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Recap: Tonight in Washington DC, the Golden Knights began a challenging five-game eastern conference road trip. The Capitals opened the scoring early in the 1st period but Jack Eichel evened the score with 65 seconds remaining in the opening 20 minutes.

Washington broke the tie 1:01 into the middle frame, holding a 2-1 advantage going into the 2nd intermission. 

Vegas had several chances to tie the game early in the final period and then William Carrier scored late to force overtime. Shea Theodore scored off a nice feed from Eichel to give the Golden Knights a 3-2 OT road victory. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 9-2-0 defeating the Capitals 3-2 in Washington. Vegas will next face the Ottawa Senators on Thursday evening. Puck drop against the Senators is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It appeared like we were heading for another game in which the Golden Knights could not find a way to score. But, a power play tally from Eichel and then an unlikely hero in Carrier late pushed it to OT. After playing a poor OT last game, they were much better this time, forcing the Caps to give it up and then creatively attacking the goal. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Washington Capitals at Capital One Arena.

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  • Goalie Interference

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Shea Theodore
** William Carrier
* Jack Eichel


10 Game Segment Grades: Games 1-10

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  1. knights fan in minny

    was not pretty caps were missing 2 good players played last night and had a ham and egger in net sometimes you have to win ugly nice shot by jack

  2. Pistol Pete

    Eichel and Theodore that was a work of nature.

    Due to find the back of the net more offen Thursday. I am optimistic even against a seemingly improved Senators.

  3. Holy cow! PUCK LUCK IS ALIVE!

  4. Oshie and Carlson out, CAPS played a very good game as did their goaltender.

    The push into the boards was subtle but it was an unnecessary and dangerous play. Easier to see it in slow motion than at regular speed. I like how Marchy took exception to it. I still say that the team lacks overall toughness and grit.

    With that said, back to this contest. Credit Cassidy and his system. The VGK is creating many more high danger chances in the OZ and the D is looking very solid.

    Can this team stay healthy? That’s a big question. Can they sustain this level of performance? That also remains to be seen. So far so good, and I will add much much better than I had anticipated.

    Note: The VGK failed to lead in regulation for 120 straight minutes of regulation time. That’s not something that is sustainable. .5 seconds back on the clock and the Caps win that contest outright.

    The Hockey Gods (no, not you The hockey God), are smiling upon us!

    • Pistol Pete


      Next game is next.

      End of story.

    • RR – ,5 back on the clock – sometimes it’s just better to be lucky than good. In OT that goal not being allowed had a lot to do with the Caps loss as it took the wind out of their sail. A great win and let’s just take them any way we can. Caps are experiencing what happened to Vegas last year injury wise. That’s sports, hockey particularly as those guys often play despite not being up to par. That was a very unnecessary hit on Smith which could have done real damage fortunately as far as we know that’s not the case. Your right I really liked Marchy coming to the rescue – probably the smallest guy on the team which doesn’t say much for the others.

    • BT

      I think they’ve shown a ton of grit, they held strong vs the Jets despite the great goal tending, they manage to stay in games when they aren’t playing well (usually the 2nd period) and at the end of the day, find a way to win. If that’s not grit then idk what is. You obviously see flaws in parts of their game, but they find ways to win despite. What do you call that?
      As far as if the team can stay healthy and play like this consistently, I think that can be said for most every team. Every team is trying to win consistently, and stay healthy. These are all valid points, but they apply to every team, not just the VGK.

      On a side note, .5 seconds longer and we would have still gone to OT. Usually I don’t watch the clock instead of the game, but for the last 10 seconds i did. The pass hadn’t even been completed, let alone the goal, before time had run out. Granted, McNabb got beat and they certainly check up enough to make it a closer play then they intended. I think next time they will play till they hear a whistle, I hope.

  5. Tim

    The injury bug can hit at any time but so far so good. Washington played good but somehow game after game we find a way. A healthy Eichel and Stone and no Patch who by the way must be hurt not in Carolina’s lineup for a while. No surprise there. Across the border we go.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Kraken pull it out in reg @ Flames. Beniers game winner.

    My goodness.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Caps did play well with the depleted roster. Reminds me of VGK for long stretches last season. Wasn’t enough though. VGK defending too good.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Did not see the game but Flames giving up 5 to the Kraken you suspect the defensive structure is not what it needs to be.

    • Pistol Pete

      See Flames had their backup in the net but still need to keep shots to the outside. I don’t know maybe they largely did and the goalie was weak.

      • Pistol Pete

        Watching the highlights the Flames’ defensive structure was definitively not there at key moments to support that #2 goalie.

