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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking for a Sunshine state split with an evening matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Immediately off the opening face-off, Teddy Blueger set up Keegan Kolesar for an easy tap-in 0:27 into the game. Three minutes later the home team jumped on a rebound and evened the score. The game was locked 1-1 after the opening twenty minutes.

Things tightened up in the second period with only 13 combined shots. Tampa was rewarded with multiple power plays, but Vegas’ penalty killers did their job and kept the Lightning off the board. The game remained tied 1-1 heading into the second intermission.

Vegas turned up their game in the final period, taking the lead on the penalty kill and extending it on the power play. First William Karlsson scored shorthanded, and Chandler Stephenson followed it up with a goal on a man-advantage situation. The final ten minutes were marred with ten ejections after several scrums broke out. Tampa pulled their goalie with 2:30 left and forced overtime. Alec Martinez scored the game-winner late in OT, pulling off a wild 4-3 victory. 

The Golden Knights record improves to (39-20-6) defeating the Lightning 4-3 in Tampa. Vegas continues their road trip with a trip to Carolina for a matchup with the Hurricanes on Saturday. Puck drop is scheduled for 4P PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In one of the wackiest games in VGK history, the Golden Knights end up coming out on top. They struggled to generate much of anything offensively through the first two periods mustering up a franchise low nine shots through 40 minutes. But as the temperature of the game turned up, the Golden Knights struck both shorthanded on and the power play to grab a lead. They then blew that lead and had to rescue it in OT. It’s one of the weirdest games I’ve ever watched. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. Sorvino

    That was very entertaining. Tampa was the better team most of the night but Vegas got the two points which is awesome. I’ve been worried that this team wasn’t tough enough but tonight‘s game has alleviated some of those fears. Good for Jonathan Quick getting the win as he battled hard but the way he loses his net and gets himself out of position is not gonna hack it, our other goalies got to get healthy. Nice to see the VGK convert on the power play.

    I was very entertained as I’m sure you all were as well. I still feel that this teams season will end whether it’s in the second or third round the same way as most of their seasons have which is the failure of their power-play and offence drying up.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “way is loses the net” That tying goal is on the coaches (and ticky tack call on no. 20) , listening to TB broadcast AFTER the second goal when that dirty Russian scored; the VGK coaches were all over the VGK players for letting him sit there wide open. So what do they do on tying goal? They over compensate. IF you said rebound control was an issue, then maybe.

    • Henderson One

      It is always an adventure when Hill goes behind the net as well.

      • TS

        Henderson, Quick DOES seem pretty…mobile, doesn’t he? Hey, as long as he is in the right place, at the right time…

  2. Jailbird

    I’m wore out. What a crazy game! 2 big points!

  3. Pistol Pete

    Refusing to lower that bar:

    11-6-0 (.641)= 106 pts

    An absolutely beautiful rush play by Blueger to set up Kolesar. Wild Bill breaks the ice with a shortie. Stephenson breaks the ice with a PP goal. Eichel stays within 2 of a point a game with the critical OT assist and Quick manages to pull another one out (34/37 = .919).

    Canes are next.

  4. knights fan in minny

    it was ugly but it was a win.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Time to scratch Cotter for Dorofeyev. I predict we’ll come to see he can score more than Cotter. 45 goals in 119 AHL games = an 82 game pace of 31.

    • Sorvino

      I really like Paul Cotter. Like most young inexperienced players he is inconsistent at times, but I like his physical play and offense.
      I think he is a legit NHL forward with some upside who could get about 15 goals a year playing on the third line, moving up and down the lineup at times.

      As for Dorofeyev, I have no idea what he can bring as I don’t watch Henderson silver knights games. Pistol Pete, because I respect your opinion, I am intrigued at what Dorofeyev could potentially contribute.

    • Richie-Rich

      It is too late now to be experimenting with Dorofeyev. Cotter earned his spot on. He’s physical and has some early success. Too early to just give up on him at this time. They will be fine until Carrier comes back.

      Who’s the positive one now PP?

      • Pistol Pete

        R-R, you and Sorvino are probably correct about Dorofeyev. Not a good time to experiment. He was called up so that should means he’s on the trip, practices and warms up. Only if there is an injury will he play more than likely. I do agree with 11 goals, the effort and physicality, Cotter has earned his spot.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP for once I agree with you, he’s a detriment to team in last few games. Need more veterans at position. When Roy gets healthy he’s first one on list.

      A no on the Other Russian rookie, he’s not shown anything to date to belong in NHL at this point in time.

    • Jim

      wrong. Cotter brings the physical play and hitting that is needed in playoff games….. more fancy dans need not apply. Just look at last nights game to see how truculence brings teams into the battle, and is essential for team bonding, while too much fancy perimeter crap is a big flaw in the Vgk personnel.

