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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking for their first win of the road trip with a stop in New York City to face the Rangers. Vegas came out strong in the first period, driving to the net and outshooting New York. The Rangers heated up in the backend of the period and took a two-goal lead before breaking for the first intermission.

Phil Kessel cut the Rangers’ lead in half early in the middle frame. Vegas was awarded two power plays in the period but couldn’t take advantage of their four minutes of a man advantage. After 40 minutes New York held a 2-1 edge.

Vegas kept pushing in the final period, but New York scored the backbreaker with five minutes remaining. The Rangers also added an empty net goal that the Golden Knights were unable to recover from.

The Golden Knight’s record drops to 29-18-3 losing to the Rangers 4-1 in New York. Vegas will jump right back on the ice tomorrow against the New York Islanders. Puck drop is scheduled for 4:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The age-old hockey story of opportunistic vs inopportunistic. The Golden Knights played well in the 1st period but they found themsevles down two because they couldn’t bury a chance. As the game continued, VGK’s offense slowed down and the chances came fewer and further between. They couldn’t muster up more than one and that means a three game losing streak, a drop to 3rd place in the division, and a 1-5-1 record since losing Mark Stone. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

  • Too many line combos?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Brayden McNabb
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Phil Kessel



New Look 3rd Line Balances Lineup But Comes With Usage Challenges


Scoring Droughts Reaching Troublesome Heights


  1. Emmanuel

    There needs to be a roster shake up, not for the sake of it, but because the players dont seem to mesh, except for the misfits. Bring in fresh blood.

    • THE hockey GOD

      takes a few games for players coming off IR to start to mesh. Give it a few more games. Hopefully after the all star back when every one is back.

  2. Emmanuel

    I also think Amadio and Howden arent legit top 9 NHLers.
    If you disagree reply.

    • Tim

      Emmanuel, You be right rejects from other teams in our top 9 WHY because in 6 years our drafts and farm system has not develops much. Giving so many draft picks away for the shinny new toy has come to bite us in the ass. Tell me Eichel is worth either what we gave in prospects, players, and his 10 million dollar anchor around our cap issues.

    • JV

      Don’t disagree. These are the guys you fill your 4th line/ press box hot dog eaters with at league minimum contracts. What possessed McC to give Howden 1.5 million? His QO should be around 1.65 M? Don’t want him back at that price.

      • Tim

        JV that’s the old hockey logic this is 2023 time to rethink that 4th line bull-shit. I’d dump the 4th line form my team around 3 lines of better quality players and young enough to have the stamina to play hard for any 20 minute period. How many times you see McDavid and other quality players like him double shift or take a blow and come back in after a minutes rest or a TV timeout. Our problem is we have no one that can score consistently on any line.

        • JV

          Tim, it’s reality when 3 players eat up 34% of your cap. How much do you think Caps 4th line cost in 2018? Tampa in 20 and 21? Ok, I concede they made a little bit more than league minimum, around 2.5 -2.8 M total. This team is paying its regular 4th line 6 M total? Can’t do that when you are top heavy. That is when you give players away for future considerations.

  3. Tim

    What most hockey fans love and I laugh about is the opening 4 second of period two. Kolesar motioning to the guy next to him let’s have a scuffle. Oh let’s pump the team up with a fight obviously orchestrated in the locker room at intermission thanks Cassidy nice touch. Let’s don’t have players that can put the puck in the net let’s have a fight for what to show them were a bad ass . I just laugh this sport’s mentality is a joke. Any other sport if there’s a fight it doesn’t happen but when it does the ref’s are right on top of it. In hockey on the other hand the ref’s stand by and enjoy the action now that’s downright fucked-up. Hockey is a lot like wrestling it’s has to create something to keep the fans awake. My wife as I’ve said before was a staunch VJK supporter after tonights game her words to me were we suck. We should and I’ve always said notgotten ride of Gerard Gallant he was a very good player and a players coach who obviously the team responded to the first 2 years. Year 3 we hit a rough spell and goodbye miss American Pie I left the coach at the levy drinking Whiskey and Rye. Confusious say can’t score can’t win enough said on to Long Island.

