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Recap: Vegas was looking to end this difficult road trip by completing a four game win streak with a game in Philadelphia. Like they have in many games this trip, they got on the board early, with Pavel Dorofeyev scoring just under nine minutes into the contest.

VGK would add to that total early in the 2nd with a power play tip-in goal from Ivan Barbashev and then Teddy Blueger would get his first goal as a Golden Knight later in the frame. After 40 minutes, Vegas led 3-1.

In the 3rd, it appeared it would be smooth sailing as Jonathan Marchessault added another power play goal to extend the lead to three goals. Philly came storming back through notching two goals in about two minutes to cut the lead to one. But, Vegas held on and buried the empty netter to take home the victory.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 42-20-6 with their 5-3 win in Philadelphia. Vegas will head home with 8 points in the bag and begin a short homestand against Calgary and Columbus. Puck drop against the Flames on Thursday is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Ken)

Analysis: The Golden Knights continued doing what they have for most of this road trip. They got on the board first then defended by keeping the opposition to the outside. Anything that did get through Jonathan Quick was there to scoop up (for the most part). It’s a fairly comfortable win, aside from those few minutes it got close, that brings an end to an incredibly successful road trip. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Philadelphia Flyers at Wells Fargo Center.

  • VGK wasting no time to score in periods

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Ivan Barbashev
** William Karlsson
* Jonathan Marchessault



VGK Must Boost Analytics To Avoid Inevitable Regression


Nine Minutes To Win It


  1. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete,

    Why don’t we just aim for 109 points. Let’s go big.

    • Pistol Pete

      You got it ‘bro. Let’s do 9-4-1 = 109 pts. Why not go for it a little bit?!!! Lol

  2. Jailbird

    8 point trip. Very big. Way to go boys!

  3. Knights fan in minnie

    God damn stench from the broken sewer cap made watching the 3rd period in Space 41 tough, but it was a nice win. Now time for top ramen and ketchup packets for dinner!

    • knights fan in minny

      a poor mans dinner for a fake ass poster nog like you alex how many dinners did that gold chain cost your family boy

    • TS

      WHY WHY WHY do you continue this immature bullshit???? You may be getting y-o-u-r kicks, but NO ONE ELSE IS. It’s NOT entertaining, NOT amazing, just IRRITATING. PLEASE BE CIVIL AND STOP.

  4. Emmanuel

    If LT comes back healthy who starts in the playoffs? Play the hot hand? Rotate and stay fresh?

    I’d go with LT (I dont believe that experience in sports is an advantage).

    Any thoughts?

  5. Bobby

    Quick is outstanding, don’t care how old he is. If we had 1 game to win it all, he’s the man. Best goaile on the team, in my opinion. Gotta re-sign Barbashev, he’s too good. For once, Vegas did the right thing at the deadline filling needs with solid players instead of going for flash. Up to 4th overall in the NHL. One of these days, the NHL network will show some love to Vegas. Maybe if Vegas wins the cup, the NHL Network can run a 60-second blurb to let everyone know.

    • knights fan in minny

      quick is like a rubber binder very flexible agreed on ivan i would try to keep blueger to that’s for the front. Office to deal with next year.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Not sure why my posts are not posting via the desktop. Let’s try the mobile.

  7. knights fan in minny

    solid road trip quickie 4-0 pavel with a fantastic power move to the net for a goal are we 5 points up on the kings

  8. knights fan in minny

    solid road trip quickie 4-0 pavel with a fantastic power move to the net for a goal are we 5 points up on the kings

  9. Jailbird

    Kings play Islanders tonight. Let’s see if NY can help us out!

    • knights fan in minny

      i think fiala is out tonight that helps the islanders some.

  10. JV

    Gutted out a win after taking a commanding lead. Quick solid again. Can’t stop it when you own defense is helping the other team. Theodore got completely undressed on Flyers second goal. I remember Gallant sitting him in the press box after a goof like that. That won’t fly in the playoffs.

