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Recap: The Golden Knights were hoping to get back on track before the bye week with a visit to Long Island, NY. Logan Thompson was strong in net holding the Islanders scoreless in the 1st period. After the opening 20 minutes the game was locked in a 0-0 tie.

The scoring picked up in the middle frame with both teams matching goals. Early on in the period the Islanders took the first lead of the game, but William Carrier evened the score for Vegas with 3:52 remaining in the second period. After 40 minutes, the game was locked 1-1.

Both goaltenders were excellent in the final period, keeping the game tied for the entire period to force overtime. Late in OT, New York ripped one by Thompson to win 2-1 on home ice.

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 29-18-4 losing 2-1 to the Islanders. Vegas will have nine days off to rest and prepare for the remainder of the regular season. Their next game will be on February 7th against the Predators in Nashville.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was very much what you’d expect between two teams who cannot buy a goal right now. The chances were there all night from both teams and VGK worked through a typically tight Isles neutral zone most of the game but either couldn’t hit the net or beat Varlamov. Logan Thompson was good again, but couldn’t make the one final save in OT to keep the hope alive for that coveted second point. Now a while off, but then two more tough road games on the way out. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New York Islanders at UBS Arena.

  • Too many line combos?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Logan Thompson
** Phil Kessel
* William Carrier


Scoring Droughts Reaching Troublesome Heights


Does Cassidy Mix Up His Forward Lines Too Often? (Part 1)


  1. Skip

    They need this break to reconfigure and get healthy. Thompson is playing way better than predicted. I feel good about the second half.

    • Emmanuel

      Best time for team to chillax and staff to figure out what needs tinkering. Ive brought it up like 5 times, hes not on fire in Henderson but would it hurt to give Manninenn 5 game tryout on the 3rd line in the 2nd half.

  2. knights fan in minny

    play a good game and cannot close it out. both netminders were good they better take advantage of this time off and figure out who they want to be

  3. THE hockey God

    Great effort by Eichel! He is so good! We got a point! Everything is great! And I know hockey! Sure I’m a surly old bitter and lonely guy, but I know Jack is the key to this point tonight!

  4. stats

    did 9, 81, 19, 71, 20, 7, or 27 score a goal?

    no? well then the drought continues


    Another would a, should a, could a game. I’ll take the glass half full view and agree with GL’s post game take, “this is a good team”. LT is becoming an elite goalie. Not there yet, but getting close. Team is getting healthy and working off the rust. Not sure about mixing lines every game, but I’m sure Cassidy knows more about hockey than I do. He might even know more about hockey than THG, but jury is still out on that.

    Hot teams hate breaks, struggling teams love them. Ten days off …time to get right. VGK will come back as a ,750 team for the playoff push.

    Rooting for a team in contention for a championship. Doesn’t get better than that.

  6. Richie-Rich

    Over the past 10 games there isn’t a single team worse than the Golden Knights at 2-6-2.

    McCrimmon is sitting in the corner with his dunce cap on.

    The first to be booted out of Vegas should be McCrimmon. Then let the new GM come in and start fresh. Do it before the trade deadline so that the new GM has an opportunity to begin molding the future team roster with a fire sale. The big shiny peace should be Eichel but there isn’t a team in this league that will take him and his $10million per year anchor. Vegas is going to have eat quite a bit of that. The ideal situation is to deal him to a team positioned to go deep into the Cup run and has enough Cap space to fit him in.

    The bright spots of this season?
    William Carrier
    Logan Thompson

    Biggest disappointment?
    Jack Eichel (great player but no where close to worth $10million/year)

    The hockey DEVIL

    • Alex

      In a sea of trailer park rednecks, out of state Vegas wanna-be’s, and bad ice conspiracy theory morons, this poster actually grasps the VGK issues


        Another intelligent post. Alex is two for two.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Alex the loser poster from NLV , known troll knows nothing about hockey.

        first you say bad ice doesn’t exist\
        then you say both teams play on it

        go back and see all the posts and announcers commenting on bad ice, sticky ice, bad surface conditions

        what do you think they people who come on the ice in breaks with their shovels do ?

        do you even know what a zamboni is ?
        do you know why they use a zamboni in between periods?

        Boy are you stupid or live in a come all your life?

        Now coach Cassidy is part of the conspiracy ??? Boy are you clueless.

        Last shot was PK coverage. We thought we had a loose puck situation so we left the good ice and it squirts out. -Cassidy”

        so much for the loser trash creepy stalkers here who say good ice , or bad ice, doesn’t exist.