      • THE hockey GOD

        !Jim Cotter only played six minutes, he brought very little to the ice!!

  6. Richie-Rich

    Despite blowing a late 2 goal lead again, this team continues to build chemistry. IKEA falls down, closes his eyes and the puck finds its own way into the net.

    That’s how you do it!
    Pray to the Hockey Gods, no not you The G, the real ones.

    Love the scrum. Kolesar pushed Maroon but he retaliated with his stick and bloodied him. That should have been 4 minutes right there.

    Hey, let’s talk about #32. Quick was great in this game and I would give him a star over blind lucky IKEA.

    • THE hockey GOD

      actually Maroon hit Kolesar in his face with a punch, he SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN FOUR MINUTES, yes.

      And they ganged upon HAGUE, that was uncalled for. Whitecloud decked his opponent. A hockey game broke out in middle of a fight !

  7. Jose

    Fantastic result for our team.

    I like the positivity, but if someone is going to be negative, I am going to rip off their goddamn head and take a shit down their fucking neck.

  8. Jose

    Fantástico resultado para nuestro equipo.

    Me gusta la positividad, pero si alguien va a ser negativo, le arrancaré la maldita cabeza y le cagaré en el puto cuello.

    Ahora traduciré en inglés para ustedes que no entienden.

    • TS

      Jose, um…,Jose, didn’t you just say that in English? Me thinks you are messing with us! My Español sucks, but I understand ripping heads off in English just fine! No need for confusion— just tell us how you REALLY FEEL!!!

  9. Bobby

    Nothin’ but love here, good to see lol. Gotta get a gold #32 sweater.

  10. Mark

    Jesus, it was “Killer” Karlsson and the Hanson bros. tonight. Where the hell was Dr. Hook McKracken and Ogie Oglethorpe at ? Fights, blood, penalties and guys being thrown out like the trash. Thank God nobody was dancing with a jock strap on at the end like Braden with the trophy now that would of turned things sideways. Anyway, this game was why I love Hockey and the Knights, just pure guts and a team pulling in one direction. What a game !

  11. A Score 27 seconds in, a shorthanded goal, a power play goal (wonders never cease), a penalty again in the last couple of minutes (could have done without that) and an OT win!!!! Interesting evening. Oh, almost forgot a brawl – 10 guys kicked off the ice. A win the most important point. On to Carolina.

  12. TS

    It’s March Madness!! This is what happens when Maroon “plays”… He’s a beast,and I’m THRILLED we responded like we did! The guys stood their ground, didn’t give up, got a gutsy win out of the melee. What a game!

  13. Pistol Pete

    Based on his scary stats with LA this season I was pretty skeptical on Quick coming in but I’m becoming a believer now. Athletic. Mobile for a big guy.

    • Richie-Rich

      Could be that Quick getting treated to the door in that fashion was a motivator for him. He definitely looks much more focused in net than I have seen him in LA in the recent past.

      Quick is now a legitimate misfit, tossed on the trash heap by LA. I am hoping it comes down to a winner take the division game against LA and Quick posts a donut on them.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    As stated previously TBL was ripe for a VGK win, it would have been easy except the REFS kept it close. TBL frustrated in recent games, and VGK frustrated in coming off one of their worst losses of season, brewed a recipe for FIREWORKS AND MAYHEM (and not guy in TV commercial).

    Recently noted VGK forwards started to hit in last few games. They are now playing with a passion not seen since their first season. Cassidy has sparked a fire in this group, and they are responding.

    Good ice/ Bad ice comment: on first goal of game by VGK TBL announcers ” That first shift of game the ice was really slick, TBL had bad line change and the TBL d man went down and slid all they way past the VGK forward on slick ice. That doesn’t happen later on in the game as the ice surface isn’t as slick”.

    Cotter only played six minutes in whole game, what is up with that ?

    The “muckery” in this game was on display, and the REFS lost control of it.

    OT/SO are crap shoots, TBL was horrible going in. The win in OT was due to 1) outstanding D and net minding by VGK when they had a TIRED squad out there, no.9 was good on back checking and 2) TBL squad unable to get off and 3) did refs miss a trip by Eichel on TBL in OT that had the fans in an uproar ??

    sez me next up CAnes, another team looking to even score. Hopefully coaching staff will have players ready to go. After majors rec’d 1/3rd of team should be well rested and good to go! > ?

    • Ts

      Well rested, yes. Also bruised, bloodied and battered!! I especially liked Hague’ s ” ref consultation” afterward!That was better than ANY WWF team brawl!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        what ref consultation TS? What happened? My broadcast did not show it. They were basically clueless on what the REFS were calling after that donnybrooke ! They showed the TBL bench , with players leaving, on Perry getting bandaged up on his hand, he evidently bloodied one of the VGK players, Hague ?

