrupt politician like Obama, Clinton, Bush, and Biden.

          Like you, I am also afraid. I am not afraid for our democracy because the United States is not a democracy. The USA was established as a Constitutional Republic. Yet, Democrats continue to use the term democracy, which is incorrect. We cannot be both. The Democrats have violated the Constitution. Republicans-in-name-Only have violated the Constitution. It is for these reasons I support the anti-Establishment candidate and former President Trump. He misspeaks quite often, he can certainly stir up emotional debate. I don’t always agree with everything that comes out of his mouth. I watch what he does, not what he says.

          Feel free to reply with an all CAPS diatribe if you wish. It really doesn’t bother me. I get where you are coming from. But, I won’t disparage you personally. I simply believe you are on the wrong side of history.

          • TS

            Then perhaps you shouldn’t post any more essays on politics. Period. You have to know people will respond. And negativity will result. We ARE all VGK fans. Let’s skip the stuff that others have rammed down.pur throats, and just enjoy the Playoffs. Okay? I will if you will. Others have refused to stop, but I judge you to be reasonable, and hope we ficus on Hockey. (There, no.caps..See, I can be reasonable, too!

          • TS

            Btw, i’m not a guy.
            I’m an educated, well- informed woman of a certain age. Not gonna reveal THAT, though..

          • Ts

            Btw: it may surprise you to learn I was a Repub for 30 yrs before changing my party affiliation. My father was involved in the NV Repub Party, also in DC in Senate lPolitics., as well as Ford’s POTUS run
            .Surprise, I CAN see both sides!!

            I’ve been around awhile, have been on both sides of the aisle.

      • TS

        Rr, Odd, your post. You seem to be Parroting all the Trump false talking points, even though you claim to be an independent thinker. The ” Weaponization of DOJ”: the WH has stated the opposite over and over. The DOJ is prosecuting Trump for his repeated Corruption and Crimes related to the 2020 Election. States are prosecuting their OWN cases involving Trump’s corruption, fraud and crimes.But Isn’t it TRUMP who promised to use the DOJ to exact his ” Revenge and Retribution” against the ” Others”?? YUP, IT WAS TRUMP.
        You keep using the ” Dictator” word to describe Biden. But Isn’t it TRUMP who has promised to be DICTATOR ON DAY 1?? He told us ALL exactly what he intends to do in a 2nd term! Does Biden promise the same?? NO, THAT’S ALL TRUMP.
        ” Weaponizing the IRS”?? Is that when the IRS is given the tools to finally go after TAX CHEATS , TAX FRAUDS AND TAX DODGERS? If little people MUST PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE, WHY ARE THE RICH IMMUNE TO THOSE SAME TAX LAWS?? Oh yeah, I forget that RICH folks hire RICH lawyers to ” FIX things” in the TAX System ( AKA CHEAT).
        Curious, that Repubs label their Party the ” LAW & ORDER PARTY”, yet it was rabid TRUMP minions who ATTACKED THE CAPITOL JAN 6, threatened to hang Pence, Pelosi and others? Who used American Flag poles to BLUDGEON AND SPEAR POLICE, WITH INTENT TO KILL?? The self- named LAW AND ORDER PARTY!! Trump told his Cult that day to ” FIGHT! FIGHT LIKE HELL OR THEY WILL LOSE THEIR COUNTRY”!!, and they DID! They ATTACKED!

        • Richie-Rich

          Revenge? No. Actual Justice – YES. That is what this country needs to actually heal after all of the unconstitutional acts done by both Obama and Biden. But, let’s not exclude Baby Bush from this justice for lying to Congress, the American people and the world about WMD in Iraq. All 3 need to be held to account for their actions. Biden? He probably needs an assistant to wipe his own rear end.

          • TS

            Rr, I expect that kind of crude comment from others, but I thought better of you. Darn, you just burst my bubble!

          • Richie-Rich

            I can’t apologize. I am not perfect. Far from it. Not only do I think that Biden is corrupt, he is one of the most corrupt politicians we’ve ever had in the history of the USA. The other point is that he is totally incompetent and I believe 100% controlled by Obama and Valarie Jarrett among others. Sorry for not being perfect. I do try to keep debates logical and factual. I will never use CAPS to scream at anyone in a forum. For the most part, our debate has been good. We haven’t lowered ourselves to hurling insults at one another. That’s a very good first step to finding common ground and truth. With that, let’s talk playoff hockey.

        • Richie-Rich

          Let’s take a look at taxes and spending TS. Do we actually have a tax shortage or a spending problem? Let’s ask the following questions. You provide the answer. I actually find it amazing that two intelligent human beings like you and I have two completely different realities.