        • Alex

          Lonely old men in a diaper with ED are best qualified to join 11 others on a struggling website covering a terrible team – there was a study on it

          • TS

            Alex, simple solution. If you don’t like this site, go elsewhere! Easy fix, right?

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS I think he is already somewhere else, county pen Sandy Valley , OJ ‘s old jail cell. AKA loonie bin.

    • THE hockey GOD

      RR sorry but New Jersey has already taken the devil nick name
      try again.

      Suggest hockey demon, hockey imp, hockey scary dude, hockey diablo, hockey satan worshiper, hockey hell hound. hockey numb nuts ? For openers

  7. Tim

    George and Kelly both have to go to bring a new GM in and keep George defeats the purpose. What I can’t get my head around is Seattle had none of the opportunities in there expansion draft as we did. Now were in year 6 and there in year 2 and there in first place and were dropping like a rock. Anyway we can’t score and taking time off for the All-Star break isn’t going to make a difference. There not going to tear it down I don’t believe Foley would allow it so they’ll tinker around but I think there out of bullets. Goodnight all it’s off to Nashville for our next ass kicking.

    • THE hockey GOD

      another useless loser post, by king of loser posts next to Alex. Bringing in yet ANOTHER GM is not solution.

  8. Herby

    Eichel has soft hands and a soft brain. He is way too slow in his decision making. Without a player like Stone with a high hockey IQ he is lost.

  9. Former season ticket holder

    Someone must have sent yesterday’s SinBin article about the lack of shots from Wild Bill and pinned it to his locker….he gave us 20 games worth last night…

  10. Jailbird

    I still believe in our team, but it has been so frustrating the past few weeks. Wether the break helps the team or not, it surely will give me a nice break from frustration from r ten days!

  11. THE hockey GOD

    so far three road trip games, two OT losses. Everyone with a BRAIN (few and far between on this forum based upon number of loser posts) knows that OT is a crap shoot. They could easily be 4 points out of 6. They played decent, getting back some of their injured players. Injured players don’t come back 100% due to timing issues and fact that they have been away for a long time. The break doesn’t help with timing.

    Some posters here said the team would be in 5th or 6th place at this point. Others said by end of January VGK wouldn’t have a goalie. Of course they were wrong. And they will continue to be wrong.

    Most unsophisticated forum posters** in NHL, come one come all, see the whiners, wagon jumpers, and VGK haters post right here.

    ** that is Ian’s call not mine.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    who was that player wearing no. 8 in islanders game ? Did VGK make a trade and not tell anyone ?

  13. Sorvino


    Welcome to the forum. I will let you know the rules since no one else has.

    You can only criticize players that have been on the team for less then 3 years.

    You can NOT criticize anyone on the misfit line because they are Gods.

    Riley Smith missing that completely empty net on the power play last night was abysmal and cost them a point. I’m sure you noticed it but most would not know what the hell I am talking about.

    Riley Smith in January

    13 GP 0 goals, 4 assists, -6

    William Karlsson has been on a steep decline each and every year. But that’s okay because he is a misfit. He gets a free pass.

    Jonathan Marchessault has 1 goal in 16 games and is -8 during that time. He doesn’t kill penalties or play defense. His job literally is to score. He gets a free pass.

    Chandler Stephenson is the epitome of useless lately. I love this guy but he has done absolutely nothing. I don’t even have to check the stats because the eye test tells me enough. Just 1 goal in January as I checked anyways. He also gets a free pass for some strange reason.

    • Akex

      You forgot some rules – if you wear an adult diaper and actually think any NHL indoor games have ever been decided one way or the other by “bad ice” you’re officially branded an idiot

      • THE hockey GOD

        so that makes coach of VGK an idiot

        ok got it

        the real fact is that you are an idiot

  14. Sorvino


    Another rule. You must pick a whipping boy. It was Keegan Kolesar for a while last year which is hilarious and makes no sense. Robin Lehner was the guy last year but he is gone now playing with snakes so you must pick a new guy. I would suggest Eichel since everyone has picked him.

    Since Eichel is the guy please remember that everything is 100% his fault. Smith and Stephenson being useless for a month is not important. It is all about Eichel.

    Like Stephenson and Smith, Eichel has been bad this month. He will get going again but a new whipping boy will have to be selected.

    Maybe you and I can pick.

    Remember it can’t be a misfit. I nominate Nic Hague as the whipping boy for February.

  15. Sorvino


    I almost forgot. Whoom ever coaches the team is a moron. When DeBoer was here he was the worst coach ever and needed to be fired and couldn’t run a power play. The San Jose Sharks and Dallas Stars beg to differ.

