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Recap: The Golden Knights were hoping to bounce back Sunday in Pittsburgh after falling to Philadelphia on Saturday in overtime. The hometown Penguins quickly took the lead 2:13 into the game. Vegas was forced to kill off two Nic Hague penalties and went into the first intermission trailing 1-0.

Pittsburgh doubled their lead midway through the middle frame. The reigning Stanley Cup champions had multiple chances on net in the period but couldn’t get on the scoreboard.

Vegas outshot Pittsburgh and tried to close in during the final period but they couldn’t find the back of the net. The Penguins defense swept every puck away from their net and frustrated the Golden Knights’ offensive weapons. Late in the frame, Pittsburgh capped the game with an empty net goal.

The Golden Knights record drops to 13-4-2 losing to the Penguins 3-0 in Pittsburgh. Vegas will get chance to rest over the next two days and prepare for the Dallas Stars on Wednesday. Puck drop in Dallas is scheduled for 6:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It’s rare that the opposing team is clearly better than the Golden Knights on any given night. That was the case in Pittsburgh tonight. VGK just didn’t have the solutions to the questions the Penguins were throwing at them in the defensive zone. Second-time shutout in four games. Not great. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Pittsburgh Penguins at PPG Paints Arena.

  • VGK slipping in the power rankings

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Nic Roy
* William Carrier





Should VGK Feel Slighted In Latest Power Rankings?


  1. Barbara Bridges

    Hill has my kind of money now, and he’s a lot softer.

  2. Alex

    Hill is not good

    • Richie-Rich

      Dumbest analysis in the history of hockey analysis.
      .938 save percentage and give an assist to #23 on the 2nd goal for passing it right out to Hill’s blind stick side with no one covering his ass.

    • Pistol Pete

      “Bad” is 30/32 = .938

      You must be a loser Oilers fan frustrated that they can’t keep the puck out of the net so you come over here and shit on the Champ’s goalies and their fans. In any case a loser!

    • knights fan in minny

      and you’re still a piece of shit loser

  3. Richie-Rich

    Game 19 Analysis vs PIT

    The bottom line?

    38 shots on goal and 0 for 3 on the PP about sums it up. 2 GA. The only VGK player getting a star?

    #33 Aidin Hill

    This wasn’t a goaltender problem. Martinez had the puck behind the net and to Hill’s glove side, but passed it back off the boards to the front of the net on Hill’s stick side (OPEN NET). This is poor defensive positioning. Someone needs to be protecting that side of the net at all times.

    .938 save percentage and 2 GA isn’t a goaltender problem.

    The VGK has fallen into a rut the past 6 or 7 games allowing opponents to jump out to leads early. When they were on the 11-0-1 run they were the ones taking the lead early and pouring on pressure. You can definitely see the change. It’s almost as if they are coming out and running the schemes but have lost something in terms of reacting to the puck and the game. It’s almost a practice session mentality.
    I expect that to change soon.

    Reilly Smith is victorious in his first game against his old team.

    • Alex

      How embarrassing! Hill should have had both goals! Out of position on both…you need to talk to Pastor Melissa Scott and get centered again.

      • Emilio

        He can’t see the puck. That’s on his defense to cover him back there. I’d agree that Hill has not been the sharpest however these loses don’t fall on him. Knights have lost an edge, they’re not aggressive on the forecheck. Defense is lackadaisical and they’ve lost their ability to finish. All things that were a non issue earlier in the season. They have all bodies back from injury so I’m guessing within 2-3 more games they should start looking like old if Bruce can light a fire under their ass.

      • Frank

        Hey alex…. the first one…. maybe. Scramble drill in front of the net and plus got tied up with an opposing player. Tough one. Second one…. no chance. As a goalie, you’d expect Martinez – on the forehand to wrap the puck around the boards that way. Instead he does a no look pass to the back side, which conveniently redirects right to an open Penguin to put in the net. Hard to see how he could have stopped that one as he was making the right read on the play. Bad giveaway right in front from behind the net. Trust me, as a goalie…. super hard to stop that one.

