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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled up north to Winnipeg in an attempt to begin the season 5-0. The Jets jumped on the board 1:30 into the game. It was the earliest goal allowed by the Golden Knights this season. Later in the period, the Golden Knights were awarded a power play which Jonathan Marchessault took advantage of. The Conn Smythe winner ripped a one-timer into the Jets net to even the score before the break.

The Stanley Cup champions took the lead immediately into the middle frame. Mark Stone and Brett Howden connected in front of Winnipeg’s net for the go-ahead score. Howden gave Vegas a 2-1 lead, scoring his first of the season. 15 minutes later Alec Martinez picked up a shorthanded goal in his first game of 2023-24. Winnipeg scored to get closer before the second intermission.

Logan Thompson kept Vegas ahead with several key stops in the early part of the third period. The Golden Knights committed a penalty with under ten minutes remaining the Jets evened the score at 3-3. Minutes later Vegas regained their lead on the power play. Jack Eichel made it 4-3 with his third score of the season. With a minute left on the game clock, Nic Roy scored to give the reigning champions a 5-3 victory.

The Golden Knights record improves to 5-0-0 defeating the Jets 5-3 in Winnipeg. The reigning champions will pack up and head to Chicago for a Saturday afternoon matchup with number one overall pick Connor Bedard. Puck drop against the Blackhawks is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights only played one good period out of the three but it was enough to continue the winning streak. Logan Thompson was terrific in net keeping the Golden Knights in the game when it could have easily slipped away in the 3rd. VGK have now tied the longest streak of wins to open a season as defending Cup champs, they can break it on Saturday. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg Jets at Canada Life Centre.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jack Eichel
** William Karlsson
* Logan Thompson


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  1. Jailbird

    Highlight reel game for LT! Boys didn’t have their A game tonight but kept battling to win it. Our boy Cotter may be playing hisself out of the lineup? Not a great game for a couple of the guys. But 2 for2 on the PP. Now a perfect 5-0!

    • Pistol Pete

      Cotter did get an assist on the Martinez goal after Cassidy moved him down to the Karlsson line. Definitely a good move to put Howden back up on the Stephenson line. As I posted on the last thread l’m pretty certain Dorofeyev is a bonafide right winger so I’m wishing when Cassidy decides to give him another go we see Amadio-Karlsson-Dorofeyev. He did great on Karlsson’s right wing last year, in fact I believe the last three games he went pointless last year he was LW on the Eichel line.

      • Pistol Pete

        Yup I checked the SinBin lines history. His last five games last year where he went pointless after getting 7 G and 2 A in the preceding ten games, he was on the top line but as left wing. He may become proficient on the left wing but so far he’s been way way better as a right winger.

  2. Pistol Pete

    LT 35/38. Not too shabby. Is WPG something better than their 1-3-0 record suggests? They were tough to deal with tonight at some key moments such as their PP goal. Also, there are times when a team’s puck management beats you and it’s hard to take control through no fault of your own. Though I have not seen the game, in following Ken’s tweets I got that impression.

    Ok, how far back do we go to find a defending champ who starts 6-0?!!!

    • Emmanuel

      WPG are playoff contenders, but not capable beating 2 of the top 10 teams in the league in consecutive Playoff series. Thats actually the worst place to be as a franchise.

    • Pistol Pete

      Looks like 6-0 would break the 5-0 record we are currently tied for with the 1985-86
      Oilers. So going for history Saturday vs. the Blackhawks.

  3. Ruse

    When you win on the road without playing your best, guess what? You are a really really good team!

  4. TS

    LT was fantastic in the 3rd! What a barrage of SOG by the Jets, and he was really steady under fire..LT is BACK!!
    Eichel’s precision- fired shot in the 3rd was unreal– HOW did that go in?!? And Roy’s clutch shot showed a lot of poise under pressure
    Great ending to an otherwise sluggish game!

  5. Frank

    Not the best game by any means…. But we still won!!! LT was lights out tonight! Love our goaltending duo!!!!

  6. knights fan in minny

    hard fought tough win lt was good chalking up the points

  7. Pistol Pete

    An absolutely sick shot by Eichel for the go ahead goal. That shot of his is what Cassidy has been talking about. Reminding Jack to shoot more vs. always being the setup guy.

  8. vgk21

    LT with 2 highlight reel saves in one game.

    The PP was productive, and that coupled with the great goaltending won them the game.

