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VGK’s Top 6 Stanley Cup Playoff Quotes

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We’ve covered goal-scoring, playmaking and goaltending so let’s focus on off the ice. During their eight-week run, the Golden Knights had many memorable quotes throughout the postseason. In fact, there are enough comments from Golden Knights players to fill out a Top 26 list. However, let’s focus on VGK’s six most entertaining quotes of the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs.

6. Pietrangelo Shrugs Off Slashing Suspension in the Second Round 

It is what it is, I’m not going to sit here and dwell on it. The league took care of it, so we’ll move on… There have been a lot of shots both ways, I’ll just say that. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on, there’s some premeditated stuff coming at me but (the Department of Player Safety) didn’t really seem to care in the meeting. I’ll get up and take it. I’m not going to lay on the ice like we’ve been seeing. I’ll get up and play the game the way it needs to be played. At the end of the day, we’ve got a job to do, they’ve got a job to do. – Alex Pietrangelo

When lead defenseman Alex Pietrangelo was suspended for his slash on Edmonton’s Leon Draisaitl in the second round no one was surprised. It was a heat-of-the-moment situation and unlike anything Vegas fans had ever seen before from #7. However, Pietrangelo stated his case to the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, and they required the d-man to sit for one game, much to the chagrin of the Oilers and their fans. When asked, Pietrangelo didn’t hold back.

5. Cassidy Reacts to Matthew Tkachuk’s Nasty Hit on Eichel

It’s okay to get hit in June. This is part of the journey; it hurts to win. Not only does it give us juice but sometimes it can take away juice from the other team if they see a guy come back. It was good for the group.- Bruce Cassidy

Vegas’ head coach happily spoke about Matthew Tkachuk’s blow to star center Jack Eichel. Eichel left the ice after the collision but thankfully returned not soon after. Cassidy had no issues with the hit and took the time to remind his players and the fans that hockey is a hard sport to play, especially in the Stanley Cup Finals.

4. Stone’s Bleeping Salute to the Championship Parade Fans

Wow. I knew this was a party city, but does it get any effing better than this, eh? – Mark Stone

Look, I’m a sucker for cuss words. For some reason, attach an f-word and I’ll find it much more entertaining. Mark Stone apparently feels the same way. While it was short and concise, fans across Las Vegas will never forget his six-second quote on stage at VGK’s championship parade. Also, the captain added in a Canadian twist by dropping an ‘eh?’ at the end. Nice addition from Stone. (Poor from Ken to spell it like Machine Gun Kelly’s hit song “Ay.”)

3. Commissioner Bettman Presents the Stanley Cup to the Championship Golden Knights

Bill Foley had the vision, the creativity and the audacity to bring the first major league team to Las Vegas. And then he said ‘we’re going to win the Stanley Cup in six years. Not only is Vegas a hockey town, it’s a Championship town. – Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner

Any time Gary Bettman grabs the mic, mostly a chorus of boos follow him around. Unless he’s handing the Stanley Cup trophy off to Golden Knights captain Mark Stone in front of his home fans. Not only did the commissioner praise the players, The Creator and the front office, he also gave full marks to the city of Las Vegas. Certainly, many other cities will argue that Vegas is not a true hockey town. That’s fine, as long as they recognize it as a Championship town.

2. Cassidy Reminds Pietrangelo About 2019 Stanley Cup Finals

Petro effed me the first time but not this time.- Bruce Cassidy

Honestly, we could have done a Top 6 of just playoff comments from Bruce Cassidy. The first-year Golden Knights coach was in control the entire postseason and his press availabilities were an example of that. Cassidy was never flustered answering tough questions nor did he snap at reporters after a tough loss. The Cup-winning coach spoke about patience, sticking with the plan, and embracing the moment. He sure did on the ice after Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Reminding Pietrangelo about the 2019 Stanley Cup outcome was short but incredibly entertaining.

1. William Karlsson’s Unforgettable Championship Parade Public Address

Why even comment, William can speak for himself.

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  1. George L.

    Wild Bill is Shakespeare

  2. TS

    Wild Bill was Wasted. Bet he has NO clue how he managed to stay on top of the bus!( or even GOT on the bus!)… ( hint: he had HELP. KOLESAR babysat him! )

  3. The

    Early Stanley Cup forecasts out west. Colorado #1, Dallas#2, Edmonton #3, Vegas #4, just the way we like it. Forecasts are bullshit it’s how you play the game that counts. Talk is cheap and to disregard the Knights really works in our favor as we stay under the radar. People just can’t stand giving us credit being a new team how did we out maneuver the good old boys? The simple answer is a better organization Toronto last cup 1967, Montreal last cup 1994 lets say the cornerstone teams of the NHL sucking wind. There all jealous so they’ll take any team to talk about is on the rise just to pat there fan base on the ass. Example Buffalo haven’t made the playoffs in 12 years how many early draft picks and still sucking wind but this is the year they break through. Well after 12 years don’t you think it’s about time they break through? I couldn’t imagine the Knights with a 12 year dry spell but other cities are so desperate with nothing else to look forward to continue to hope. To me most of the league is pathetic living in La La land.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    Vegas is NOT a hockey town, it’s a gambling town full of boozers, hookers, strippers (don’t call me a hooker), degenerate gamblers, senior citizens galore, and service industry types. All who like to win.

    It’s also a town for LOSERS, the massive resorts and casinos on the Strip and downtown are testimony to that fact.

    • THE hockey GOD

      and stoners who like to smoke the gangi. Aka losers, anyone who wants to inject a substance that has over 3000 known and unknown radical toxic chemical agents into their body causing unknown consequences. And some known, like addiction, cancer, lung cancer, etc. Are brain dead morons.

      • BygDon

        Well now, aren’t you a bright ray of sunshine. Aside from being the silver lining of what would be considered a dark cloud you are dead wrong about Vegas as a whole. But you just enjoy your misguided opinion.

        • THE hockey GOD

          big don
          Name one other city in USA that has as many boozers, cruisers, casinos, strippers, hookers, and losers that VEGAS has?


  5. Anand

    So I shouldn’t move there?

    • Theresa Soles

      Anand, Vegas is a city. ALL cities have losers, users, and the like. Ignore the site BASHER. He would no doubt know about the lowlife here, but MOST of us are just NORMAL, REGULAR HUMANS. We DON’T ALL GAMBLE, BOOZE, DRUG, RIOT, RAPE, PILLAGE AND PLUNDER.

      • Anand

        Ok Theresa. I understand.

        • TS

          Anand, I knew you would!

        • TS

          Your bashing Is LEGENDARY! I consider ANY derogatory name- calling from you a COMPLIMENT!! Thanks for being yourself…you NEVER disappoint!! ( from the ” boozer, stripper. hooker, loser” you called me) —STILL A MAN- CHILD, I SEE…..

      • THE hockey GOD

        and old time forum resident boozer, stripper, hooker and loser pops up.

        Talk about a coincidinky dink

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          is that called for

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  6. THE hockey GOD

    “old time hockey, coach ?

    Eddie Shore!

    Toe Blake !”

    best quote ever

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    This is meant for the resident faux- God…

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