  4. Emilio

    Have not seen the Knights quit in a looooooong time. They absolutely quit in this one. That last period was sorry, effortless. I wouldn’t say that this is on Hill either. Defense was been soft and airy. Knights need a reset. Hoping Cassidy can get these boys clicking again. Thinking it won’t take too long now that they have their starting roster.

    • Barbara Bridges

      Lots of truth in this post…

    • TS

      Most all seem to agree that Hill was left open on his own too often. They repeatedly lost the puck in our zone, easy pickins for the PennsThe Boys were TIRED. There was little hustle or goal defense. Just a poorly- played game.
      Who the HECK scheduled this packed road trip?? Recipe for failure!!

  5. LVsc

    the honeymoon is over. the Demko effect is back. the Vegas Perimeter Knights have returned. only Carrier is driving hard to the net with the puck, so opposing goalies have it easy peasy on long soft wrist shots.

    hopefully the slump is a short one, because territorial advantage is no good if you cannot score early and get a lead.

  6. Jailbird

    In a funk right now. All teams have these periods. We will work out of it. I knew these crazy comments would come when we it a tuff stretch . I just set here and laugh my ass off at some of these comments. Dallas game coming is just what we need. We will be fine!

    • Emilio

      Agree. Figured the Knights would slump at some point and having your main front runners out the line up is definitely the right way to get there. Giving it a couple games and I’m sure the boys will show up.

  7. CB

    The final celebration was going to the White House. Now the Stanley Cup hangover has started.

  8. a game of bounces…a game of inches….pitt’s goals were scrambly ones that found the sticks of 2 guys scoring their first of the year…bad bounces for us….eichel absolutely destroys the cross bar…after denting the post yesterday too….if he scores tonight its a completely different game…yes a game of inches…a hornets nest awaits in dallas…inhospitable and daunting task given our sudden ‘issues’..just the kind of challenge Bruce and the boys need to end the trip on a positive note!!

  9. They appeared a little road weary and tired, which given the schedule is understandable. It definitely was not a great effort and they lost to a better team this evening. They both played last night and travelled but it was home ice for Pittsburg and that could very well have a bearing on results. They experienced a few snags on this trip and whether we like it or not this is not the time to get down. Keep in mind the players are no happier about the losses than us, so it’s onward and upward getting back on the winning track against Dallas would be a great start.

    • Emilio

      I don’t expect the whooping they gave Colorado for this Dallas game but I believe the Knights have this next game marked with a fat red circle on their calendars. I’m expecting a fight from the guys. Should make for an exciting game.

    • Julie

      HD! How are you? Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are doing great.

      I’m trying to keep up on hockey. I think I mentioned it awhile back, but Vegas won the SC on my stepdad’s birthday who was a Vegas fan before he passed away about a year prior. Now, I try to take care of Mom, work, and right now watching the Oilers and Panthers game.

      I think Vegas is in a funk a bit like others have posted. It seems best it happens now rather than later but I hope it corrects itself before it gets too far out of hand. Who do you think is their strongest player right now? I think Hill is pretty good. I mean the way he stepped in when Thompson was out last year and Brossoit, I was a little nervous. I am enjoying the MGM betting commercials with Gretzky and McDavid. I know those are old now .

      I saw the NHL Hall of Fame ceremony. I imagine Henrik Lundquist was thinking “I spent my whole life dedicated to hockey, and I finally get to the HOF, and I have to sit next to two little kids coloring the whole night” – ha ha

      • Hi Julie great to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Doing ok Glad to read your surviving these crazy times. Hope your mom is doing ok it is always difficult loosing a love one. I recall you saying what a huge Vegas fan your stepdad was. By the sounds of things you have your hands full and staying busy. Oilers and Panthers victims of Vegas heading to the Cup win which was pretty exciting time. They are struggling the last few games after strong start to this year’s campaign but it’s a long season so who knows. I am optimistic but a realist at the same time so anything is possible. Wild Bill is a heck of a 200 foot player and always a threat when on the ice. Keep in touch and stay well.

