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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Seattle to take on a divisional game against the Kraken. On Vegas’ opening shift Keegan Kolesar opened the scoring with his first goal of the season off a feed from William Carrier. Jonathan Marchessault doubled the lead scoring VGK’s first power play goal of the game.

Six and a half minutes into the middle frame, Reilly Smith tucked in the Golden Knights second PP goal. Later in the period, Marchessault added his second of the night and Shea Theodore closed the period with his first of 2022-23.

The 3rd period happened because the league mandates it. Seattle scored a few times.

The Golden Knights remain undefeated with their 5-0 victory in Seattle. Vegas will have a couple of days off before they take on the Flames in Calgary on Tuesday night. Puck drop is scheduled for 6 PM.  (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A complete and utter fanny whacking in every way. The Golden Knights hopped all over a few early Kraken mistakes, then started playing from ahead and just allowed the rest of the game to come to them. They were good in the defensive zone and Adin Hill was good behind them and the rest was just waiting for the myriad of odd-man rushes the Kraken always hand out. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Seattle Kraken at Climate Pledge Arena.

  • Jason will write something.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** All VGK players
** Martin Jones
* Martin Jones



Cassidy’s Philosophy of Using Ice Time As “The Ultimate Accountability Factor”


Power Play Variety Paying Off Early For Vegas


  1. TS

    Lehner was really good tonight and PDB put the boys on a great game plan! Go LVGK and Go Minnie Mouse !!!! I may be old, fat, ugly and broke, but I’m a learning more every day fan!

    • Pistol Pete

      VGK involved in three home openers to start the season.

      I like Cassidy’s accountability policy for borderline performers. Slack off and you’ll get less ice time.

    • Ts, what are you doing with mommy’s phone again?? Does she know you’re being a DICKHEAD again??

    • Ts, DAMN, here I thought MOMMY grounded you from using her phone. What’s matter, little boy? Not enough attention at home?? No friends? Bored? Or just a DICK?? Maybe all of the above, huh???

    • knights fan in minny

      i see the wet dream is at it again

  2. Vic

    Nice game against a bad team. Gotta win those.
    The check smashing Cotter’s head into the boards deserved two things…
    1. A penalty to Seattle, and,
    2. Some sort of response from the VGK for the kid, especially with the score 5-0. You hear that Hague and company? You saw it and skated away while Cotter was angry on the bench. Nice to see Cotter back on the ice playing hard.

  3. Pistol Pete

    We’ll see how CGY, EDM and LAK do but I for one am looking forward to a whole lot less weak division talk lol

  4. Sorvino

    Watched a bit of the Minnesota game and holy shit is MAF ever putting in some complete horseshit performances. The very moment that Minnesota pulled him they played much better and almost came back to win that game. This is a hockey site snd I’m actually talking about hockey and not some strange trip to Idaho eating some sperm filled sandwiches so please don’t jump all over me for simply stating something that is true and that is that Marc-André Fleury is playing like complete horse crap. This was significant and not a good thing because he gifted the Kings 2 easy points on the road.

    On to the VGK, almost everything was positive about that game and this will be a nine paragraph comment if I were to list every single positive point.

    I think Vic made a good point about the illegal hit made on Paul Cotter deserving a response from the team. That’s the only negative I take out of this game. If you are not going to respond when you are up 5-0 then when will you? Other than that it’s been a great start.

    • Blitz

      That’s a good point, THG’s one of many accounts, but MAF is still haunting you.

      As a Oregon football fan, I see this alot from Oregon State football fans. Oregon State fans end up talking more about the Ducks and even watching more duck game than they do their own team.

      • Sorvino

        Blitz, If he continues to give up 4 goals in one period to division rivals then it will be quite haunting. I hope it stops. If he is going to be horse shit I would prefer it be against an eastern conference team.

        This drama queen went to Minnesota, was given the number one job in spite of the fact that Talbot had better numbers. He proceeded to suck in the playoffs and get pulled. Talbot then left the team because justifiably he was angry that his job was taken without any merit from performance. A promising young goalie in Kaapo Kahkonen was traded to make room for this geriatric. He has been a nightmare for Minnesota. These are all facts that you can’t argue. I don’t blame MAF, I blame Wild’s management’s stupidity.

        This is not haunting (unless he gifts points to Pacific division rivals), this is a good thing. The Wild are fucked! They will not make the playoffs this year.

