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VGK’s Best Postseason Players All Had One Important Thing In Common

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

If there’s one thing the Golden Knights were not short on as they headed into their fourth Stanley Cup playoff journey, it was experience. Before the 19 games they each played on their path to the Semifinals, the Golden Knights entered the playoffs with 1,086 games of postseason experience on the roster.

On top of that, they also boasted four prominent players that have won Stanley Cups. Between Marc-Andre Fleury, Alex Pietrangelo, Alec Martinez, and Chandler Stephenson, this version of the Golden Knights had players who had won seven of the last 13 Stanley Cups.

When you hear people talk about players like Fleury, Pietrangelo, Martinez, and Stephenson you’ll often hear them mention that accolade. In Martinez’s case, when he was acquired it was literally the only thing anyone wanted to reference when describing him as a player. And, after this season concluded, Martinez himself went right to it when talking about Pietrangelo.

He’s got that championship pedigree. He’s been through a lot of playoff runs. We actually went head-to-head quite a few times. -Alec Martinez on Pietrangelo

Personally, I’m usually a little skeptical when it comes to pedigree making a difference, but this year has made me re-think it a bit seeing the performances of the Cup-winners on the Golden Knights’ roster.

Think about it. Who were Vegas’ best three players on this postseason run?

Fleury clearly jumps to the forefront as one of them. Pietrangelo has to be right behind him. And honestly, I don’t think anyone was as consistently impactful as Martinez. As far as Stephenson, he was contributing points in the Minnesota series, and filled the shutdown role stopping Nathan MacKinnon and Co. in the second round. Injury forced him out against Montreal and he didn’t look himself when he returned.

It’s not a stretch to say the best players in this postseason for the Golden Knights were ALL former Stanley Cup winners.

It’s obvious he’s an incredible talent and I think we complemented each other well. I think that we both have a similar outlook and understanding of the game and how we want to play. He’s an easy guy to play with, he makes a lot of plays. He’s a horse, he does everything. You see in the playoffs, he was incredible. -Martinez on Pietrangelo

I suspect that outlook has a lot to do with pressure, or maybe lack of pressure.

For a lot of Golden Knights who have never won the Cup, you could see the pressure they were putting on themselves. Every player knows they only get a finite number of chances, and even fewer with a team as good as the one they were on. So we saw some tightly gripped sticks, we saw some uncharacteristic mistakes and quite frankly, we saw some versions of VGK’s best players that we are far from used to.

But that’s not at all what we witnessed from Fleury, Pietrangelo, Martinez, and Stephenson.

I’m not entirely sure what to gather from it, but it’s an observation that has to hold some merit. Maybe it means they should add more guys who have their names engraved in the Cup, or maybe they can tap into the mentality of these four to figure out what helped them through the grind better than others.

Whatever it is, there’s something there, because while those four players are all excellent and expected to play well, their level of play clearly rose above the rest, and the reason why is something the Golden Knights should absolutely be exploring this offseason.


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  1. David Raines

    Sharing your perspective and seeing the incredible difference of Petro in the playoffs versus season play, I’d have to add to the list of incredible players the name of Wild Bill. Even though he has not won a Stanley cup final series he was outstanding and his playoff experience was clear.

    • George L.

      I agree 100% on Wild Bill, he was the leading points scorer in the playoffs and his 200 foot game is extremely strong.

      It gets a bit frustrating not hearing this brought up, but he’s a quiet player and doesn’t choke out the limelight.

      • jinklu

        George, ITA agree with you and David. Will Karlssson is and has been outstanding for the Knights every year. He truly is one of the most valuable players on the team.

    • the hockey God

      good face off man, good on pk, good on back check, but timid player, often passes up a good scoring opportunity by passing to another player at worse angle. Appeared to build up a lot of muscle in past year, at expense of speed. Has lost at least a step over the past three years. His last few shots in MTL series were dead center on the crest of goalie. His ice time went down too in his last two games and he averaged less than 1 hit in last four games , one hit per game that is. Can’t say if he was impacted by bad ice, but he can garnish value in trade market should VGK want to get rid of one of it’s original misfits and upgrade to someone who has a SC winner on their resume.

