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VGK’s Eastern Conference Invasion

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s been an up and down ride for the Golden Knights in games against Eastern Conference teams. In fact, their record was 4-5-0 against Atlantic and Metropolitan clubs before this road trip began. After their shootout win in New York the traveling Golden Knights have a chance to sweep their annual pre-holiday road trip on Sunday.

In nine periods, Vegas scored 12 total goals and trailed for just a combined 25 minutes. The Golden Knights got off to a fast start in Boston, essentially sealing their victory after the first 20 minutes. Sure, Boston was hampered with several key players out after testing positive for COVID. However, Vegas took advantage of a team in disarray and left the Bay State with two points. There were times Vegas looked disjointed in New Jersey and the final score reflected their messy 5-3 finish. Even coach Pete DeBoer knew the process was ugly but he only cared about the two points his club picked up.

We did just enough to win. We take the two points and move on. I liked our 1st period, hated our 2nd, and we were opportunistic in the 3rd. -Pete DeBoer

Give the Devils credit for making a late push but the Golden Knights got caught trying to close out a road game too early. Eventually, the visiting team came out on top and took care of business. Which is the only goal on non-conference trips. Pick up two, and pack your bags.

It wasn’t clean but it was another character win for the Golden Knights in New York. The Rangers opened the door by laying back which allowed an opening for Dylan Coghlan’s game tying goal. Vegas beat an emotional, highly talented team for their seventh come from behind or late game triumph.

When you step out there you definitely don’t want to lose to them. They chirp on the bench. You got to play them physical and frustrate them in all three zones. -Ryan Reaves, NYR forward

Thankfully for Golden Knights fans Reaves’ new team couldn’t frustrate the Golden Knights enough.

Earlier in the season Vegas struggled with foreign opponents and now they’re on track to beat four of them in their own territories. It’s safe to say the Golden Knights are making a league wide statement on this trip. Not only is Vegas healthier but their determination, force, and urgency are beginning to remind NHL teams why they’re regarded as a deep threat. And they’re an Alec Martinez and Jack Eichel away from a full (sort of) lineup.

Okay, so they’re not the Beatles and they didn’t fly across the pond, but storming the Northeast like Vegas has should qualify as an invasion.






  1. THE hockey GOD

    JASON !
    JASON !
    JASON !

  2. Daryl

    While anytime you go in the road and get a win, it’s a good win. And I figured VGK would come out of this with a 2-2 record.

    And this is where some posters will get on me about being negative, but the NJD are 7th in the Metro and the Islanders are 8th, while Boston is 5th in the Eastern. Thewin against the Rangers was a great win and one worth bragging about. You might get away with the Boston game as well but like you said, they were missing the Rat and several other key players, but I still give them kudos for the win.

    VGK is a very good team but until they start playing the other top ranked teams we really don’t know how good they are

    • Tim

      Daryl in this crazy year we may never know. Islanders no Barzel today they lose game 7 1-0 or there in the finals not an 8th place team. Tampa coming to town missing key players how can you judge them, even our start we got no respect but when you have as many guys out as we did or anyone else you can’t gauge a team. This seems to be the theme across the NHL more and more teams cancelling games. I guess in May the teams with the most healthy players will be the last ones left standing. I’m just hoping they don’t cancel games until after New Years because I don’t see this thing changing and it won’t make that much of a difference.

  3. I noticed on the replay that DeBoer was smiling just before puck drop, why ?? Carrier and Reaves we’re jostling for position just before puck drop. It was more fun than anything, best friends trying to outdo the other. Those 2 guys for sure have a lasting bond. They were one heck of a bruising tandem. Reaves, a true brawler and Carrier, blinding speed and can deliver one helluva hit. For 4 years, those 2 guys intimidated alot of guys. I would love to hear them chatting after the game. We got you this time Reaves, but hopefully, we can see each other in the Stanley Cup final. That would be fun.

  4. Tim

    Am I the only one that thinks the Covid shots we got aren’t that effective. Don’t get me wrong my wife and I got the two shots and the booster. My question is please tell me how the players have all been vaccinated and the virus is once again running wild. Something’s wrong in Denmark.
    When I was a kid the big scare was polio and they came up with a vaccine we had three different times we had to take these sugar cubes which held the vaccine and presto no more polio. So either Dr. Salt and the other doctors then were more qualified and cared about the people where now I’m beginning to think it’s just a big money maker for hospitals and the pharmacy institutions and they don’t want to see a cure. It seems like every death is Covid if it’s cancer or heart failure of whatever it’s Covid related. Like I said something is wrong in Denmark as the old saying goes.

