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Recap: The Golden Knights and Kraken paired up in Seattle for both teams’ regular season finale. Reilly Smith opened the scoring midway through the opening twenty minutes, giving Vegas a 1-0 lead. Later in the period the Kraken evened the score at 1-1.

Both teams had power play opportunities, but Vegas took advantage on the penalty kill to snap the 1-1 tie. Alec Martinez jumped on a rebound and scored his third goal of the 2022-23 season. After two periods the visiting team held a slim 2-1 lead.

The Kraken came out firing in the final period, but Vegas goaltender Laurent Brossoit continued to frustrate Seattle. Vegas added a late empty-net goal to finish off the Kraken 3-1 and secured the Pacific Division and the number one seed in the Western Conference.

The Golden Knights finish the regular season with a record of 51-22-9, totaling 111 points. Vegas will prepare for a first-round playoff matchup with the Winnipeg Jets. Game 1 is on Tuesday night at T-Mobile Arena. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights played about as poorly as they have all season. They scored twice on plays in which they did not shoot and the other one was a bouncing puck that Alec Martinez scored on a delayed shorthanded penalty.

Who gives a damn though! The Golden Knights have won the Pacific Division, have clinched the #1 seed, and will host the Winnipeg Jets in the first round of the playoffs. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Seattle Kraken at Climate Pledge Arena.

  • Does VGK depth scoring hold up in the playoffs?

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  1. A win is a win regardless how it happened. Certainly can’t say they deserved to win but so be it. Yes l was doubtful earlier they would even make the playoffs l was wrong and l am the first to admit it.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Third division title in six years, first #1 conference seed, record 111 points, record-tying 51 wins. Outstanding effort after losing Stone way back when and suffering other injuries.

    Brossoit was outstanding this game (30/31).

    Sort of thinking it will be Stephenson-Eichel-Stone because that worked. Misfits. Roy 3C. Howden or Bleuger 4C. Dorofeyev and Barbashev bottom six LW. Bit of a dry spell for Dorofeyev (5 games without a point), however 7G/2 A in 15 games is still an eye opener. Bear in mind a guy like Cotter this season had ten pointless games in row, nine pointless games in a row and five pointless games in a row twice.

    • Pistol Pete

      Just watching the game now always scrutinizing all of Dorofeyev’s shifts every game. First three shifts in he looked excellent. Lead three rushes, always circling around the slot, backchecking, playing his postiions in the D-zone. Looks everything like a top liner first half of period one. His stride and stick is excellent. Major differemce compared to a Cotter. Top six material next year for sure and we’ll see what happens this postseason. Needs to add some hits to his game but it’s obvious he was kept longer in Henderson for one reason and one reason only because his defending needed work and he addressed that.

    • B-Rad-Lee

      I would prefer Cotter in the bottom six. He’s a better hitter and grinder.

      • DocDG

        I agree Dorofeyev is the better player right now but Cotter is more than a future bottom six grinder, he can score and move the puck. Given time on the ice he will become a valuable player with strong upside potential. I feel that he has been under used this year. His offensive stats in 55 games this year are slightly superior to anything Kolesar has had in his 3 year career and Cotter’s points are primarily goals, Kolesar’s are mostly assists.
        My big fear is that management may trade him because of the probabal logjam on the roster going into next year.

  3. John W

    Ken – if I remember correctly, you and Jason, prior to the season, predicted this team for roughly 95-96 points, and just squeezing into the playoffs. Result is 15 points north of that, and the top record out of the 16 Western Conference teams. This despite a LOT of injuries, and a ridiculous Goalie carousel.

    Do you believe yet? Do you trust the result more than your eyes? The way this team finds ways to win, suggests we might have something special here.

    All year, these guys played the toughest teams in the league even, and many cases swept them (Tampa, Toronto and Carolina for example).

    Can’t wait to see how the playoffs develop, but I think this team can run with, or beat anybody……if they play their game……and they know how to win!

    • I definitely believe they are better than what I thought about them at the beginning of the season, no question about that. I still have concerns with the way they’ve gone about winning games, as I’m not entirely sure that translates to the playoffs. That being said, I’ve seen them grind out wins enough that I’m really close to being a full believer in the style. If they win a few ugly games in the 1st round, I’ll be completely sold.