      • George L.

        Karlsson is too important to get rid of. Riley Smith is extremely replaceable.

        • jinklu

          Oops George. I can’t agree with you about Smith. I believe it is essential to keep the Misfit line intact.

          • Lizzette

            I agree with you. Don’t break up the misfit line. Reilly always have a year on year off so this coming season will be a good year

        • sb

          Smith is very hard to replace. Solid two way player, dangerous in PK and OT. He hit a zillion posts this past season. An inch was the difference between 14 goals and 20. In an 82 games season, he would have been over 20 goals. How much of the salary cap would it cost to replace him? Smith ain’t the problem. VGK need a top notch 1st line center and move Stephenson to Tuch/Roy. Now they’ve got three scoring lines. Only one player away. And Smith ain’t the problem.

  2. Jeff

    Putting it another way did our non cup “stars” choke…again?

    Watching the Lightening/Canadian series has been interesting as the Bolts have been very physical with the Habs and have not been intimidated at all.

    On the other hand the VGK were not that physical and seemed intimidated by the Habs. I don’t know that you can fix the VGK shying away from the intense physical contact that occurred in the Semis.

  3. the hockey God

    i said the same thing in my posts, SC winner experience counts

  4. Richard Santomauro

    This team did not have an adaptable plan b or c game plan in place. They skated right into the jaws of the trap, no creativity whatsoever to avoid it. That’s responsibility lies at the feet of the Head Coach.

    Sure, we saw some fantastic play from prior cup winners. Wild Bill should be mentioned in that list. Also, Nick Roy at times played great as well.

    I am not so certain t hat Lehner is DeBoer’s guy. I believe Lehner is a Splash Brothers guy. DeBoer and Lehner were panic mode choices by the Splash Brothers.

    Speaking of the Splash Brothers. The one whose only accolade was winning while a GM of Wheat Kings in Junior Hockey needs go. McKinnon’s not a very good GM and we’re wasting our money keeping both McPhee and McKinnon.

    While you’re at it, flush Deboer and get whatever you can, the best deal for Lehner.

    • the hockey God

      PBD repeatedly said they were trying to “fix things on {{“, so he was instructing the players. The players were too gassed or too mentally exhausted to execute the plan. With little precious time to practice in rigid playoff schedule it is very difficult to change from a season long winning recipe into a plan B that they have no chance of executing or turning on with a “flip of switch”. I am sure the coaching staff recognized what was going on , on the ice. But getting the players to change is not as easy as everyone thinks. Considering the bad ice, and the fact that the other team is adapting too. It boils down to players being gassed, failed to execute , and the bad ice did not suite their playing style.

      they need more muckers and SC winners on the team.

      • Daryl

        They had L season to fix the PP. That is on all the coaches. I saw very little adjustment during the playoffs. I get you completely overhaul your schemes, and even though COL, they did adjust to what VGK was doing. I didn’t see any of that from PDB. The coaches job is to out players in position to win. Saying the players just didn’t execute is a cop out of the coach used a scheme his players are. T suitable for

      • Al Bundy of Hockey

        Are you related to DeBoers?

        Why do you keep mentioning the ice? Every game I’ve been to over the last 4 yrs, the air temp is 58 degrees pre-game and 62/64 by the end of the games. I see zero difference in Vegas ice vs other rinks. I didn’t hear one team or player mention it. Did the wild and avs have fewer muckers?!?! Montreal had more? No one was bitching about the team until VGK ran into the trap and it wasn’t adjusted to by the coaching staff. In game 5 for example, VGK turned the puck over or failed to get in deep in / from the neutral zone 35 times! I re-watched the game and charted it.

        • the hockey God

          al bundy, see all my other posts about how to recognize bad ice during the playoffs, and your temp stats are way off. I even did a post on how to rate the ice surface from hard fast ice, to sloppy chippy ice, to outdoor ice on a scale of one to five.

          It’s pretty obvious once you are educated on what to look for.