  11. Pistol Pete

    My more than one or two sentence posts are not posting desktop or mobile. I don’t get it.

    • TS

      Uh, oh…Ken is enacting a ” governor” on how long posts are! SNAP! NEW RULE: SHORT AND SWEET!

  12. Pistol Pete

    My man Doro muscles the puck all along the boards, behind and out to the front of the net burying one upstairs. Beautiful goal. Strong on the puck is the key.

  13. Pistol Pete

    Jonathan Quick with Vegas:

    4-0-0 GAA 2.25 SV% .930


  14. Pistol Pete

    Barby nets two = 4 G/4 A in nine VGK games.

    Blueger gets his first as a Knight.

  15. Pistol Pete

    Dorofeyev lands both of that line’s two shots. He shoots and goes to the net.

    Barbashev and Blueger now have 12 pts between them:

    Barbashev: 4 G/4 A (9 games)
    Blueger: 1 G/3 A (7 games)

    • knights fan in minny

      solid pick ups

      • Pistol Pete

        Will be interesting to see if Doro stays on the roster for the remainder of the season. Looks like a keeper for now. Pretty he knows how important backchecking is.

        • Pistol Pete

          pretty sure

          I’m sure the coaches have drilled into his brain, up here you have to play both ends of the ice which includes back pressure.

  16. Rashaad

    Word up my brotha kfim. Solid pick ups.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    torts is no freddy Shiro

    a once good franchise lingers in the depths

    The philly announcers were not as bad as those in toronto or in that other place that shall remain nameless

    did not like that late hit on no. 16 after he scored, that is a penalty and completely uncalled for, very late

  18. Pistol Pete

    Cassidy noted Dorofeyev as “being strong on pucks, separates in the O Zone so he gives you O zone play not just a rush guy so you need that”.

    Very encouraging. Now Pavel it’s up to you to keep the pressure on, both ends of the ice.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP let’s see how he does when he plays against a real NHL team, d play positioning still lacking.

      hope he brings his A game against the FLAMES, and doesn’t flame out.

      • Pistol Pete

        I am pushing hard, wishing actually on a hope and a prayer that Pavel will prove out. We really need a prospect his age to come in and be like a
        Misfit. Frankly it remains a pipe dream for now. I admit that.

        • Pistol Pete

          Always thought this is a good watch. This guy seems to know the real pronunciation of Dorofeyev’s name.

          • Pistol Pete

            A lot of what said in the video report rings true but he has become bigger and stronger on the puck, forechecking for example.

  19. THE hockey GOD

    i am nOT making this stuff up, these guys hate the first amendment, more proof.


    During a conference call about the Silicon Valley Bank bailout yesterday, Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) asked representatives from the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) if they had a way to censor information on social media to prevent a run on the banks, according to Republican members of the House of Representatives who were on the call.

    • Wilson

      Your fake god and all it’s superstitious nonsense has made you even more stupid than your were originally born as… no one wants to hear your nazi politics, your superstitious nonsense or your hockey ignorance

      • knights fan in minny

        no one wants to read your fake ass posts alex you piece of shit shut your hole loser

      • THE hockey GOD

        so “wilson” the constitution is now nazi politics ? Thanks for clearing up that you are an anti America neo fascist, and an idiot.

        Get out of AMerica, you don’t like it here, go back to Cuba. DumShit

        • Wilson

          You mean the same constitution that listed blacks as not full “persons” in its original form?

          • THE hockey GOD

            the word “black” is no where in our constitution, try again moron.

            Once again if you don’t like it here, you are free to move to another country. What are you waiting for ?

