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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to San Jose for their last game of the season against the Sharks. Both teams had quality chances, but San Jose took the early lead on their first shot on net. The Sharks doubled their lead with a power play goal 14:31 into the game. Minutes later Nic Hague slapped a puck into the Sharks net to get Vegas within one. San Jose held a 2-1 advantage going into the 1st intermission.

Vegas was awarded an early second power play and the visiting team took advantage of the opportunity. Forward Ivan Barbashev evened the score with his 15th goal of 2022-23. Midway through the second frame the Sharks regained their one-goal lead. After 40 minutes the home club led 3-2.

With ten minutes remaining in the contest Michael Amadio tied the game with his 14th goal of the season. The game was deadlocked after 60 minutes, and needed an overtime to determine a winner. The Sharks took advantage of a sloppy pass from Alex Pietrangelo and ended the game :50 into OT.

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 46-22-7 losing to the Sharks 4-3 in overtime. Vegas will return home for a conference battle with the red-hot Minnesota Wild on Saturday night. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Really poor effort across the board from the Golden Knights. They were sleepy at the beginning, generating nothing of substance offensively and turning the puck over constantly. In the 3rd, they picked it up a bit after the Amadio goal, but still, this is the San Jose Sharks, you should be blowing them out. Just a forgettable game all around. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks at SAP Center.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Ivan Barbashev
** Michael Amadio
* William Karlsson



Marchessault:”We’re Built To Win Games In The Playoffs”


March Was Madness For The Golden Knights


  1. Rashaad


    • Richie-Rich

      3rd World Country.

      Clinton paid Paul Jones $850,000 and was banging an intern right under the desk in the Oval Office.

      By the way. This sham indictment and trial won’t go anywhere just like all the other attempts by communists to take him down. If anything, Trump support just grew even bigger. Democrats like Gabbard, Jones and others walking away. It’s only a matter of time before it all unravels and backfires on the commies. Just wait until the Biden’s all get indicted for corruption and taking millions from China.

      • SMH

        It’s just so perfect that Bichie-Bich turns out to be another far-right-wing wacko! I dare you to hold your breath until “it all unravels and backfires on the”…. wait for it…”commies” – hahaha! Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any better – (1) the biggest crook and cult leader in American history finally gets indicted (and I say this as a life-long Republican leaner), (2) the Golden Knights clinch a playoff spot, and now (3) the stupidest poster on this site bursts into tears that his fascist dreams may be derailed. Trifecta, baby!!!

        • Pistol Pete

          SMH I avoid political discussions here but I have to say, as in matters concerning the NHL and VGK, you and I agree. Nice to see another progressive thinker and a patriot to boot. True patriots never accuse their political opponents of weaponizing the justice system to name just one transgression. Now that is un-American!

          • TS

            Pp, Thank you for giving your 2 cents’ worth on this issue. We ALL have had to endure his Political (,and Religious) rage for a LONG time. It is a web site’s worst nightmare: a RADICAL TRASH MOUTH who keeps on spewing TRASH to the HOCKEY FANS here on SINBIN.
            Maybe, just MAYBE, your comments will inspire a change. ( code for “STIFLE the BULLSHIT”) He reads your posts, and actually shows a smidge of decorum and respect for you………

          • THE hockey GOD

            the only bull shit here is from you, ranting Karen , that can’t handle the truth and is a self admitted pedo. Hates america, the constitution, and free speech !

            You have been exposed more than once. And you have countered a single one of the points, not one.


            – I’M A-L-S-O A PEDO, ”

          • THE hockey GOD

            “progressive thinker” – in real world terms , a lib tard idiot.

            more like regressive.

        • Frank

          No matter what you think of the man, this sets a terrible precedent for the country as a whole. Likely this “indictment” will certainly backfire as legally, it is not the strongest argument. Of all the cases, I can’t believe that they are bringing this particular one. Whatever your political leanings, paying someone to sign an NDA to keep quiet with your own money – is A. not a crime and B. not violation of campaign finance law. This is exactly why the feds declined to take this up and the prior NY DA did as well. Pure political motivation designed to sabotage a political candidate and former president. Those on the left need to disassociate their feelings about the man from legal reality.

          • Well Frank at least there is some intelligent people on this website. I notice all were quite about Richie statement concerning Clinton – that speaks volumes to their responses. Oh well Saturday is coming hopefully the Knights can get their act together by then.

