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VGK’s New Assistant Coach Was The Defensive Tactician Behind Multiple Stanley Cups

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup in both 2012 and 2014. They did it with a very specific style of play that led to a countless number of teams attempting to copy their way to success. That style relied heavily on possession, shot suppression, and tactically sound defensive hockey in all three zones.

A suddenly familiar name was a huge reason why.

As an assistant coach, John Stevens has an unbelievable track record. The defensive numbers, the penalty kill numbers, all of the possession metrics point to him being a brilliant defensive hockey tactician. -Jesse Cohen, Producer/Host of All The Kings Men Podcast

Stevens stood behind the bench as an assistant coach for the Kings from 2010 to 2017. During that time, he ran LA’s defense which allowed the fewest goals and shots while winning 44 playoff games and two Cups.

There are people who accuse Jonathan Quick of being a “system goalie.” If that’s true, though I don’t subscribe to this theory, it’s John Stevens’ system that made him. -Cohen, Producer/Host of All The Kings Men Podcast

Stevens also was the mastermind behind a penalty kill that boasted an 87% penalty kill in the playoffs and finished above the league average in seven consecutive seasons.

Earlier this week, Stevens was announced as the new assistant coach for the Golden Knights.

We’re definitely looking for someone to run the D and PK. Hopefully look for someone with some experience and knows the West more than I do. –Cassidy to TSN 1200 on 6/20

The only real knock on Stevens is his pair of stints as a head coach in the NHL. In Philadelphia, he got off to a rough start seeing his team finish dead last in his first season. The Flyers turned it around under Stevens earning a playoff berth in his second season and winning multiple rounds before being bounced in the conference final. He was fired shortly into his third season after a 13-11-1 start. In LA, Stevens was promoted to “Associate Head Coach” in 2014 before assuming the job as real head coach in 2017. His Kings made the playoffs but were ultimately swept in the first round by the Golden Knights. 13 games into his second year, he and his 4-8-1 record were kicked to the curb.

I think he is an astute hockey mind and a tremendous human being, but I don’t think that anybody could have done the job he was asked to do with the Kings. -Cohen, Producer/Host of All The Kings Men Podcast

Hoping to have his name engraved in the Cup for the third time, Stevens appears to be the perfect fit to run the Golden Knights’ defense and penalty kill in 2022-23.


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  1. knights fan in minny

    johnny has his work cut out for him

  2. vgk21

    Cassidy and Stevens will be a definite improvement over DeBoer and McGill, IF they junk the pinch and gamble at all times, at all costs system that gave up the most odd man rushes in the league, except for Columbus.

    DeBoer, Spott and McGill tried to “Petro” the entire defense corps. iow, they tried to make stay ay home defensemen like Whitecloud and McNabb into little Bobby Orrs. everybody wanders out of position, everybody becomes a points seeker, and let the forwards play defense, and let the goalies work on their 2-on-1 save techniques.

    yeah, the d corps scored more often than the previous season, but they gave up WAY MORE than they scored…..not just in goals against, but in system and team cohesion and morale. They looked like a poorly coached amateur team scrambling and gambling and running around with no defined roles other than “pinch and hope”.

    if the Vgk can play system-wise more like Boston did under Cassidy, they will reduce the number of breakaways, odd man rushes, slot shots, high danger shots, etc

    iow, their system will be more “goalie friendly”, like Cassidy said.

    even a young goalie like Swayman benefited from it, and LT should be able to do the same.

    • Jim

      I completely agree . Good summation of the problems of last season, and the path ahead this year. The coaching emphasis on reducing goals against gives me hope.

      When your forwards are too often skating backwards, and your dmen are too often skating forward, then your system is bass ackwards.

  3. Mike StG

    Great article Ken! And Vgk21 that’s some pretty spot on analysis as well.

    My expectation is that with a better defensive structure Lehner’s save percentage will end up around .918-.920 by year end. Maybe at least some of the Lehner hate will dissipate or cool off as that starts to become evident.

    I also believe the defensive system changes will positively impact Vegas forwards’ offensive production, and benefit WBK the most. My expectation for Karlsson is 25G and 60 pts. And the Powerkill should be back as well.

    May take a few months but by December the team’s play should be starting to get really dialed in. Assuming the injuries don’t pile up like last season.

    Look forward to some positive results this season!

    • Mike – in all due respect all the defensive structures in the world are not the Lehner solution. He was and is like a fish out of water once he’s down do rebound goals are a given. If he ever was worth a dam that time has long passed. This is performance wise nothing to do with his other short comings. FO needs to acknowledge their screw up and find another sucker to take him off their hands.

      • Mike StG


        I understand your points, but here are my thoughts in response:

        1) Earlier in the year before RL was first injured he was running 5th to 9th in the league at GSAX. His save% was around .915. He was playing at a very high level.
        2) As the season progressed he had a concussion, then later a shoulder injury. His numbers went down.
        3) His numbers declined as the season progressed, but injuries to Martinez, Whitecloud and the better defensive forwards piled up during that period as well. I attribute much of the problem with high danger chances and odd man rushes to that.
        4) Yes, it’s next to impossible for him to recover quickly once he’s no longer on his skates. But the majority of those occurrences are on rebounds off odd man rushes, high danger chances, and cross seam passes. Those should be reduced under Cassidy substantially.
        5) Obviously he doesn’t have the graceful athleticism and ability to make the diving saves of a Fleury, but that is not his style. He plays positional, reading plays, and deeper in net. One of the reasons Fleury often had to make highlight reel saves was that he plays further out of the net due to his smaller size. RL is a big dude, and just his body consumes a huge part of the net even with his deeper position.