  9. Pistol Pete

    Missing Petro and Whitey may have showed this game than the others.

  10. Kevin

    Martinez’ goal wasn’t a shortie. It was at 15:27 in the 2nd … McNabb’s penalty was at 11:07. Just FYI for accuracy’s sake.

  11. THE hockey GOD

    Jets fans left in droves, lowest attendance in games this year, and the REFS did them no favors in this game. They basically swallowed their whistles. And fans knew it. It’s a shame what is happening to the non Eastern NHL Canadian teams. Bettman is leaving them to rot in the wastelands. Canucks, Jets, Flames all on downside due mainly to cap restraints and Canadian high taxes. On a level playing field the JETS would have had many more PP opportunities. The fans were booing the heck out of the refs.

    Marty had a horrible game on D.

    And the empty suit wants 1/10th of trillion more dollars to support his failed foreign policy wars, and offers no way to pay for any of this, nor and solutions to end any of this madness. Another endless series of wars started by the pedocrats. Pathetic and shameful fools that they are.

    • Vic

      Agree. Even with two refs, there are problems. Marty was rusty and a giveaway machine, but nice goal. Hague was not sharp and Barbashev looks slow and lost so far this year. Maybe he’s distracted by that wife he’s got. Imagine how the comments will be when the VGK drop three in a row. Another $105 billion requested by the grand high puppet president while the borders remain open and the debt bomb grows. Thankfully hockey is an escape, at least until it gets ruined.

    • knights fan in minny

      when are you going to rag on the repubs they can’t even elect a god Damm speaker as a repub i find very embarrassing

      • the Hockey God

        i ragged on GOP two days ago, but they don’t own the mess that Biden created,

        Wait until their reps get back home during the upcoming recess they are going to get hell from their constituents for not electing JORDAN as vast majority of GOPers favor Jordan. But still that is small change in comparison to BIDEN train wreck.

        • TS

          Correction: the Repubs own every bit of this mess they face. And Insurrectionist Jordan was soundly defeated for GOOD REASON: JAN 6!! Train wrecks are RAMPANT in POLITICS, BOTH SIDES. Come on, thg, be REALISTIC.

        • TS

          Thg, APPLES to ORANGES, Biden and Trump. BTW: The TRUMPET isn’t just a train wreck, he’s a nuke, ready to melt down, as he faces his just rewards in court! The Repubs know it. His cohorts know it. Jordan knows it. America knows it.

    • Emmanuel

      “It’s a shame what is happening to the non Eastern NHL Canadian teams. Bettman is leaving them to rot”

      He seems pretty down with Justin Castro’s agenda…..

  12. Sorvino

    I don’t think that Barbashev and Marchessault have done much to complement Eichel so far this season. I’m not suggesting changing up the lines as they are 5-0. However, some things that we do know is that Stephenson and Stone must play together as Stone makes him better. Barbashev can play on any line. Stephenson, Howden and Roy can play center and wing. In knowing all of that I can see something like this in the near future.

    Stephenson – Eichel – Stone
    Barbashev – Karlsson – Marchessault
    Cotter – Howden – Amadio
    Carrier – Roy – Kolesar

    Again, not suggesting a change of lines at the moment but I salivate at the thought of Eichel and Stone playing together.

  13. Jailbird

    Unbelievable! We are 5-0 and already a suggestion we should change up the lines. Just amazing. Wait till we have that first 2-3 game losing streak. The sky will really be falling then ! Even in success , some just have to keep picking at it. Come ON! Enjoy the wins folks.

    • Sorvino

      Where did you get that I was suggesting they change the lines?????

      It certainly could not have been from the last paragraph of my post that said “ Again, not suggesting a change of lines at the moment but I salivate at the thought of Eichel and Stone playing together.”

      Jailbird, in the future, please do better, and actually read the post.

  14. Vic

    Next up…..,Bedard. ESPN doing blanket coverage of the Black Hawks with ratings soaring, and pressure high on the kid. However, other rookies are playing better. Let’s hope Bedard doesn’t start finding the back of the net Saturday. Bigger concern….cheap shot artist Perry.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Bedard’s team mates must hate him as he’s getting all face time, when he’s basically not done much. He should decline and let his team mates get more face time. That is what a good team mate would do.

    • TS

      Vic, ya got your wish— Bedard did NOT find the back of the net. Much. He looked like…a ROOKIE!

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