  10. Jose

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    • Alex

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      • ThG

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        • Jose

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          • ThG

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          • ThG

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        • Jason S

          Uh, she admitted it pal! Look, you got fooled! It happens to us all…so taken…so dead husband and current ex porn star laugh at every donation you’ve ever made…let it go… the hockey… No one care about your nonsense non hockey beliefs! Im on wife number 3 – I’ve been fooled before too….just stick to the VGK

          • Sorvino

            Very true Jason S. I’ve been fooled before. Just best to move on.

          • ThG

            nope, she never admitted it; she doesn’t even look like this person.

            Here is exactly what she said

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            so take your lies elsewhere.

      • Jose

        I do want to say that I have no ill will towards the hockey God and wasn’t really intending to expose hockey god.

        I don’t care that his beliefs may differ from mine. I think it’s wrong for him to keep posting sermons and stuff like that on a hockey site especially when everybody has told them that they don’t want to see it or read it. It’s actually downright rude. Everyone says they don’t want to see it and he keeps posting it. It’s worse than telemarketing, and nobody wants to deal with that crap either. I really do enjoy his hockey posts though. I don’t really think that porn stars are filthy cunts. They are simply porn stars and are making a living. Whether people agree with that living is up to the individual.

        I also don’t care that he worships a former porn star. I honestly couldn’t care less, but it would be nice if he stopped posting his beliefs and sermons and crap and tried to enforce them on others. This will be my last post as I don’t really want to engage in some kind of argument with hockey God. I don’t need to be told that I am a devil worshiper, or that he is launching some fake investigations with Nevada authorities to track down my whereabouts. Stupid crap like he has said in the past. Jose will no longer be here.

        I also don’t like the hockey god. So no interest in engaging with someone who likes to preach free speech, but doesn’t respect what anyone else has to say. Complete contradiction.

        • Jose

          I also don’t really approve of trolling if that is what Alex does. I wish everyone would keep it to hockey. Alex seems only to target The hockey God and if he would stop his stupid sermons and preaching and keep it to hockey then Alex would not troll him. I think.

          • ThG

            Jose/ alex/ etc

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            If you don’t like someone’s posts, don’t read them.

        • TS

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          • ThG

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    • Donald J Trump

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      • TS

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  11. Pistol Pete

    Cotter is due. That makes nine games without a point (-1).

  12. ThG

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    • TS

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    • ThG

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      • Barbara Bridges

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        • ThG

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          • THE hockey GOD

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  13. ThG

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For other people with the same name, see Eugene Scott.
    Gene Scott
    Scott in 1986
    Born William Eugene Scott

    August 14, 1929
    Buhl, Idaho, United States
    Died February 21, 2005 (aged 75)
    Glendale, California, United States
    Alma mater

    California State University, Chico
    Stanford University


    Betty Ann Frazier (m. c. 1951; div. 1972)
    Melissa Scott (née Peroff)

    (m. 2000)​

    Church Pentecostal then Protestant (Paulinist)

    William Eugene Scott (August 14, 1929 – February 21, 2005) was an American minister and teacher who served for almost 50 years as a pastor and broadcaster in Los Angeles, California. He pastored the Faith Center and Wescott Christian Center and held weekly Sunday services at the Los Angeles University Cathedral. Scott was known for his flamboyant persona when he presented late-night evangelistic television broadcasts.
    Early life and career

    Gene Scott was born in Buhl, Idaho. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophies of Education at Stanford University in 1957 and subsequently served as an ordained minister for nearly five decades. During his career, Scott served as a traveling teacher for the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, the president of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International for nine years and, for a combined total of 35 years, as the pastor for the Protestant Wescott Christian Center and Faith Center. For the last 15 years of his ministry, Scott held weekly Sunday Bible teaching services at the Los Angeles University Cathedral in Los Angeles, California.[1]

    In 1975, Scott was elected pastor of Faith Center, a 45-year-old church of congregational polity in Glendale, California. Faith Broadcasting Network was the first Christian television station and the first to provide 24-hour Christian programming. Scott added a nightly live television broadcast to the network, the Festival of Faith.