  4. knights fan in minny

    36 shots 1 goal will not win to many damm games halak was a stud time to get horvat

  5. Richie-Rich

    Emmanuel is spot on. I don’t blame the players. The hand is dealt by Kelly McCrimmon and the hand isn’t going to win many pots.

    Most were singing the praises of Kelly McCrimmon when he went all in for the Ripper. Jack was supposed to be THE GAME CHANGER that VGK was looking for. Turns out that Alex Tuch is outplaying him and has played in more games injury free for half the price. When you consider the total Jack the Ripper price, it is pretty obvious VGK got the short end of that deal.

    But, most are going to whine that Stone is out, blah blah blah.

    Well, why not go out and get 3 Eichels and just roll 2 lines of forwards every night?

    The truth is that this team is sliding as I predicted it would in the preseason. Sure, for a few months we saw the VGK sky rocket to the top 5 teams in the league. But, reality has set in.

    Lastly, many are going to lay the blame on Cassidy or the goaltending, which is dead wrong. You can’t win if you can’t score, and you can’t defend.

    Could we be going after a Horvat or O’Reilly? Who knows. At this point, it really doesn’t matter in my opinion. If I were in charge I’d be getting ready for the fire sale on 1 March.

    The hockey DEVIL!

    • Tim

      Richie-Rich Your post makes a lot of sense to me but I do think Cassidy has to take some of the blame were just so disorganized especially on the PP that falls on him. Like I’ve always said getting rid of Gallant was one big mistake and I hope he savors tonights victory he deserves it the way the Knights treated him.

  6. THE hockey God

    You people are so.unsophisticated! 4-1 loss to the NYR isn’t that bad! Third place is in the top 3! Our battles against bad ice are taking their toll! Jack eichel is looking good -he can really skate !

  7. Tim – Ask Thg the PP is not important according to that old fool. I said day one vegas would regret the Eichel deal. Another one of those send us your lame and Injured we are anxious to provide them their retirement package. Give me two 5 mill a year players versus the 10 mil Eichel gets and l will win every time. VGKs at this point is pretty sad situation. Unfortunately it doesnt appear the probability of improving is around the corner. Foley should be looking for a new mgt team as the current bunch sure are not up to the task at hand.

    • Tim

      Hdbiker, Like you I’ve felt the same about Eichel, wasted draft picks, Gallant firing I could go on and on . Of coarse posters ragged on me I was negative support the team keep the faith etc, Well it’s all come to an end were old, slow, and we over valued players, and basically fucked. Lehner a prime example 5 year 5 million what were they thinking, Eichel 10 million like you said two 5 million players if there the right ones could have made a difference. Cousins, Janmark, Tatar, Lehner, and many more not only did they not work out but they all cost a second round draft choice and in Tatar it was much more expensive.

    • JV

      So you want Kyle Palmieri and Josh Bailey instead of Eichel? There are two 5M players for you.

    • THE hockey GOD

      HD LOSER

      one to two PP per game is hardly a significant stat to rely on.
      The problem is that team isn’t drawing penalties and getting opportunity to hone their pp.

      IT doesn’t help that their goalies are not playing lights out, nor the team is depleted in key personnel.

      Try to think outside the box for once, I know it’s hard.

      have two cookies, you need them.

    • Tim

      Hdbiker, I tend to ignore you know who he is not worth mentioning.

      • THE hockey GOD

        biker is for free speech, unlike you
        who can’t stand it
        and bets the question: why do you hate America so much ?

        your ilk is type that needs to be flushed down the toiler, for good. Moscow or Havana or North Korea would be good ending points for you

        Biker doesn’t ignore, he frequently mentions THG, he can’t get enough of the wise insight, and other points of view. Even though he thinks he is right, he knows that he can’t be all the time.

        Unlike you, stuck in your depends, as usual.

        now eat your donut- you know you want one, you old fool Took of a Fool. Tim of a fool.

  8. Danny

    the Vgk put more pucks into their own net than they do at the offensive end.