    Bruce Cassidy is also a joke. He needs to be fired as well. How dare this team go on a slump. Cassidy was clearly lucky coaching Boston to all those great seasons and winning coach of the year in 2019.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ROFLAMO Sorvino

      you hit a nerve !!! I fell out of my lazy boy !!

      You left out one of the ten commandants

      Thous shalt not take The hockey God’s name in vain (now some people will post
      about someone having a big head, and a bad attitude)

    • THE hockey GOD

      and the FO sucks

  16. Tim

    This site is getting crazy so many handle changes making crazy comments tells me this isn’t a hockey forum anymore. My handle has been Tim since the beginning of Sin Bin and I believe other legitimate posters are Blitz, Pistol Pete, Hdbiker, Sorvino, Jailbird, Richie Rich, Now Emmanuel and Skip seem legit but new posters who may have changed there handle you never know. So many name changes and so many crazy posts it’s hard to even communicate with other legit posters to find your way through all the crazies. There’s other good posters that I haven’t mentioned and I apologize but you be the judge check out everyones post and it’s easy to weed out the crazies.

    • Sorvino


      Seems like you have had an interesting life including your military service. Thank you for that

    • TS

      Tim, I am the real TS, NOT the poser . Just so you know. Carry on!

    • The Chosen One

      How about me? I rarely comment but when I do, I’m not being a negative nancy nor a troll !

      From Germany btw, one of the few here who live across the pond.

  17. Sorvino


    In summary you bunch of regarded assholes, this is a team that has had great success since their inception in 2017-18. Good management, good coaching, great players. They have played the 2nd most playoff games since entering the league.

    They are nearing the end of their competitive window. I think they may have a decent run in them this year for the last time as long as Stone comes back and Thompson plays well.

    Eichel, Stephenson, Marchessault are all good players who slump like everyone does and they will be playing well again soon.

    There will be dark days ahead because the team has traded away futures for immediate success. This was done because this is the way Willam Foley wanted it to be done. McCrimmon reports to him not you bunch of mental midgets.

    Enjoy what will I still think will be the potential for a nice playoff run this year.

    The painful rebuild which none of you morons know anything about will begin as early as next year but likely in 2025.

    At that point in time you guys can shit on the new coach Emmanuel Viveiros after every loss. McCrimmon will still be here because he has done mostly everything that his boss has asked him to do.

    • Tim

      Sorvino, Like you I’m about done with the site whether you or anyone agree with my posts or not I try to evaluate the Knights and how I feel the team is doing. There are dark days coming but I’ve said that for a long time and I was considered a negative poster but the eye test is never wrong. Now most can see with bad trades, giving up to many draft picks, and having very little talent on the Silver Knights there going to hit hard times. I’ve also said Vegas doesn’t like losers so when the hammer falls so will the attendance, Believe me living in Vegas since my army discharge in 1965 I’ve seen what happens to losers in this town just look at UNLV’s football team which has never been good and the basketball team after the Dark era it does’t take a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall. It’s almost baseball season so I’m happy about that but this site has veered away from hockey and the inmates are running the asylum so who’s left that cares about the Knights good luck with all the crazies posting there nonsense.

  18. Sorvino

    I’m in a mood this morning so I take back words like moron and stuff like that.

    I truly do respect everyone. I just think everyone suffers too much from regency bias and freaks out too easily after every single game. I think people are unappreciative of what they have been given.

    Try to enjoy the rest of the season. Dark days are coming because there is nothing substantial coming up the pipeline.

    • TS

      Sorvino, it’s OK. Many of us feel the same about all the gloom and doom here. Not good for anyone to whine and bitch. I’ll keep on cheering them on, despite the rut we’re in. I’d really appreciate less SNIPING from many. That crap is absurd and immature. And the Posers?? Infantile.

      • knights fan in minny

        like i said always the rock TS no hockey for awhile what will you do without your hockey fix

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS he’s being sarcastic

        (And I thought that was his last post)

        He’s doing a parody on all the posters here, throwing a fake tantrum. He’s hilarious

        five stars up !!

        • TS

          Thg, well, crap. Sinbin should allow ONE name per email, so we know who the
          REAL people are. I cannot keep up with the nonsense!

          • Jailbird

            It’s well established Ken will never restrict any type comments. His paycheck depends on activity. The more clicks/comments the more money he makes. He doesn’t care if it has anything to do with hockey!

