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Recap: The Golden Knights were back from their break and so was the team’s offense. Nashville opened the scoring but Vegas stormed right back. The visiting team scored three unanswered goals to take a 3-1 advantage into the first intermission. 

Up by two, the Golden Knights came out even stronger in the middle frame. Chandler Stephenson extended the lead to 4-1 with his 12th goal of the season. Vegas held Nashville to 6 total shots through two periods making it almost impossible for the Predators to get any closer. 

The same occurred in the final period. Nashville added more shots on net but none of them found the back of the net. Adin Hill and Vegas’ defense shut down every opportunity from the Predators. Late in the game, the Golden Knights scored on an empty net to take a commanding 5-1 lead. 

The Golden Knights’ record improves to 30-18-4 snapping their four-game losing streak. Next, Vegas will take a trip to Minnesota to play the Wild on Thursday. Puck drop is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights got the 1st period they dreamed of coming out of the break. Despite conceding first, the game was wide-open and they took advantage of their rush chances time and time again. That gave them a nice cushion which allowed them to stay compact through the neutral zone and block shots the rest of the way in their zone defense. The model game for how VGK wants them to do. Now, can they keep doing it against more structured teams? (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators at Bridgestone Arena.

  • The world is expecting VGK to go big game hunting

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Michael Amadio
** Chandler Stephenson
* William Carrier


@SinBinVegas Twitter Q&A – February 7th, 2023


National Media Expect Golden Knights To Be “Big Players” At The Deadline


  1. knights fan in minny

    looks like the boys got the message solid win

  2. Jailbird

    Dominate win. Wild next!

  3. Jailbird

    Dominate win. Wild next !

  4. Vic

    3 Stars……Carrier, The Defense, Everyone Else

  5. Pistol Pete

    Still not goin in for Jack they will though. The team
    knows they have to step up without Stone and that is exactly what they did this game. Still believe they need a replacement for Stone the sooner the better.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    i see the loser posters are gone as usual !

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    Write and call your local state REPS who are now meeting in Carson
    City for their scheduled legislative session.

    IT is very likely NV Energy violated the law with their drastic
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    Which statute applies ? Try discussing NRS 704


    as a start

    • Ts

      Thg, could it be that our higher energy prices might be due to the Colorado River running out of water, and the Hoover Dam almost reaching ” deadpool” status, which we know will drastically reduce power output, if not cease?? Could it possibly be because our western U.S. supply of clean water and the generated power it provides is threatened by the extreme drought situation??


        Nice win for VGK. Liked the fact that although they gave up first goal, they bucked the recent trend of funking out and stormed back to shut out the Preds the remaining 55 minutes.

        Only negative was Center Ice blacks out LV feed when Preds play Knights. Funny that their commentators pinned the blame on team’s poor showing to “rust” from ASG break. I think VGK was on the same break. Oh well.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ TS , no apples and oranges comparison. Water supply has nothing to do with energy supply, two completely independent situations. The reason that NV energy gave was “high natural gas prices that they had to pay for in the futures market”. But they don’t say why the natural gas prices were high in the first place. And poor planning on NV energy part is not our fault. The airlines, mainly southwest, buy jet fuel on the futures market, they have a savvy program to keep their fuel costs moderate. NV energy does not and they are being forced by DC into energy sources that they never had in the past due to green energy sick/twisted agenda by Biden and his left wing cronies.

        we don’t have an “extreme drought” situation. We have an extreme over population situation. This south west area has been arid for thousands of years with intermittent atmospheric rivers (El Nino ). Don’t buy into to the fake nanny state “control ” hype. They are all socialist scum trying to control the masses with lies. Conservation is not the answer, finding new water supply sources is the answer. The ancient Romans used to build aqueducts from water sheds. We should do the same. CA is major draw on our water. They let massive amounts of water flow into the ocean. They also have a major water source to the west called the Pacific Ocean. The pig headed CA peeps were only state to disagree with Utah, Colorado, AZ, and NV on recent proposals. CA is the problem, they use over 90% of the water. The LA basin alone has grown from
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        • TS

          Thg, agree on much you said. Cali is the culprit here, and they are also the solution. They have enough funds to fix this! The Hoover dam, though not a big Vegas supplier, is still a huge part of the West’s growth and success. Our state included. The River PACT better start working together on this, or there will be nothing to fight over.
          I will add that many great civilizations have perished due to drought. Vegas gets most our water from the river..

          • Frank

            Well, if CA continues to use water at the rate it is. Lake Mead will go deadpool and they’ll get no water. Further, the water usage is primarily agricutlural use (70% roughly of all CO river water goes to big AG to grow crops in the desert in CA and AZ). Nevada (Las Vegas mostly) gets a scant 4% share of the water. We could cease to exist here entirely and the lake would still be running dry. It’s really not an overpopulation probem. It’s a usage problem and CA has done nothing and is doing nothing to remedy the situation. Their recent proposed plan foists the lions share of cuts on AZ, UT and NV. Unacceptable.