    Eichel minus 3 again. Theodore minus 3, Stephenson and Petro minus 2…….and the PP stunk again, and these 4 guys are weak sauce on it.

    let the firings begin, and start with the Manitoba junior leaguer sitting on his fat ass in the front office…… cuz this team is sliding badly, and on track to finish 5th in the Pacific division, and no playoffs again.

    too old, too soft, too slow, and Tootoo(Jordan)

  9. DeezNutz

    LMAO I knew they would lose tonight and hopefully they get EMBARRASSED tomorrow so maybe something drastic changes. The team is WORTHLESS when it comes to scoring and it’s been this way for years now. I say burn the entire thing down and make Eichel go through a rebuild maybe he will learn to score goals again when he’s on another bottom feeder team going nowhere. I’m fucking sick of watching these overpaid BUMS have to re-learn how to score goals every game like its pee wee all over again. This season is a bust and it looks good on them. Go golf and get tf out of my face.


    First post boys. Been following this forum since I found it a few months ago. I jumped on the VGK bandwagon during the first season when they took professional sports by storm by nearly winning the championship in their first season as an expansion team.

    Most of you d’heads don’t know how good you have it. The Knight’s have been competitive every season. Try being a Red Wing fan reminiscing about the good old days year after year. Personally I like our team and our chances to contend this year.

    Having said all this, I realize that the purpose of this forum is to criticize. So here goes. I think Cassidy mixes and matches the lines too much. There’s a reason the Misfit line has been so effective since day one. MKR know where each will be and what they will do as they attack the net. So, set the other lines and start the process of establishing chemistry, and stay with it longer than a couple shifts.

    Let the nasty rebuttals begin.

    • THE hockey GOD

      welcome to the jungle T VGK FAN

      PS go wings.

    • TS

      Tennessee, agreed on all. Join in, we need your positivity!

    • TS

      Tennessee, the line- shuffling is sorta like an old- school slot machine. Pull the handle, hope they line up right…
      Jackpot. Cassidy is pulling handles, moving to diff machines, looking for another payout, another winning line. Guess ALL sports ARE a gamble, and why Sports are such a great fit for Vegas!

  11. THE hockey GOD

    The Captain, in his wide brimmed white hat, pounding his blackjack in his hand “Ok
    assembly the CREW NOW !”

    Addressing the crew “LISTEN UP ever bod ee, What we seems to have here, is a FAIL YER to COMMUNICATE”.

    Luke starts smirks and grinning.

    Captain turns to his lead ” What is wrong wit dat boy ”

    Dragline ” Don’t mind him boss”

    Gambler “Yeah he’s always looks like that, with that funny ugly smilin’ face, yo’all remember High Drive ? Good ole boy HD? Kinda like dat HD ?!

    Captain ” Quiet down as I was saying. Y’all have a failure

    to lift the puck, Tuch?

    Can you hears me ?

    lift the puck, Tuch !

    Lift the puck , tuch!

    You can not go through life winning if you don’t figures out how to lift the puck!”

    Parody on cool hand luke, for lo brow posters who post here, more often than not.

    the real HOCKEY GOD

  12. THE hockey GOD

    What is really going on here.

    Despite the RL and JE haters, who have blinders on most of the time.

    From the Golden Edge.

    Nobody can replace what Stone brings to the Golden Knights as he is a one-of-a-kind player that the VGK are lucky to have. But every team goes through injuries and the remaining star players on the team’s roster have not stepped up in his absence.

    “It starts with us. There is no secret to it. To win the hockey game your best players have to be your best players… it not only about the production it is about your effort too,” said Golden Knights forward Jonathan Marchessault, who was the only player on the team last year to score 30 goals.

    In his last nine games, Eichel has just a goal and an assist and is a -12.

    He has had his moments in games where he tries to take over and generate chance, but nothing has resulted of it as Eichel looks unmotivated. One has to wonder if he is still dealing with some sort of pains from his leg injury.

    Chandler Stephenson is the other big name who has gone cold lately. Without his consistent linemate in Stone, he has been moved all throughout the lineup and with different linemates. He has three points in his last nine games and has no goals in his last eight as a result.