          And yes the players did complain in post game interview.

          your post is completely false.

          and uneducated fans always say “well both teams play on same surfce”: I addressed this to exhaustion in all my other posts. YEs they play on same surface but some teams have more players that can play better on bad ice than on good ice tilting the ice in their favor. Muckers are especially good at this.

          I am not going to repeat all my other posts, go look at them.

          bad ice matters BIM !

          • Al Bundy of Hockey

            Did the wild and avs have fewer muckers?!?! Montreal had more?

            Not uneducated, played college, minor pro and coached DIII for 6yrs

          • Pauly

            Your hockey ignorance is astonishing – short of that disaster Tahoe debacle, there is no such thing as bad NHL ice…

            Dumbest trailer park fans in all of sports

          • sb

            Bad ice is the same for both teams. One team wins. One team loses. Same result on good ice days. An excuse.

    • Normbob

      Good comment. MCrimmon has to go and would be gone if not for being a buddy of McPhee. That said, DeBoer should be gone, It is apparent he is unable to adapt to quickly changing teams. His way or the highway. Look at the pp, what a disaster along with the lack of production by the forwards. There is a coaches carrousel out there that could do better. These guys are professionals and yeah they have a bad game but the whole team at once? Mismanagement of assets, poor planning and not being able to motivate signals it’s time to reload at the coaches level and GM.

      • the hockey God

        you’d be changing babe ruth into a bunter and a relief pitcher, you play your teams’ strengths and don’t try to change them into something they are not. Like putting square pegs into round holes. The coach did try and change their play, he instructed them, he said repeatedly that they “were working on their PP”. The players did not execute, not coaches fault. Need to get players that are more flexible, and better conditioned for bad ice. Muckers I SAY !! MORE MUCKERS !!

    • jinklu

      You are right, Richard. The Splash Bros. and PDB must go. Personally I doubt any kind of deal is possible for Lehner, but it’s sure worth a try.

  5. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Bad ice?

    The reason for our failures! Too funny.

    So, guess we don’t have to do anything. Just “fix” the ice and continue on!

    Amazing! ha ha

    • the hockey God

      very hard to “Fix the ice” when the ambient temperature is 105F and the ice temperature needs to be freezing of below, and the crowd’s humidity raises it from a good hard/fast ice surface of 5 percent or less to well above 50%. Unless the NHL changes their playoff schedule to more wintery / seasonable conditions it is an impossibility . OR in words of Chief Engineer Scotty. “but Captain..I cannae change the laws of physics! ” Easy to get better muckers on the team.

  6. Mike StG

    So, with that reasoning they should add Phil Kessel. Multiple cups. Breakaway threat, great shot and passer. I don’t think Pens’ PP was ever so good as when Phil was on it. Put him opposite of Patch on the PP, would be similar to (but probably not as good as) Kuch & Stammer setup on TBL. Also gives them another finisher besides Patch in 5v5. Can move up & down lineup as needed. I’d put him on 3RW and move Tuch to left side. Probably would cost about 3.5 as Yotes are looking to move him and likely willing to retain up to half his cap. Only 1 yr left on deal so not a risk but would definitely help next year.

    • nornbob

      And a Hornqvst clone or two for net presence for pp #1 and#2.

    • Daryl

      As I said to another poster I really like Phil. He’s a gritty player that plays very hard

      • Mike StG

        That other poster was me. 🙂

        TFP reported Kessel is available linked to Vegas and other teams, and I could see the upside in it. Doesn’t seem like anyone else can though.

        It’s okay, in early Jan 2020 I started suggesting Alec Martinez as a good piece to pick up and nobody agreed with me then either. Lol.

  7. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    DUMP: Fleury – Theo – Smith

    ADD: Tuff center & physical Dmen. Players with non-stop “motors” (love that Gallagher(sp) guy from the Habs).

    All else is poppyCOCK! 😉

    • George L.

      Dump the Vezina winner? LOL. You should be sued for malpractice. Lehner can go instead.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Being the V winner is best thing that happened for the Knights.

        The Pens fans will be rioting to get their man back.

        We need the money for more important holes to fix. Let Fleury go “back home” to Pitt and finish out.

        Lehner and Lefty can handle the net just fine.