          • TS

            Frank, this IS small stuff, but it’s just the 1st of MANY indictments from MANY courts across America. Trump spent his entire life thinking he was ABOVE the law. And he got away with his crimes and corruption for decades.
            But, when he ran and won as our nation’s POTUS, he finally met the D.C. FEDS. HE has realized the FEDS/ DOJ don’t mess around. They can’t be bribed, intimidated, strong-armed, threatened, sued or lied to. Trump’s lifetime of crimes and corruption has finally caught up to him. He NEVER should have run for office, with his ugly baggage. There should be a disclaimer: if you have Baggage, crimes or corruption to hide, YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED. Vetting Trump, investigating him for a DAY would have DQ’D him. And America could have prevented the past 8 years of lies, fraud, cheating and this Trump- inspired CHAOS. Jan 6 could very well have been a ” normal, peaceful Tour DAY at our Capitol…But, it WASN’T a ” normal day”. It was a Trump- incited attack on our government.
            BUYERS, BEWARE. Repubs bought in toTrump’s BS. They knew what they were buying into. They continue to be fleeced by him, as he has been feverishly taking followers’ $$$$$ to ” fight, fight, fight”!!! To ” take back our country”! A MASTER GRIFTER. Always was, always will be.
            It’s not the DEMS who fell for this criminal. We have our OWN clowns to deal with. But Trump is INDEED UNPRECEDENTED. His behavior and corruption in office was UNPRECEDENTED. His illegal attempts to overturn his loss in ’20 were UNPRECEDENTED. The Jan 6 attack was UNPRECEDENTED.
            I have been both Repub and Dem in my life. Seen a lot of corruption, but TRUMP is his own class of corruption. If he isn’t stopped for all this, he could very well win in ’24, and THEN the REALLY UGLY CRIMES would begin. He has to be held accountable for the CHAOS he had caused in our country. Dictatorships let this shit happen. Their leaders act like criminals as they imprison their political enemies, control the Press, hide their Money and their illegal dealings, make tons of money from their kickbacks and Dark Deals, LIE LIE LIE to everyone, and lead by INTIMIDATION. they threaten retribution to ANY who question them. They use violence to contain the people.

        • TS

          Smh, I too, voted Repub for most of my adult life, but not in 15 yrs. Both parties have had their own corrupt leaders in history. But Trump has smashed every barrier , law, rule, all civility, trust and integrity in his massive corrupt life and his Presidency…Before, during and after he LOST in ’20.
          As petty as the hush $$ seems, It is merely the tip of the massive fraud/ election crimes committed against America. There is going to be a true reckoning for Trump when the SERIOUS indictments follow.
          Voters knew what they were buying into, when they voted for him, so all the protestations we hear, now that his corruption is finally catching up to him, is disingenuous, at best.

      • THE hockey GOD

        here here Richie

        ignore the left wing retards on this board ,they are clueless and evil. HEre is a post from one of them. No wonder we have a pedo in white house


        I’M A-L-S-O A PEDO, ”

        • THE hockey GOD

          rich richie the left likes witch hunts, spot on. Today their heads are exploding.

          From Daily Mail:

          The so-called ‘QAnon Shaman’ who pleaded guilty to storming the US Capitol on January 6 has been released from prison to a halfway house 14 months early, in an apparent reduction for good behavior…

          Chansley’s release comes weeks after his former attorney demanded he be freed in light of new video from the Capitol riot(which the J6 kangaroo court completely ignored,

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          Honey, I simply have no response for your INSANITY. How does one respond to the ” ilks” like you, who HATE, HATE, HATE?? Who slander people with the NASTINESS only YOU dish out??

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            Another out of control, KAREN rant who can’t handle the truth, and doesn’t even know what it is by likes of these posts.

      • TS

        RR, I was a Repub during Clinton’s time. He was a despicable cheater, for sure. JFK was the same. As a Dem, I didn’t vote for H. Clinton in ’16. I didn’t vote at all. Vote of no confidence for either one. Ford,Reagan,Both Bushes ( twice).

    • George L.

      Get help. This is a hockey chat. Go masturbate somewhere else

      • THE hockey GOD

        The left is desperate to blame Nashville shooting on:
        Anti-genital mutilation bills
        Gov. Lee
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        They refuse to blame:
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    • THE hockey GOD

      From the state of FLORIDA, a true AMERICAN STATE.

      The weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law on its head.

      It is un-American.

      The Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney has consistently bent the law to downgrade felonies and to excuse criminal misconduct. Yet, now he is stretching the law to target a political opponent.