      That being said, the power play is so bad it’s going to be tough to pick them over EDM. Everyone other team in the conference, I think I’d take Vegas right now.

      • Richie-Rich

        I agree with Ken. At the beginning of this season I had predicted a 3rd or 4th place Pacific finish and a team that would be struggling to possibly take a wild card spot.

        Like Ken says, there’s a lot of problems that need to be addressed. I am ecstatic that they are the #1 seed. Clearly there were 3 or 4 other teams who were neck and neck in the race to the finish.

        At the start of next season the VGK will be raising the Pacific and Conference Championship banners. I am pumped about that, but I have no expectations right now that the VGK is a serious contender for the Stanley Cup. Special teams are awful and that does not bode well for the playoffs.

        That puck luck goal by Smith yesterday? The VGK is going to need a helluva lot more of that to have any chance to even get to the Conference Championship game.

        McCrimmon’s moves at the trade deadline saved his job, and has at least for now shut me up.

        I am super pumped. I will be back in my STH seats in Section 11, Row M 13&14 next week!

        • THE hockey GOD

          you had them finishing 5th in january

          boy some people have convenient memories

  4. Jailbird

    Nothing wrong with this game. The boys did what they needed to do, period! Top dogs 8n the west. After the injuryfest last year and missing out, this is a great comeback by our team. Now the real fun begins!

  5. TS


  6. Jailbird

    Way to go boys! They did what they had to. LB was great again. What a journey for him this year. So much for those doom and gloom posters all year.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Vegas did get additional help this game from the goaltender but everything considered they played a tight enough defensive structure to shut down a good offensive team. On Dorofeyev I thought he looked as much a top liner as anyone else which is saying a lot considering there were four other top six on the ice excluding Amadio. Sure, it was not a great night for any of them but any of them including Dorofeyev can go on a roll. Like McCrimmon and McPhee I played the game and know talent when I see it ie. stride, edging, stick handing, go for the net, shoot the puck, defensive stick and intelligent decision making on both ends of the ice. Dorofeyev has been in the top line just four games, all with Marchy, two with Eichel. When Stone comes back it will be interesting to see who goes down, Dorofeyev or Amadio. Dorofeyev is more the top six talent no question about it. If Stephenson comes up both will have to go down.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no 16 has been a flash in pan, and he is only a filler on top line because he can’t fit in on the lower lines – right now. He only had one SOG last nite and his play has diminished in last few games. Don’t be surprised if Stone comes back he will sit. But I highly doubt Stone will be coming back for playoffs. HE’s hardly moving in practice, and needs a lot more conditioning to be “playoff” ready.

      Amadio stays, he’s carried the team and plays better two way.

      No 16 is a young kid, and only time will tell if he makes it.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    hanging on a prayer suites this team

    this team is best team the franchise has had, how far they go in playoffs is yet to be determined

    they are motivated, and if they get to final round they WILL BEAT BOSTON.

    Jesus Revolution is an inspiring new movie now out with upcoming actor Jonathan Rouime who provides a powerful performance (he is outstanding in THE CHOSEN also). Kelsy Grammer rounds out a solid cast. The movie is based upon real life events. I highly recommend to EVERYONE. Rotton Tomatoes gives it a 99% score. Can’t miss. It is great and worth a watch.

  9. Jimmie Smith

    Maybe not an offensive explosion, but steller defense, and that what wins playoff games

  10. THE hockey GOD

    comparing the two teams.

    season one had speed, finishers, and a top name goalie who often made flashy saves; but also had gaping holes.

    this season’s team has a smother defense, balanced scoring, adequate goal tending.

    It’s like comparing apples to oranges. But this year’s team is slightly better than the first year’s team. Especially because the forwards on this year’s team are better defensively than forwards on first year team. Only Smith and no. 71 Karlson were good defensive forwards on first year team (and this year too). Haula, the real Deal Neal, Perron , tuch were not rated very high by STRAT for their defense. On a scale of one to four (Five for power player) with 1 being low. Haula was a 2, perron a 2, neal a 1, tuch a 1. They all had high offensive ratings though. Fluery had an outstanding goalie rating, but he had one big flaw that was exploited. He didn’t show up in the finals either.

    IT will be interesting to see the playoff roster. IT doesn’t look like LT will be making it. He has had a major set back.

