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Recap: The Golden Knights were trying to salvage their three-game road trip with a strong effort in Vancouver. Vegas immediately came out hot and put the pressure on Canucks goalie Thatcher Demko. Ivan Barbsashev opened the scoring after a flurry of shots on net from his teammates. A dozen minutes later Jack Eichel doubled VGK’s lead to 2-0.

Vegas fought off several early chances by Vancouver, but goaltender Adin Hill kept their opponent off the board. Midway through the period the Golden Knights drew a penalty giving them their second power play of the game. William Karlsson scored his 11th of the season off a nasty wrist shot. The reigning champions controlled the game up 3-0 into the second intermission.

It didn’t take long in the final frame for the reigning champions to extend their lead to 4-0. Brett Howden deflected an Alex Pietrangelo shot 16 seconds in the 3rd period. Vancouver snapped VGK’s shutout but wouldn’t get any closer. The Golden Knights secured a 4-1 victory and picked up their first win of the three-game trip.

The Golden Knights record improves to 15-5-4 defeating the Canucks 4-1 in Vancouver. Vegas will return home for a two-game set against Washington and St. Louis starting on Saturday. Puck drop against the Capitals is scheduled for 7PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights appeared like they had something to prove in this game against a team challenging them for the top spot int he division. They were bigger, faster, stronger, and executed better than the Canucks. Excellent game on all fronts, assuming Adin Hill is okay. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena.

  • Lots of travel and lots of hockey, VGK finally heading home

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Ivan Barbashev
* Jack Eichel



Golden Knights Will Be Without Shea Theodore For A Few Weeks At The Least


After 7,990 Miles, 10 Flights, And A Lot Of Hockey, The Golden Knights Are Back Home


  1. Pistol Pete

    The Champs really whacked a team I thought was going to be tough to beat tonight including without Theo.

    Bruce has found the line combos in returning to Eichel, Karlsson, Stephenson, Roy down the middle. Essential imo to keep the Carrier-Roy-Kolesar 4th together.

    Barbashev-Eichel-Stone may be the best answer for the top line. Stome and Eichel were very good together last season when they were both healthy.

    Bruce, time to scratch Cotter and slot in Dorofeyev on the Karlsson-Marchessault line.

    Howden-Stehpenson-Amadio should be fine and as we saw Howden scored. It looked for the longest time like Stone enabled Stephenson but after this long Stephenson drought I am not so sure. I say leave him with Howden and Amadio and require him to produce on that line.

    A three pointer for Jack getting him back on a point a game.

    • Richie-Rich

      Densinko has some NHL time. Can he be be recalled and sent back down, or might we risk losing him if we play him too much? I mean he’s doing very well in Henderson. But, Dorofeyev has earned a shot.

  2. Finally net presence big reason for win. Team A showed up tonight even with some subs in lineup. Great win much better performance all around.. Screwed up a little on Vancouver goal – shut out would have been icing on the cake. Now Saturday time to do it again. go knights go

  3. Richie-Rich

    Tonight was likely the best effort by the VGK this season. Great in all 3 zones, and are beginning to hit pay dirt (net) … finally. They had a run of bad luck the past 11 games and didn’t play their best hockey at times, but they finish this road trip with a big win to retain 1st place in the Division and the West.

    Every fan is very worried about the status of Hill. I didn’t see where he got hurt.

    Korczak’s effort was much better this evening winning the battles.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Time to have a laugh. Here is what the VGK basher DeezNutz had to say about the Champs following their third period comeback against the Oilers:

    “The difference is Vancouver and L.A. both have players who can shoot. Just look at Marchy tonight in the shootout and that’s supposed to be our “sniper” lol I love the guy too for winning us the cup but he’s always been too streaky and we can rely on him getting hot at the exact and precise spot in the playoffs when he constantly goes on 15-20 game scoring droughts. I’m not only blaming him because Stone looks like a 60 year old out there and is lucky to get 1-2 SOG per game. Stephenson and Barbashev are also useless when it comes to converting on prime chances everybody wants to pass all day because they know too.”