          • Richie-Rich

            I love America and the Constitution, but Wilson is right! Only European settlers were viewed as full persons when our nation was founded. Not all of those who signed the Declaration of Independence was in agreement and the progressive movement for equality began on day 1. Slavery was an institution all around the globe for thousands of years before 1776. England ended slavery before us, and we followed suit as well. Credit the hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers who fought for the Union and to end slavery. While racism exists today, it is not institutionalized. The world is evolving! That’s the good news. We won’t honor Martin Luther King Jr. until human beings can look at one another and not see color at all, just another person.

        • TS

          So, where. Can we send YOU, THG???

    • TS

      Thg, he was concerned about the ” panic selling” that social media had stirred up with the ” gloom- and- doom”, “world is gonna collapse” talk. You well know what havoc can be created on SOCIAL MEDIA. Trump mastered the skill. The political divide is the perfect storm, pushed and spread on these platforms. So, any wonder that the same is being propagated on social media about banks NOW??

      • Obvious

        Dumbest fan base in sports fully on display

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS I don’t care what he was “worried about” (lib tards are always worried about something, be it covid or guns or shiny new objects to tax); throwing the constitution under the bus is plain and simple anti AMERICAN.

        What next ?

      • Richie-Rich

        There are real fundamental problems in the economy TS. FDIC can only ensure about 25% of the total deposits that it is responsible for. Inflation and rate hikes have eroded banking liquidity because those banks put a large majority of deposits into bonds. This is what you get when interest rates are manipulated by a bunch of economic idiots who actually believe in “debt economic theory”. We’re at a point where our politicians cannot continue to borrow money, nor can we rely on rate hikes to tamp down inflation. I’ve seen this coming for quite some time. The best advice I can give anyone is to shed your debt and get yourself into a debt free situation as best you can before the end that is coming arrives. This analysis isn’t from the news. It is clearly evident to anyone who follows markets, (stocks, bonds, etc).

        • TS

          RR, turns out SVB was using LOTS of Crypto, aka ” FAKE money” as collateral on many loans, which is SUICIDE. They took in millions in Crypto deposits, then tried to use them like REAL money. FINANCIAL SUICIDE. Anyone who thinks Crypto is real money, and NOT a haven for dark money, drug money, or criminal money, is in trouble, just like their so- called ” money”. Crypto is one huge global Ponzi Scheme, and anyone who invested their real dollars in it is now BROKE. SVB screwed themselves!!( and regulators went to lunch, ignoring it all!)

  20. Jailbird

    The Kings keep winning, the Oilers coming on, the Kraken fading a bit. This race for top spot in pacific and WC is going down to the wire. Can we keep up this pace? I think so, we will see!

  21. Tim

    As a poster above mentioned the best thing at the trade deadline was to pickup needs not shinny new toys.

    • THE hockey GOD

      says the guy who doesn’t realize that all the top contenders pick up “shiny toys”,

      most unsophisticated fan base in history of sports. Clueless on how things work

      in NHL.

      Don’t know how some people manage to get through their daily lives without falling down or having someone else change their depends. Opps , talking about Biden here, better watch out or the snowflakes will throw another tantrum.

      • THE hockey GOD

        btw Ivan the Barber was a must sought out “shiney object”, for those idiots buying into that conspiracy bull shit.

      • TS

        Hmmmmm, curious. How do Y-O- U know he wears Depends, thg??? Do you buy in bulk together?
        As for his ARTHRITIS, 100% of us will experience the SAME ailments as we age!! Are YOU suffering from it yet?? I am. Feel it every day. If you aren’t YET, guaranteed you WILL down the line. I CANNOT believe you continue to beat up on Biden for AGING, JUST LIKE A-L-L HUMANS DO!! JEEZ, MAN, IF YOU’RE GONNA WHINE AND BITCH, AT LEAST BE FAIR AND REALISTIC!! BITCH ABOUT POLICIES, BUT BLASTING A GUY FOR AGING IS PRETTY DAMN PETTY AND IMMATURE!!