          • TS

            Of course, recycled water is HUGE here..still River water, tho..

          • THE hockey GOD

            ” It’s really not an overpopulation probem. It’s a usage problem”

            wrong, it’s a usage problem due to over population that drives
            all the agriculture, industry, and other water needs. Semantics, you say tomatoe I say tomato, it is same thing in scheme of things.

            Over population and usage have nothing to do with fake, false narrative calling it a drought.

          • Frank

            Of California‘s 4.4 million acre-feet apportionment from the Colorado River, 3.8 million acre-feet or 86% of that water goes mostly to the Imperial Valley and, to a much lesser extent, the Palo Verde Irrigation District near Blythe, the Yuma Project, and the Coachella Valley Irrigation District. Nevertheless, through export, the Imperial County is feeding the world (a good percentage – about 1/3 is exported to places like China).

            And yes, drought is a persistent condition in the desert southwest. That is precisely why we are a desert. The river naturally supplies more than enough water to support people. Not enough water to produce current levels of agriculture. That water usage must be cut back to keep our watersheds like Lake Mead from running dry. CA also needs to work on their own water storage systems, capturing rain water runoff (as opposed to letting that flow out to sea), water reclamation (gray water for landscaping) and desalinization for residential/urban use.

            That’s what I would call over-utilization and not overpopulation. Alot of people see all of the cities in the desert…. but what they don’t see are the farms which use the majority of the water.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “And yes, drought is a persistent condition in the desert southwest. That is precisely why we are a desert.”

            oxymoronic statement , inconsistent with fake news. We are a in a desert, yes. But the way the news plays it it is as if they expect the rains to fall any day now ending the fake drought condition saying things like
            the rainfall over the past xxx years is this , that or other thing. Making
            statistically insignificant statements about expectations of rainfall comparing it over a relatively short, non representative sample set of dates ( e.g. like the last fifty years).

            ” about 1/3 is exported to places like China).”
            another oxymoronic comparison, as if you are ignoring that
            China is not over populated?!?!

            The bottom line is the fake news saying that water shortage is caused by a drought, completely ignoring that we are in an arid region and there
            is no relief ever coming from that fact. And that over usage of water is caused by over population which has grown exponentially in past few decades regardless of the use of increasing water usage and the resulting effects of over water usage.

            Those are plain and simple facts.

          • Ts

            I think we are all talking about the same thing, here. We live in an arid desert. States ( CA) are overusing the Colorado, which was NEVER gonna be enough for expansive growth and crop irrigation on a massive scale. But, because of a relatively wet pattern when the Colo PACT formed, states made a HUGE miscalculation in presuming the river would ALWAYS be plentiful. Science says this IS a’s A years- long pattern that has repeated itself many times, just as drought in Egypt occurred. We agree Cali must step up and act. Vegas gets a lot of acknowledgement for water management/ recycling success, I’m proud to say. So, CALI, get your ass in the damn game!!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            ” states made a HUGE miscalculation in presuming the river would ALWAYS be plentiful. Science says this IS a drought”

            another oxymoronic statement, science says it’s a miscalculation, science says it’s a drought. You can’t have it both ways. The fact remains the media completely misinforms when it uses the term “drought” implying we are in a temporary situation. They always compare rainfalls to the immediate past. That is a big mistake leading to their nanny state control and conservation agenda.

            “Vegas gets a lot of acknowledgement for water management/ recycling success,”

            Conservation is not the answer to over population. People need water to bath, drink, to grow food. More people means more water is needed. That is simple basic math. Cutting back on water is wrong, pig headed approach, control nanny state bull shit.. We need new water supplies. CA needs to step up and find new water supplies. There is talk about more desalination plants on west coast, a pipeline from other states. This is right approach, or limiting population growth in areas that can not sustain the amount of water needed (but we won’t see that).

            “I think we are all talking about the same thing, here.”

            No we are not. We have one side saying a drought isn’t a drought, completely ignoring that the media is feeding the people misinformation about the drought. We have people cherry picking, calling out Imperial Valley, and completely ignoring the Central Valley. We have people ignoring the simple math that over population is causing over usage is causing the Colorado River basin water levels to fall.

            And then there was statement about “extreme drought situation”, this is desert ! There is nothing “extreme” about it, it has always been a desert. For thousands of years. Then “Vegas gets most our water from the river..” funny thing the pamphlets and information put out by NV state water management department says the state has multiple reserves , located throughout the state (barely mentions Lake Mead); that will last 200 to 300 years. The State government can’t have it both ways.l

        • TS

          Thg, you would argue with a ROCK!! Trying to find common ground with a GRUMP is FUTILE!!