    The Misfit Line of Marchessault, Reilly Smith, and William Karlsson has always been a consistent source of offense for the Golden Knights. Amidst this current scoring slump, they have been the only glimmer of offense for the Golden Knights, making them a one-line team.

    But offense has dried up as a whole with even this line not being able to score. Smith, despite leading the team in goals, has zero in his last eleven games and Marchessault has zero goals in his last eight.

    “That’s probably why we’re losing a lot of games right now. We have to show up and we have to find a way to produce. I think when you get scoring chances it is positive. But we have to keep pushing. It’s adversity that I think a lot of hockey players face and you have to get out of it quick,” said Marchessault.

    All of this inefficient scoring has created a trickle down affect in the Golden Knights lineup as bottom-six guys like Michael Amadio, Nicolas Roy, and Paul Cotter have been moved up to the top-six in an effort to patch things up, keep the Misfit Line together, and generate offense.

    It has not worked, as against the Rangers, Michael Amadio was the latest player benched in the third period. But it’s not necessarily these bottom-six guys’ faults as most of them are used to a more limited role.”

    in other words you can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig, you can put
    a tuxedo on a goat it’s still a goat, you can put high drive on a tricycle and pretend it’s a Harley, but it’s still a tricycle.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “That’s probably why we’re losing a lot of games right now. We have to show up and we have to find a way to produce.” so much for those people saying it is the PP. No 81 knows the score.


  13. knights fan in minny

    2 struggling teams out on the island tonight who will prevail

  14. Danny

    RT @JesseGranger_: The Golden Knights are slumping and their top scorers are all in a drought. Their answer for how to break out is clear: Fight to get to the inside. That’s been a problem under 3 coaches, in 3 different systems. The question is: Can they?

    Jesse Granger @JesseGranger_
    3 different coaches with 3 very different offensive systems have all pleaded for the Golden Knights to get to the inside. The question is: Do they have the players to do it?

    the obvious answer is NO.

    the problem is the team is made up of too many soft, perimeter fancy dans…….east west, cross ice, tic tac toe passers……. who don’t like to drive to the net, don’t like to get to the net front and battle, don’t score enough or draw penalties as a result, and don’t score or create greasy goals on rebounds or tipins or screens..

    Carrier stands out as an example of what kind of players need to be in a Vgk uniform, but he is a lone wolf among the Vgk forwards, and if they had more top 6 players who had his drive and battle level they would be a better team.

    been harping on this forever, but now even some of the weak ass local Vgk press is putting aside the team press releases, and jumping on the bandwagon of reality.

    • knights fan in minny

      flyers jvr is that type of guy i know he has been mentioned for trade i would rather have him then phil the thrill he probably would not cost that much who knows

      • THE hockey GOD

        needs to step up his game, his season so far is closer to Phil the Nil, or zip, or zippo.

  15. Tim

    I served my country US Army 18 months and 9 days overseas but who’s counting. not like the asshole who I have labeled Ignore because of his insignificance on this site and probably in life in general.

  16. vgk21

    VGK are tied with lowly Columbus for worst in the league, least PP chances in the NHL.

    They have had only 131. Compare that to LA Kings, who have had 175 chances.

    Both LA and VGK have about the same PP scoring %, about 24%, but LA has 42 PP goals, compared to only 31 for the VGK.

    Edm has 54 PP goals, and 172 chances.

    iow, the Knights lack of battling to the inside, and drawing penalties, is hurting them plenty.

    • THE hockey GOD

      vgk yes hit nail on head, makes it difficult to practice your PP when you are getting so few chances.

      some of those games the REFS plain and simple swallowed their whistles.

  17. Maybe it’s time for the media to stop asking questions about frustration as Cassidy referenced, it which by the way is true – frustration is a useless emotion. It probably produces erratic behavior which in the end only furthers the problem. The power of positive thinking is much more useful. They are not a Cup team but that is no excuse for not giving it everything they have, who knows they may find what’s hidden deep inside to improve ememsly and get back to their winning ways they experienced earlier.

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