        • TS

          Btw, my own parents died before 80. I would give anything to still have them in my life, and Biden’s family and friends surely feel lucky to have him in THEIR lives. Like his grandchildren. Like jill. How old are YOU? WHAT WILL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS SAY WHEN Y-O-U DIE? Will they wish YOU were still alive to bless their lives with love and care?? THINK ABOUT WHAT Y-O-U-R LEGACY WILL BE…

        • THE hockey GOD

          “Hmmmmm, curious. How do Y-O- U know he wears Depends, thg???” as a woman you should be able to recognize “panty lines”. BTW did you miss
          it when he crapped in his pants in front of the Queen ?? It is well known Biden has issues with that, among other things.

          • TS

            Your point?

          • TS

            I find it very odd that you seem fixated on Biden’s bowel movements! And that you would notice his depends is a bit disturbing, thg…

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS i find it disturbing that you lib tards voted
            for such a pathetic , anti AMerican scum bag , piece of shit in first place. And your ilk “notice” nothing detrimental about this evil piece of human flesh. Your deflection won’t work here.

            As Bob Hope said Democrats are like zombies, you’d vote for Hitler if you were told too.

  22. THE hockey GOD

    VGK clenched playoffs, so all the FO and coach haters are long gone.
    VGL don’t have a devastating season ending road trip back east, like they
    had last year. Which they barely lost a number of games in OT.

    • Jose

      St. Louis folded up like a weak Republican who let an election get stolen from them. Looked like a bunch of pussies.

    • TS

      ” evil piece of human flesh??? Surely you are mixed up..

  23. Jose

    Not legal. I am a Mexican rapist. I just walked right through your border. It was so easy. The second easiest part was the actual raping. I love your country. I’m not sure if I like Democrats or Republicans more. Again, I am neither. I am illegal and enjoying all the luxuries that your country provides, and not paying any taxes because your stupid government doesn’t know I exist.

    I was always told that Republicans were better politicians, but I was shocked at how they were defeated so easily in the election. If hypothetically, they did have the election stolen from them then they are even bigger pussies than I thought to let that happen. If that had actually happened and I was a republican I would be too embarrassed to admit it.

    Just my opinion. And if anyone is going to waste your time telling me to go back to Mexico then you are wasting your time. I’m perfectly fine going back-and-forth and enjoying the luxuries and spoils your country provides me without paying any taxes.

    • knights fan in minny

      shut the fuck up alex you piece of shit you’re not fooling anyone go see the head doctor you need it

      • Alex


        • knights fan in minny

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          • Obvious

            Still wound up in stinky space 41 with the expired tags!

  24. Jose

    There is a certain freedom that I get to enjoy being an illegal, my life is more than just raping and not paying taxes. I don’t agree with Donald Trump’s politics, but I am a huge admirer of the man as we do have things in common like sexual assault and not paying taxes.

    • knights fan in minny

      keep one eye open boy

    • TS

      Jose, I am not laughing. Ok, yes, I am! Isn’t Sinbin interesting?? Lol..!! Now, is there any HOCKEY out there???

  25. Jose

    I would have given anything to have been in the same room with these two great men in the link above.

  26. Jailbird

    Now I understand why some of my friends only follow another site, that I guess was started by someone who used to be on here? All I know is they say it’s about hockey and only hockey. That would be refreshing, but I haven’t been invited. So I am stuck with this place!

    • knights fan in minny

      enjoy it bird man

    • TS

      Jb, I’d be happy with a simple BAN ON POLITICS here. It is the GREAT AMERICAN DIVIDE..

    • THE hockey GOD

      hockey is politics, were you in a coma during the olympics and 72/ 74 summit series ???

      • TS

        Hockey is politics?? Did you actually post that nonsense?

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS where were you during the 1960s and 1980s olympics ?? Your post is the one that is nonsense. Did you miss the Soviet Red Army summit series? Did you miss all the political rhetoric when the FLYERS played the Red Army?