    • Daryl

      You aren’t wrong at all

    • Tim – the year before Covid over 200,000 people died of the flu – interesting after Covid started not a single death from flu reported – all Covid – strange – money talks and bull sh-t walks!!! Pretty sad situation

    • A Fan

      You’re spot on Tim. It’s amazing to me that it seems very few have figured something so obvious out. Probably even more to it than you mention. I guess it speaks volumes about the IQ level in the world today.

    • THE hockey GOD

      that’s because the hospitals get money from the gooberment for every covid listed death

      notice flu has gone away, no one gets the flu anymore !

      it’s a ploy by illuminati and new world order to take control of your individual freedoms forever in name of socialism.

      Every nation is protesting , massive protests everywhere. In Australia they are putting people in concentration camps. They arrested people in LA and NYC for not showing their papers (eerily similar to 1930s Germany). In France and Italy there are massive protests.

      It’s more than Denmark. Wake up , this has been going on for a year.

      • Daryl

        I had a doctor’s appointment the other day and the doctor asked if I wanted my flu shot. I told him why, there was no point since nobody is dying of the flu anymore… He somewhat laughed and said very true

        • THE hockey GOD

          manchin today just canceled Biden’s build back bankrupt plan, these clowns have wasted a year of our tax dollars on something they knew didn’t have a chance passing.

          Bernie and the socialists are screaming bloody murder.

          In last year the only thing Biden has built back better is the Taliban.

          Meanwhile Biden’s plans for covid have failed. He repeated said he would knock it out. Now over 800,000 deaths, total. And over the past year, during the same timeframe trump was in office, Biden has killed more AMERICANS than Trump has. And Trump did not have the ARM JAB, but Biden did. What a waste of money. They gave every tax paying American over $3000. That was a waste. They should have spent the money giving every America a HAZMAT SUIT with self contain breathing unit. Assuming everyone would wear one, which is a stretch. But around town 90% of people to wear their masks. About 5% wear them as chin diapers (useless idiots), and 10% don’t wear them at all. I rarely see anyone in stores or inside without a mask (forget raider and VGK games, that is different story). So I would assume that every one would wear their hazmat suit. What about kids in school >? I don’t think that is issue. Teachers would wear them, and kids can still wear a mask. If this were done, the virus in USA would be done in one month.

          Now with all the teams that VGK played coming down with players going on covid, I wonder how long it will take for VGK players to get it. I say 7 to 10 days. I wouldn’t be surprised if on next home stand a half dozen players go on covid protocol. Bettman’s NHL is heading down another dark hole, and this year is not looking good. Very poor policy decisions being made all around.

          sez’ me. The hockey Doctor.

          • THE hockey GOD

            sorry 90% wear masks, 5% wear them as chin diapers that is 5 of 90%, and remaining 5 to 10% do not wear them. In stores I rarely see anyone not wearing a mask.

          • knights fan in minny

            manchin the only democrap with common sense

          • Daryl

            But wait…. Aren’t all VGK players vaccinated??? Didn’t Biden tell us all that it was the fault of the unvaccinated that we are still in a crisis

    • Blitz

      I personally can’t go by the news or cdc or even our local hospital. Years into covid the data is there and you have look around you personally. What do you see? Here is what I see. A large portion of my friends, family, work colleagues, etc have had covid. Easily 100+ people in all different age ranges, different beliefs, social standing etc. There has been 1 hospitalization and 2 deaths.

      The hospitalization: guy mid 40’s, “uncomfortable breathing”, went to the hospital. They admitted him, gave him a drug cocktail (not sure exactly what), and he watched tv for 2 days while snorting o2 “if” he felt uncomfortable. He went home, felt crappy for 10 days or so and then was back at bowling after that. He had crappy lungs for a month. Side note: the hospitals, at that time, were getting $16k if they admitted someone with covid. Hmm.

      The 2 deaths: both of them were in hospice on their death beds waiting to die of non-covid terminal issues. The ‘covid’ marking on their death certificates is just flat not accurate. Both were vaccinated BTW.

      As for the rest: a mixture of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. Sickness ranges from no symptoms (test said they had it) to “it was the god damn flu, dude”.

      So there it is 2 bogus death claims. One hospitalization, who I honestly think was fine, but gave into media fear, but I am not him so I can’t judge. Everyone else had it inconvenience them for a couple of days/week regardless of a shot or not.

      Take your mask off, smile at each other, shake hands, give hugs, send your kids to school, stop closing businesses, go back to work and life, and play some fucking hockey.

  5. knights fan in minny

    i dont get it either 61 years old have not had it and these fit young athletes are getting it maybe its luck i said dont kiss a stranger

  6. THE hockey GOD

    bad ice game underway now

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