          The rich already pay at least 80% of the revenues collected by the IRS. We already have a progressive tax system in place. People on the lower end of the income spectrum pay little to no taxes. In fact, in many cases they get an income redistribution from those who do pay taxes. We are currently borrowing about $1 Trillion per year from the Federal Reserve in order to fund all of the departments and agencies, to fund foreign conflicts like the one in Ukraine . Yes, it is true that Trump was also involved in borrowing from the Fed. But, to be fair and clear to all Presidents, budgets are born in the House and passed by the Senate before coming to the Executive for signing. All of our representatives and Presidents since 2000 are responsible for massive debt spending. I do not believe that our taxes have been well spent. Especially on the Dept of Education, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Intel Agencies and Foreign Aid just to cite a few that deserve to be cut or eliminated.

          Question 1 for you: Baby Bush authorized military intervention and regime change in Iraq based on lies about WMD. Should he be held accountable for these crimes?

          Question 2 for you: Obama stated that he did not have the power to grant amnesty to those here illegally using a Dreamers Executive Order. He did so unconstitutionally anyway. The result is clear, tens of millions here illegally causing a burden to education, health care and housing costs. Should Obama be held accountable for violating his oath and acting unconstitutionally like a dictator?

          Question 3 for you: Obama has admitted that he lied when he said that the average family would save $2500 per year on health insurance. Should he be held accountable for his lie?

          Question 4 for you: Biden’s executive action to use student loan forgiveness in an effort to garner votes has been struck down by the Supreme Court. Yet, he continues to flaunt this decision by rewording his Executive Order. His actions are unconstitutional and are the same as a dictator. Should he have already been held accountable? Shouldn’t he have already been impeached and removed from office?

          Question 5 for you: On January 6th, 2021, Donald Trump asked his supporters to go to peacefully protest, to respect law enforcement. The events of January 6th was nothing more than a riot. Governors and the Courts in battle ground states laid the groundwork for this riot by illegally allowing the means and methods of Presidential elections to be altered. In the past, votes that were cast illegally were tossed. This time the courts and Governors held firm and did not do the constitutionally correct thing and allowed for those votes to remain unchallenged. There’s no question here for you, because you are rooted in your beliefs (falsely) that Trump is guilty of an insurrection.

          The American people remain quite divided. On my side, we believe that the federal government has been compromised by globalist elite politicians who are corrupted by a system that allows corporations to pay them off. The evidence that foreign aid is given to NGOs who siphon off funds for repayment to those same political elites.

          In Ukraine, for example, the West has pushed NATO to the east and supported anti-Russian politicians there. When I say support, I mean your tax dollars to be spent there on campaigns, ads, and other nefarious and criminal acts to ensure that the NSA and CIA are behind whoever is in charge in Ukraine. Zelensky is puppet of the west. Installed by the toppling of the more neutral leaders before him.

          In Libya, it was Obama and Clinton who collapsed that country into the complete chaos that it is today. It was they who are responsible for the death of our Ambassador there and the honorable soldiers who were there to protect our embassy.

          It is going on right now in Niger, where we have about 1000 troops on the ground. The western leaning government there was toppled and the new leaders have demanded the removal of our troops. Biden refuses to remove them and as I type this those troops are in mortal danger, and low on supplies and medicine. You can look this story up yourself. The “African Union (AU)” movement is failing in Africa because the west and the USA can no longer be trusted. Will our troops be left there to die?

        • knights fan in minny

          the only mess joey ever cleaned up is in his dpends look out for cannibals veggie joe

        • Richie-Rich

          You selectively go after politicians that have used “speech”. Schumer, Maxine Waters and so many other Democrats have used language that could be interpreted to be telling their supporters to attack Republicans. Is the use of this type of rhetoric okay for only Democrats? Or maybe, just maybe that rhetoric was exactly that, just rhetoric without any deep meaning to actually urge their supporters to violently attack Republicans? You cannot have it both ways. I believe that Trump’s words was no more than rhetoric. In fact, Trump also said in the same speech and context to go and protest peacefully and respect law enforcement. There was no such statement when Schumer, Waters and others urged their supporters to push back, fight, and for Gorsuch to “rue the day”. Think about it…. from my perspective.

          During the 2020 election, we now know today that millions of votes were cast illegally in the Presidential election. The means and methods for conducting the Presidential elections in those states must be approved by State Legislatures. The presidential election laws in those states CANNOT be legally changed by a Governor, Secretary of State, AG, or any State Court. They can only be changed by the State Legislature meeting and changing the law. Yet, in almost every case early voting, late voting, late counting, mass mail out and mail in, and ballot harvesting was put into place illegally. In the past, challengers would be granted relief for violations of election law. That all changed in 2020 because of COVID? Give me a break. Nothing trumps law. More lawlessness, and in this case the law I am talking about is Constitutionally protected. No State has the authority to change the means and methods.