          Going through life living with a box around your head only dulls your senses and as Dean Wurmer said “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son”.

          When you go to games don’t you see all the woke bull shit ? It’s “pride day”, it’s “this month day”, it’s that month’s day.

          For someone pushing the WOKE agenda, you sure are asleep at the wheel.

          • TS

            Thg, not me. I’m not pushing ANY agenda, other than to stop this Political Bulkshit in this HOCKEY site. You justify all your bashing with the 1st amendment, but then attack ANYONE who DARES to disagree with you!! TELL ME, WHERE IS THAT FREE SPEECH, WHEN ANOTHER SPEAKS AGAINST YOUR VIEWS?? You try to STIFLE them!!Oops, that doesn’t count, huh?? Can you say HYPOCRITE???

          • TS

            Btw, just because the damn RUSSIANS bring POLITICS into sports, doesn’t mean that YOU SHOULD!

          • TS

            Btw, your Hitler comment is FUCKED UP, MISTER. My mom survived ww2 in West Berlin, in a damn bunker! She witnessed many atrocities. She woke up every day, finding ENTIRE JEWISH FAMILIES WERE GONE. Breakfast still on their tables, taken by HITLER and sent to the damn camps and the ovens!! Your insensitive remarks are EXACTLY my case in point!!!

      • TS


  27. knights fan in minny

    keep one eye open boy

  28. Richie-Rich

    I was hoping (expecting) 6 points, but they got 8! Not only did they get 8 but they also got 2 from TBL and 2 from CAR! Totally unexpected.

    Let’s not jinx Quick, just let him keep on rolling out W’s.

    Barbashev seems to be the answer for that top line.

    While there are still a lot of concerns, those all seem insignificant when you are rolling in Wins.

  29. Jose

    As someone who is not a democrat or a republican, I must say that I feel a little bit of pity for the Republicans, not because the orange guy that they worship is a loser who lost to a geriatric (sorry TS but he is) but that his flock of sheep have still not been able to admit it. If I were a Democrat, I would think that’s hilarious. As an outsider who is an illegal and not paying taxes with no affiliation I find that Trump situation just very sad.

  30. Obvious

    The trump crowd (like all 9 THG accounts – all one sad guy, and the trailer park pedo in Minnesota) are so embarrassing

    • THE hockey GOD

      obvious, rashid, rahjallah, alex, jose, ts alex, YOU Are the one with more than ten accounts.

      And all you do is TROLL and HARASS people.

      you have nO added value on this site

    • knights fan in minny

      fake ass posters who post under different names and have shit for brains are embarrassing round up your porch monkeys and get to thuggin

  31. TS

    Jose, I recognize Biden’s decline. It is the inevitable March of OLD AGE. I get that…Sad to see. What I am frustrated about is the constant barrage of political/ personal attacks on Biden, Dems or ANYONE who thinks differently from THEM. This angry commentary has ZERO place on this HOCKEY site. We ALL get this garbage on many other platforms. I know 99% of us feel the same…just ONE angry guy seems to enjoy poking everyone with his LOUD, OBNOXIOUS STICK!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      why do you HATE the first amendment and constitution so much , you are anti AMerican.

      Your cancel culture bull shit won’t work here.

      No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read stuff.

      If you don’t like America, and Free speech. You are free to move to countries like Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela. What are you waiting for ?

      • TS

        Thg, I was JUST about to suggest that to YOU!! Maybe HUNGARY, where Tucker Carlson just LOVES their government! You know, DICTATORS!

        • Alex

          Hey TS, just ignore that Nazi thg – he’s a sad lonely old guy with ED who liked this country alot better when “separate but equal” was the American way. He sees Trump as a return to those days.