    “Not just Boeser and Petey. JT Miller and Hughes are on fire also. When that puck hits their stick you know there’s a very good chance it’s going in the net. When we get a breakaway you know it’s going to take a miracle for it to go in. Even Ilya Mikeyev has a better shot than every guy on our team except maybe Jack. Hill is going to have to stand on his head if we want a chance to beat Vancouver. This VGK team cannot shoot worth dog shit”

    • Richie-Rich

      That post by Deez did not age well. LOL.

      Besides being pretty worried about Hill, Cotter still is having a rough season. He is 2nd on the team in hits though.

      • Pistol Pete

        I suppose Cotter’s physicality really matters to Cassidy. Dorofeyev is less so but a much better playmaker. Cassidy appears to be giving Cotter a good long look before he would scratch him. I think he knows Dorofeyev has more offense in him than Cotter probably ever will though. Paul has earned this long hard look imo. It will be too bad if he ends up the scratch. Somewhat demoralizing for him one would think but then the chance to come back stronger.

      • ThG

        and first on team in receiving devastating hits, still hasn’t learned to keep

        his head up

  5. Vic

    Great fun watching this one. Possibly the 3rd period turnaround in Edmonton was a turning point to get back on track. Things that stood out in this game:
    -Moving the puck from D zone to Neutral zone to O zone was mostly excellent.
    -Line 4 banging people around making them a little battle weary.
    -Nice effort from everyone.

  6. DeezNutz

    I told you idiots to remain calm and that the boys were going to find their game again but you morons didn’t listen and now you all look like total clowns. Trust me I know what I’m doing.

    • Richie-Rich

      I guess that wasn’t your post/comment about Mikeyev being better than Marchy and Karlsson then. Just own it.

      • Pistol Pete

        Plus the snipe by Karly on the PP. Yeah, the VGK can’t shoot. The claim of a VGK basher. Wants us to chase our tails just for the fun of it. What we call in table games, a stroker, a jack-off!

    • Sorvino

      Deez Nuts. Eating crow after for your negative comments. lol. You are a funny guy though. I enjoyed this comment.

  7. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete, as you know this is the exact same roster minus just one player from last year that won the Stanley Cup. The playoff run was about the most dominating one I had seen since the Oilers teams of the 80s. This is the best team in the NHL. The NHL is the greatest league in the world so this is the best team on the planet. The best team doesn’t always win so if they don’t win the Stanley Cup this year, then the best team didn’t win the Stanley Cup. I know that you know all of this, so I’m not trying to convince you of this.

    After the Edmonton game, I noticed that you got sucked into responding to unknowledgeable negative commenters. You usually don’t take the bait, but I guess you are only human and you could only take so much annoyance. In the past, I couldn’t hold back and would respond to these people as well, who were both unknowledgeable and unreasonable. My one and only comment regarding the game against Edmonton was the very first comment which basically went like this……….

    “ Happy to get the point. There were some bad giveaways, Hague in particular and Thompson wasn’t great on the first goal. My takeaway from this game is that we are still better than those guys and we can beat them in a playoff series. Second game of a back to back with Martinez, Theodore and Hill not in the game and we were still tied after 60 minutes.”

    I didn’t say stupid shit like this team sucks and can’t shoot and is much worse than last year’s team, which is such a borderline stupid statement since it is the same roster that was hoisting the cup just a few months ago.

    I’m only 50 years old, which I think might be kind of young compared to some of the people who comment here. Being younger does not make me less knowledgable about the game. I didn’t start following hockey when Vegas was granted a team. I was born and bread in Toronto where basically the first thing that you touch is a hockey stick.

    I used to take the bait and respond to people on here who would say stupid negative things that make no sense and I don’t know if you remember this, but you had basically told me to not do that and respect people that are older than me and have been around longer.

