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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to the Canadian Capital for a matchup with the Ottawa Senators. Vegas opened the scoring 1:22 into the 1st period. Minutes later the Senators evened the score off a lucky bounce past Logan Thompson. However, the Golden Knights weren’t finished scoring and received goals from each Reilly Smith and Zach Whitecloud. Smith recorded the Golden Knights 8th PP goal of the season and Whitecloud picked up his first of 2022-23. VGK held a 3-1 advantage heading into the first intermission.

Chandler Stephenson extended the Golden Knights lead by picking up a shorthanded goal in the middle frame. William Carrier took advantage of a Senator miscue and tapped in his second goal in as many games. Ottawa got closer with two 2nd period goals of their own. After 40 minutes Vegas held on to a 5-3 lead.

Ottawa got even closer in the 3rd period jumping on a turnover in Vegas’ end. The Senators kept attacking but couldn’t find the equalizer. The Golden Knights held on to the lead to win their sixth game in a row.

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 10-2-0 defeating the Senators 5-4 in Ottawa. Vegas will continue their road trip by taking a short flight to Montreal. Puck drop against the Canadiens is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A weird game from start to finish that began with the Golden Knights flying offensively and making the Sens pay for their errors and finished with a strong defensive effort down the stretch. In between though, it was a rocky road as VGK’s puck management was a bit of a disaster and they seemed a bit behind a pesky Senators team. They found a way though, as they have 10 of the first 12 games this year. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Ottawa Senators at Canadian Tire Centre.

  • First team to 10 wins

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** William Karlsson
** Mark Stone
* Chandler Stephenson


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  1. Richie-Rich

    What’s to complain about? Not much. A crazy bounce goal that should have been stopped and puck management/passing issues for some stretches. VGK gave too many chances. Protecting the puck and making smart passes would have been better. This game didn’t have to be this close.

    Next up is Montreal!

    We’re not going to win them all!

    • Pistol Pete

      That’s right R-R not going to win them all in fact including OTL’s you’ll lose around 40% on the way to a 100+ season.

  2. Ice Warrior

    It was much closer than it should have been, but they once again found a way to win.

  3. Jake

    W is W, NM

  4. Theresa Sol

    Nearly gave this one away, but managed to hold on for the W. Had to hold my breath entire 3rd period while Ottowa attacked non-stop. The team is lucky to get those 2 pts.

    • Pistol Pete

      Not lucky good defensive structure and decent goaltending when it counted. VGK locked it down after OTT made it a one goal game in the 3rd. Another win they deserved.

    • THE hockey GOD

      welcome to bungle in jungle forum, Theresa Sol

      • TS

        Thg, my posting error…I’m not too sharp when I’m half- asleep! Just me, TS…

  5. TS

    The guys nearly let that one get away, but held on for the W. 3rd period was constant Ottawa attacks,.
    gotta credit Ottowa for their comeback against us. On to Montreal…

  6. Jailbird

    Probably didn’t deserve it … but ….. JUST WIN BABY !!!

  7. They went into a coasting mode and it came very close to bid them in the butt. I can’t imagine BC was happy about their let up.

  8. knights fan in minny

    it was a win not a pretty win had to work for it the points are piling up set em up vgk will knock em down

  9. Mark

    The 1st period, they looked good. The odd man rushes were poetry in motion at times. The Senators are game, their hungry and they never laid down at all. It was a crazy game, such momentum swings. It was a lot of fun. We picked up 2 points and we are 10-2, not bad. On to Montreal and I’m very happy about this season so far and surprised.

  10. Pistol Pete

    LT 42/46”


    We’ll take it.

    Next game is next.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Eichel has been known to call himself “a setup guy”. That was evident on the secondary assist he recorded on Whitecloud’s goal. He set that up by fighting to gain possession of that bad bounce Ottawa puck and made the key pass.

    Let’s watch Jack close the 28 point gap to a career point a game similar to MacKinnon last year.

    • THE hockey GOD

      that was stone “setting ” up Whitecloud on give and go with Stone, so giving no. 9 an assist is a bit of stretch, and he didn’t set up no.2.

      Scorecard Box score
      Stone is no. 61
      and Whitecloud is no. 2
      Eichel is no. 9
      Make a note of player numbers for future reference.
      Or maybe get a new set of glasses ?

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Eichel has been known to call himself “a setup guy”. That was evident” umm, no it wasn’t. Your comment is a bit of stretch.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP i think a better example is the Theodore goal in OT in which no.9 did all the work.

  12. Blitz

    Ahh the simpletons. Almost little comment about anything other than “got the win”. Almost zero talk about hockey itself. Not what you liked, what you didn’t, who played good, how they almost blew a giant lead and why it happened. Nope “real fans” just put one liners as input, but then criticize any one who may actually try and explain what they saw in a game, good or bad. Un-fucking-real.

    • knights fan in minny

      crawl back under your rock bitter bitch

    • knights fan in minny

      who the hell are you the sin bin police people can say what ever they want ass hole

    • Jailbird

      I sure don’t need you, blitz, to explain to me what I saw in the game! Simply your ego spouting off!