  11. Sorvino

    My game 1 lines

    Marchessault – Eichel – Stone
    Amadio – Karlsson – Smith
    Barbashev – Stephenson – Kessel
    Blueger – Roy – Kolesar

    Dorofeyev, Howden, Carrier (inj)

    A loss or under performance can bring a different game two line up.

  12. Pistol Pete

    The Stephenson-Eichel-Stone line was really good. The below assumes that was the line all the way to when Stone went out following game #43. Stephenson played all 43 and Eichel just 30 due to an injury.

    Stone’s 43 games:
    Stephenson: 11 G/29 A (40 pts)
    Eichel: 15 G/17 A (32 pts in 30 games)
    Stone: 17 G/21 A (38 pts)

    Such good results I see Cassidy returning to that line:


    Scratches: Cotter, Bleuger, Kolesar
    Carrier: out for the season

    First, I’m not sure Cassidy scratches Kolesar due to the physicality factor and second the only way to carry three scratched forwards is to forego the seventh D.

    • Pistol Pete

      I meant to include Stephenson’s and Eichel’s post-Stone’s injury numbers:

      Stephenson: 5 G/20 A (25 pts in 38 games)
      Eichel: 12 G/22 A (34 pts in 37 games)

      One can see Stephenson’s performance declined when Stone was out (although some or most of it he was off Eichel’s line). Eichel’s numbers did not decline all that much with Stone gone (reduced goal scoring, more assists).

      It will be interesting to see if Cassidy returns to the Stephenson-Eichel-Stone line. He could also leave the top line as it is with Dorofeyev and put Stone with Smith and Karlsson moving Amadio down.

  13. Sorvino

    I just like a Stephenson looks with Barbashev and Kessel.

    Are you sure that William Carrier is out for the season?

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah but Stephenson went nearly a point a game with Eichel and Stone. We seem to be hearing Carrier won’t be back this season.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    on injuries – cassidy said “We never used that as an excuse. You hear “next man up”, Not us, we said “we are still good”.

    this coach gets it

  15. Tim

    Looks like the Pacific conference considered weak is taking a step forward. Looks like Vegas, Edmonton, L.A. and Seattle have improved and maybe Calgary will get it together makes it a much more competitive league. Poor Anaheim, San Jose. and Vancouver are along way from being competitive. Credit Bruce Cassidy on a job well done his defensive style has made a difference. Unfortunately we can’t say the same about the PP still our Achilles heal which will come back to bite us in the playoffs. Now will home ice through the western playoffs will we make advantage or lay an egg again that is the question. Cograts to all the positive posters through the year I for one wasn’t but am big enough to admit I was wrong. Go Knights

    • TS

      Tim, newfound optimism! With this season’s parade of injuries, goalie ????, it was sketchy for awhile. Easy to be pessimistic. Whatever the outcome now, if the guys give their best, we’ll celebrate!

  16. Jailbird

    Cassidy is a standup guy, doesn’t bullshit. He has built the best type team for playoff success . It’s hard to think Carrier is out? And how about the chief ? I think Stone will come back late first round or early second. LB is #1, hoping Hill is ready to backup. LT might be done for season, I like, but don’t trust Quick in net. I hope Howden gets back in, need his grit. pav might set and watch a bit? Cotter probably only plays if more injury. This year attitude is the best since year one. I’m excited to see what we can do.

  17. Roberto

    Seemed like a game the team wanted to win, but really didn’t care if they didn’t.

    Also, the game felt like the living embodiment of the entire season, where VGK is doing to others what was too often done to them: beating teams that should beat them. Dallas, Montreal, San Jose in the playoffs as examples. Those were series where VGK ‘should’ have won, but did not. Maybe that’s just how this season will roll and they’ll hoist a Cup, while teams they beat are pissed off they lost to an inferior team.

    And from last night, anyone else notice how Theodore (while a bit rusty) seemed as fast and active as ever, despite being out for a while with little public viewing of him skating? Hard to see Stone coming back that quickly from his back issues, but he’s also been similarly low profile in the public ice time. What happens at CityNational when the doors are locked?

    All my nonsense aside, great to be back in the playoffs. Brews at Beerhaus just taste better in April and May.

  18. Richie-Rich

    I seriously doubt we will see LT, The Chief or Stone in round 1. From what I saw, The Chief is done until next year, LT likely as well.

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