        This has worked out incredibly well. I am extremely happy with Logan Thompson. Oregon football??? I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. I’ve never watched one single NFL or college football game in my life. I’m simply stating the obvious and that is that MAF is playing like horeshit and it will benefit Vegas more often then not. (unless he gifts points to Pacific Division rivals)

        Go Knights!!!

        Anyone know when Brossoit is coming back. Having three goalies on a one way contract is never ideal. That could become a minor issue.

        Have a great sunday everyone.

        • Richard Santomauro

          The book on Logan Thompson is still yet to be written. To me, Thompson is clearly better than Brossoit. I haven’t seen enough of Hill to make a determination.

          For those of you who wonder where I sit with respect to The Walrus just review my analysis from last January. I never viewed Lehner as anything other than a good 1B option. Lehner’s good for spotting a starter in about 20 to 25 games maximum in a season. Definitely not worth the $5.5 million he got to sign.

          • Nessa

            Well said Richard. It’s also important how well the team plays defensively in front of Thompson.

          • knights fan in minny

            lehner will be gone

        • Blitz

          @Sorvino, how did this 500 page breakdown of the life of MAF after Vegas not just prove my point? You got PTFD (post tramatic fleury disorder). Dudes been gone over a year and that is all you can comment about.

          No football? You didn’t watch USC get knocked out of the top 10 by Utah last night. No reppin So Cal? Not sharing disappointment with your neighbors? No bonding? Just sat in your $3500 a month 800sqft apartment watching the homeless off your balcony wondering how Fleury could be so bad. Meh, it happens.

          • Sorvino

            WTF!!! I hit a sore spot with you. You are definitely a MAF fan. He is playing like garbage. Sorry about that. You shouldn’t let it bother you. It’s just sports. You role models should be family and loved ones.

            I don’t know where you are going with American football, apartments or homeless people so I got no response for that.

            For your sake I hope MAF either starts playing better or retires.

            Good day to you sir or madam.

          • Blitz

            @Sorvino, hit a sore spot with me? For my sake you hope MAF plays better? Do you still not get my whole point? I don’t care how Fleury plays. I don’t care how Perron plays. I don’t care how Reaves plays. Eakin, Haula, Pacioretty, Schmidt, Stastny, Bellemare, Nosek, Holden, Merrill, Glass etc etc. None of them. Life moved on. Vegas moved on. Fleury moved on. I assume you don’t really care about this giant list of ex players either, except MAF. For some reason you just can’t give up on it and move on. He is gone THG. Move on. Be free of it.

  5. Jailbird

    Way to go boys! Nice win!

  6. THE hockey GOD

    another cheap shot on Stone, and one on cotter; refs swallow whistle.

    Pay back will be forth coming. It’s a long season

    Florida sabre toothed Buffalo 4-3, Panthers are 2-0
    Flyers Johnny Canucked Vancouver 3-2, flyers are 2-0, Latter 0-2
    Boston beaned the desert dogs 6-3, both teams going in opposite directions
    Red Wings completely exorcised the devils 5-2, ditto on opposite directions
    washington knee capped the habs 3-1
    leafs Justin Holl’d the senators at the buzzer (well 18 05) 3-2
    penguins guano’d , white washed, Tampa Bay 6-2
    the Professor on islanders went duck hunting , islanders 7-1 over Anaslime
    columbus was singing the blues – 5-2
    Kings crowned the wild in barn buster 7 to 6
    as adrian kemp (three goals for year) scored less than a minute after wild tied game
    dallas smashvilled the predictors 5-1 as pDb has them off to 2 and 0 start
    chicago scapled San jose 6-2 as SJ is off to an 0 and 4 start ?! is that right?
    calgary eskimo pied [wokers alert: name changed it Edy’s pie?! :O] Edmonton 4-3


  7. Sorvino


    I did not see the cheap shot on Stone but that type of crap can’t be tolerated.

    • THE hockey GOD

      it was in third period, off a face off the puck went into air and some players went to play it. Stone was standing in face off circle waiting for puck to drop and Bradond Tanev (go look at his wide eyed profile profile on NHL site under kraken roster) viciously cross checks him to the back, dropping no. 61. 61 whacks him on skates a couple of times. they are jawing back and forth all way back to benches. In last shift of game Kolesar had some words with Tanev, but nothing resulted

      the fifth line rules !