      Florida will not assist in an extradition request given the questionable circumstances at issue with this Soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor and his political agenda.

  2. A total shit show by Vegas, lazy, didn’t deserve to win. Frankly they should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing positive can be said – the give away in OT was indicative of their play the entire night.

  3. Richie-Rich

    100% complete shit show.
    Can you say CHOKE?
    Eichel’s pay should be docked $3 million/yr.
    That 4th line got owned
    Poor passing
    Forwards trying to skate through the bodies of 2 or 3 Sharks
    Sharks look like they were the playoff team
    Petro? That shitty pass was just the diarrhea on the turd of a night
    Brossoit – not good enough
    Energy – dissipated
    Physically manhandled most of the night except the one Marchy hit (Might Mouse that he is)


    3rd place or worse is beginning to look like a possibility right now.

    • Richie-Rich

      The VGK played hockey for 7 minutes. The rest of that shit show performance looked like Holiday on Ice, but a very bad unentertaining version of it.

      • SMH

        You know it’s been a bad day for Bichie when he has to respond to his own post. Why are you so mad today, Bichie? And who did you learn the ALL CAPS hissy fit screaming from? I think we know now…

        • THE hockey GOD

          SMH so only the ranting crazy, evil self admitting pedo Karen can use ALL CAPS on this site ? Just another case of bashing free speech by the gestapo enablers posting here.

          hypocrisy reigns on the left.

          • TS

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          • THE hockey GOD

            TS my response was to SMH

            mind your business. Stalker sicko , self admitted creepy pedo not wanted here. Take your sickness some place else, evil will not be tolerated.

            Seek therapy, repent your sins, and salvation will be yours in the Kingdom of GOD.

          • THE hockey GOD


            I’M A-L-S-O A PEDO, ”

            says it all

          • TS

            Slandering me again, thg? Calling me a satan- worshipping, baby- killing Pedo is SLANDEROUS AND FALSE. but, you go ahead and keep playing your “CRAZY CARD”. HMMMM, I think I’ll review the ” slander” laws, to see how many you’ve broken through the years, as you bash and attack anyone and anything. You are trying to destroy my good name and good standing by your incendiary name- calling and false claims about me. I’m no lawyer, but if it sounds like SLANDER. It IS. And you are trying hard, thg. Best you give up your personal false attacks on me.

          • TS

            Btw: I was incorrect about your slander against me. ” slander” is ORAL Personal attacks on a person’s reputation. ” LIBEL” is WRITTEN Personal attacks on a person’s reputation. That is what you’re doing. Be very careful, thg.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “Btw: I was incorrect about your slander against me. ” slander” is ORAL Personal attacks on a person’s reputation. ” LIBEL” is WRITTEN Personal attacks on a person’s reputation. That is what you’re doing. Be very careful, thg.”

            you are the one SLANDERING and LIBELING me !!

            “you are HATE HATE HATE”

            got it ?

            That is SLANDER, an dyou know it. HYPOCRITE !!!

            And you post you

            “TS I>AM< A PPDO

            Are you libeling yourself here ???

            clueless posts aboumd with your snowflake ranting.

            sue me?
            I will sue you !!

            sue each other. Get it ??

            Call ED
            enuf SAID

          • TS

            Thg, read the Slander/ Libel Laws, BEFORE you dig your hole any further….

  4. Travis Monk

    Looked to me like a Purposeful pass from Petro to Couture, than Brossoit let the puck go in five- hole. The whole game plan seemed to be for Vegas to Fall Flat in overtime. This sort of rigged crap is exactly what’s wrong with the Capitalism of America and pro sports. San Jose had seven wins all year long at Home. VGK is coming off a drubbing by Edmonton. This should have been a bounce back game not a “get paid to intentionally lose” game

  5. I think our coach is over thinking it. You had a 4th line of Cotter, Bluger and Howden showing good chemistry. Yet, Kolesar comes back and you remove Cotter. Why? You have Roy playing well on the third line yet you move him and make him a wing on the second line. If that’s not enough you move him to 4th line center today and bring back Cotter to the second line. We lost one player and we shuffling all our lines just to keep Kolesar in remove Blugar. No wonder this team has no chemistry. You get a good performances out of Bruossit in Edminton and prior to his injury yet reward him by starting Quick the new Shiney toy the next game. I know he didn’t play well today but how can he get his rhythm back playing once in 5 days. This coach is making unnecessary changes that are hurting the team.

