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Recap: The Golden Knights were hoping to continue their point streak alive with a victory over the Winnipeg Jets. The opening 10 minutes saw one fight, two scrums and three penalties but eventually Vegas scored the opening goal of the game. Pavel Dorofeyev recorded his third goal in his past four games, giving the reigning champions a 1-0 advantage.

Winnipeg quickly tied the game to start the middle frame. The Golden Knights continued to commit penalties which the Jets were gladly willing to accept. However, Vegas’ penalty kill was up for the task and kept the Jets from taking a lead. After 40 minutes the contest was locked in a 1-1 tie.

Both teams continued to battle in the final period, but neither could find the back of the net. With five minutes left on the clock, Ivan Barbashev tipped in his 17th goal of the season to elevate Vegas 2-1. Barbashev later iced the game with an empty net goal with under two minutes left.

The Golden Knights record improves to 40-25-8 defeating the Jets 4-1 on the road in Winnipeg. Vegas will wrap up their four-game Central Division road trip on Saturday afternoon in Minnesota. Puck drop is scheduled for 12:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A weirdly unexciting game between two teams that are going to playoffs. VGK looked a lot better in the 1st period than the final two but they did well enough to keep the Jets to the outside and got solid goaltending once again. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg Jets at Canada Life Centre.

  • Not sure what it’ll be yet.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Logan Thompson
* Ivan Barbashev



Goals Allowed In 3rd Period Stalling Golden Knights In Standings


Ben Hutton Has Played A Huge Role In VGK’s Defensive Turnaround


  1. DeezNutz

    I told you guys not worry. Apology accepted.

  2. Satan

    Satan was happy with the victory. Satan will not be pleased with some of the negative comments that will be forthcoming by the stupid posters who think that Vegas should dominate very game from start to finish. Don’t you people realize that there is another professional hockey team on the ice that is also trying to win. Satan eagerly awaits the playoffs and debut of Tomas Hertl.

    Special shutout to SMH who has been a loyal supporter of my work.

    Good night to you all.

    • Tim

      Satan, Yes and no on the other professional hockey team. Besides maybe Tampa who has more stars, multi cup winners, and ex-captains then the VGK? So yes we should be a more dominating team then we have been this year. Let’s add Hertl another star to an already star studded team and bring on the playoffs. What has pissed me off through the year is being embarrassed by bottom feeders who have nowhere near our talent. I know first thing people will say is look Arizona beat the Predators last night well after an 18 game point streak the laws of average caught up to them. People always make petty remarks like that which just infuriate me with there stupid comparisons.

      • Satan

        Good morning Tim, Satan can understand your frustration, but you must understand that the bottom feeders as you describe them are still professional hockey clubs that will win games. Columbus, Nashville, Chicago and San Jose have close to 90 wins already, and will finish with a combined 100 wins this year. Obviously three or four of those will be against Vegas. The reason why people bring up examples of “bottom feeders” beating good teams like Arizona beating Nashville is to illustrate for you that it will happen.

    • TS

      Satan, and our team has a HUGE target on our backs. Every team we play wants to bury us. Comes with that CUP!

      • Satan

        TS, greetings from Satan. There are 8 billion people in this world and Satan would estimate that 5 billion hate him. He knows how it feels to have a HUGE target on him. He is on the “evil” side. My enemies would say that Satan and Sin City are a match made in heaven. Vegas will prevail. Have a lovely day and enjoy the game this afternoon. The execution / final nail in the coffin will be put in the Minnesota Wild’s season.

        • TS

          Greetings, right back at you! Enjoy today’s game..
          Unfortunately many of us are blacked out…CURSES!

  3. JB

    Fiesty playoff type game! Big win! This is what the boys can do in the playoffs. LT really coming thru right now.

  4. Hockeydiva

    OH MY GOD it was a messy win but we’ll take it

    • Pistol Pete

      Back into 3rd place by one point and maintain 6 and 9 pt lead over STL and MIN who both won. It looks a lot like Pavel Dorofeyev is going to his first playoffs. It will be interesting to see who Hertl’s wingers will be. Cassidy could also try him with Eichel because he has played a lot of wing too.

  5. Ice Warrior


  6. Richie-Rich

    Game 73 Analysis VGK 4 WPG 1

    This analysis is dedicated to “BARB”. You don’t have to thank me.

    VGK records now stands at 40-25-8, 88pts .603, +21 GF/GA

    There are games that you play extremely well and lose, and then there are games that you probably shouldn’t have won but somehow you do. Tonight was one of those nights as the VGK had to kill 5 penalties and had a major call reversed in the 3rd period. Beyond that, the Jets appeared to have more pep in their step and the VGK appeared to be losing steam in the 3rd period. The difference tonight has to be Logan Thompson, good penalty killing and a good reversal of a call on Nick Hague by the referees. The blow was basically an arm being extended to fend Namestnikov off. Nick played the puck first and the blow was more defensive in nature. Good call by the refs. Add in the Barbashev crossbar magic and a couple of empty netters for the 2 points!