        Too bad former teammate Brisson is not yet at Beniers’ level. Presumably never quite will be but we can hope.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    “cookie” “chainsaw” the nerd, errr, the HERD, get it right. HERD, Randolf
    reporting here on the sports world.

    In the WORLD SERIES last night the phillies BLASTED the AStros out of space with a 7 -0 victory, taking a 2-1 lead hitting FIVE HOME RUNS in process; as the worst post season manager EVER in history of sports (dusty baker) is looking at losing yet again; another series. His career is on line as he has statistically , on paper, a much better team. As he did last year against the braves. But the thing is they don’t play these games on paper.

    Now moving on, in the NATIONALLLLLLLLL

    the VGK kneed capped the Washington team in OT 3-2, as hot head 81 energized his team with late hits sticking up for team mate Smith who was mugged into the boards mid way through the game. The Caps coach always has teams that goon it up historically.

    tampa bay electrocuted the sens 4 -3
    the rangers grounded the flyers 1-0 in OT
    the wild surrounded the habs 4-1
    the bruins feasted on pens on OT 6-5, must have been a tasty feast
    the islanders head hunted the black hawks 3-1, Mary Anne made coconut cream pie for the visiting team before the game started. Boy it was good; but the Skipper ate most of them and Gilligan ruined the rest; leaving the head hunters hungry.

    the Stars out shined LA 5-2

    the oilers gushed all over the nasty predictors
    the kraken doused the flames 5-4, the kraken are 5-4-2 on season
    at the newly named Mullet rink (5000 max capacity by looks of this high school barn), the yotes howled their way to 3-1 win over faltering Florida team.
    The Devils pitch forked a listless Vancouver team 5-2
    and in battle of cellar dwellers the anaslime harpooned the sharks in OT SO 6-5

    HOCKEY league.

    Cookie Chainsaw the nerd Randolf , signing off


  10. Jailbird

    Another nice win! Winning is the goal and that’s what we are doing! Period!

  11. THE hockey GOD

    sports quote of the day, made aFTEr the Lions traded their TE to division rival VIKINGS

    “The whole Lions’s franchise, from top to bottom, should be arrested for impersonating an NFL team!”

    • THE hockey GOD

      can’t understand what he said, his dentures mumbled his words.

      sounds like “i have to take dump (insert real word here)”

  12. Tim

    It’s funny how some years you get the breaks and some years you don’t. You see it all over the league I figured Columbus and Florida would be good and it’s not the case. Then you look at the bumbling Kraken’s and they’ve got 12 points in third place in the Pacific. In sports you just never know in baseball my birth team and city Cleveland shocked the baseball world with the youngest team going to the fifth game of the second round against the Yankee’s with a 60 million payroll against the Yankee’s over 230 million payroll go figure as they say that’s why they play the game.
    Well were off to Ottawa and then Montreal both winnable games then it’s the big bad Maple Leafs who’s coach is definitely on the hot seat and to finish in Buffalo is only fitting with Jack warming up the boo birds will be out. Here’s hoping he sticks it to them.

  13. Blitz

    A road win at the start of a long trip is all that matters at the end of the day and I am happy with the result. I had the Knights at -160 and have a little jingle in my pocket. The win is great and truly what matters. BUT I sat and watched the game, was pulling my hair out, so I will give my opinion about what i didn’t like.

    I get frustrated with this team. Last nights game was painful. The amount of blunders and awful passing I find ridiculous. Next game I challenge you to pay attention to passing. Not so much bad passes to the other team or obvious bad passes to lose the zone etc, but just common passing. Example: passes across the neutral zone to a player flying up the wing often end up in the players feet or even behind them. They have to slow down or even stop to gather the puck losing all momentum and letting the other team close or even take it away. It happens all game, all the time. Naturally you just see it as, ok the player now has the puck and is entering the zone, fighting off a defender, whatever, but it ruins all chances of having space and speed and it happens alot. It’s not always neutral zone, it’s in zone as well, power play etc. This team sucks at passing (sending and receiving). Anyway, it’s hard for me to unsee this stuff now that I have taken the red pill.

    How many awesome feeds from Kessel can Howden shit the bed on?

    How many give aways can Eichel have in a game? The box sheet says 2 and that is a lie. I had it at 5+ last night.

    Pietrangelo, is he a top NHL defensemen or a AHL player playing his first game? Don’t know, he seems to go back and forth all game long.

    • Pistol Pete

      Cassidy said the offense was not crisp unlike vs. Jets. VGK is going to lose some games—some days it won’t click.

      50-27-5 = 105 pts = lose 32/82 = lose 39% (lots of games to lose).