    • THE hockey GOD

      very astute post coach, push button Pete (aka PDB) he is not. He’s also made questionable goalie rotation starts. Despite all that, the VGK seem to find a way to get points.

      So far I can’t rate GG, PDB, or Butch Cassidy against each other. Their styles are completely different. Sure GG got the shaft (but he was stubborn), PDB ?? I don’t know about that. Butch’s story will be written in the playoffs. He certainly is a hands on coach, he has the BEST COACHING STAFF to date in VGK. They all have a lot of experience from ex Kings coach, to bench coach, to Sean Burke the goalie coach. I can’t wait , I hope SToner, Smitty, and Theo are ready to go. Two out of three at least.

  6. TS

    We lost to the MINNOWS??? ARE you KIDDING me??

  7. Pistol Pete

    This team has come long and far without their captain and best player (Eichel is a top guy too). Just not sure how much further they can go. It may be tough to play buttoned-up defense and forecheck game in and game out which without an elite offense is what they will need to do for a deep postseason run. The offense can be impactful however so we’ll just have to see. Taking out Minnesota two games in a row (a tall order) will be a good place to start.

    As mediocre an outcome as the SJ game was if only Eichel’s post shot on their first shift was an inch or two to the left it could have changed the whole game.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    congrats to the boys for clinching a playoff spot, and staying ahead of KINGS who lost, and surging Oilers who are now what, two points behind in standings? But vegas has a game in hand.

    Now for the post of day, from crazy retards on the left on this board.

    – I’M A-L-S-O A PEDO, ”

    no wonder we have one in the White House with people like this furthering the sick/twisted/evil left wing agenda.

    • TS

      Hilarious, thg! Btw: I’m a mandated reporter.It’s a tool to report/protect: children. I could make an exception for you, since you are behaving like a CHILD, in your blatant SLANDER against me, an educated, trained teacher. Exactly how old ARE you, anyway???

      • THE hockey GOD

        slander against you ???
        HA HA HA HA, you are the one raining down hate on me. Misguided, and ranting as usual.
        You wrote ” like you, who HATE, HATE, HATE?? Who slander people”.
        ‘That is slander right there, you moron hypocrite.

        You say you are reporter. But you really aren’t. You r a a rINo, reporter in name only. Anyone standing up for pedoDEM party now, and not reporting any of the evil, sicko, childen indoctrination programs underway is NOT a reporter. But a RINO. What is YOUR excuse? You have none. Thus it is status quo for your ilk’s sick and twisted agenda.

        How many of these drag queens in lower grade school have you reported ? Um, none. How many of these liberal teachers imposing trans gender on unsuspecting parents and kids ? None I suspect. You ARE full of shit, as usual.

        On judgement day these actions will be in the Book of Life and when Jesus asks what you did to protect the innocent children , you will posts on internet saying other people “hate hate hate” and lie about slander. That will get you a ticket to that special room Satan has prepared for you. The one that daily provides Satan spike to your bunghole with lube, and everyone knows that you want the lube, which BTW is Satan’s spit.

        Deal with it SINNER, spawn of Satan’s demons. Did you hear about the pastor who died and actually came back to tell he saw Satan’s demons riding humans as if they were horses, with chains as bits, playing to Satanic version of Don’t worry, be happy. But grating to ears of humans. True story. Get ready because that song will be in your head for eternity.

        • TS

          Thg, you make me laugh! Stand- up comedy on Saturday nights??

          • THE hockey GOD

            do not mock GOD
            it is one of the biggies

            thou shalt NOT take the name of thy LORD THY GOD IN VAIN !!!

            repent your sins now !!!

            ten hail maries
            ten our fathers
            20 acts of c

          • THE hockey GOD

            get busy, I will help get you started

            O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins because of thy just punishments, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, who art all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve with the help of Thy grace to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. Amen.

            do it !!

            PS you are no rock star, far from it.

    • TS

      Hey, thanks for your admissions and apologies, for you have indeed sinned. But you just promised you would stop. Awesome!! And so, it is written!!

      • TS

        Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or pull my remaining hair out!! It’s so absurd, it’s hilarious! Gotta love social media platforms…..