        • Carol

          That’s why when they put Lehner in for 3 games, he lost 2 of them. Don’t blame Flower for some bad playing on the whole team. Being from Pittsburgh I would love to have him back.

    • jinklu

      How can we go about dumping you, Doc?

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Oh don’t worry your little head, son.

        My time on HERE is limited to about 8 more weeks.

        Then off to something new and exciting!

        • the hockey God

          where you going?
          do you need a reservation ?
          can stragglers tag along ?

  8. Jeff

    Comment from Larry Brooks in the NY Post. “Here’s this truth about the Vegas operation run by the George McPhee-Kelly McCrimmon front office team: The more shiny new toys the Golden Knights have added, the more disappointing they have become”.
    Interesting perspective from a New York Hockey writer.

    • the hockey God

      i like NY post, but author fails to mention that they did better this time around than last time around. They lost 4 to 1 against dallas, this time around they lost 4 games to 2, and the games were a lot closer. Even the blow out loss in Vegas was close, it hung on the first goal of the game. They are getting better. Author also fails to mention the bad ice in middle of June. .

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      NY Post! Really?

      They wouldn’t know the truth about anything if it bit them in the right side, of their ass!

      ha ha 😉

      • the hockey God

        NY post is 1000000x better than far left wing rag NY SLIMES, always wrong about everything.

    • Mike StG

      Not commenting on the paper’s political leanings, which don’t affect sports coverage. I’d trust Brooksie’s reporting on NY hockey teams (esp the Rangers), or maybe some of the East teams. But I don’t give much credence to his opinions on Vegas.

  9. Howard

    Last time I’ll repeat myself here. You have to GIVE TO GET. Smith with one year left on his contract, WILL NOT GIVE you what you NEED. Marchy however has a few years left – TRADING HIM gives you what you need.

    Theodore has value = HE GIVES YOU WHAT YOU NEED.

    No one will offer anything for Lehner, Id’ prefer to keep MAF, but Pens want him back and if they will GIVE US something we NEED, you trade MAF, PERIOD.

    According to a lot of you guys, we can just trade bottom 6 players and get top 6 talent.

    Forget Eichel – potentially perma damaged goods. Instead, makes the correct value trades. A lot of you love Marchy, but he’s too small and gets beaten up like an unwanted sheep in the playoffs. Smith is guy you want in playoffs FAR MORE than Marsh. Smith is a ‘mucker,’ Marchy is a fancy pancer.

    Look at Habs – not particularly talented, but those guys can muck it up – they beat us, but Tampa is basically a better version of VGK who don’t take 50 million point shots a game.

    THG is right – about muckers and ice conditions. Speed based teams only won’t win a cup when the weather outside is very hot. The ice will have just enough issues to slow a speed team down. Need PHYSICALITY – Tampa has that as much as they have talent. We have some talent, but weaker 3rd and 4th lines, and top 2 lines really don’t engage the physicality you need to win The Cup.

    • Al Bundy of Hockey

      Howard, you make some very good points. The only thing I’ll point out is that when the forecheck is stymied by a TRAP, it is nearly impossible to be physical. The games (really periods) that Vegas chipped the puck in and eliminated almost all neutral zone turnovers they were as physical as anyone AND typically pinned the Habs in their zone, generating chaos and chances. I keep harping about the trap…our fellow poster Richard Santomauro gets it. I’ve played and coached, in it and against it.

      I bet Montreal prior to the series banking on DeBoers not adjusting.

      I bet Tampa in 5, banking on Cooper, crushing it, given that he is a very intelligent hockey guy. DeBoers is NOT.

      • the hockey God

        Al Bundy of Hockey
        Did the wild and avs have fewer muckers?!?! Montreal had more?

        everyone knows that the wild and avs good on fast ice better than bad ice

        montreal definitely had more muckers than toronto, oilers, and vegas. But not enough as t bay bolts. Montreal trade dead line deals really changed them into a completely different team than their regular season team.

        The ICE real became a problem in June,.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)


      Backing the DOCs statement.

      Way to go Mr. hot-air!



