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VGK’s William Hill Odds To Win Cup, Conference, Division, Make Playoffs, And More

William Hill, the official sportsbook of since the inception of the site, has just released massive upgrades to their app. What that means for Golden Knights fans is tons of new bets, both now, and once we get to the season with in-play and same-game parlay wagering.

Right now, the new app offers six different ways to bet on the Golden Knights from Stanley Cup future odds to moneylines on the very first game of the season.

We’ll start with the big one… will Vegas go back-to-back?

VGK come in as the 4th favorite behind a pair of Eastern Conference teams and an opponent they beat in the 2023 playoffs. Feels like the reigning champs who are returning a majority of the roster should be the favorites, but hey, maybe it’s a chance to strike while the iron is hot.

On to the next one, the season opener at T-Mobile Arena.

The Golden Knights are 7-1-0 all-time against the Kraken.

The first step for Vegas to get another parade down the Strip is to make the playoffs, and according to William Hill, that’s very likely.

How will they get there?

VGK finished last season with 111 points and played 39 games without their captain, Mark Stone.

Will it be enough to win the division?

Again, the Golden Knights are slight dogs to the Edmonton Oilers in what is projected to be a three-horse race.

Finally, to repeat, Vegas will have to once again win the Western Conference. The odds don’t look bad at all for them to do it.

Man… is it October 10th yet?!?


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  1. Jailbird

    No surprise to me that Edmonton is picked to win WC. Is a surprise that Carolina picked to win the cup?

  2. Jailbird

    Westgate has Knights +1200 third pick. Sams has them +450 first pick. Books all over the place!

  3. Hockeydiva

    Too early to get much sense from the books….I did enjoy the books the books getting hosed as we won OUR CUP.

  4. LVsc

    Ridiculous to have Toronto second at +900 , and above the VGK for the cup, BECAUSE they have only won 1 playoff series in the past 10 seasons.

    • Rob E.

      100% agree. Toronto won’t be as good this year. Have won 1 series in a decade. Jeez. My biggest suprise is certainly Carolina, but with VGK being 4th, I’m okay with that just because of them winning and playing so many games. Edmonton, we shall see. See if they get any better on D or if their goaltending is still a weak spot.

    • Emmanuel

      Theyre a clutch team… really!

  5. Jailbird

    Toronto picked up some muscle by adding Revo and Domi. Might allow their scorers a bit more room on the ice?

  6. Bobby

    Happy for Reavo, hope he does well- but having the Leafs that high is ridiculous.

  7. Just as an aside….the leafs must have scrambled brains signing reaves for 3 years at 1.3…hes a good dude….but as a hockey player i couldnt wait for him to be moved as he is a major defensive liability once the puck is cleared out of the offensive zone after his forecheck….obviously vgk felt the same way as he wasnt played down the stretch or in the playoffs…obviously the rangers felt the same way as he didnt play during the stretch run or playoffs…obviously the Wild followed suit as well!!

    • Sorvino

      Larry, I love Reaves as well, but it was explicitly obvious that his replacement Kolesar is a far better hockey player.

      Fans didn’t quite understand getting rid of Reaves at the time, but the best front office in professional sports did.

  8. Tim

    Injuries are the equalizer a few years ago we were decimated and didn’t make the playoffs last year Colorado had there issues and got bounced early. Myself in the West I think Dallas really made some nice moves and they worry me more then Edmonton. It’s going to be a fun year can’t wait to get it started.

  9. Neal

    Too many people sleeping on the Kings. They are as strong down the center ice as anyone in the league..

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