      Best hedge against losing any game begins with the defensive structure but some games that will be off too.

      I try not to sweat every game and analyze every loss to death. Any losing game is addressed in the locker room and losing streaks are always a concern.

    • Jailbird

      You just can’t stand success can you, Blitz?

      • Blitz

        Sorry Doc, I just like to talk hockey. I don’t just look at the standings. Heck I guess all you need is a news paper to enjoy your favorite teams. “I got my score and my two paragraph write up about the game, no need to think any further about it”. I am happy we won and happy we are doing well. I started my comment saying just that (did you read that part), but I like to say what I see in a game. This team barely beat a team missing a large portion of its talent coming off 3 games in 4 days. Not sure why I can’t talk about what the potential problems are. Nope gotta be all candy and nuts for you simpletons.

        • TS

          Blitz, ” simpletons”? I , too, am an optimist. I see the best in any game, in any situation..but I’m definitely NOT “Simple”. Dontcha know Hockey Fans are a COMPLEX bunch???

  14. JV

    So what happens to Brossiot? Team doesn’t have the cap space to activate him when the 6 days/ 3 games are up. He probably won’t clear waivers as TOR and CHI currently need a backup. Even if he does, they still need about 1.2 million of cap space( I know there is a limit on what you can bury, just don’t know if it’s a % or a fixed amount). Which means Thompson and Lechyshyn( I think he already cleared once) would have to go to HSK as well. Or Kolesar gets waived. This is what happens when you overpay almost everybody. Fun times ahead.

    • Sorvino

      JV, I believe they do have the cap space to activate Brossoit. It’s just not ideal. They’ve been using the extra space to carry Jake Leschyshn, Paul Cotter and Ben Hutton. They would have to send those guys down and play with the minimum 20 on the roster instead of 23.

      • JV

        Cotter and Hutton would have to pass through waivers as well, no? I don’t think you want to go with just 6 defensemen on a lengthy road trip. They have zero LTIR cap relief left, so where does Bros fit in without waiving others? His 2.325 mil cap comes back on the books, so to speak.

  15. Vic

    Great start this year, and they have to feed on these teams with injuries and teams on back to backs. I agree with Blitz about the passing, and last night the D-men had many problems leaving the zone. Also, Caps forwards were finishing checks on the VGK D-men which takes a toll. Not a fan of those Cap uniforms. Ovi looks old now, especially with half the team missing. Ottawa is younger, faster and hungry. We’ll see what Arnold the Brain has to say, but it will be tough to win there. Note to the VGK, when you are in front of the goalie with a clear shot, don’t pass. Also, when on an A1 chance, aim high.

  16. Sorvino

    Blitz, I think you are lunatic and this is coming from someone who thought Keegan Kolesar through a body check at someone in the game he didn’t even play in. If you are frustrated watching the team and feel like pulling your hair out, then you will never be happy.

    On the subject of Jack Eichel and giveaways that is just a dumb stat. The greatest players in the world that have creativity and hockey IQ above 90% of the other players will always have a lot of giveaways because it is a result of their creativity. Gretzky and Lemieux always had a lot of giveaways. I believe Jaromir Jagr lead the league in giveaways for five years in a row.

    Here are the top nine leaders among giveaways among forwards from last season.

    And here is the link to look for yourself if you wish.

    Matthew Tkachuk
    Leon Draisaitl
    Jonathan Huberdeau
    Matthew Barzal
    Johnny Gaudreau
    Matt Duchenne
    David Pastrnak
    Kirill Kaprizov
    Andrei Svechnikov

    Tell me which one of those nine players you wouldn’t want on your team.

    I hope Jack Eichel leads the entire league in giveaways this year as that will be the byproduct of creating an insane amount of offense.

  17. Sorvino

    Here is the link of give away leaders for this season.

    Here are the leaders among forwards.

    Leon Draisaitl
    David Pastrnak
    Timo Meier
    Evgeni Malkin
    Artemi Panarin
    Connor McDavid
    Mitch Marner
    Jason Robertson
    Sidney Crosby
    Evander Kane
    Mika Zibanejad

    I’m hoping that Jack Eichel continues to be electric and creative like he has been the last few games and makes that list.

    I know that it will make you angry and want you to pull your hair out but for the majority of us it will be fun to watch him do things like he did the past two games..

    Go Jack Eichel
    Go Knights

    • Blitz

      Jesus there guy. I post one small line about Eichel having alot of blundering turn overs last night and you posted the opening of star wars in posts saying how bad it hurt your feelings. Please point at the doll THG and tell me where the bad poster touched you.

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