    I have all the respect in the world for people that are older than me, and have been around a lot longer and have that life experience. However, some of these people admit to being baseball first types are always negative and unreasonable. They could say that they are exercising “realism and constructive criticism” but I just don’t think that’s the case. I truly believe and I say respectfully that anyone who had just watched that playoff run or even followed the team through their unprecedented six year run that if they think the team is lousy because they are on a slump, they are just not knowledgable or reasonable in regards to NHL hockey.

    One commenter even said that they were lucky to still be in first place, which is so ridiculous. They have earned their points. They weren’t given anything for free.

    There will be ebs and flows with this franchise. In the future, they will have some lean years when they are not quite as good as the roster ages and changes but right now this is a phenomenal team and if people can’t understand or enjoy that then these will be the first fans that will abandon and stop following the team when they are no longer championship caliber. Just that last statement is a statement that some people won’t understand as they think this team should always be the best team in the league which is ridiculous because that is just not possible.

    Pistol Pete, in conclusion don’t take the bait and respond to these people regardless of their age and life experience. An unreasonable, unknowledgeable, ultra negative fan is just that no matter how old they are. They are easy to spot. They are the ones that said that Jack Eichel was a cancer. They are the ones that think that Pete DeBoer is a terrible coach. They are the ones that said we have a terrible front office. Those are the red flags.

    • SMH

      Preach, Sorvino! Or as I posted recently – “don’t feed the trolls, let them starve”.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorvino thank you very much for that. Amen!

      Go Knights Go!

      As for the championship roster it still comes down to whether Cotter replaces Smith or does Dorofeyev. It’s an interesting situation. Cotter did play 55 games last season collecting 13 goals though only 5 assists. It was enough to get his name on the Cup without playing a single postseason game. He earned the look Cassidy is giving him. Cassidy I am guessing knows Cotter is at a sort of crossroads in his career and it could send an awkward signal to scratch him for a guy with only 32 games to his 86 but in the end business is business and if Dorofeyev can show himself to be the superior playmaker on the Karlsson line, he should get the slot. Dorofeyev has become more physical but needs to keep working on that. Physicality is the only edge I can see that Cotter has over him.

    • Richie-Rich

      I love Baseball, but to be honest it is a sport for losers! Why do I say that?

      There isn’t a single batter in MLB at the pro level who ever batted above .500. That means when they go up to the plate they are destined to lose.

      I used to enjoy both pro baseball and football. Not so much anymore. The steroids era and rule changes over the years have soured me on both sports. Gone are the days of the double steal bunting, and the running game exists only to set up the passing game not like it used to be.

      I am in a few NHL forums. On FACEBOOK, VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS KEEPING IT REAL EXPERIENCE is a good one. Even there you get a lot of drama, negativity, positivity. If you don’t want to listen to politics you can go there or follow Ken on X (formerly known as Twitter).

      Jack Eichel certainly turned out to be a great addition. He may have been a poor fit for the Sabres, but he’s on a team now that cares about the product on the ice, the fans, and winning.

      I am 100% with PP on the question of Dorofeyev. I’d like to see him get some more NHL ice time for his own development and for us to see what he can do. I think there is a limit on how many NHL games he can play at the pro level before he loses his protected status.

  8. Sorvino

    Tonight‘s game was a fantastic game. Bruce Cassidy was resistant to changing lines on the roster that just won the Stanley Cup but it was a necessary thing to do to shake things up during the slump. The long-term plan may be to have Eichel and Stone on separate lines but for now I am enjoying their dominance. It was great to see Barbarashev break out a bit today.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect out of Adin Hill this year, since his level of excellence was only for a short period of time. He has been extraordinary this year, and I think we all realize that he is just a great goalie. This is a great story that not enough people are talking about. Let’s hope that his injury is not serious.

