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Recap: The Golden Knights began to attack the Sharks right from the opening faceoff. Michael Amadio opened the scoring for Vegas two minutes into the contest. Moments later William Karlsson recorded his 17th goal of the season. The Golden Knights took a 3-0 lead into the first intermission after Mason Morelli scored his first NHL goal before the break.

Late in the middle frame Keegan Kolesar extended Vegas’ lead to 4-0 on the road.

Vegas continued to dominate San Jose in the final period. The Sharks struggled to generate any offense and Logan Thompson earned his first shutout of the season.

The Golden Knights record improves to 32-17-6 defeating the Sharks 4-0 in San Jose. The reigning champions will travel back home for a two-game homestand beginning on Tuesday night. Puck drop against the Nashville Predators is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights are miles better than San Jose. Really all that needs to be said about this game, or any of the last about 20 between these two teams. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks at SAP Center.

  • Goals in first game with VGK

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Logan Thompson
** Alec Martinez
* Mason Morelli



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  1. Jose

    There’s not much to learn from playing such an inferior opponent. San Jose and Chicago are in a different category of shitness.

    However, San Jose is still a professional team (sort of) and somehow they’re going to finish the season with 20 wins.

    Vegas still had to show up and compete. Logan Thompson made some big saves especially when they were up 3-0 and that snuffed out any hope that San Jose had in coming back.

    • Frank

      Dominated a bad team, which is a good thing. San Jose actually had some chances and LT shut the door. Nice to see morelli get his first NHL goal. On to Nashville!

  2. Richie-Rich

    Game 55 Analysis VGK 4, ARI 0

    Analysis: Sharks Suck – A Lot

    Morelli – impressive day for him and his family to witness it.

    This game was just what the doctor ordered for the first of a back-to-back. Next up is Nashville tomorrow knight at the fortress. Nashville is 28-25-2 (58pts) and is 5th in the Central Division. Forsberg, Josi, O’Reilly, and Nyquist are their top players.

    Mark Stone scored his first regular season hat trick against Nashville on January 15th in a 4 to 1 victory.

    This is another winnable game.

    The VGK now has 70 points and trails Vancouver by 10pts with 2 games in hand. The victory today keeps the Golden Knights 3 points in front of Edmonton for 2nd place in the Pacific. There are 27 games remaining in the season, catching Vancouver is going to be extremely difficult as well as maintaining 2nd place in the division with a red hot Edmonton closing in behind them.

  3. knights fan in minny

    go od win a team you should beat logan was great nice game by the new guy morreli if they want a scoring winger go get frankie v 26 markers on the season

  4. JB

    Nice two points! Vancouver lost.

  5. Vic

    Hard to get too excited after playing an AHL quality team. Morelli did everything right….Back checking, a few hits, good with the puck and good anticipation. Then he wins a draw on his own goal and helps set up another. Let’s see him again.

    • Emmanuel

      The Sharks arent THAT bad. The Blackhawks & the old Sabres teams from 10 years ago were way worse. Lets not even bring up expansion teams.

      • Vic

        With their two best players out, and looking at the current product on the ice today….they are that bad. Doug Wilson destroyed the team, and it will take some time to for them to recover.

  6. TS

    Anyone talking trade on Martinez need only check his stats and effort today! He’s the Swiss Army knife on the team!

    • knights fan in minny

      yes he is ts good to hear from you

      • TS

        KFIMk, a hearty thank you! I am behaving myself, after a break from the political madness…I NEEDED that break, I truly did. I’m back to HOCKEY!I appreciate your acknowledgement!!

  7. VGK needed an easy win to restore some confidence in the organization. They now have the opportunity keep it going aainst a little more difficult team tomorrow night. LT stood tall for being out for a while, controlling rebounds better etc. and over all a strong performance, Here’s to a win Tuesday evening.

  8. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Morelli should have squared up and dropped the gloves for a Girdie Howe HT in his 1st. I was impressed with his play in his 1st NHL game. I think him being 28 gives him an edge in maturity over a younger player coming in. I hope to see more of him to get a better idea but so far definitely liked the way he played.

  9. Rashaad

    I hope we never become as bad as San Jose. If the price of being that bad is winning a Stanley Cup then I guess it was worth it but still hoping we never get that shit.

    • I hope not either… but.. so said the red wings… so said the blackhawks….so said the avalanche…so said the ducks ….it is the price that is paid for years of success!

  10. NAM

    After playing bad hockey for 3 games it was nice to have an opponent so bad that it can give the fans a break with a dominant win.

    Things wearing me down about the current team. I don’t like Miro’s play at all and I think the try out should end. I saw potential last year before injury. I do not see that at this moment. Waive him and let him get back to his previous game in the AHL. Korczak is the real deal and should be playing until Theo returns (soon?) and then alternate with Hutton for the fill in spot.

  11. Tim

    The Predators coach did something interesting team was suppose to come to Vegas a day early to go to the U-2 concert at the Sphere .They played like shit gave up 9 goals and canceled the flight and no U=2 concert. He held his team accountable for there piss poor performance. Unfortunately they don’t do that in Vegas they’d rather make excuses. Like I said in an earlier post to play 51 games and 18 of those win or lose we only scores 2 goals or less which is 35% of the season. Yes we have injuries so does everyone else. I say it’s boring and get beat up for saying anything negative .I we continue to play this way we’ll end up fourth in our division. If that works for you fine but it doesn’t sit well with me. My wife I might add of 50 years are just happy we won the Cup so if the team doesn’t want to go balls to the wall they can never take the Cup away/ When I see Toronto hasn’t won the Cup since 1967 I feel blessed.

    • ThG

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  12. Jose

    Hey Tim, when the playoffs begin and Nashville isn’t in them because they stink, you could be comfortable in the fact that they were made accountable. I feel like that’s the franchise that you should be cheering for. I think you would be a happier person for it. The VGK simply aren’t your cup of tea

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