    In 1983, the University Network began broadcasting the first twenty-four-hour religious television network via satellite to North America and much of Mexico and the Caribbean. Affiliate television and radio stations broadcast Scott’s services and nightly teachings.
    Early years

    Though raised a minister’s son, he rebelled against tradition early in life and became agnostic in college. His search for faith caused him to change majors on every degree. “A hard study of the resurrection of Christ led to a firm faith,” and Scott’s journey back to faith is laid out in his summation under the title: “A Philosopher Looks at Christ.” He went on to complete a Ph.D. in Philosophies of Education at Stanford University in 1957; his Doctoral Dissertation dealt with the theology of Reinhold Niebuhr. He taught at Evangel College (now Evangel University), then assisted Oral Roberts in establishing Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    Assemblies of God

    Scott eventually joined the Assemblies of God, a Pentecostal denomination, and served overseas as a missionary for several years.

    While working as president of Wescott Christian Center,[2] on July 12, 1967, the AG General Superintendent (Thomas F. Zimmerman) appointed Scott as one of fourteen persons to serve on their Committee on Advance as Research Director.[3]

    At their August 26–29, 1968 Council on Evangelism held in St. Louis, Missouri, Scott preached one of four major evening messages to a crowd of about 7000 registered participants at the Kiel Auditorium.[4] Focusing on human frailties of Old Testament prophets and New Testament apostles, he concluded that the message of the church (his assigned theme for the occasion) was, “the message of a Person–Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It needs to be told from the Word, and it needs to be experienced, and it needs to be seen.”[5]
    Wescott Christian Center

    In 1970, Scott resigned his Assemblies of God credentials in good standing to focus on the Wescott Christian Center (aka Community Bible Church[6]) with his father, a pastor in Oroville, California. Later, Scott was elected the church’s pastor by a unanimous vote of the board of Faith Center in Glendale, California. His father, known as “Pop Scott”, and his mother, known as “Mom Scott”, assisted him at his new church.

    The Wescott Christian Center is the title-holder to various church properties and bank accounts, according to county records.[7] Upon Scott’s death, all assets and copyrights transferred to his wife Melissa Scott.
    Full Gospel Fellowship

    During 1970, Scott’s father (W.T. “Ted” Scott) was vice-president on the executive board of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International.[8] Gene was a featured speaker at its eighth annual convention in 1970, and served as its president from October 1975 to July 1984.[9]
    Faith Center

    In 1975, while serving his Oroville ministry, Scott was approached to serve as a financial consultant for the 45-year-old Faith Center church in Glendale, California, by its then pastor and founder, religious broadcaster Ray Schoch.

    Faith Center owned four broadcast stations: KHOF-TV channel 30 in San Bernardino, California, KHOF-FM 99.5 in Los Angeles, California, KVOF-TV channel 38 in San Francisco, California, and WHCT channel 18 in Hartford, Connecticut. These stations composed FBN, the Faith Broadcasting Network.

    In 1975, Scott began nightly live broadcasts, and eventually satellite broadcasts extended his services and talk shows to many countries.[1][10][11]

    Scott became known as much for his stage persona as he was for his preaching skills. He would fill chalkboards with scriptural passages in the original Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic during his exegesis as to their meanings.

    During his live fundraising broadcasts, Scott typically stared into the camera and told his viewers to get on the telephone and give if they felt as though the spirit called for it, often wearing one of a variety of hats, such as an English pith helmet or a sombrero. He often played a videotape of the Statesmen Quartet singing the lively hymn “I Wanna Know” repeatedly to get viewers to contribute.