          Making matters worse is the fact that in many cases the Courts turned their backs on these issues by saying that the Trump campaign didn’t complain early enough about these violations before the election.

          Since when did a criminal act ever have to be complained about before the crime actually happening? So, yes, I believe the 2020 election was fraudulent and that had the courts upheld the Constitution all of those votes should have been declared invalid, especially in states like GA where validation of mail in ballots to signatures was not done. Biden, in my mind is a fraudulent President, and I believe the leaders and justices in this country failed to do the right thing in 2020.

          So, color me an 2020 Election Denier. I believe this with all my heart.

      • TS

        Rr, Jan 6 and the attack Trump planned and ordered his minions to exact at the Capitol was NOT in his ” POTUS DUTIES
        .His actions were NOT done as an act of a POTUS doing his DUTIES as POTUS.
        The actions OTHER presidents took that were WRONG, were taken within the POTUS sphere of DUTIES
        Immunity applies to THEM.
        .Trump’s actions have NO immunity because Jan 6 was NOT in the scope OF POTUS DUTIES. Trump went ROGUE. He had run-out of options, all courts had rejected all his protests and false claims of RIGGED elections. He was a desperate man by Jan 6, and he did the unthinkable: he sent his attackers to the Capitol to STOP THE CERTIFICATION. HIs actions are TREASONOUS. ANTI- AMER ICAN. UNPRECEDENTED.
        There is NO equal, NO comparison –NO other POTUS has done what TRUMP has

        • Ts

          Btw: ” YOU HAVE TO FIGHT! FIGHT LIKE HELL OR YOU’LL LOSE THIS COUNTRY”, is clearly NOT a plea for ” PEACEFUL PROTEST”. Have you actually listened to Trump’s Jan 6 speech????

          • TS

            No POTUS has been acceptable by the other party. It has ALWAYSXbeen so. America has made mistakes, still is making them
            But what TRUMP tried to do is a NEW FRONTIER of HOME- GROWN ANTI- AMERICAN ATTEMPTS TO OVERTHROW OUR OWN FRIGGING GOVERNMENT! He has fomenting this CRAP for 8 exhausting years..
            Aren’ t you people TIRED OF IT, YET??? The OTHER world leaders sure as he’ll are! They no longer trust or can rely on America. They all question America’s alliances, since Trump allied himself with Putin and other Dictators. Our country is being questioned by our OWN Allies! Europe is in putin’s crossbars, yet Repubs are okay with that??? TRUMP tried to change the World Order, starting with America becoming the new PUTIN PUPPET. Trump got PLAYED, HUGELY. HE was NO match for PUTIN, the MASTER OF DECEPTION
            Yet the TRUMP CULT is OKAY with that?? Religious zealots think.he’s the New Messiah!THAT IS INSANITY!!

          • Richie-Rich

            Again, rhetoric. No different than rhetoric spewed by Waters to confront Republicans, call them out and tell them they are not welcome here. Schumer, “Gorsuch you will rue the day.” And lastly, doxxing the addresses of Supreme Court justices by Democrats so that rioting protestors could confront the Justices in their homes. In fact, an assassination of a Justice was stopped, thankfully. All due to rhetoric by the party you support. Yet, not a single Democrat said to go peacefully protest the Supreme Court Justices like Trump did.

          • Richie-Rich

            I have listened to his speech TS. There was nothing in it other than passion about the means and methods of presidential law being changed illegally. Fraudulent election. There was rhetoric only. No different than what I have heard out of the mouths of Democrats who have used the same FIGHT LIKE HELL language. You will find politicians on both sides using this same language. Not an actual invitation to violence, but rather impassioned speech in support of a cause. Nothing criminal at all.

  14. NAM

    I think meeting Dallas later in the playoffs would have been better. They are the best team in the west IMO (and not just record based). The VGK have tools, but have lots of players now that haven’t played a game in a while. I just don’t see the VGK surviving long enough to get their mojo back. Maybe I am wrong, hell I hope I am wrong.

    • Richie-Rich

      I am going to do some deeper comparisons over the next few days, but we have to be less enthusiastic about our chances this year.

      1- Clearly, the goaltending is nowhere close to what it was down the stretch last year. Could that change with Stone, Pietrangelo and Carrier returning? It wasn’t good when they were in the lineup earlier in the year either. We are the 2nd Wild Card this year, a huge drop from last year.

      2- We’ve had a chance to see just how bad Hague is as a D1. He’s a liability on D1 and should be no higher than D3. Both Whitecloud and Theodore have been suspect on defense as well down the stretch. An argument can be made that Pachal should have been retained and Whitecloud traded at the deadline.

      3- Can Stone be an impact player if he’s activated for game 1, or will he take a game or 2 like last year? By the time he does, the VGK could be down 2-0 in this series. The same can be said for Pietrangelo and Carrier.

