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Recap: The Golden Knights were going for a four-game winning streak with an out-of-conference matchup again the Devils. Pavel Dorofeyev made quick work on offense scoring his seventh of the season 6:12 into the game. New Jersey battled back and tallied two goals before the break. After 20 minutes the home team led 2-1.

The Devils scored their third unanswered goal at the 1:37 mark of the middle frame. Six minutes later Jonathan Marchessault got Vegas within one scoring his 21st goal of the season. On the following shift Marchessault evened the score at 3-3. Chandler Stephenson and Nic Roy joined the offensive party scoring Vegas’s third and fourth straight goal. The Devils scored with 0:16 left in the period to make it a 5-4 Golden Knights advantage. 

Midway through the final period New Jersey evened the score 5-5 poking in a loose rebound around Vegas’ net. The game needed overtime to decide a winner. New Jersey scored late in OT winning 6-5.

The Golden Knights record drops to 27-14-6 losing to the Devils 6-5 in overtime. Vegas will get right back to work tomorrow night in Long Island. Puck drop against the Islanders is scheduled for 430 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Got caught up in playing the style of game the Devils prefer and it ultimately cost VGK. Puck management was a problem all night but they outscored it most of the time… until the very end. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Chandler Stephenson
** Nic Roy
* Jonathan Marchessault



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  1. JB

    We got a point. That’s all I dare say. On to the next one. Hilly supposed to be in net!

    • Pistol Pete

      Really on Hill? I suggest below Savillle. Did not realize Hill is on the trip. Saville dressed for this game.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Plenty of scoring: scored first (Pav), came back from 1-3 scoring four unanswered. Pav 1G/2shots/+1 (is now over half a point a game for the season 14/27). 2-0 on the PK.

    6 GA. Overall defense not their best and rough night for LT. No PP opportunity.

    Saville gets his first NHL start tomorrow (but maybe not).

    Pav: 1 G (+1 on the ice for zero GA) 2 shots
    Cotter: 0 pts (-3 in the ice for 3 GA) 0 shots

    • Pistol Pete

      Pav continues to overshadow Cotter (as I have been implying all along and ad nauseum lol).

      • ThG

        you have flip flopped on this issue many times in the past, and will continue to do so in the future- one track pony.

  3. Can’t win scoring 5 goals and allowing 6. It’s a shame they lost but they helped the Devil’s to win with some of their defensive lapses. One point is better than zero so be thankful for the one. On to long island for tomorrow

    • SMH

      “Can’t win scoring 5 goals and allowing 6.” – This is the kind of cutting edge analysis than can only be found on the SinBin message board. More of this, please!

  4. Pistol Pete

    Last year heading into the AS break = 62 pts (51 games)

    This year heading into the AS break so far = 60 pts through 47 games and will be one fewer game (50)

  5. Richie-Rich

    Game 47 Analysis NJD 6, VGK 5 OTL

    The defense got caught off guard time and time again. Credit the Devils fast pace and excellent passing. McNabb turned over a bad one in this game in the VGK zone leading to a Devil’s goal. That’s one that comes to mind.

    Did Thompson have a bad night? It wasn’t his best effort, but he was hung out to dry quite a bit.

    This was a wide open game. The Devils defense was total shit and I am actually surprised we didn’t score 10 goals.

    Overall an entertaining game, but disappointed with the outcome.

    Hope to see a bit more defense and better goaltending tomorrow! Will we see Saville?

  6. Pistol Pete

    I like to imagine Saville will be better than Patera. Vikman too who could have more upside than Saville. All unknown at this point.

    • Pistol Pete

      Vikman though I see now has had some rough games over there. He’s 3.05 .907 in 8 games. Saville is 2.47 .913 in 8 games. Both over 200 lb. Vikman 6’4” Saville 6’1”.

    • ThG

      only thing unknown is certain posters who will flip flip on this issue in the future.