          Being a low brow prankster is way more fun

          • knights fan in minny

            hey fake ass piece of shit alex this country is better when your brothers are not carjacking stealing mugging thugging killing and not playing the race card like jussie smollet lying about being beat up he tried to start a race war get a rope george was a thug loser

          • TS

            Alex, and you do a fine job doing it!! You had me in a KNOT for quite awhile. I just HAVE to think we can get along, offer hockey opinions and views, w/o petty, immature attacks. I’m pretty stubborn, persistent, but I also want PEACE. SO…..PEACE TO YOU AND ALL POSTERS!

      • TS

        Hey, thg, tell that to RIGHTEOUS RON DESANTIS!! He’s busy stifling the FREE SPEECH of the ” WOKE OTHERS”. !Apparently, he didn’t get the memo, huh?? And he wants to be POTUS?? KISS THAT 1ST AMENDMENT GOODBYE!

        • TS

          You see, thg, I can be JUST AS COMBATIVE as YOU. But, as a decent, respectful human being, I usually keep my POLITICS to myself, and I don’t ram it down others’ throats. But, SOMETIMES I AM COMPELLED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BULLSHIT!

      • Ts

        Btw, thg: I actually like your Hockey posts. Believe it or not, we have many similar opinions. You can be funny, snarky in a GOOD way, smart, informed, and a loyal fan. As I am. If you would just REMEMBER that this is VGK SINBIN. A HOCKEY SITE FOR LIKE- MINDED FANS. WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM, HERE. WE AREN’T ENEMIES– WE’RE VGK FANS!

    • Jose

      TS, It’s politics and it is a dirty business. It’s wrong but the personal attacks will always happen. The republicans are better politicians and do it better which is why they usually win. Donald Trump surprisingly lost because he has become a complete embarrassing joke. Joe Biden is a creepy old man so obviously he is going to get attacked but even if he was a hypothetically a good person, the attacks would still happen. Look at the way John McCain was treated by Donald Trump and McCain is actually a decent person.

      This is a hockey site and I wish it was run that way but your beef needs to be addressed with Ken who runs this site. He obviously doesn’t give a shit about the comments. The Hockey God is entitled to his opinions even though I mostly disagree. It’s not up to him to police the site.

      I love this country. It’s not perfect but where else can I go as an illegal and not pay taxes. I love the diversity. All races and classes, rich, poor, mexicans, white, black and trailer park scum like knights fan in minny. We all exist and are in this together.

      Warning. Above video is disgusting

  32. Jose

    As much as I do honestly feel that the hockey God is entitled to his opinions and free speech. I do wish that he felt the same because it seems like anytime that anybody disagrees with him, he asks them to leave the country. I think he appreciates free-speech, but only if you agree with him.

  33. Rashaad

    TS is very nice woman, gentle soul.

    Richie Rich, appreciate kind words about constitution.

    knights fan in minny shame on you.

    Great news with William Carrier, Logan Thompson and Laurent Brossoit skating. Everything is so good with the Golden Knights right now. I think we are going to fight for the Stanley Cup but this time we will win. God Bless

  34. Sorvino

    Picking starting goaltender for game one of the playoffs would be an amazing futures bet.

    A) Thompson
    B) Brossoit
    C) Quick
    D) Hill

    Who knows which one will be healthy and the most trustworthy come mid April? I think Jonathan Quick was a nice stopgap plan, but I don’t trust that what he is doing is sustainable. I don’t think you go on a five-year slump, and then become elite again. Logan Thompson would definitely be my answer at the beginning of the season but I feel like he is my second most trustworthy at this point. Adin Hill is the one I liked most. He was on a roll and it did seem real to me and not fluky. Laurent Brossoit was great in a very small sample size.

    For shits and giggles, I will pick the chances of each goalie to start game one of the playoffs. My pick would be Aiden Hill but I don’t think it’ll go that way.

    Percentage/chance to start game one of the playoffs

    Logan Thompson 45%
    Jonathan Quick 25%
    Adin Hill 25%
    Laurent Brossoit 5%

    What do you all think?

    Logan Thompson 45%

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