        I can understand that many don’t like him, but from the scores of negative comments posted here by so many it seems evident that a lot of that derives from his forthright comments. I really don’t care about what he says, I’m just considering his game and how it will likely (imo) be positively impacted by the coaching change.

        • Mike – l hope you are correct but l stand by my original post concerning Lehner – all the stats in the world were then not know and your right he is huge and also an out of shape dude. He is prone to Injury one way or another and doesn’t possess the stamua to survive the season let alone the playoff if by accident they happen to make it. For the team’s sake l hope your optimism concerning his ability is right but please don’t hold your breath your to good a guy to die young.

  4. Vic

    End the idea of trading Hague and sign the guy. Then teach him to become better as he certainly has the size (6/6 220). He has to learn to play angry defense, and he has shown flashes. He should be bouncing people around as the VGK are grossly deficient in that area. If he scores some points, great. The guy has played 142 NHL games which is usually a time when kids round into shape. Throw in a career +20, and a good case can be made to keep him…at least a little longer.

    Stevens had Alec Martinez when he was in his mid-20s, and now he has an expensive 35 year old shot blocker who hopefully is at 100%. It will be rough to turn this ship around to create a stingy defense when the teams are getting faster and faster. Can Martinez and McNabb keep up? Hutton can be moved out in favor of youth. If that fails, there is always a Hutton-like cheapie out there. Shea and Petro will do what they will do. Whitecloud is perfect for Stevens.

  5. Tim

    Stevens on board I think is a great addition now will he go with his brain or his heart I’m referring to Alex Martinez I personally think we need his 5.9 cap hit and he’s still good enough a team would give us a decent draft pick. I’m sure with the defense he has some say it should be interesting. I agree with keeping Hague if you paid Janmark 2 plus last year surely you can pay Hague about the same and lock him up.
    All my life I’ve always been a positive person and then came year 5 of the Knights and the positivity turned into skepticism because I saw the beginning of the end. Now I’m happy to say my positivity is back and I really see some positive things happening. Everyone always hammers management me included because they have made there share of mistakes. Hiring Cassidy and Stevens are definitely steps in the right direction. I’m still behind trying to move Patch and bringing in Filip Forsberg and I’m still for signing Paul Stansty to a one year contract. Signing Roy is also a must Kolesar not so much. Cassidy has been around and he may have a finger on some players who may help the team and fly under the radar. For now I’m full speed ahead and hope management doesn’t pull some bonehead move. There’s no doubt we have a fractured fan base and hopefully year 6 will make us feel like year one again. Now wouldn’t that be great.

    • knights fan in minny

      stats would be okay for a cheap price he is a responsible center good defensivley he had 20 tallies this past year anything is better then patrick

  6. knights fan in minny

    fiala got close to 8 mill forsberg could get 9 mill

    • Tim

      Not necessarily drafted by McFee who knows how good or bade there relationship is. He’s making 6 million now would he take a 6 year 7.5 million deal I don’t know but I’d sure as hell try.

      • Mike StG

        Tim, hockey insider media is reporting Forsberg and Nashville are basically in agreement on money and term at $9M+ for 8 years (so over $70M total contract value). They’re just working on contract structure now. FYI, for any contract with a different team max contract term would be 7 years, so AAV to match would be north of $10M/year.

        Pipe dream. Focus on realistic options.

      • knights fan in minny

        mcdounagh to the preds do they have the money now for forsberg

        • Mike StG

          Preds still have $18M in cap space, and all their other core pieces are signed for multiple years other than Jeannot and Tolvanen, both have at least 1 yr left.

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  8. Pistol Pete

    Hiring Stevens. Another smart move by this FO. McPhee and McCrimmon. A wealth of experience.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP I thought the FO was bane of this forum by the way some people bash them 24/ 7 ?

      I guess I was mistaken, clearer heads prevail.

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  19. Tim

    Is anyone besides me tired of reading comments of minny and THG doing there Hatfield and McCoy routine. I thought this was a hockey site to share your opinion on HOCKEY not your own personal vendetta. It gets a little old day after day don’t you both think?

    • Tim, glad you spoke up. Maybe if more do, it will stop. When the harasser realizes he is UNLIKED AND UNWELCOME, he’ll leave the site.
      The site itself should block him permanently. I, too, had this problem when I first joined the site, and it DID STOP, but only after months. Arnold R took action on my behalf, as well, so I’m pretty sure this, too, will STOP.

  20. This communication/argument between 2 irritating participants is a dumb as the organization the site covers. Get a life… Both of you and talk about the dumbass VGK organization and not yourselves.

    Be critical of this stupid organization that has stuck with McCrimmon who has destroyed a good thing in very short order.

  21. Ken

    I came over to this site just to pass some time, while my regular blog is on a summer break. It seems to me the guy that runs this blog doesn’t care WHAT is written as long as he makes his money off it?

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