    Scott showed disdain for other religious broadcasters like Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart, and bristled when people referred to him as a televangelist, preferring to be regarded as a teacher and pastor.[12]
    Los Angeles University Cathedral
    University Cathedral marquee

    In 1989, Scott was approached by Bruce Corwin, then president of Miracle on Broadway and chairman of the Metropolitan Theatres Corporation, to restore the United Artists flagship theatre at 937 South Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.

    In 1990, Scott and his congregation moved their Sunday service to the building, which he renamed the Los Angeles University Cathedral. According to the Los Angeles County Recorder’s office and North American title report, Scott acquired ownership of the building through his entity the Wescott Christian Center in December 2002. Both the building[13] and the neon “Jesus Saves” signs are designated historic monuments.[citation needed]

    Portions of the Dr. Gene Scott Bible Collection containing Bibles, other books, and manuscripts, were formerly held at the building.
    University Network

    In 1975, Scott began a series of broadcasts which resulted in the creation of the University Network. By 1983, this network was broadcasting his sermons 24 hours a day via satellite to the United States and Canada, as well as to much of Mexico and the Caribbean. By 1990, his network was available to 180 countries, and by 1992 his sermons were being broadcast in several languages on AM, FM and shortwave radio.

    Drawing from nearly 30 years of recorded programming,[14] Scott’s radio, satellite and television ministry continues to be broadcast, although on different stations and at different times.
    Notable members of congregation

    Among Scott’s volunteer cadre of telephone-answering “Voices of Faith” was Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Wes Parker. During a 1982 broadcast (index number S-1086-3), Parker spoke with Scott publicly for over 20 minutes, stating that before coming across Scott’s television program, he had never understood or felt drawn toward Christianity. He said that it was Scott’s intelligent and fact-based approach to teaching that earned his respect and allowed him to build faith. He also said that his earlier exposures to Christianity had had no effect, because they were mostly based on simplistic platitudes such as “God is love” which he found unconvincing.

    Actor Don DeFore was also a member of his congregation.
    Continuing broadcast presentation

    During the years following Scott’s death, his surviving wife and successor, Pastor Melissa Scott, has purchased many hours of time over broadcast, cable, and satellite television for the presentation of one-hour programs of his messages from his later years, as well as many recent lectures by herself from Faith Center. Still available are the 24-hour satellite, internet, and shortwave radio broadcasts, carrying the raw network feed, featuring three decades of Scott’s recorded teachings.[citation needed]

    Starting in 2005, Melissa Scott led the Los Angeles church until it was sold, and she now leads the Glendale church. She is seen weekly on her own national television broadcast. She refers to Scott as her mentor.[dead link][15]
    Posthumous publication of writings

    Multiple volumes of “The Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit” have been published by Dolores Press for Pastor Melissa Scott (20 as of December 2022). This work in progress comprises every Sunday message preached by Gene Scott since his arrival at the Faith Center in 1975. The entire series is available for purchase individually or as a set at the Dolores Press website.[16]

    Scott was an artist and painted well over a thousand watercolors, acrylics and oils. He was a philatelist, once owning the Ferrer block, and an equestrian.
    Philanthropic activities and memberships

    Scott’s charitable activities included raising money for the Los Angeles Public Library and the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena.[17] His interests and memberships included:

    Los Angeles Central Library Save the Books telethon
    Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center and one of its founding directors
    Member, Board of “Rebuild L.A.”
    Member, Philatelic Foundation of New York

    Marriages and relationships

    Betty Ann Frazer,[18] first wife, married for twenty-three years, divorced in June 1972.
    Christine Shaw, long-time girlfriend from early 1980s until 1995.
    Melissa Scott , second wife from August 2000 until his death, successor of his ministry and present pastor of Faith Center and C.E.O. and President of the University Network.[19]


    Scott was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000, but declined surgery and chemotherapy. After four years he was diagnosed with cancer elsewhere in his body. Scott described his battle with the sickness to his congregation during several months of continued live broadcasts.