      • Blitz

        How many times you going to change your name on here Doc? You were so tough and cool when you were going to have your own forum and leave this site behind, but it didn’t work out and here you are hiding behind other names. Even your Kenny character and all his tough talk about “when doc and the boys come back”, but here you are. I’ve never seen someone fail so hard at trying to be cool and/or relevant online.

        As far as ego. Why would talking about a hockey game be my ego spouting off? Derrrrrrr…

        • Jailbird

          I don’t know who this Doc is, but if it makes your ego feel like you know everything, you are succeeding! All here know you are an idiot!

  13. vgk21

    A blood pressure rollercoaster type win.

    Opportunistic scoring, key saves, and just enough late urgency to hang on to a win. 6 straight victories.

    LT actually played fairly well, considering that he made a couple of blunders, cuz he made some timely saves too, and won.

    btw, the Howden line has not looked good lately, and I could see Cotter replacing Amadio in the next game.

    The Vgk really cashed in some opportunistic scoring tonight, and that is necessary in road games.

    Montreal next.

    • THE hockey GOD

      weaknesses in knight’s game exposed last night, defensive structure collapse, goalie play, team tiring, bouncing pucks.

      need to address or montreal and toronto will feast on them.

      expect Hill in nets for Montreal on Saturday.

      • THE hockey GOD

        cookie chainsaw Randolf reporting

        here on news in the SPORTS WORLD last night.

        In the world series the Dusty Baker has his ASTROS one game away from winning the whole enchalda. Speaking of Mexican food, Roberto’s taco stand in Encinitas has tamales at a good price. JV won his first world series games in five starts and will likely not see another start in WS. Astros have two of their better starting pitchers going in next game(s) at home.

        NOW in the NATIONAL

        here are scores on various professional ice rinks for November 3 , 2020 games

        4 to3 in OT SO
        5 to 4
        3 to 1
        5 to 2
        3 to 2 in OT SO
        another 5 to 2
        4 to nothing
        2 to 1 in over time
        4 to 1
        8 to 5 , that was a real barn buster
        7 to 2
        4 to 3
        as scoring seems to be picking up


        CC Randolf Signing off.

        PS the FIFTH LINE !

    • Blitz

      Howden started the year off well, but has been terrible the last 3 out of 4 games. Amadio is not really doing much good or bad, well maybe the penalty last night was bad. I don’t understand how Cotter is sitting and not at least rotating. The guy at least brings grit if not other skills as well. And Kessel is playing with Howden and Amadio, what can you say about that. I am actually surprised that Roy didn’t permanently move to the 3rd line after Stephenson moved to wing. I think Roy, Kessel, and Cotter/Amadio/?? is a better line. Howden/Lescheryzwspawepcialdc-ian on the 4th line center. Why not try it? L3 is a big hole right now.

      • Sorvino

        Blitz, Howden and Amadio have not been doing much. The actual so-called “4th” line of Carrier – Roy – Kolesar is more effective and get more ice time then Kessel – Howden – Amadio. I don’t know how many other teams have all 12 forwards clicking at the same time but with Vegas having at least 10 forwards doing that I would look at that as more of a glass half full. You are negative, a pessimist so you see the glass as half empty.

        I agree with you about Howden and Amadio but I don’t know if they have better internal options. Cotter started to fade. Leschschyn is not great.

        I hope you found a way to still enjoy the game and didn’t want to pull your hair out.

        • Blitz

          Not sure I look at any thing half empty or half full. Just like to actually watch the game and call it as I see it. Winning a game or losing a game almost doesn’t matter on a game by game level with so many in a season. So why not find something else beside the win or loss to talk about.

          This leagues is all about your weakest links not your strongest. Line 4 does look good and maybe why Roy is not getting moved. I get that and am ok with that thinking. I also agree Cotter may not be as good or faded, but I also don’t see (with my eyes) why Amadio is a better option. Howden has a higher ceiling than Amadio (we’ve seen it), but I would say he has played the worse out of every one the last 4 games. Let him sit a game and think about it. Why not? I don’t hate that, plus the bench guys could use some rotation. It’s a long season.

          This team went from trying to play top guys a moderate amount of minutes to playing a ton of minutes in all situations. I love we are 10-2. That is amazing, but this is a marathon not a sprint. We need to resolve the 3 goalie situation and maybe do some trading etc and strengthen the bottom 6.

          Yeah if that game didn’t make you pull your hair out I don’t know what to tell you. It was ugly, but partially because OTT was making it that way verses the WAS game where VGK kept shooting themselves in the foot with bad play.

          Classic example, Eichel tries to pass to Stone, but it goes at Stone’s feet. Stone stops to get the puck, the puck gets stolen and goes the other way. This causes a too many men on the ice penalty. No hair pulling? None? This type of passing happens all game long.

  14. Tim

    That’s one of the few times an opponent will outshot us. When it got to 5-3 we lost our composure and went into not trying to lose mode. From the middle of the second period two the final buzzer we weren’t trying win just trying not to lose. First time this year I saw them running scared. As we say one game at a time now it’s off to Montreal another winnable game if we come out prepared.

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