  7. Blitz

    Good dominant defensive effort. That 3rd line setting the tone again. Nashville still on break and clearly not as desperate/ready as Vegas. I like the start, but alot of games left against better teams. I think they showed how they can win, but need to continue to improve on that. Carrier though, stepping up his game. It is good to see.

    Speaking of improvement, what is up with the PP lately? They are basically only running one unit. Not a lot of PPs last night, only 2, but the second unit only got 30 sec or less. It was like that before the break too. If the 1st unit was SO dominate that would make sense, but they are insanely slow and predictable and frankly not getting it done. Honestly it ended up Eichel skating in circles looking for one perfect pass for 3:17 minutes. Kessel is a good PP quarterback and got 33 seconds. Several times this year the second unit out played the first. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Cassidy’s TOI management is head scratching at times. I get Eichels zone entries are good, but in zone play is lethargic and VERY predicable. This has to improve if this team wants to make the playoffs.

    • Blitz

      To add to my last comments. They are 1 for 18 on the power play and that 1 is from Kessel. The one before that was Karlsson on Jan 12th and he only had 19 sec of ice time for the PP and score as part of the second unit.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Tennessee Tuxedo

      Hard to “get good” on PP when VGK is least penalized team in the league.

      That was theme last year too, when peeps here were relentlessly basing Steve Spott, when it really wasn’t his fault. Stars now rank at 25% , 7th in league, not too shabby.

      • Blitz

        Steve Spott is a boner. The players on the VGK are not good PP guys, that is just simple fact and Spott wasn’t going to fix that by running the same exact scheme over and over and over and over and over and over. The stars would be a top 10 PP unit regardless of which coach runs it. They can pass the puck, crash the net, and shoot. All good things. It’s almost like PDB and staff inherited a really good team and the GM put a couple of needed pieces in place this off season. Heck they didn’t even over pay for Jason Robertson.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ bltiz
      new coach has completely stopped using Marty on PP for some odd reason.

      • Blitz

        Marty’s ability to sneak up and one time a shot was always fun to watch. Cassidy doesn’t run a 2 dman PP and therefore requires a good puck carrying dman at the point. It makes sense why he isn’t on the PP units with this scheme. That is not to say the scheme is right.

        The last 1st unit PP goal was Jan 5th approx 30 PP ago and Stone was still playing. The 2nd unit has the other goals since then, but are playing 25% of the time. Cassidy changes line combos like he does underwear, but sticks with the PP units like they are just magically going to fix themselves.

    • TS

      Blitz, maybe Coach feels he’s having to pay Eichel ALL that $$$$, and he’s gonna use the heck out of him, hoping to get his money’s worth?? Lol…

    • VGK Fan


      The power play has fallen apart ever since Jack has returned and Stone has been injured. I’m not saying it is all Jacks fault maybe more credit needs to go to Stone. The fact remains we are currently sitting at 12th in the NHL on the power play which is the best in franchise history. I really think it might not be a bad idea to get some of the slumping players off the first unit and give Carrier an opportunity.

  8. DG

    nice win, but it must be followed by 5 or 6 more.

    win one, lose one won’t fly any more.

    and I still don’t see any goals from 9, 81, 19, 71, 27

    the drought continues for them.

    without Stone this team was pathetic since his injury, as the stats comparison they showed on the screen illustrated very clearly.

    and Carrier seems to be the only guy who drives to the net hard and they need a few more like him in trades.

  9. mcart

    PDB in Dallas inherited an ideal situation. The team was indoctrinated into the ultra defensive scheme of Rick Bowness for several years, so they already had that part of it down pat.

    But what they also have there are 4 drafted, homegrown, young stars who they can count on to complement the vets like Benn and Pavelski and Seguin. one at each position, Oettinger in goal, Robertson on the wing, Hintz at center, and Heiskanen on d.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ mcct
      i thought PDB screwed up every place he went ??? That is not happening in Dallas now. Nor did it happen in Vegas.

  10. Frank

    Another good, solid road game…. and finally we got the scoring to back it up. However, the PP and especially Eichel – need to get it going!

  11. knights fan in minny

    big win a team win the forecheck the back check was there the boys were up on their toes looking like a team that wants to win the blue line six was very good i will be at the tilt thursday here in st paul can’t wait flower and reavo will be extra pumped for the tilt

  12. Bobby

    Forget the hockey analysis, it was the Jethro Tull song lyrics that did the trick. lol

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ bobby !!

      In the shuffling madness
      Of the locomotive breath
      Runs the all-time loser
      Headlong to his death

      • Bobby

        Feeling alone
        The army’s up the road
        Salvation a la mode and a cup of tea
        Aqualung, my friend
        Don’t you start away uneasy
        You poor old sod
        You see, it’s only me…

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