    In mid-2004 he named his wife, Melissa Scott, as pastor of the church and signed papers effecting the transition. In February 2005, Scott suffered a stroke and lapsed into a coma in Glendale Adventist Medical Center.

    Scott was pronounced dead at 4:30 pm PST on February 21, 2005.[20]

  14. ThG

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    • TS

      Say WHAT?? Sounds like classic deflection!!

      • ThG

        says someone who can’t tell difference between a cow and pig, it’s pretty obvious that Bridges is not Scott, not even close facials . Two completely different people.

        But that says more about you, than me.

        • TS

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          • ThG

            the faces are not even close to each other, and it’s pretty obvious by looking at her now that she never had plastic surgery.

            take your usual bull shit delusional elsewhere, it won’t fly here, all you do is lie.

            “Asked about the Barbie Bridges matter, Scott scoffs. “It’s definitely a freak show. I’ve seen a good portion of the stuff on the Internet, and honestly, I almost have to laugh at it,” she says, . Pressed further, Scott sighs deeply, then adds, “Okay, I was never an actress in a pornographic movie. So what does that do? You defend that, what else do you start defending?””

        • TS

          Are you saying Melissa/Barbara is a Cow, or a Pig?? I can’t tell the difference…

          • Alex

            Per a very easy internet dig, they both have the same birthday and share the same parents! What a coincidence! THG exposed!

  15. Bobby

    Go Knights go!

  16. THE hockey GOD

    Braking from the Babylon Bee
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    Clues The Hospital You’re At Is Actually A Hamas Base
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    The doctors break out in cheers when someone dies: Not a good start.

    The ambulance has a .50-cal machine gun mounted on top: It does clear traffic, but in a very Hamas-y manner.

    The hospital offers to waive your bill if you strap on this cool vest: To be fair, we’re told they do keep their word.

    The gift shop sells “I’m sorry you’ve been taken hostage” balloons: Uh-oh.

    The sound of small arms fire keeps coming from the Cancer Ward: Very unorthodox, those Hamas cancer treatments.

    You got lost on the way to the cafeteria and ended up in an underground tunnel filled with rocket launchers: Not good!

    The pediatric unit is labeled the “Human Shield Ward”: Strong terrorist vibes.

    The intake nurse checks your temperature, pulse, and circumcision status: Yikes.

    The surgical assistant is a goat: And oh no, he’s wearing Hamas’ little green headband!

    None of the doctors are Jewish: Pretty much a dead giveaway.

    Spotting Hamas bases inside hospitals can be tough, but keep your eyes peeled for these hints!

    The Babylon Bee

  17. Sorvino

    Barbie Rogers and Melissa Scott are the same person. You are loser THG for following that evangelistic crap. How much money out of your pocket did you give to these people. You are such a loser.

    You’re also an asshole for all of the insults that you have hurled at people like TS in the past. It’s one thing that you are stupid and brainwashed and probably can’t help your low IQ, but being an asshole is a choice that you made. Nobody likes you here, but does anybody actually like you outside of this website?

    • THE hockey GOD

      Barbie Rogers ? is not Melissa Scott, There is no such theory liking Scott to a Barbie Rogers !! NONE.

      The only ASSHOLE here is you Sorvino for attacking people. I only defend myself from people LIKE YOU and TS who ATTACK ME FIRST. Just like you are doing now. So go fuck yourself , loser.

      “Asked about the Barbie Bridges matter, Scott scoffs. “It’s definitely a freak show. I’ve seen a good portion of the stuff on the Internet, and honestly, I almost have to laugh at it,” she says, . Pressed further, Scott sighs deeply, then adds, “Okay, I was never an actress in a pornographic movie. So what does that do? You defend that, what else do you start defending?””

      If you look at Barbie BRIDGES and SCOTT you can SEE they are two different people. Anyone with a brain can see that. So are you brain dead or blind or in a coma ?