  7. knights fan in minny

    tough one to lose back and forth what a sweet pass from the captian to chandler even better tip when jack comes.back he needs to be reunited with marchy and barber chandler is at his best with stoner on his wing pav fits just fine with them wild bill and amadio need a winger who can put some points on the board

  8. Weird game…exciting game…aggravating game…frustrating game…i thought Thompson played well considering the sieve of a defense tonight…I thought Thompson played horribly and cost us the game letting that goal in with 15 seconds….and not protecting the short side on the tying goal…that overtime was pathetically pathetic…ugly…scary…Thompson was in a shooting gallery…and when we finally get the puck we send an errant diagonal cross ice pass which of course is turned over leading to the winning goal…just as with our current Power Play unit….without a quarterback out there mediocre is the best we can hope for…and that certanly translates into 3 on 3 overtime as well…3 more games till the break and then we get some guys back and halt what will soon be the oilers 15 game win streak!!

  9. Canada

    Cotter has 0 points in the last five and is -5 . Sometimes you just need a new set of problems , slamming the gate and smashing your stick on the boards doesn’t make you a better hockey player .Whitecloud and Hague , what happened to these guys . Whitloud in particular is struggling , is he still injured? Comier was looking pretty good ? Hill will undoubtedly lift this team,however its impossible to win the big games with two lines regardless of who’s between the pipes, I.E. the old two line Oilers . Speaking of the Oilers picking up Perry, smart move by Edmonton he has something to prove and he is dangerous . Hopefully we see a good tilt when they come to town, should be a telling game .

  10. DeezNutz

    Looks like Cassidy spoke for me tonight lol

  11. ThG

    howden minus five

    not good

  12. Tim

    All I ever ask for is an entertaining game and last night we had one. The back and forth was fun the Devils scoring a goal in two periods with about 20 seconds to go kind of sucked. Defense was a little shaky Thompson has played better but we still got a point and our young guys keep getting that experience. Were at about the same record as last year so were in pretty good shape going into the all star break. Let’s try to win two out of the next three games and take a well deserved rest and get ready for the second half.

  13. ThG

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  14. Pistol Pete

    Just for the fun of considering it:

    McCrimmon sheds Martinez at the trade deadline acquiring Andrei Kuzmenko who has been in a somewhat mysterious funk In Vancover for most of the year plummeting from 39 G and .91 pts/game last season to 8 G and .51 pts/game this season. Is he not able to do what Tocchet wants him to do and if so just what is that and would he work out in Cassidy’s defense-first structure? As I recall, the VGK was interested when Kuzmenko was to come over from Russia on a one year entry level contract at the age of 26 (he was like about the best player in the KHL), however he chose the Canucks.

    Assuming McCrimmon can find the cap space I have no idea how a trade would or could happen but imagine a guy like Kuzmenko in the lineup playing as we know he can. That would be that extra scoring the VGK could use.




    Scratches: Amadio, Cotter, Hutton

    P. S. I suppose the $3m Anthony Duclair is another possibility though he has nowhere near the offensive upside of Kuzmenko (obviously).

    • Pistol Pete

      Korczak is doing pretty damn well his 21 games this season: 1 G/8 A (+10). Pushing half a point a game. Playing up to his 41st pick potential for sure.

      He is an excellent skater, really a good one, is learning to defend and has excellent offensive instincts.

      • Richie-Rich

        Cormier, despite his size is also showing excellent skating, puck handling and passing skills. The defense has actually been very good. It’s the Cotter issue right now that is holding back the offense.

        In Cotter’s defense, it seems like he is doing just about everything right on offense and not getting rewarded. It is clearly evident that shooting the puck isn’t his strong suit, and therein lies the problem in keeping him.

        I am not sure what happened on defense last night, but I think that the NDJ are a very young and very fast team. Our older defensemen need to play more at home against that team, especially when Jack Hughes returns. They would be tough to beat in a Cup Final.

    • Richie-Rich

      It’s my opinion PP that there’s no deal to be made there.

      #1 Martinez is a leader and a solid defenseman.
      #2 Defense really hasn’t been the issue (except for last night) this season.
      #3 Vancouver isn’t going to trade a key piece to a division competitor.
      #4 VGK isn’t going to trade Martinez at all and certainly not to a division competitor in a division race.