    • Daryl

      Wait, just a couple days ago, thg said TB was a mucker team but now you are saying they are just a better VGK team. So which is it? Maybe you two should converse before posting so you can get your stories straight…

      • Richard Santomauro

        For some reason, we just can’t seem to get out of the “muck”! LOL

        • Al Bundy of Hockey

          lol…they are lost in the muck on bad ice…lmfao

          Hits per game reg season / playoffs:
          Wild 17.3 / 43.6
          Isle 26.0 / 41.0
          Habs 28.3 / 39.4
          VGK 21.8 / 38.4
          Bolts 24.1 / 36.7
          Avs 16.5 / 28.6

      • the hockey God

        i said Tb had better muckers than MTL, I didn’t say they were a “mucker’ team.

        Don’t put words into my posts that are not there. TB is a well balanced team, well coached team, and have players that listen to their coach. VGK on other hand ran out of gas and it was obvious that they can not play on june nhl bad ice conditions.

        NHL SC in july = ice follies.

  10. Tim

    No one has mentioned that we don’t use our best players on the PP probably one reason we don’t score. At times they use Kolesar, Roy and other bottom six players on the PP that I don’t get. You would think if you could get one or two PP goals the difference it would make in the game. How they continually say we just haven’t had that much time to work on it is nonsense. It is such a weapon I think the answer I’d give them is make time. Granted Tampa has much better firepower then us but there over 40% on the PP and we were 4- 44 in the playoffs and 0-17 against Montreal how is that possible? This year as I’ve said your not firing George, Kelly, or Pete but at the end of the year if we don’t make it to the finals then they should be worried.
    Thats why I’m excited there will be changes and hopefully for the good. I think Payton Krebs is in the middle of all the trade talks not that we’ll trade but who does he replace. I can see Riley Smith 5 million getting traded if Krebs can fill his roll on the Misfit line. We love Fleury but again he’s gone 7 million. That’s 12 million to play with. Next dropping Reeves and Holden saves us 3.6 million hopefully goes toward signing Martinez. I know everyone is down on Theadore but I’d keep him he may come around. I think it would also be worth signing Nosek and Janmark both guys play hard and there both good on the PK. Anyway be it me or any other poster it’s only guess work what there thinking may be totally different.

    • Kind of amusing how all the posters have rearranged the team and really have no idea what should and will be done. It’s no mystery the PP coach should be toast. noticed no one mentioned that. Trade this guy get this guy it just becomes foolish reading and then the ICE situation is just laughable. The team with their SC experience was lacking “winning attitude” and not prepared to do what’s necessary to make that happen. It just that plain and simple.

      • the hockey God

        several people have previously posted that the wanted the PP coach’s head on a pike

        the only time the PP was good was when they posted 23 on the high right circle and fed him a pass for one timer. For some reason they got away from doing this. Seemed like the other team’s PK was taking that away.

        And most of time the PP had their no. 1 unit out there. With 71 taking the faceoffs, and 81 out there. 81 is not a play maker, and is not strong on the puck. The other problem was that they were gassed. And the PP units consisted of personnel from combination of lines. So after they didn’t score their normal line set ups were all messed up.

        The reason Roy and Kolsar was on number one line was because no. 20 was hurt. No 20 is big part of this team’s offense, his injury was huge. Another factor in long list of parameters contributing to their loss, not withstanding the bad ice situation.

  11. Jeff

    Agree totally with your comments. They did not have the heart of a champion and Patches and Stone failed to deliver (choked) when it meant the most.

  12. the hockey God


    The Arizona Coyotes are interested in dealing Phil Kessel during the off-season.
    Kessel had 20 goals and 43 points in 56 games this past season and has been paid most of his money for the 2021-22 season, making him a nice pickup for a team looking to get close to the floor without having to pay a lot of money this season. Kessel will command a $6.8 million salary cap but the acquiring team will have to pay only $1 million in actual money. Stay tuned.

    from rotoworld

    • Mike StG

      Thg – I’ve mentioned Kessel in multiple posts and on Twitter. Darryl agrees with me, but no one else seemed supportive of the idea. Ken thinks 3.4M is too much. I think it’s worth it – he’s a finisher with a great shot and excellent passing as well. I’d like to see him on the PP opposite Patch. A legit shooter on both wings would really help I think.