      Get a life, loser, and take your asshole comments with you.

      Typical example of people attacking me, and my defense from their idiotic attacks.

  18. Jailbird

    F*ck! This is exhausting just trying to share some Knights talk about hockey! Come ON Ken. Enough of allowing all this shit here. Many have asked you for years to put a stop to this! OR are you really one of them OR maybe one of the posters yourself? For shits sake, I just want to enjoy hockey talk! COME ON!!!!!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      many ? Not really.

      Stop your lying, this free speech interaction drives this site !!

      GET a clue. It’s fun watching these moe’s whining and crying and moaning all the time. The top KAREN is a pistol. Exposed for many things.

      • TS

        THANK YOU! I consider your ” pistol” comment a compliment, Thg!!

        • ThG

          TS all you do is post hate and lies, falsehoods, spins and twists

          what next Mary Magdelen (Mary Magdalene [a] (sometimes called Mary of Magdala, or simply the Magdalene, Magdalena or the Madeleine))is a whore ? Knowing you and your perverted “friends’ on this board; someone will post this. Another debunked lie and conspiracy theory. I post links from reputable sites, and others dig up garbage from gutter sites which have no credibility none what so ever. See common thread ?

          • TS

            Actually, I believe Mary was Jesus’s closest confidente, perhaps his wife. She held as much sway with Jesus as the others. But, you keep putting words in MY mouth..

  19. Richie-Rich

    You have to be a moron to be brainwashed by any of these major ministries, and worse donating money to them. Don’t get me wrong, if you get your jollies off of giving away your hard earned money I will give you my VENMO account!

    I believe in a higher power, intelligent design. I was indoctrinated into the Catholic religion. My father was 100% Jewish. My father was told he would be disowned if he married cross-faith. As a result, I have a very jaded outlook when it comes to organized religion. It’s bad enough that government taxes (steals) from hard working citizens. The major religions require donations as well. They do so in the name of solving all sorts of problems. All lies. Most of the money we give to government and any religious institution goes directly to the powerful elites within those organizations.

    This is why I am a libertarian at heart. I was so glad to see that Argentinians voted for a Libertarian. They’ve finally figured out, after 100+ years, that socialism absolutely SUCKS!

    Believing in a higher power and intelligent design isn’t a religion. It’s a belief system, a hypothesis that is valid to hold until proven by science to be false.

    As an educated person, I find all of the name calling disgusting. I would bet that none of you who are doing it are like this in the real world. So, why do you do it here in this forum. I don’t mind talking about topics other than hockey, but the divisive hateful comments and the way some of you treat one another is just awful.

    Be Better.

    • ThG

      yes R R
      they spin and toss hate when ever they see a comment , or free speech, that they don’t like . Then when they are given the same treatment that they give out, they cry and whine like babies.

      Who said anything about donating ? I didn’t, more spin. TS is the worst, twisting and spinning with lies and bull shit.

    • ThG

      yeah RR but SPAIN is all screwed up now. For some reason.

    • TS

      Yes, YES, YESSSSSS! !Bravo, RR!!

      • THE hockey GOD


        Yes, YES, YESSSSSS! !Bravo, RR!!”

        post by number one hater and name caller , and spinner/hypocrit on this site.

        Your bull shit is noted, again, as usual.

        • TS

          Thg, only you. Only you.

          • ThG

            different face
            different nose
            different mouth
            different voice
            different upper body

            can’t change that, name caller and liar TS

            it’s ALL YOU loser

        • Alex

          Same birth date! Same parents! HAHAHAHAHAHA – YOU ARE SO BUSTED!


    • Roselyn

      Richie Rich is bang on and especially the first paragraph saying that you have to be a moron, or brainwashed to be a part of these ministries.

  20. Tim

    Ken I know you don’t care a post is a post but even you by the above post would have to agree this is not much of a hockey site anymore. Instead of hockey discussions it’s turned into a political and religious site.

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