  9. A former season ticket holder

    We totally pretend it’s Sunday and go look like we want to tip toe thru the tulips…after the thrashing from the Oilers, one would think the VGK would come out of the locker room with lips bloody with anger….no matter the ability, you can’t win without passion….what does it take for Bruce to rip ass?
    ……. erasing all tapes of this farce

    • THE hockey GOD


      they do seem lethargic, they do seem after losing two key players, Smith and Theodore seem to be the engine that drives this team. Look at TOI , there were a lot of players with very low ice time in last nite’s game. Maybe the coash is saving their energy for playoffs? The season has been long, and it’s tough to be in first place with everyone gunning for team in first place. Oilers still surging. Bob the Hater in oiler media is very happy today.

  10. Jailbird

    Got a much needed point. STILL in first! Must at least split with the Wild. If the Knights want that Div/conf title they will go get it. Period!

    • TS

      Jailbird, just read MAF is Wild goalie on Saturday…looking forward to it!

  11. knights fan in minny

    did anybody get hurt

  12. Henderson's Finest

    The Oilers have the Sharks and Ducks twice, with road games against the Kibgs and Avalanche. Figure they go 4-2 at worse. This means the Knights need 8 points in their last 7 games: 2 against the Kraken and Wild, plus road games against Dallas and Nashville. And a home game against the Kings. If we split the 2 home and homes, win in Nashville, that means 2 points are needed against the Kings and Stars. Tough tasks, but that’s what playoff hockey is all about.


    • THE hockey GOD

      HF that is a tall order ! BUT IT CAN BE DONE !! VGK have a game in hand over the erlers.

      i hear the climate change dildos don’t like the Oilers names, they made the CFL change name of football team Edmonton Eskimos. Maybe they should rename themselves the Edmonton pantyhose , because they are a bunch of wusses bending to the far left liberal re tARDs, aka Lib Tards. Can anyone say wokeVERSITY ?

  13. JV

    Ány chance Howden scores 1 more goal? Last square to fill on my Sin Bingo card.

  14. Tim

    When your under 10 games to play barely holding on to first place putting in a performance like last night is telling. That everyone beats everyone doesn’t really work this late in the season this is when the cream comes to the top. We made the playoffs again that’s a good thing but we have a chance of ending up in third place which would give us a bad matchup and make for an early out. Let’s all hope Smith, Theadore, Thompson and hopefully there sandbagging Stone where he may come back could be our salvation.

  15. LVsc

    move puck NORTH= success
    move puck east west = self-inflicted loss

    p.s.—–#55 must go. healthy scratch the bum

  16. THE hockey GOD

    If I have sex with a woman who used to be a man, is that okay? I love people who have sex changes.

  17. Sorvino

    I love this team. Let’s start the playoffs now!!
    I hate waiting another couple of weeks.

  18. Frank

    Positive – played like garbage for 50 minutes of the game and still pulled a point out in OT. PP and PK looked marginally better.

    Negative – Need injured players back. Goaltending has been suspect last two games. VGK easily hemmed in in their own zone. Could not connect on breakout and zone entry passes to save our lives. This will not stand against quality opposition.

  19. Jailbird

    Best March in team history, in first place , but still all the negative shit? I don’t like it but understand a game like last night. Team knows twotuff and important games with the Wild coming up. Even as crappy as we played, we still got a point, which could help decide first place later. Quit acting like a bunch of babies!

  20. VGK fan

    Only 11 shots on goal the first 50 minutes against one of wrost teams in hockey just embarrassing after being destroyed two days ago.

    Also whats up with all craziness today on this site

    • TS

      It’s called Thg BULLSHIT. An insidious disease caused by the Political/ Religious Right, that has infested this HOCKEY site. Do you have the VAXX for it? We NEED IT ASAP!

      • THE hockey GOD

        the only thing infecting this site is a ranting raging snowflake KAREN
        who can’t handle the truth
        or face the facts that free speech and constitution exist. Something they hate.

        take your libel elsewhere RAGER.

  21. knights fan in minny

    the squad better be at there best the next 2 against the ild they forecheck hard backcheck hard they work there ass off the netminder duo has been rock solid flower and reavo wil be pumped to be back at tmobile should be 2 great games

  22. knights fan in minny

    confirmed flower will be in net at t mobile

    • TS

      Kfim, YESSSSSSSS

      • THE hockey GOD

        MAF licker and VGK traitor.

        • TS

          Stay in your lane, thg. My comment was to kfim, NOT you. I’ ve never licked MAF, and Traitors are reserved for TRUMP and CO.
          Nice attempt at yet more NASTY from you. Do you DREAM IN NASTY, TOO??

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS get politics out of your post, you lying hypocrite of the highest order

            ^^ Karen ranter rager alert^^^

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