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Recap: The Golden Knights continued their quick start trend in Toronto. Nic Roy and his linemates pressured the Maple Leafs from the opening faceoff. Roy tallied his fourth of the season 0:45 into the contest. Toronto evened the score almost five minutes later but Jack Eichel scored late giving his team a 2-1 advantage going into the 1st intermission. 

The Maple Leafs skill players took over in the middle frame. Mitch Marner weaved through the Golden Knights defense and roofed one past Logan Thompson. Marner then created Toronto’s go-ahead goal with a one-time pass in the low offensive zone. 

Trailing 3-2, the Golden Knights attacked the Maple Leafs early in the 3rd period. Vegas missed on a power play opportunity but took advantage on the penalty kill. Reilly Smith tapped in his sixth goal of the year and his second shorthanded. The game ended 3-3 in regulation. Smith kept the win streak alive with a beautiful backhand in overtime on a pass from Shea Theodore.

The Golden Knights record improves to 12-2-0 defeating the Maple Leafs 4-3 in OT. Vegas will wrap up their five-game road trip on Thursday evening in Buffalo. Puck drop against the Sabres is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Opportunistic is the word of the night for the Golden Knights as they waited for Toronto’s mistakes and then pounced on them. All three goals in regulation came from unforced errors leading to VGK rushes into the zone. Plus, there were multiple other breakaways the Golden Knights did not finish that could have helped win it in regulation. (Recap by Ken)

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*** William Carrier
** Shea Theodore
* Reilly Smith


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  1. Jailbird

    Our boys just don’t f*ckin quit ! Another shortie ties it, Smity wins it. 8 in a row baby!

  2. knights fan in minny

    good game good win logan holds the team in it the boys started chasing to much in the second 4th line was real good wild bill and smitty are money on the pk the wins keep piling up and were staying healthy all is good in sin city

  3. Pistol Pete

    What a win. The VGK have now won an away game against every team.

    On to Buffalo. Jack’s old home.

    4-0 road trip. Can’t ask for a lot more.

  4. DL

    I’m loving this team! The wins are deserving and the streak is icing on the cake. The players, the starts, the efforts, the pushes, the 60 minutes, (or more), the finishes, the toughness, the smarts, the discipline, the patience, the coaching, the system, etc. I gotta feeling like the first season. Keep this season going just like this!

  5. Tim

    Myself I thought it was the most entertaining game of the year to watch. Both teams played fast and it was just exciting people at the game got there monies worth. Except for the last 5 minutes of the second period we were superb. All lines are clicking and my hats off to the forth line what energy. Misfit line is playing like 2017-2018 there rolling. Off to Buffalo which will end an 11 day road trip.

  6. JV

    That Howden-Amadio-Kessel line has lost BC’s confidence. Did Amadio get hurt? I didn’t see the entire game. They had lowest number of shifts and ice time. Amadio had only 7:57. Is it time to try Cotter and LeScissors with Kessel?

    • Pistol Pete

      I like how Howden is playing and mark my word Kessel is going to go on a streak. Cotter is waiting in the wings for Cassidy to pull Amadio and give him another chance. Not quite sure what to make of Cassidy putting Amadio at C unless that was a lineup listing mistake pregame.

    • Ts

      Jv, I noticed the same. Very little ice time. Kessel is certainly trying, but their line seems out- of- sinc. A little lost with each other…wonder what gives??

  7. Pistol Pete

    What’s going on with those mighty Flames? Going down in flames is what.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Kraken definitely keeping it going with a very one sided win vs. Preds. Will be interesting to see if they can break through and win their first game vs. the VGK.

  9. Pistol Pete

    This has to be the best 4th line in the league right now.

    Overall this roster has bought into Cassidy.

  10. Pistol Pete

    In case anyone missed it Eichel created the turnover that led to his goal.

    The gap to career point a game remains at 28.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Brossoit gives up four in a 7-0 loss. He played one period, not sure if he was pulled after first period or if he relieved Patera after two. In any case not not good. We need him to show in order for a higher standing team to trade for him. Also possible for a team to want Hill and the VGK keeps Brossoit as the backup.

    • Henderson's Finest

      Gave up 4 on 14 in the 1st and was pulled. HSK is a hot mess right now.

    • JV

      Bros gave up 4 in the first. Gulls scored one on the PP, then he got beat short side on his right, a 3 on 2 from the slot, and a weak wrister from the point that somehow he never saw. At least 2 were softies

  12. TS


  13. Jailbird

    I agree it’s time to give Cotter another chance.

  14. Tim

    Yes your right and I mentioned this a week ago the third line is our weakness. They need to pick up a forward that can score is it Cotter or do they need to make a trade? Howden, Kessel and ? Well let’s shuffle off to Buffalo and then finally come home.

  15. THE hockey GOD

    boy the FO really stinks, they hired this Cassedy coach and he is clueless, unlike push button Pete; this guy shows that the FO is clueless. Plus the FO picked up a new starting goalie, he’s been terrible in the nets. The FO also picked up a bunch of has been players letting go all the good players. The FO is worst ever, in history of ever. The FO is useless.

    a never ending whining , complaining, unsophisticated, typical, local VGK “fan”:)

  16. knights fan in minny

    where is that whiny little bitch obvious screw him

  17. Jim

    the most significant change in hockey is always the coach and the goalie. see St Louis Blues 2019 for example.

    the Vgk clearly have better coaching this season, including the assistants, and better goaltending, younger and hungrier and more mobile.

    the 3rd line is clearly NOT as good as the Vgk 4th line, which now in reality is the Vgk 3rd line for its impressive play.

    Now let’s get a win over the Buffalo Knights, er Sabres….8 is not enough

  18. RAC

    Any ideas how to watch Buffalo game without ESPN+?

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