      He’s RW and they’re stacked on that side but he can play up & down the roster as needed. Could put him on RW3 and move Tuch to the left. He seems to be adjusting better to playing that side when they’ve put him there. Not good defensively but if he’s that much of a liability put him on RW4 and lose Reaves, and play him 5v5 for 10 mins a game. I think he’d be worth it for the added scoring threat to bottom 6 and PP impact. Not much risk – he only has 1 yr left on his contract.

    • sb

      Pleeeeease! Not Phil! Scores one gives up two. Defensive liability every time he steps on the ice. And he ain’t getting better. Only $6.8 million!!!!!!!! What? Stanley Cup experience? It didn’t rub off in Phx.

      • Daryl

        Sry SB,
        I disagree with you here. We have a very talented defensive core but are hurting on offense. I think what he will do offensively will make up for his defensive miscues, especially with the help of other players. I know we still need a Center more than anything, but Phil would be a huge addition especially on the PP

        • Daryl

          You also have to take into consideration of who his teammates were. VGK has all kinds of playoff/Cup experience and how did that work out for us?

      • Richard Santomauro

        Let’s not deal away any more talent like Suzuki, especially to the Coyotes. I am a NO on Kessel, but I have been consistent in that the only dealing we should be doing is to get rid of Lehner and to hopefully see Foley discharge McKinnon and DeBoering. The latter two are likely not going anywhere but I can sure hope.

        We should be evaluating the young talent that we have, especially Krebs, Glass, Dugan, Thompson, Hayes, Dahlstrom and Hague. We have plenty of aging veterans with Stanley Cup experience. We have a talented offense that tied for the top record in the NHL last year.

        Fix the power play and develop the talent we have.

        That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

  13. arnold rothstein

    Arnold the Brain here, more news on fixing, and bad manners by Canada trying to psyche out TB players by denying the TB team relatives and friend entry into Canada.

    Tampa mayor Jane Castor wants the Lightning to lose Game 4 in Montreal so they can win the Stanley Cup on home ice in Game 5.
    “What we would like is for the Lightning to take it a little bit easy, to give the Canadiens just the smallest break, allow them to win one at home, and then bring it back to Amalie Arena for the final and the winning of the Stanley Cup,” Castor said. That’s quite a mayor who thinks it is just that easy to allow a team back into a series. The Lightning won the Cup in 2004 on home ice and won last season in the Edmonton bubble.

    >>>hey Mayor, VGK key players threw their series with mTL, it is not as far fetched as you think.

    • Daryl

      You are almost as bad as Pauline. I heard Shoeless Joe also threw that series, you have any idea what his stats were

      • arnold rothstein

        hey don’t compare me to that slime ball, i don’t get into pit fights like he does with his dirty trash talk

        about a half a dozen black sox were implicated in 1919 scandal;

        I couldn’t make this stuff up ““What we would like is for the Lightning to take it a little bit easy, to give the Canadiens just the smallest break, allow them to win one at home”

        The accused players were pitchers Eddie Cicotte and Claude (“Lefty”) Williams, first baseman Arnold (“Chick”) Gandil, shortstop Charles (“Swede”) Risberg, third baseman George (“Buck”) Weaver, outfielders Joe (“Shoeless Joe”) Jackson and Oscar (“Happy”) Felsch, and utility infielder Fred McMullin. All of them were banned from MLB. Jackson and Weaver claimed to be not guilty to their dying day, but were convicted by “guilt by association”.

        • Daryl

          You know why he made that comment about taking it easy? It was in response to Canada not letting US friends and family of players into Canada to watch games.

          As for the Sox, several, several of those players had HoF games. They could not prove most of those players did anything illegal

          And sorry for comparing you to Pauline… That was a little harsh

      • arnold rothstein

        stats didn’t help sox win the series, the underdog reds won it, Reds won five games to three, world series at time was nine games.