    1st Star – Logan Thompson
    2nd Star – Ivan Barbashev
    3rd Star – Pavel Dorofeyev

    There are 9 games left in the season. The VGK must go 5-4 in order to reach 98 points. The Golden Knights still remain in control of their own destiny to make the postseason. They have a 6pt lead over the Blues and 9pts over the Wild who have a game in hand. The VGK can see the finish line from here and the light at the end of the tunnel for both the Blues and the Wild is getting smaller.

    Next up this Saturday is the Wild, also chasing to try and qualify for the postseason. The Wild are coming off a 3-1 victory over the hapless Sharks tonight and are 8 points behind the Kings for the 2nd wild card in the West with 79 points, 35-28-9 .549 -8 GF/GA.

    SINCE ALL STAR BREAK *Playoff Team, **Wild Card Team (MW = must win game)

    26 2/22 H-TOR* LOSS 7-3
    25 2/24 A-OTT (MW) LOSS 4-3 OTL
    24 2/27 A-TOR* WIN 6-2
    23 2/29 A-BOS* LOSS 5-4
    22 3/02 A-BUF (MW) LOSS 2-7
    21 3/04 A-CBJ (MW) LOSS 3-6
    20 3/07 H-VAN* LOSS 1-3
    19 3/09 H-DET** WIN 4-3
    18 3/12 A-SEA (MW) WIN 5-4 OT
    17 3/14 A-CGY (MW) LOSS 1-4
    16 3/17 H-NJD (MW) WIN 3-1
    15 3/19 H-TBL** LOSS 5-3
    14 3/21 H-SEA** WIN 3-1
    13 3/23 H-CBJ (MW) WIN 4-2
    12 3/25 A-STL**(MW) WIN 2-1 OT
    11 3/26 A-NSH** LOSS 4-5 OTL
    10 3/28 A-WPG* WIN 4-1

    I have listed 5 MUST WIN games below. That will end the season with the VGK on 98pts

    09 3/30 A-MIN***(MW)
    08 4/02 H-VAN*
    07 4/05 A-ARI (MW)
    06 4/08 A-VAN*
    05 4/10 A-EDM*
    04 4/12 H-MIN***(MW)
    03 4/14 H-COL*
    02 4/16 H-CHI (MW)
    01 4/18 H-ANA (MW)

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R let’s let the Kings fend off the Blues and the Wild for that wild card spot! Also do we want to play EDM or the Central or Pacific division winner in the first round? We could also catch the Preds who are meekly losing big to the Coyotes tonight! Still need to take care of business against the Wild on Saturday though.

    • Barb

      Still TMI. This game took a lot of grit. Knights dug deep and got a well earned W.

  7. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    5/6 points on the road so far, jumped to 3rd in the pac, and not like they can’t end up in 2nd. No 3rd period crumble, things are looking up. Hats off to LT, he saved (pun intended) the game for Vegas. Good to see Mantha-ray getting his groove. No more sand-bagging!

  8. Bobby

    All of the above! Great win against a tough Jets team. Crazy how the game flipped after that late penalty. 4-1 looks really good on the scoreline.

    • TS

      Kinda like the prior game, only WE got the favorable call this time. And it changed the momentum OUR way. Luck is a Lady, and the lady is a VGK Fan!!

  9. Pistol Pete

    I realize I am fantasizing lol but I would not be the least surprised to see Hertl score in his first game . I believe a number of Knights have done that going back to earlier roster additions. If anybody can do it he can (despite coming back from injury).

  10. Pistol Pete

    LT looks to be pulling an Adin Hill down the stretch. And no more back-to-backs this season!

  11. Pistol Pete

    6 pts in 11 games for Anthony Mantha. Some decent chemistry shaping up on the Pav-Karly-Mantha line.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Isn’t that 6-2-1 the last nine? And that’s minus the captain.

  13. Vic

    Out hit the bad guys, and 47 hits could be among the high water mark. Second season activity already in motion as the coach hopes to get the boys to peak at exactly the right time. Jets were buzzing with excellent zone entries and fore checking well, but they lose again. Kings lost and the lowly Yotes hung an 8 spot on the Preds. Very nice night indeed. 4 stars…Barbashev, Thompson, Karlsson and last star to the rest of the team. Great win after a migraine creating loss. Thankfully ‘not a major’. Also, the refs did clearly miss a few obvious penalties on the Jets, one leading to the goal, the other was cheap shot Dillon.