      Sorry. But, I think if we are looking to add value it has to come from the east. Yes, we are pretty stocked at D, that leaves Cotter as the #1 trade piece. I know McCrimmon will surprise, so let’s just see what he does.

      • Pistol Pete

        Good points R-R particularly on the inter-divisional side, however according to the The Athletic article Kuzmenko has not been working out in the Canucks lineup though it does reference him wanting to stay there. Just not sure it will work out. You are right about Martinez however he is old enough to where he may not be extended. But yeah, great leadership and is so good in the playoffs, goal #3 from Eichel in game 5 being a prime example. I would not say the VGK will be unable to repeat without him however, especially if Korczak continues to improve and score points. Cormier is a pretty exciting prospect and he’s not much or any smaller in both height and weight than elite D’s such as Quinn Hughes, Makar and looks like Luke Hughes too, but I would pick Korczak over Cormier for his size advantage. Big stature D’s across the lineup are generally key in the postseason.

        • Pistol Pete

          To clarify, big stature D’s across the lineup was one of the keys to the VGK winning the Cup. Not to say teams have not gone all the way with one or more smaller D, Colorado being a recent case. Just may be more critical for the VGK.

      • knights fan in minny

        sounds like the canucks want jake guentzel

        • Pistol Pete

          That is true. All the more reason to shed Kuzmenko’s $5.5m (he is signed through 2024-25).

    • knights fan in minny

      duclair had a pretty good yar point wise in florida before his injury good speed also

  15. Henderson Knights

    Whitecloud was awful in that game, and the rest of the dmen were almost as bad.

    Howden has no business being out there in a 3 on 3 situation. THAT is what we get when injuries decimate the top players.

    LT is not the same goalie on the road.

    They blew that game in the last minute of the second period, when they had a 2 goal lead, all the momentum, and then just threw it all away by trying to get cute at the offensive blueline instead of just playing it safe into the corner.

    • ThG

      h knights, very insightful

      which Knights’ player made the bone head play, icing the puck (when they didn’t have too) which led to faceoff in the D zone, with a few seconds remaining in the game. In which subsequently the Devils won, shot off the back boards, and re bounded to short side of the goalie ? Who was that player ? (this all happened at end of period 2).

      This season is shaping up of replay of season two years ago, with all injuries and team dropping out of playoff contention with one OT loss after another. Led to firing of PDB, and exile of who shall not be named (the reptile man) to Sweden. Never to be seen or heard of from again.

      dun dun
      dun dun dun

  16. JB

    Well let’s see if Hilly comes back with some magic? Got a point, played like shit on managing the puck. Ok, throw that away and start new tonight. Islanders are a tuff physical team. We certainly are not, at this time. It’s been awhile, this season, since we have seen our boys play physical hockey. They may need to tonight or get run out of the rink?

  17. Pistol Pete

    Per lineups Hill is starting. If so we’ll keep our fingers crossed his body holds up.

  18. NHhell

    Vegas Golden Knights Coach Calls Out His ‘Beer League’ Team

    “We basically played a beer league game out there. We thought it was preseason, I guess. We didn’t defend to our structure or principals at all. The plays we made, right up to the last goal, were careless, disrespectful to the game. At the end of the day, we lose. And it’s what we deserve if we’re going to play like that. At the end of the day, we have a veteran D core, and they were not good tonight as a group. Jersey will make you pay if you’re not good there. Tonight was not something that should be acceptable.”


    that sounds like a clarion call to some possible changes soon from Vgk, as the coach basically went public with his frustration.

  19. NHhell

    Vegas Golden Knights Reassign Daniil Miromanov, Jiri Patera to Henderson.

    and so it begins

  20. Let us all just chalk it up as to an aberration…it was aggravating to watch as a fan.. obviously to a coach…and most importantly to the players themselves… I will gladly go on record as to say … even with a back to back.. and a new rookie goalie named Hill.. there will be a concerted effort to play VGK style… and Cassidy style hockey starting in about 4 hours!!!

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