        Eight members of the White Sox baseball team were banned by Landis for their involvement in the fix:

        Arnold “Chick” Gandil, first baseman. The leader of the players who were in on the fix. He did not play in the majors in 1920, playing semi-pro ball instead. In a 1956 Sports Illustrated article, he expressed remorse for the scheme but wrote that the players had actually abandoned it when it became apparent they were going to be watched closely. According to Gandil, the players’ numerous errors were a result of fear that they were being watched.[27][28]
        Eddie Cicotte, pitcher. Admitted involvement in the fix.[12]
        Oscar “Happy” Felsch, center fielder.

        • arnold rothstein

          “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, the star outfielder and one of the best hitters in the game, confessed in sworn grand jury testimony to having accepted $5,000 cash from the gamblers. It was also Jackson’s sworn testimony that he never met or spoke to any of the gamblers and was only told about the fix through conversations with other White Sox players. The other players that were in on the fix informed him that he would be getting $20,000 cash divided up in equal payments after each loss. Jackson’s testimony was that he played to win in the entire Series and did nothing on the field to throw any of the games in any way. His roommate, pitcher Lefty Williams, brought $5,000 cash up to their hotel room after losing Game 4 in Chicago and threw it down as they were packing to leave to travel back to Cincinnati. This was the only money that Jackson received at any time.[29] He later recanted his confession and professed his innocence to no effect until his death in 1951. The extent of Jackson’s collaboration with the scheme is hotly debated.[8]
          Fred McMullin, utility infielder. McMullin would not have been included in the fix had he not overheard the other players’ conversations. His role as team scout may have had more impact on the fix since he saw minimal playing time in the series.
          Charles “Swede” Risberg, shortstop. Risberg was Gandil’s assistant and the “muscle” of the playing group. He went 2-for-25 at the plate and committed four errors in the series.
          George “Buck” Weaver, third baseman. Weaver attended the initial meetings, and while he did not go in on the fix, he knew about it. In an interview in 1956, Gandil said that it was Weaver’s idea to get the money up front from the gamblers.[13] Landis banished him on this basis, stating, “Men associating with crooks and gamblers could expect no leniency.” On January 13, 1922, Weaver unsuccessfully applied for reinstatement. Like Jackson, Weaver continued to profess his innocence to successive baseball commissioners to no effect.
          Claude “Lefty” Williams, pitcher. Went 0–3 with a 6.63 ERA for the series. Only one other pitcher in baseball history, reliever George Frazier of the 1981 New York Yankees, has ever lost three games in one World Series. The third game Williams lost was Game 8 – baseball’s decision to revert to a best of seven Series in 1922 significantly reduced the opportunity for a pitcher to obtain three decisions in a Series.
          Also banned was Joe Gedeon, second baseman for the St. Louis Browns. Gedeon placed bets since he learned of the fix from Risberg, a friend of his. He informed Comiskey of the fix after the Series in an effort to gain a reward. He was banned for life by Landis along with the eight White Sox, and died in 1941.[30]

          The indefinite suspensions imposed by Landis in relation to the scandal were the most suspensions of any duration to be simultaneously imposed until 2013 when 13 player suspensions of between 50 and 211 games were announced following the doping-related Biogenesis scandal.

  14. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Yea Arnold the drain, I’m sure the Knights threw the series.

    Got anymore sharp knowledge like that for us? ha ha

    • arnold rothstein

      their play on ice implicated them, did you see that power play where they just stood around like confederate statutes being attack by woke idiots ? Did you see their Vezina winning goalie muff the play behind the net ?

      what were you watching the ice capades ?

      Arnold the BRAIN, not drain, BRAIN BRAIN BRAIN

      • knights fan in minny

        what drugs do you take arnold the moron do you live in the tunnels there in vegas

        • arnold rothstein

          they doubted that pete rose was a gambler at first, look what happened to him !

          I live in realty, I see, I report what I see.

          and I say THE FIX WAS IN

          ATBR= Arnold the Brain Rothstein.

          • knights fan in minny

            did you eat paint chips as a kid back to your rubber room arnie

          • Daryl

            Rose admires to gambling but said he never bet on his own team losing

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