      4- Clearly, the odds are very long that the VGK can even reach the Conference Championship. The odds are long that they will even get out of round 1.

      • Rashaad

        Richie Rich. I agree with everything you said. I think Dallas will be too much for Vegas but this is why we play the games because anything can happen.

        Dallas has eight 20 goal scorers. Holy smokes!!! Jake Oetinger is on a 10-1, .949% streak.

        This could get ugly and end in 5 games.

        Adin Hill sadly is not even playable right now. Logan Thompson is not durable enough to play every game.

        However, these are the reigning Stanley Cup Champions and maybe they can get it together really quickly and put a scare into Dallas and extend this series to a game 7 but I think that ultimately Dallas will prevail.

        Hoping we are both wrong!

        • Richie-Rich

          Defense should improve with Hague returning to D3 and #7 and #15 on D1. Carrier will be welcomed back on that tough 4th line. Numbers wise, we do not line up well on the stat sheet. But, let’s not discount all of the injuries this year.

          I am wondering whether or not Dorofeyev has earned a roster spot this post season. This kid has great hockey sense and is getting better every day.

      • Richie-Rich

        I was going to do a deeper dive into Dallas, but Ken did an excellent job of it. The truth is that Dallas is a much improved team despite the 3 wins this year.

        The outcome of this series will be dependent on whether or not the VGK will put 60 minutes worth of effort during these games. They need 4 victories and it is absolutely critical to win at least 1 of the first 2 games in Dallas.

        The other major factor will be puck luck. Will the puck be bouncing like a football or rolling flat for the boys to handle?

        Let the games begin.

  15. Frank

    In the grand scheme of things this game meant very little and we had some key pieces out…. However, man does Hill look bad. Hasn’t looked right since the injury. Two of those goals were super soft. It’s LTs net until he proves otherwise. I’m not really worried about round 1 against the stars… It’s the oilers and avs that I think might steamroll us (unless we catch fire like the playoff run last year.)……

    • Rashaad

      Interesting Frank. I actually think Dallas is better then Edmonton and Colorado.

  16. Jack Hammer

    TS – Pistol Pipsqueak or anyone that doesn’t like free speech can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    ThG is for free speech, unlike you clowns.

    you can’t stand it
    and bets the question: why do you hate America so much ?

    your ilk is type that needs to be flushed down the toilet, for good. Moscow or Havana or North Korea would be good ending points for you all.

    I can’t get enough of the wise insight of ThG and his points of view. He is right all of the time.

    Unlike you, stuck in your pajamas in the basement, as usual.

    now eat your processed devil food -you know you want one, you bunch of fools.

    i resisted temptatiob to call any of yo ouy.

    • knights fan in minny

      your off the wall free speech does not belong on here you stupid fuck head loser

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Go back to Canada

    • TS

      Jack, please. You damn well know WHY your posts are inappropriate here. Don’t play your Free Speech card like THQ always does…as he loves to say, “that won’t fly here”.

    • TS

      Jacj, Only a guy like YOU would appreciate THQ and his crazy rants!

    • TS

      Jack, are you yet another THQ persona?? You sound EXACTLY like him!! Or: You’ve got a Man- crush on him! Just ask him for a Gay hook- up, then!

  17. Bolts1

    Tank you very much.

    The LA Kings found out that it is hard to out-tank the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks are so bad that they can’t even win a game that is handed to them, and no matter how late it is.

    and as for the Vgk, they will now face a Dallas team they have beaten all 3 times this season, and by sitting Hanifin and playing shaky Hill, they made it much easier for the Ducks to win that game.

    • NAM

      Dallas won all 3 regular season games last year, before Vegas beat them in the playoffs. I really don’t think the early season wins against Dallas this year mean much, both teams are different. Dallas improved at the deadline. Vegas did too kind of, but seem to have a gremlin to their game, where they lack scoring or lack closing, or lack defense, or power play almost randomly. I do think Vegas can be really good if healthy and on their game.

      I don’t know, I hate feeling conflicted about this team. What is happening with the misisng players? Are they all going to find that level that won the SC or be the team that can fire the puck in a 100 high danger chances and get nothing but an L. I wouldn’t be surprised by either or even both.

  18. Bolts1

    just remember, playing in Canada would be 24/7 bs crying and whining about Stone and supposed “cap circumvention” and jerkoffs like Friedman proposing changes to the CBA to stop the Vgk.

    • NAM

      True! The Oiler fans are awful even without the Stone cap stuff. AND not listening to the broadcast team drone on about McDavid and Draisaitl for X amount of games is a positive.

  19. Effort will not be an issue at all.. this is the playoffs and a chance for history… the boys will be ready.. the question for now will be which boys will be available at puck drop…and the games will be decided by those manning the net.. while I think Logan should definitely get the nod my gut is telling me Cassidy is opting for Hill!!

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