    In regards to Paul Cotter or Pavel Dorofeyev, I don’t believe that any of these two are destined to be great NHL players. I think that would have happened by now. It will be interesting to see weather any of Cotter, Dorofeyev, Brisson or Denisenko can seize that last roster spot before the NHL playoffs. Kelly McCrimmon may have to fill that spot via trade eventually.

    • SMH

      Agreed again, Sorvino! It is time to see what Brisson and/or Denisenko can bring to the table. They are both former 1st round draft picks that are pretty much excelling in the AHL. I’m not sure of all of the in’s and out’s of roster management, but if it costs us having Cotter or Dorofeyev being picked up by another team, so be it, no major loss. Need to see if we have an in-house solution prior to the early March trade deadline. We are still in our “try to win more Cups now” window, so more than happy to part with draft picks and/or prospects for players that can help us now, but only if necessary. Looks like we have a few decent/capable defensive replacements (Hutton, Korczak, Pachal), but not so sure on the forwards at this point. Let’s give them a chance at the NHL level.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorvino I have been supporting Dorofeyev all along as a result of his goal scoring prowess in Henderson and then he blew us all away getting 7 goals and 2 assists in 10 games last year. I think he had some of us believing he would be a top six forward. I agree with though, neither Cotter nor Dorofeyey may be destined to be a top six player replacing Smith. For me I feel Cotter will not be for sure but I can’t say that about Dorofeyev, not yet anyways. If I was the VGK staff I would do all I could to force him to be as physical as he can be. Brisson and Denisenko are next up possibilities (Denisenko first imo) but I don’t know how they give one of them a look without injuries. For sure Dorofeyev gets the next chance but when and will and Cassidy scratch Cotter?

      • Pistol Pete

        This site needs an edit feature!


        I agree with YOU though

        but when and will Cassidy scratch Cotter?

  9. Roger

    Well said Sorvinno. Way too long and some crap in there, but well said. I like reading what Pistol Peter and Jailbird have to say. Ken’s articles and game summaries are cool too. the hockey god when just sticking to hockey and not talking about politics or semen guzzling whore porn stars also posts great hockey stuff. I like the hockey God breaking down stats.

  10. Pistol Pete

    I liked Petro post game with Ashali, referencing (paraphrasing) that defending well creates offense following a recipe especially since Bruce has been here. I have talked a lot about how Eichel bought in and it’s obvious Bruce got them all to buy in. Defend first and the rest follows. Amazing more teams don’t implement this though you do need a solid six D and four lines willing to back check and work in their end. Guess you need a system too.

  11. JB

    Fucking A, as “Butch” would say! Great game, hope Tim didn’t snooze thru it. Now, Hilly is the worry. Please don’t have him be seriously injured. He has just been amazing. Thank you for that game boys. I called it yesterday!

  12. Sorvino

    Yes you did call it.

  13. ThG

    where’s the troll that said this team, and I quote, “stinks”? No where.

    The Biden curse stayed, once again proving it has weak effect when faced with crossing an international border. Hopefully the curse will not return when the
    boys come back home.

    Now in real world

    DESANTIS VS. NEWSOM: On Thursday night, Florida Gov. DeSantis faced off against California Gov. Newsom in the “Great Red vs. Blue State Debate,” discussing many controversial topics throughout the night.

    Who do you think won the debate?

    Florida Gov. DeSantis (R)

    Calif. Gov. Newsom (D)

    5,570 votes·14 hours left

    Anyone watching the debate had one takeaway; the lib tard playbook in this blue state vs red state debate is to not answer questions. And make a mockery of debate rules. Resembling some of the brain dead creepy stalker posters here on this board. Spinning out. And no this was not “set up” or “pre determined’ ahead of time. The topics were pretty clear. Blue state migration of middle class to red state. High taxes in blue states, Abortion. Inflation, draconian shutdown tactics, parents rights on their children education, and maps of defecation in San Francisco/homeless issues.

