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Recap: The Golden Knights took advantage of a power play in the 1st period when Chandler Stephenson jammed home a goal from right out in front.

In the 2nd, it was an open game for a while until Vegas struck on the penalty kill. Then, the floodgates opened as William Karlsson added a tipped shot and Nic Roy scored on a breakaway. It was 4-0 at the end of 40.

The 3rd period was useless aside from the fact that Logan Thompson completed his second shutout of the season.

The Golden Knights record continues to climb to 7-2-0, defeating the Ducks 4-0 on Nevada Day. Next up is the Jets before the Golden Knights head out for a tricky five-game eastern road trip. Puck drop on Sunday against Winnipeg at T-Mobile Arena is scheduled for 5:00 PM. (Recap by Ken)

Analysis: It took a while for the game to really get going, but once it did it turned into a classic VGK vs ANA game. The Golden Knights cleaned up their act in the defensive and neutral zones and the Ducks began to break down all over the ice in every situation. Stephenson took advantage of a PK and goaltending mishap, Smith buried a 2-on-1 on a friendly-fire-led break, and Roy finished a chance born out of the Ducks seemingly having never seen what happens when a puck bounces. Give credit to VGK across the board though, it starts with how you defend against these horrible teams. If you make life tough on them, they’ll make it very easy on you.  (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Anaheim Ducks at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Assessing Eichel’s impact through nine games

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Reilly Smith
* William Karlsson



Cassidy Explains What He Wants To See Out Of Reunited Misfit Line


Points Aside, Vegas Could Use More Offensive Impact From Jack Eichel


  1. George T

    DeBoer use of Wild Bill was criminal.

    Cassidy has him in the right space.

  2. knights fan in minny

    big game good win a goose egg for the fiesty netminder speaking of the netminder best hit of the year sweet tip in from wild bill misfits were very good tonight how long before the ducks coach gets the hook

    • Kfim, “FEISTY” is the right word! I was pleasantly surprised to see LT physically defend his space not ONCE, but TWICE! I think Whitecloud mentioned the respect the guys have for BOTH goalies, and how the team is rallying behind these two teammates..I think the combo is a BIG winner for us…funny how adversity can lead to a better place…lose a goalie or two, gain a tandem goalie success…LOVE the team attitude right now!!
      Plus, the players have bought in to Cassidy’s system..they believe they can win again!

  3. Jailbird

    LT is just playing so well. He seems to see the puck wherever it’s at and he flashes that glove! Good win! Way to go boys.

  4. Mister Photon

    Gold looking good.

    On to the next one.

    Go Knights Go!

  5. Pistol Pete

    I’m ok with fewer shots when defense is first. Continue to see Eichel motoring on the backcheck. Looks like he’s onboard the Cassidy train ala Patrice Bergeron.

    Six game test starts Sunday.

  6. NICE GAME! It took half of 1st period for guys to wake up, and leave it to Stone to wake ’em up! Captain earned his “C” BIG TIME. My 1ST star goes to the entire Misfit Line..Karlsson is showing 1st season confidence, the line is giving other teams FITS.
    2ND Star: How about LT’S flawless game! He was a BRUISER protecting Goal– LOVED his Agression! If he plays that tough, other teams: WATCH OUT! SOFT, NO LONGER!
    Balanced scoring…we are a threat to other teams with so many different weapons.
    3RD Star: Our D: it was smothering! Pressure, goal protection, guys were sharp! Whitecloud was terrific–unexpected show of force. 1st fight in NHL…I give the round to him! Listening to his brief interview between periods, I realize how high his hockey IQ is..He is one intelligent player. Hague and Carrier were very active, too.
    Overall, only positives..Patsy team, yes, but fun to watch!! Cassidy’s post- game remarks were thoughtful, insightful, honest..
    such a change from PDB’S vague, opaque , nothing- anwwers.
    WAY TO GO, VGK!!

    • Jailbird

      Go knights go! If we go 8-2 in this first month, we know we have something special going on!

  7. Sorvino

    PP, good observation on Jack Eichel. He has clearly bought in and at this point in his career he clearly looks like he’s placing a priority on defence and winning rather than personal statistics. He has been great.

    • Pistol Pete

      You saw I posted last game the ESPN commentator indicated Cassidy met with Eichel over the summer in Cape Cod. For sure the conversation involved how to make Jack a winner and help lead the team. Becoming a two way center is a big part of if. Cassidy knows how well Eichel skates with that stride of his so it’s a golden opportunity so to speak.

      • Pistol Pete

        Safe to say Eichel cares more about winning a Cup than his own scoring stats. He knows his scoring will be necessary to get there, just saying.

        • THE hockey GOD

          pp you are only poster in world who believes the JE bull shit, it grows tired reading your same ole , tired, malarky. Your tires are flat, time to buy new ones.

        • Pistol Pete

          I agree this board could use an ignore button.

        • Pistol Pete

          I should have said PRETTY SURE Eichel cares more about winning a Cup than his own scoring stats” rather than SAFE TO SAY.

          In any case it would be nice if that were true.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton here with last nite’s NHL scores

    The Golden knights strung up the Ducks 4-0 , in rare Friday matinee game day celebrating Nevada Day. What ever that is. Ducks record is now 1-6-1 and VGK are 7-2 atop the Pac Division. With a four point lead, and as usual the Canadian team has three games in hand behind them in second place.
    Boston brained the lowly blue jackets by same score 4-0. Bruins lead NHL with 8-1 record , while the jackets are all ripped up at 3-6
    the devils burned the avs 1-0, as the devils are ripping at 5-3 coming alive
    the professor brewed up some cloud seeding and douched the canes as the islanders trounced carolina 6-2
    the BC lions, err, Vancouver canucks freddy kruegered , err, iced the penguins with their second W on season 5-1
    and finally the jets spoiled the yotes in OT 3-2 , at the arizona’s new practice facility, err, home rink , which has a standing room only crowd, with ticket sellers providing “seats” hanging from the rafters, the unofficial attendance was listed at 4000. The rink is sold out for the season. Yotes are changing name to Howdy Y’all’s Red Barn (not affiliated with the old hamburger chain now owned by Howdees)

    Lee “HackSaw” Hamilton , the penultimate sports announcer in sports announcing history, signing off.


  9. Pistol Pete

    Eichel’s six years @ BUF:

    355 pts in 375 games (-69)

    Reasonable assumption is that defense was not Jack’s forte.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP’s assumptions on this board have been some of the most illogical ever in history of assumptions. The Oct 1 post about Lombardo clearly indicates this guy walks around with his head up his hat 99% of time.

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