  8. knights fan in minny

    nice debut for hill carrierwas doing what he does going 100 mph nice helper from phil to shea road gets a little tougher ahead

  9. knights fan in minny

    i would have gave anything to have reaves back last night to clock that clown tanev

  10. Good game! Hill was on his game– quick responses, BIG BODY, stays on his feet. PP was working for us okay. I wonder why the 1st line isn’t scoring more..other lines are doing good work. Cotter is a firebrand.. love his enthusiasm. Stone’s passion has really been missed, glad he’s back on ice. Marchy should be co- captain– he has earned his efforts every game. Carrier is a workhorse– great to have his aggressive play back. The team is quicker, crisp passing, much more aggressive NET presence, fighting for goals. I like the Cassidy game plan!!

    • Sorvino

      The REAL TS, I love Marchy too. Eichel, Smith and Kessel are getting their chances so I think it’s a matter of time. Most important thing is that they are winning.

  11. Tanev cross checked Stone in the back in the 3rd period with little time left in the game. The Kraken had no chance at that point to win the game. The cross check was #1 illegal and not called, and #2 Tanev deserved to get a beat down by Kolesar who lined up for a face off with him directly afterward and did nothing.

    This sort of roughneck play has to be responded to or it will only get worse. Not having a 6’4″ 240lb enforcer who knows how to dish it is a problem for this team. How many more cheap shot hits on Stone’s recently surgically repaired back can he take before he’s done for the season? That cheap shot boarding on Cotter was one more example that deserved retaliation.

    Too bad the VGK didn’t take care of business during this game. Next time they play is too late and could mean the difference between a win and a loss.

    Not happy at all about the lack of response. Also, this was a game we were expected to win. Next up, Calgary and the toughest test yet. Personally, I am surprised we knocked off the Kings in game 1. The team looks to be very well coached and cements my earlier analysis that the DeBoer move was a bad one.

    Undefeated is a good place to be and not the time to be critical. So far, credit the players, health, very good goaltending and coaching.

  12. Sorvino

    Was looking at Cassidy’s teams and he never really had players whose specific role was to retaliate and defend team mates. Trent Frederic was the closest thing to that. They had some internal toughness like Zdeno Chara. It looks like the players are going to have to dig deep and defend themselves. I nominate Kolesar, McNabb and Hague. This could open the door for Zack Hayes or Mason Primeau to get a shot on the big club.

  13. knights fan in Minnie

    I also love big Jamaican guys

  14. THE hockey GOD

    i think i have a bad , lingering, odor of really bad dragon breath !! Ugh,

    at least the horses run away when I am within a mile of them.

    What to do, what to do ?? AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

  15. Knights fan in Minnie

    I really really like Jamaican men

  16. Sorvino

    Blitz, I hear you and I understand that you say you have moved on and I believe you. I hate MAF and he’s old and he’s really shit right now so each time he has a horrible start I am going to point it out just because I feel like it and this is a hockey site and MAF is a hockey player. I trust that if you have indeed moved on this shouldn’t bother you and if it does you can try to ignore it or respond to it like you do each and every single time which would not make sense since you said you have moved on.

    My main commenting points will be with the players who play for the Vegas Golden Knights. But occasionally since this is a Hockey site other players will get into the talk like Henderson silver Knights players and other NHL players like Alex Tuch and other ex Knights.

    What I won’t do is talk about politics and religion.

    • Blitz

      It’s cool. Keep whining about MAF all you want then. It’s an open site. Even pieces of shit, that are hung up on Fleury, get to post here too. #FJB

      • Sorvino

        Wow Blitz, taking it personal calling me names. Lol

        • Blitz

          Never called you anything. Just stating a fact about the site and who gets to post here. Did it hurt your feelings? You can always just create a new account and then have a conversation with yourself like you were two different people. Sound familiar? You can agree with each other, disagree, it’s your choice. All allowed here. Where’s my cookie?

    • Sorvino, I suspect that MAF will be a VGK topic of discussion for years to come. It’s a sore spot, for sure, with fans. You just keep on posting– I enjoy reading them!!

  17. knights fan in minny

    flower riding the pine tonight

    • Sorvino

      I don’t blame Minny For sitting flower. He’s been the worst goalie in the league so far. He’s killing them.

      I wish Filip Gustavsson some good luck although I don’t think he is very good

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