    • TS

      YUP, Nashville wore themselves out beating us, and had no answer for the Coyotes!

  14. Pistol Pete

    That snipe by Pav to beat Hellebuyck upstairs glove side not sure any goalie could have defended that. We’ll have to wait and see how the season plays out for Pav but as it looks now they absolutely have to extend Hanifin, Marchy and Pav. Trouble is with only $21m space created by expiring contracts and to now carry Hertl’s $6.75m it does not leave much room.

    Hertl: $6.75m
    Hanifin: $7m (hopefully not more)
    Marchy: $6m

    Leaves $2.25m for Pav/other.

    Don’t see how they can find the space to extend Mantha, Amadio and Carrier. Trade Howden and Hague and/or Whitecloud (bring in Korczak and possibly Cormier). They’ll figure it out but pretty sure it includes signing Hanifin, Marchy and Pav. I’m confident Marchy will put the team’s interest ahead of his own and agree to what they can afford to pay him. He knows they have to build the roster for the future. Team has been good for him, He has been good for them. Might as well keep a good thing going even if he might be able to get a few more bucks elsewhere.

  15. Pistol Pete

    The Preds DID lose to the Coyotes 8-4 ending their 18 game point streak after getting a bit lucky (imo) against the VGK.

  16. Pistol Pete

    I predict next season sees Pav, Cotter and Brisson full time. Surely they are coaching and training the living daylights out of Grigori Denisenko because 47 pts in 56 games has to be the best season a 23 year-old or younger player has ever had in the VGK farm system. He has yet to score in the NHL and now listed at 196 lb. he is heavy enough. Just need to get him over the top! Has a couple other Russian guys to help mentor him in.

  17. knights fan in minny

    missed the game just watched the logan highlights fantastic

  18. Penalty kill was amazing and obviously needed to be as we kept parading to the box.

    Got very lucky that I believe Ehlers missed a wide open net, but also got unlucky to give up the tying goal as Kolesar was clearly tripped in the defensive zone.

    One thing that was particularly noticeable is the switch seemed to be turned on to ramp up the physicality to start preparing up for the playoffs.

    Checks were being finished, particularly Whitecloud and Hague, time to start using those big bodies, though would still like for them to clear the front of the net to send messages to the other team.

    Lastly, who we might meet in the first round is suddenly even in more flux now as the oilers are now 6 points in back of the Canucks with 2 games in hand, I guess VGK will be a factor in that as they play the nucks twice more.

  19. ThG

    puck luck returns to VGK, they lost a game the other night that they should have won, and they won a game that they should have lost.

    LT was clearly the no. 1 star, he saved the team’s bacon , and none of the LT bashers who were out in groves a few short weeks ago are showing their faces around here today.

    And we still have the woulda, coulda, shoulda , or willa, bull shit posters projecting their fantasy comments . Monday nite QBers.

    And Timnmah is watching baseball !!! Opening day/ night for the LV AAA athletics team.

    In closing, Joe Biden is the worst pResident in last fifty years, one failure after another. And his transportation Secretary is no where to be found, his cabinet is full of incompetent political partisan hacks that never had a real job in their whole life, Entitlement pussycats, all of them. The ruin of our great nation continues under blue “leadership”.

  20. ThG

    no 21 Howden was wearing the A !! The players on team have a lot of respect for Howden. He was captain on many teams he was on prior to NHL.

    Congrats to no. 21 ! HE is a presence in the locker room !

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Butch usually has the “A” sewn on a players sweater when they’re in their hometown. Howden also deserved it.

  21. ThG

    Karlson is playing some of his best hockey since joining the team, he is making plays that don’t show up on the score sheet

    • Pistol Pete

      That is true and I think playing with Pav may be growing on him!

      ThG you come pretty damn choose to being fair and reasonable when you want to be!

  22. Pistol Pete

    I know let’s take care of this season, hopefully we repeat, then we’ll worry about next year’s roster, I get that, I just think there is some concern here and now for the fans on whether Marchy will be re-signed. Yes I believe he will be.

  23. Henderson Knights

    Moneypuck now has Vgk at 93% to make the playoffs.

    Winning on the road is VITAL to this year’s playoff fortunes, because they will play most of their games on the road this year.

    Let’s close out the road trip with a win in Minny

  24. Frank

    Excellent road game vs a tough jets squad. LT once again solid in net. They should ride him into the playoffs IMHO. Minnesota always plays us tough… Will be a battle on Saturday, but we should come out on top. Keep the momentum going!

  25. vgk21

    Depth= 6 important players not in lineup
    Stone, Hertl, Carrier, Pietrangelo, Martinez, Hill

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