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VGK’s Top 6 Stanley Cup Playoff Moments

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After eliminating four opponents and recording 16 Stanley Cup Playoff wins, the Golden Knights racked up dozens of special moments to choose from. We cut them down to the Top 6 of the playoffs but the list is truly incomplete. We could do a Top 6 Fan Moments list or a Top 6 Jonathan Marchessault Moments list. The options are endless. Sticking with the formula, here are the VGK’s Top 6 Stanley Cup Playoff Moments.

6. Hill Bag Punches the Panthers in SCF Game 4

Cup-winning goaltender Adin Hill took plenty of liberties in the playoffs, especially in the Final. Hill wasn’t having any of Matthew Tkachuk or Sam Bennett’s antics, so he used his blocker, glove, and fists to stand his ground. In Game 4, the Golden Knights goalie lost his cool and went into full Mike Tyson mode. After Bennett ripped Hill’s helmet off, the Panthers forward likely wished he hadn’t. With the help of William Karlsson, Bennett was savagely beaten to the ice with bare knuckles. It was a sight to see and VGK fans loved every minute of it.

5. Fireworks Light Up Stone and the Stanley Cup

It was taken over a month ago and it’s already recognized as an iconic image. Just ask yourself, when was the last time you’ve seen an all-out pyrotechnic display behind a championship trophy presentation? That’s right, you haven’t before Mark Stone was handed the Stanley Cup by league commissioner Gary Bettman. It fits fabulously because just like the City of Las Vegas, Stone is known for his over-the-top theatrics.

4. Karlsson’s No Look Assist Sets Up for Reilly Smith’s Last Goal As a Golden Knight in SCF Game 5

I’ve held off on this play for a week now. William Karlsson’s between the legs, blind pass could have topped the assist list and Reilly Smith’s finish would’ve qualified for the top goal lists. Looking back, this jaw-dropping play was more than just a game-winning, series-winning goal. Now that Smith is property of the Pittsburgh Penguins it felt right to highlight the sequence and emotions on the Top 6 Moments list. Neither the team nor Golden Knights fans realized it at the time but the pass, the goal, and the situation ended up being the perfect way to exit Las Vegas for Smith.

3. Marchessault’s Mic’ed Up Reaction to Hill’s Paddle Save

Are you kidding me? Are you effing kidding me Hillsy? What a save. – Jonathan Marchessault

Conn Smyth winner Jonathan Marchessault reacted and used the same words we all did when Hill made his wild, goal-saving paddle save. Raise your hand if you didn’t swear in disbelief… I don’t see anyone with their arms up.

2. Five Misfits Fittingly Get the Start in SCF Game 5

They’re guys who kind of laid their roots down here and have done a great job in the community, building the Golden Knights brand and hockey in the area. -Bruce Cassidy, VGK coach

It was critiqued by his own organization, but coach Bruce Cassidy added another level to the Golden Knights championship run by starting five Misfits in the series-clinching game. It was a surprise to the players, the fans, and the entire world.

1. The Creator Raises the Stanley Cup Sealing His Sixth-Year Proclamation

Of course, the players and coaches are the main subjects, but Bill Foley isn’t like most professional sports owners. Foley is a beloved figure in Las Vegas and most fans were overly excited to see the man that started it all celebrate with his organization’s first Stanley Cup. It was an up-and-down six-year journey that began with the owner’s almost cocky determination and ended with him raising the silver chalice he set out to secure. Not many fanbases care when the owner lifts a championship trophy, VGK nation did.

And now everyone should understand why he’s called The Creator.


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  1. knights fan in minny

    when koley laid out the punk takzuk

  2. Vic

    You beat me to it KFIM.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    hill played lights out

  4. I realize Adin just helped in winning us THE CUP….thank you Adin for your sterling efforts and play in net….however….its going to take a lot of convincing for me to believe he is worth the contract he received….or that he is a number 1 goaltender….i hope he can prove my doubts are without foundation….cause we will need a combined effort of him and Logan if we are to put ourselves in prime position once we enter the playoffs next season.

  5. Jailbird

    There was no way the Knights could have not signed Hill. A) – He played as great as you can in the playoffs. B)- He became a Huge fan and player favorite. You get contracts based on what you have done, not on what you will do. He earned his raise. But, he won’t just be handed the #1 spot. He will compete with LT. I believe they will share the net 50/50 the first half of season. Then go from there. It continues to amaze me how some fans are concerned on the amount players are being paid. Those people thought we paid too much for Stoney, Petro and Jack. We got what we paid for and won the Cup with these guys!

  6. Some great moments – what a season – when they got beat year one it was 34 years the Capitals had waited – what a finish and on home ice – done in six – to make the bold statement that Foley made at the beginning and have it come true is truly an unbelievable event.

    • TS

      hdbiker, I’m happy to see your upbeat post!The Rise to the top WAS history in so many improbable, next- to- impossible ways, defying so many odds, proving ALL the others WRONG about the team. And then came CASSIDY…final piece on the journey to the CUP. The rest is… history!!