        • TS

          Thg, after Hague was finally extricated from the dogpile, he immediately had a heated discussion w/ the ref…pointing to his bloody jersey, heated words…my lip- reading failed me, but Hague was duly PISSED! ABOUT TIME HE STARTED BEING MORE ASSERTIVE!

          • TS

            Thg, don’t recall who Perry was pounding on in dogpile..maybe it was Hague…

        • TS

          Thg, I do believe it WAS Perry pounding on Hague when he was down…he and Maroon are DIRTY players, my view…

          • THE hockey GOD

            yes they both were going after hague, my feed from tBL Bally sports south did not show any of this; hague had every right to be ticked off. Perry was shown on bench getting treated on his bloody hand. The league officials should be dealing out some time for Perry. That was extremely dirty play.

    • Richie-Rich

      Ughhh, with the bad ice crap. Both teams are skating on the same ice surface. Again, I call BS on it every time. (now he will post dozens of links of quotes and get all huffy over this!). I love it.

      Come on man! Worst loss of the season? Huh? duh…. really?

      No, that beat down by the Avalanche a few games back was the worst of the season. Sometimes I have to wonder if you are wearing your prescription glasses when watching games. LMAO! LOLLOLLOLLOL.

      • THE hockey GOD

        my comment was about good , slick ice, which even the TV announcers stated. Try to keep up go back and read my comment. ” That first shift of game the ice was really slick, TBL had bad line change and the TBL d man went down and slid all they way past the VGK forward on slick ice. That doesn’t happen later on in the game as the ice surface isn’t as slick”.”

        The VGK d men did not slide on their faces like rocks in a curling match trying to break up lane early on in the game. So your comment about both teams doing the same thing, DOES NOT APPLY. . Try to keep up, I know it’s hard for some people to get it.

      • THE hockey GOD

        RR some of the players were saying that was their worst game of season. So now you are laughing at VGK players ?? I just repeated their quotes.

        WE all know you are a wagon jumper, you even stated they’d be in fifth place by now and far, far , far out of the play off picture. You know it, we know it.

  15. Jose

    Ice Cube se enjambrará
    En cualquier hijo de puta con uniforme azul
    Solo porque soy de la CPT, la policía punk me tiene miedo
    Un joven negro en pie de guerra
    Y cuando termine, será un baño de sangre
    De policías, muriendo en L.A.
    Yo Dre, tengo algo que decir
    Que se joda la policia, joder-, joder-
    Que se joda la policia, joder-, joder-
    Que se joda la policía, que se joda el-, que se joda el-
    A la mierda la policia

  16. Sorvino

    I would not rule out a scenario where the VGK can lose both games this weekend, and beat the Flyers on Tuesday.

    It would not make me suicidal, tough schedule and it’s not like St. Louis and Raleigh are that close geographically.

    One thing we know is that they will give it all they got

  17. Sorvino

    I’m going to take a wild guess based on some logic and guesswork as to when Mark Stone will be back in uniform.

    On May 19, 2022, Mark Stone had his first back surgery. He was back in a game on September 21, 2002, a preseason game. I have no idea if he needed that entire four-month period or if he was healthy enough weeks prior to the preseason. Let’s assume the worst case scenario being four months.

    Mark Stone had his second surgery on January 31, 2023. I have to assume that it is the same injury and same severity. However, we can never be sure. If it is the same injury, I would think that they would be able to rehab it a little bit better the second time round. If it took four months the first time, I’m gonna guess it’s going to take three months this time. Just logic and guessing. If it takes three months, he will be ready to play on May 1st. The second round of the playoffs.

    • THE hockey GOD

      funny thing about the spine, you put pressure on one section, and another section wants to relieve it; now you have two pressure points. NOT GOOD !

      But I am not a doctor, so what do I know ? A friend of mine had all sorts of back issues, opted out of the procedure where they recommended fusion technique. Ended up on oxy drugs to ease the pain. Then FDA and state officials started clamping down on them. So switched to gangi weed. Can’t get out of bed, and it’s a chore to wake up.

      If TV announcers talk about good slick ice being a factor, then you know the opposite is true too. When even coaches talk about “getting the play to where the good ice is”. Then you know it’s true. Ever watch a curling match ? You know that good and bad ice exists, in certain parts of the rink. And despite fact that both teams skate on it, doesn’t mean that it’s equal equation for both teams. It depends on where the ice is, and how players adapt to it. Not all players or teams do.

  18. Sorvino

    The back is the second mysterious body part after the brain.

  19. Sorvino

    Head Coach Bruce Cassidy announced that Jonathan Quick will start tonight against Carolina and Jiri Patera is expected to make his first NHL start on Sunday in St. Louis.

    • TS

      Sorvino, Quick has a HUGE LIFT on the team down the final stretch…NO PRESSURE,there! I sure wish Hill’s condition was known…gotta get a starter back!! ANY one will do!

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