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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to sweep their season series with the Jets up north in Winnipeg. The Jets got on the board first but fill-in defenseman Daniil Miromanov evened to score a couple of minutes later. As the period was winding down, Mark Stone scooped up a rebound and score :02 left in the opening period. The Golden Knights carried a 2-1 advantage into the 1st intermission. 

Winnipeg tied the game midway through the 2nd period but Stone regained the lead for Vegas with his second goal of the contest. However, the Jets scored the equalizer :39 later. 

The home team took advantage of a power play carried over from the 2nd period but Jonathan Marchessault matched Winnipeg with a PP goal of his own. Marchessault scored his second PP goal of the period and William Karlsson clinched the game with a late empty-net goal.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 21-9-1 beating the Jets 6-5 in Winnipeg. Vegas wraps up their two-game road trip on Thursday night in Chicago. Puck drop against the Blackhawks is scheduled for 5:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The mystery of why the Golden Knights can score on the road but can’t seem to find the back of the net at home continues. And it continues in a big way as VGK score two huge power play goals in the 3rd period to steal a game that certainly looked like it was headed the other way. Big time players stepped up in big time spots and it gave VGK a much-needed win for the psyche. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg Jets at Canada Life Centre.

  • Mark Stone’s winning plays on the power play

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Daniil Miromanov
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Mark Stone



First 15 vs. Last 15


Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 11 – December 14th, 2022


  1. vgk21

    yep, it is official now….play all 82 games on the road.

    they play more north south hockey on the road, while they play cute fancy east west hockey at home.

    and they are more relaxed and less gambling, less chance taking on the road, while they are more tight and gripping the stick at home.

    they needed that win, as LA and Seattle both got blown out. now 8 pts ahead in the division.

    Miro 42 looking good in that one.

    • Pistol Pete

      vgk21 lest we forget they opened 5-1 at home. It’ll come back around!

      • Pistol Pete

        The first 13-2 was 5-1 at home (lost to Flames away and Avs here). Then home went under .500 but could have been even worse actually. The next 8-7-1 was 4-6 at home.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Completing the sweep of the Jets made for a very nice win and doubly nice to do it sans Eichel,Petro, Theo, and Whitecloud. We could have used the first three against the Bruins. Heading into tonight’s game, the Jets and Stars were tied for second best record in the a West, Clutch win especially by Marchy.

  3. Jailbird

    Gutsy gutsy win! Way to go boys!

  4. Tim

    First entertaining game in a while. Win or lose 6-5 beats the hell out of our recent games where we had one goal. You’d have to be a saddest if you think that’s entertaining. This was fun tonight and yes schedule all games on the road playing at home is embarrassing.

  5. Vic

    Exact opposite of what I thought would happen with 5 against an elite goalie. Nice win, and a fine effort by all.

  6. knights fan in minny

    good win i did not see the boys hanging a 6 spot on hellabuck marchy and the captian stepping up miro 42 had a nice game congrats to nate schmidt who will become a father this coming spring

  7. Blitz

    What’s up with Hague overlooking a waiting Mark Stone that trying for the empty net hat trick? Every one on the team was trying to get Stone the empty net chance, except for Hague, who tries for a 3/4 ice lob attempt at the open net. He ices the puck, and the other team scores after the face off against tired killers. Just kind of blew my mind.

  8. TS

    The boys scored as many goals in this one game as they did at home— but it took SEVERAL home games to reach those 6 goals. It is an ongoing curiosity. Could the Raiders’ sorry season be cursing the Knights at home?? (Just kidding)
    I felt a little sorry for the Jet player who got his hat trick at the END of the game– no fan hats sacrificed for him..also kinda their fans only celebrate if they’re ahead? Unwritten rule?
    Loved the intensity, and the mix of lines worked well, I thought. Great win, on to Thursday!

  9. vgk21

    let’s look at a full sample size.
    wins and losses, and a loss in OT or SO is a loss..
    the Vgk home record for all of last season, and all of this season so far is 22-19 last year, and 8-7 this year.

    that is a pretty mediocre 30-26 for a team that is supposed to be a top contender with a great home fan atmosphere. a “cup or bust” team.

    as for competitors at home,
    Calgary 35-22, Edmonton 37-20
    Colorado 38-15, and Minnesota 39-17

    yep, that does not look good for VGK at T Mobile

    “on the road again” by Willie Nelson will be their theme song.

    • vgk21

      p.s. ====Dallas 36-20

      so, from a games over .500 at home standpoint

      Colo= +23
      Minn= +22
      Edm= +17
      Dall= +16
      Calg= +13
      VGK= +4

      ouch. and one of those 6 teams will likely be the Western finalist this season

  10. THE hockey GOD

    @ blitz, i saw that too, stone was heading off and not in good position.

    Vgk were extremenly lucky to win, WIN had many chances on prior PP

    Hill save percentage still dropping.

    Wild Bill took cheap shot hit, totally uncalled for.

    • Blitz

      @THG I literally just watched it again (espn+). Stone was definitely NOT coming off the ice. He was very clearly waiting for the pass at center ice and the pass looked to be there or at least worth the attempt, to give the captain his first hat trick (in regulation).

  11. B-Rad-Lee

    Remember The Captain & Daniil?

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