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VGK’s Top 6 Stanley Cup Playoff Assists

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Yesterday, we went through the Golden Knights Top 6 goals of the postseason, today it’s time to pick some apples. We took a different approach when selecting six elite playoff assists. Many were picked because of their pure beauty not their impact. Others were a blended mix of spotlight skill and the game situation. So, let’s start dishing.

6. Stephenson and Howden Assist Stone’s Second Goal of Game 2 vs. Winnipeg

After a disappointing Game 1 loss to open the postseason, Vegas’ captain knew he needed to steer the ship. Mark Stone did just that in Game 2 of the opening round vs. Winnipeg. In the final period, Stone assisted on Chandler Stephenson’s tiebreaker and wrapped the game up with two goals. Brett Howden started the rush from the defensive zone and flipped it over to Stephenson on the wing, who found Stone for a perfect tap-in down low. Each forward touched the puck and it resulted in a point for the home team. Even though it’s a different sport, coach Norman Dale would’ve been proud.

5. Karlsson’s SCF Game 2 Between the Legs Assist to Amadio

William Karlsson was superb throughout the entire postseason. The Swede always seemed to have the puck at the right time and in the right position. And he did it with flare. Take this Michael Amdio goal for instance. He didn’t need to do much, he just kept his stick down. The goal didn’t impact the game much but it made the top highlights on Sportscenter that night.

4. Howden’s SCF Game 5 Backhand Cross-Ice Assist on Stone’s Second

It felt like it was going to be Stone’s night from the opening faceoff. He had several solid shifts to start Game 5 but came alive midway through the 1st period. VGK’s Captain opened the scoring on the penalty kill but later buried an exquisite one-time feed from Brett Howden. Stephenson came streaking into the offensive zone and dropped the puck back to Howden. The winger then flicked a slick backhand cross-ice pass setting up Stone for his second of the evening. It came in the middle of a barrage of Golden Knights goals, but Howden’s was one of the best assists of the postseason.

3. Roy’s Soft Saucer to Stephenson in Game 3 vs. Edmonton

It was really tough to rank the Top 6 assists, take Nic Roy’s for example. Stephenson’s goal made it a four-score game, so it wasn’t drastically needed. If it had been a tighter game, this apple would’ve ranked higher. However, it was a beauty. Roy’s pass was expertly timed and Stephenson’s touch was velvety smooth. Magnificent really. For some reason, the NHL labeled it as a shot by Roy and a rebounded goal by Stephenson. Not sure why but the official scorers were caught sleeping on that play. Just for bookkeeping’s sake, Alec Martinez was awarded the secondary assist.

2. Eichel Sets Up Marchessault’s Opening Goal in Game 3 vs. Dallas

It felt as if the two top Conn Smyth contenders were making eye-opening sequences every night in the playoffs. Take Marchessault’s goal to start Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Eichel gloved a high puck and settled it enough to fool the defenders and the goalie. The center’s body was set up to take a wrist shot on net but blindly hit Marchessault with a goal-scoring assist. It was deceptive, instinctive and created a shot that sailed by one the best goaltenders in hockey.

1. Zach Whiteclud’s SCF Game 4 Tight Window Pass To Chandler Stephenson

Stephenson had the hot hand in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, scoring the first two goals of the match. What jumpstarted his offensive burst was a perfect pass in the neutral zone by teammate Zach Whitecloud. The play began with the defenseman retrieving a loose puck just outside of the offensive zone. Whitecloud sent a simple pass with pinpoint accuracy that resulted in a by-the-nose breakaway by Stephenson. It should be noted that Florida was caught on a bad change but in my opinion, it makes Whitecloud’s intentions even greater. He recognized a quick opportunity and didn’t hesitate to lead Stephenson with the assist. Also, keep in mind this goal occurred 1:38 into Game 4. Full disclosure, I’ve watched this highlight on loop. It was a tough decision, but Whitecloud’s assist topped the list.

We could keep going. It’s difficult to limit dozens of assists down to six. Nevertheless, we’re bound to our series of The Creator-influenced Top 6 lists. Next up, Top 6 Saves!


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  1. Summerlin Andy B

    As per my response yesterday about the Reilly Smith Game 5 goal, from Wild Bill no-look, back pass between the legs, should be the top assist.

    • Frank

      Can’t believe that one is not at least in the top 5……..

      • Achilles

        Yeah, what the heck is Jason smoking? It was only the game winner to get us the Stanley Cup.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    no, the top assist should go to the bench trainer who gave Stone a stick after he broke it, and fed a pass to no 20, who then did a nifty pass to howden, it’s a a NO BRAINER I say


  3. Jailbird

    Whatever ……… We are Stanley Cup Champions, because of ALL the great goals and assists ! But, I know it’s a slow time of the hockey world, so ya’ll got to have something to argue about! Ha ha

  4. THE hockey GOD

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    • Ts

      Well, visualizing you taking a dump certainly solidifies my opinion of you….

      • THE hockey GOD

        not surprised another cackling hen is triggered by post above

  5. TS

    Stone IS the heartbeat of the team! He inspires every player with his passion and intensity. The sheer exhuberance he show every time he score…and even when others score. He ignites the fans with that passion, and I am so grateful he got through his surgeries as well as he did. WHAT A CAPTAIN WE HAVE!!!!

  6. Jailbird

    That is 100% correct !

  7. THE hockey GOD

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  8. Tim

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  9. Jailbird

    You know it is a slow hockey time, when even Tim jumps in on the political crap. Anyway, I live in Nevada, the state of the Stanley Cup Champions! So, I don’t give a shit about that state to the west.

    • TS

      Ditto. Cali is a MESS, don’t visit, don’t care. The problems there migrated to Vegas through the years, like gangs, crime, traffic, highly inflated housing prices, overcrowded schools…

    • THE hockey GOD

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  10. Rashaad

    Brett Howden has signed for 2 years at 1.9 million per year.

    • John W

      Howden 2 year deal seems a little high. Nosek signed with NJ, BTW

    • John W

      Pretty sure now that Cotter and Dorafeyev compete for the last forward spot

    • VGK fan

      I’m very happy for Howden and a great deal for VGK.

      Howdens numbers in postseason were great probably why they settled at 1.9 regular season number’s were not so good.

      Hard to say where he would have landed money wise if he went to arbitration. His playoff number’s justified atleast 2.5 million regular season maybe 1.5 million.

      I’m just personally glad they signed him I think he will definitely out perform his contract.

    • knights fan in minny


  11. Jailbird

    Great for the team and Howden. The kid plays hard all the time. Has tuffness and a nice scoring touch.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    to howden and vgk

    for gettr done

  13. THE hockey GOD

    double secret probatoin

  14. Sorvino

    Pavel Dorofeyev – 1 year, $825,000

  15. Jailbird

    Got all our guys back, except Smity, with a couple ready to move into that spot! Looking good for new season!

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