    No question the red state debater clearly dominated these issues which are important to majority of AMericans. While the blue stater only had the “identity politics” and “race ” cards to play. Which majority Americans could care less about. They are worried about paying their bills.

    • Rev barb

      Don’t forget your monthly check! If you make it 2500, I will.send you some of my stinky used panties!

      • ThG

        faith has nothing to do with your smelly butt

        • ThG

          unlike genocide , dementia joe
          this guy doesn’t need a teleprompter to get his message out


          PS who doesn’t want righteousness credited to your (soul’s) account ?

    • Richie-Rich

      Watch Newsom’s face, trying to contain his glee, when DeSantis talks about Herbert Nixon Flores, an illegal alien criminal that Los Angeles refused to turn over to ICE, was released, and ended up killing the mother of a three-year-old girl.

      Newsom is truly evil.

      • ThG

        hey R R, yes, truly evil.

        Newsom didn’t answer a single question, and lib tards want to follow the CA model and turn rest of USA into a feces ridden homeless crime ridden third world nation with no middle class. CA has a lot of rich people and a lot of poor people, with nothing in between.

  14. TS


  15. Tim

    We played a very good game was it a games changer we’ll see. One game does not break a slump but it’s a start. I didn’t’t snooze through this game it was quite entertaining. As shitty as we’ve played before last night were still one of the point leaders. Hill is a concern and as usual management is tight lipped hope it’s not to serious. Cotter and Dorofeyev neither may cut it and with Theadore maybe out long term I can see a trade coming.

    • JB

      Glad you enjoyed the game Tim. And, what type of trade do you see coming. For what position? What reason? Curious!

      • Tim

        JB, like I said with Theadore probably out long term management has a way of working the cap and Theadore’s 5.1 million would bring in a nice forward. Just saying.

  16. ThG

    Hill exited Thursday’s game versus the Canucks for precautionary reasons due to a lower-body injury, Danny Webster of the Las Vegas Sun reports.

    Hill was a perfect 16-for-16 in saves through two periods, but Logan Thompson replaced him for the third. Hill’s exit was deemed precautionary, which lends hope that he won’t miss much additional time beyond the end of Thursday’s contest.

  17. ThG

    Bruce Cassidy called this one of the best games of the season for VGK.

    Couldn’t agree more.

    except for the guy who said this team stinks, what a maroon.

  18. Besides everything else…..putting Hague and whitecloud back together was a really strong coaching maneuver …our ‘3rd’ line pairing is as good as any ‘2nd’ line pairing in hockey!

    • Sorvino

      Whitecloud and Hague are both great players signed to very reasonable cap hits.

      • ThG

        whitey is better defensively than hague, and hague is slightly better offensively; both move the puck from d zone well. But hague has tendency to be beaten wider than whitey. Both take crunching hits in d zone after getting rid of puck. Our forwards, other than carrier and kolesar, rarely crunch the opposing d men in their d zone up against the boards. That is why whitey and now theo were hurt this year.

        • Richie-Rich

          Petro actually avoids hits whenever possible. He handles the puck well and has a high hockey IQ. At his age, it’s probably a good thing. However, I have seen his lack of hitting allowing opposing forwards to get around him for high danger chances.

  19. vgk21

    the Vgk looked more like the playoff Knights last night.

    they played their zone structure system the way they are supposed to, and that kept the top Van players like Petterson and Hughes under control.

    the Barbashev -Jack – Stone line looks like a winner combo.

    Hill hopefully will be ok, cuz they can’t afford to lose him for a long stretch.

    • JB

      Do you know WHEN they are going to consistently look like the “playoff Knights”? IN the playoffs! As I said before season started, it’s an 82 game grind, to make the post-season. Only a handful of games will have that PO feel. The playoffs are a totally different animal than the 82 game grind. Those of you that think we should see that playoff intensity during the regular season, will be constantly disappointed!

  20. knights fan in minny

    i only saw the first and second period the boys were flying back to there winning ways all the peter panics can calm down

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