      • Obvious

        You should again propose that we get a tard or a cripple on the payroll to motivate the team. That was one of your better posts

        • TS

          Gee, Thanks, Alex. I already know you approve, and I LIVE for your approval. I actually got a giggle when you said she rescinded her WISH. Hate to admit it, but you CAN be amusing. Not much, but on rare occasions…

  19. TS

    Kfim, hell, I have no clue. Go to practices, maybe. Thanx for the kind words. Hey, the Niners play today— I’ll be okay!!

  20. DeezNutz

    Most boring ass team in the league to watch for 3 years now when you got to watch a hockey game you go to watch players scoring goals. They have designed a roster of non-finishing clowns. Their identity is being the league’s golden ring dummies. Bring your struggling team/goalie to Vegas and you’ll be leaving feeling like a cup contender!

  21. Nick D

    For the last couple of years ive been reading the post on this site.. Ive posted maybe 4 or 5 comments. We need to fish in our own back yard pond. We dont need to go after anymore Shiny pieces. Call up Ronnie, Quinny, Pach, Pavs and teach them, show them the way you cant learn while playing some pre season bs or get called up for a game or 2.. The original Misfits had Heart and Soul and Grit… Neal getting his teeth knocked out but coming back and playing, Revo dropping guys left and right and scoring career highs ( yeah not alot but he had grit ) These guys were castaways that other teams didnt want… They came to Vegas and played like Champions only to get Let go and either retire or sign somewhere else… We have a bad problem that if one guy does not do it all as expected hes on the chopping block GONE…. Then we spend a shit load of money and replace them with someone worse…

    Wild Bill has declined worse than any of the Originals, Marchy has disappeard off the scoring sheet, Stevenson looks out of place without Stone and yeah Jack is not putting the biscut in the basket at the rate we all expected… But the musical chair needs to stop…. we cant continue to keep changing players, Giving players away for Nothing and trading away draft picks and drafted player and we cant keep changing coaches.. The win Now Window has already passed us by to be honest we need a depth core of players younger and hungry to win just like the Originals…. Lt and Cotter are showing just that lets get more like them and it will change our outlook for the better

  22. knights fan in minny

    biscut in the basket love it

  23. Alex

    Code – embarrassing as it would be to live in Tennessee, this guy is THG 5-6th account


      Don’t know why all the animosity. I just came on this forum to talk knights hockey. I’m not THG. And definitely not embarrassed to live in Tennessee.

      But I can handle your elitist bs. Bring it on.


        By the way, I’m guessing THG is enjoying living in your head rent free.

      • TS

        Tennessee, this guy has trolled quite a few of us, and continues trying to find new victims. You seem to interest him because …HE ENJOYS IT. You’re a new conquest for him. Guess that’s what trolls do, look for fresh targets. Maybe ignore, or even humor him, he might stop. It’s creepy, I know. Been there.


          Not so sure. I actually believe he thinks I’m THG in disguise. He’s got THG swimming around in his head driving him crazy.

          • TS

            Tennessee, Thg is his favorite target, but the troll is an equal opportunity offender. And he’s persistent. Good luck with him.

  24. Richie-Rich

    Rumor has it (started by me) that Foley is looking at replacing McCrimmon with one of the following well before the trade deadline.
    John Ferguson Jr., former Boston Bruins Dir of Personnel and Coyotes Ass’t GM
    Chris MacFarland Colorado Ass’t GM
    Scott Mellanby, Montreal Ass’t GM
    Kevin Weekes, current NHL Analyst
    Derek Clancey, former Pittsburgh Dir. of Player Development
    Mathieu Darche, Tampa Bay Lightning Dir. of Operations
    Rob DiMaio, St Louis Blues Dir of Player Personnel
    Erik Tulsky, Carolina Ass’t GM
    Florence Schelling. Last year, Schelling became the first female GM in top level men’s professional hockey. She was just 31 at the time of the appointment. In announcing the hiring, Bern CEO Marc Luthi noted that Schelling got the job because “she’s young, [will] bring new perspective and break up existing structures.”
    Patrick Roy!

  25. Vic

    Move Shea to forward, and replace him with #6 or #94.

  26. Dylan Barmmer

    Greedhead McCrimmon truly ruined a beautiful thing there. Or is he just doing Greedhead Foley’s overbearing bidding?

    Tuch is objectively a better forward and leader than Eichel. Same can be said of Fleury over Giant Panda Mess Lehner.

    He doesn’t draft well, either. And/or he gives away all the VGK draft picks. For odd rentals like Tatar and Janmark. And Shiny Defective Objects like Eichel and Lehner.

    We can all see these things clearly. And we’re not paid (a lot) to make hockey personnel decisions.

    I mean…how BAD is McCrimmon at his job?!

    Sue for malpractice. This guy SUCKS!

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