  7. THE hockey GOD

  8. Fan favorites come and go….its a business…3 of the most popular players in our short history were dispensed rather summarily…Fleury…Schmidt and Reaves…not to mention Smith a short time after he hoisted the CUP….one is certainly getting paid as to what their future is within the team…not just what you did for them yesterday…its too bad every player cant get their maximum…but fans including myself worry about the ripple down effect…and im sure the FO have sleepless nights figuring how to address those concerns.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Fleury tuned out to be back stabbing piece of shit, not a favorite among REAL fans. Schmidt bought his ticket out of town with a) poor playoff play in STARS series repeated getting face planted by Dallas forwards in front of his own net and b) busted for drugs suspended for half season . And Reaves bought his ticket out of town with his dive in play , anti American kneeling before the NATIONAL ANTHEM, and fact that he actually inspired BETTER play from the opposing teams AFTER he engaged in fighting. Since then he has been passed around like a smelly sock. All three of those were not favorites by REAL FANS.

      The Smith move was necessary, it’s not FO fault, I blame BETTMAN and his socialistic SAL CAP which penalizes teams for doing good.


      • Thg – you were and only the m—-+ who looked at fleury like a piece of shit as you put it. Your reference to the other two, well we can just leave it to that – questionable at best concerning real knowledgeable hockey fans. With your negative opinion on most everything and think you are god (notice small ‘g’) maybe you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself a simple question.

        • THE hockey GOD

          HD my response was to LARRY not you.

          And I don’t respond negatively to “mostly everything”, you own that one hands down. Buddy.

          Anyone who can’t see damage MAF , REaves and Schmidt did to franchise is either brain dead or in a coma.

          • Sorvino – whatever rocks your boat – Just to make you happy he will probably land up in the Hockey Hall of fame as a selfish phoney – I would question if that were the opinions of the players he played with.

          • Thg – your issue is very simple you don’t know the difference between constructive criticism and negativity. If you truly understood the game like you would have people think you would know that. And as far as being anti -American you are way off base. Reaves along with your buddy the walrus would have been gone for that kneeling stunt. There is a place for everything, however, insulting the country, even with the faults you continually point, is not that place for that by disrespecting the National Anthem.

        • Sorvino

          HD Biker, I also think that Fleury is a piece of shit or pond scum, whatever is considered worse. I root for him to fail. He is a selfish phoney. That is just my opinion.

          • THE hockey GOD

            LArry and HD biker like anti american kneelers, back stabbers non team players gaffers like MAF, and drug abusers like schmidt. Look at how many teams they played for after the VGK. Enough said. Just plain facts that some people can’t wrap their tiny anti FO heads around.

  9. TS

    As amazing as all the plays and players were, gotta hand best moments to Hill, both his now legendary Paddle Save AND his BRAWLING, MAULING in Game 4…seeing the BIG MAN take it to Miami was such JUSTICE!!
    So many plays, so many moments were brilliant– how many times did we ALL YELL “HOLY COW, DID YOU SEE THAT?? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT PLAY?? WHAT A TEAM!!”

    • THE hockey GOD

      Real fans know that the team they played is CALLED FLORIDA, not Miami.

      WAKE UP

      • TS

        Thank you for correcting my error,MR. .MODERATOR! Thank GOD we have YOU, making sure posters don’t make simple errors, or attack others with false claims, name- calling and immature retorts, worthy of a grade- schooler!! WHEW!!!

        • THE hockey GOD

          go see Barbie and cool off, Easily Triggered Karen Ranter is your new nick name.

          ETKR for short

        • TS

          ….says the ” henry” who would argue with a ROCK. How positively projective!! So like you!

          • THE hockey GOD

            still triggered and on verge of stroking out.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    “I love my country. I want to see restored to the way it was before all this
    BULLSHIT STARTED happening to all of us”. Jason Aldean.

    Here here

  11. Tim

    Being a romantic at heart my greatest moment was starting 5 original Misfits it connected the past with the present. I’m glad Cassidy had the insight to honor our uniquely different history where the word Misfits is a good thing.

    • Sorvino

      That was a great move by Bruce Cassidy

    • TS

      Tim, ” insight” is the perfect description of Cassidy. He has a real knack for recognizing the missing pieces, and he’s ready to make the changes, whether in the lines, Defense/ offense plans, responses to opponents’ play. He is bold, unafraid to make those big changes, mix it up..
      I was extremely happy when we hired Cassidy, with his Boston Pedigree and past success…talk about CHEMISTRY!!!!! We now have THE COACH. let’s hope the revolving door stops for awhile!!

  12. Jailbird

    I agree Tim. Coach showed the respect he has for those guys that set the foundation of the franchise. Also as far as respect, I hope the Pens realize the class guy they are getting in Smity . I’m so happy he got his SC ring here. He will help Pitt.

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