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Recap: The Golden Knights looked to stay undefeated on their Eastern Conference road trip with three games remaining. Vegas’ Nic Hague opened the scoring with his 1st goal of the season. Montreal tied the game less than a minute later to take a 1-1 tie into the 1st intermission.

Reilly Smith broke the tie with his 4th goal of the season 2:24 into the 2nd period. Adin Hill was sharp in net shutting down every Montreal shot on net. After 40 minutes played the Golden Knights held a 2-1 advantage.

Montreal’s Nick Suzuki evened the score 2-2 early in the final frame. However, Smith regained the lead on the power play, scoring his second of the game. Keegan Kolesar deflected a puck into Montreal’s net and :21 later Nic Roy added another for Vegas. Suzuki tacked on his second but Jonathan Marchessault doubled the lead on the PP. Again the Canadiens got closer but the Golden Knights went on to defeat the Canadiens 6-4, earning their seventh win in a row.

The Golden Knights record improves to 11-2-0 with two games remaining on their five-game road trip. Vegas will stay in Eastern Canada to face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday. Puck drop against the Maple Leafs is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A bit of a sloppy 1st period was completely erased by about as dominant a 2nd period as we’ve seen all year from the Golden Knights. They lived in the offensive zone and completely stifled everything the Habs were trying to do to get out. The goals didn’t come until the 3rd though, and once they did they didn’t stop. It’s another high scoring win proving that if you aren’t buttoned up defensively against VGK, they’ll make you pay. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Montreal Canadiens at Bell Centre.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Keegan Kolesar
** Nic Hague
* Reilly Smith


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  1. Sorvino

    Great game. There was nothing wrong with it. Somehow a couple of people on here are gonna find some negatives and complain and want to pull their hair out.

    There’s two teams out there. Two professional hockey teams in the best hockey league in the world. It’s a bit much to ask for Vegas to dominate for 60 minutes every single night like some fans here want them to.

    However, as usual with most games they do dominate for significant periods of time. The second period in particular was outstanding in regards to puck possession.

    I’m extremely pleased with them having the best record in the national hockey league and can only be positive.

  2. Pistol Pere

    Hill SV% not great on this one (27/31= .871). Based on that alone, the softest goaltending game so far.

  3. Sorvino

    One thing I do want to say is that I’m very happy with them scoring all of these goals. Once in a while I get that Thatcher Demko PTSD feeling of them dominating a team but not being able to score. They were out shooting Montreal at one point 15-0 in the second period and did not score but the floodgates open in the third period. Just like in Ottawa they put a bunch of goals past a team that is not very good defensively.

    I’m loving this. I’m cautiously optimistic because Logan Thompson and Adin Hill are very inexperienced but I never could have imagined a better start to the season.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Hill’s SV% not great on this one (27/31= .871). Based on that alone, the softest goaltending game so far.

    Looks like Adin was really good when the game was contested to 2-2 but he ended up going a bit soft beginning 5-2.

    • Jeff

      Want to repeat your meaningless stats one more time in an effort to be recognized for you hockey brilliance?

  5. Richie-Rich

    I predicted a 7-4 VGK win tonight. Needed that empty netter!

    Another big win for the VGK, and one that frankly they should have won. On the plus side, the team is building good chemistry. I still think the team lacks identity and toughness. Identity will come as the season progresses. Toughness is just something that only can come through a trade or call up. We’ve now seen Smith and Petro slammed into the boards recently. There has to be a tougher response. Agree? Or disagree? For Montreal to come away with a power play off of that was an officiating disgrace.

    Puck management and some dumb icing calls also are concerning. VGK isn’t going to get away with these mistakes against the top tier teams in this league.

    So yeah, Sorvino, no one is going to argue about winning ugly or pretty. A win is a win. Credit Cassidy, his coaching is definitely making a difference offensively and defensively.

    Aiden Hill remains undefeated!

    I have to admit that the success of this team so far is a big surprise. Hopefully they stay healthy, solve the 3 goaltender situation, and continue to improve. On to Toronto and a game against a top tier team. This one is going to be tough, but it is one that could serve to solidify this team’s identity.


    • Pistol Pete

      Per Cassidy the team’s identity is being tough to play against. It’s a work in progress and the initial results are encouraging.

      • Richie-Rich

        If anything I would say that the identity is forming. Solid zone defense with all 4 lines chipping in. Lots of blocks and solid goaltending. Consistency isn’t there yet and we’ve yet to play fully healthy top tier teams. We will know a lot more by mid-January as to where this team is headed this season. I was skeptical about them making the playoffs, now that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

        Pleasantly surprised and it’s a lot more fun watching this team!

    • BT

      Im not trying to be difficult, or be a troll or anything, but you seem to be hard to please sometimes lol. In a good way though!
      Theres far more positives that outweigh the negatives in my mind. Like Sorvino said, dominating or controlling a game for 60 mins is very difficult. Theres going to be mistakes, and just bad execution plays or lack or awareness….it happens.
      What’s important, and is a sign of a championship team is how they handle adversity. And if they are lacking as much as you feel they are, the fact they are winning is a sign of that. This team is tough.
      I think theres areas they could definitely polish up, but it doesn’t take away that they’ve had the best start in the league, along with Boston. So they have to be doing more good then bad.
      Im sure most teams would be thrilled to play the way we are right now. It is true that its a long season, and theres alot of work to be put in. Injuries are always concern, but there’s no reason to believe we will have horrible luck like that again this year. Or, at least not much benefit for taking into account the POTENTIAL for injury.
      Anyways, I enjoy the different insight on here and appreciate everyone’s opinion. Hope i didn’t come across as argumentative or any of that. Just wanted to share my thoughts. Obviously I’m open to response.
      Thanks Rich.

      • Richie-Rich

        It is a lot more fun watching this team with the start they have had, no doubt about it. The poor puck management and dumb icing decisions (like when you are on the power play or in control on a 3v3 or 4v4) isn’t something that is random. It’s something that they definitely to work on. Constantly trying to pressure the puck up through multiple defenders instead of a back pass to open up space is frustrating to watch as well.

        We are loving the record. But let’s not forget that the 2 games previously they didn’t hold the lead at all during regulation. Their record could so very easily be 9-4 or worse.

        Sure, I’m super happy with the start. At the same time, I am also very realistic as well.

      • TS

        Bt, your opinions are welcome!! We ALL have them, glad to hear YOURS!!

    • TS

      RR, I think the team’s response to Peitrangelo being pounded into the boards was FINALLY the tough response we have wanted from them…And it’s about time!

  6. Pistol Pete

    Brossoit in net over in Henderson. Will be interesting to see how he does. In my mind Thompson is the clear #1. Hill has actually played just 17 fewer NHL games than Brossoit and his GA and SV% are slightly more favorable. Based on what I have seen this season compared to Brossoit last season, I choose Hill.

    • Pistol Pete

      Hill is more than three years younger than Brossoit which should make him more tradable even though his cap hit is nearly as high.

      No way should this roster carry three goalies. A trade is possible if a higher standing team wants Hill or Brossoit. This is because there is no guarantee they’ll be able to claim a waived player before a lower standing team does.

    • knights fan in minny

      agreed about hill

  7. Sorvino

    Ilya Samsonov got hurt tonight and now Toronto is going to be using the third and fourth string goalies. They might come calling about Laurent Brossoit.

  8. BT

    Great game by the boys once again. Once again, they figure out a way to win. Great 2nd and 3rd periods. The score makes the game seem closer then it was.
    I think the refs missed some calls, at least 1 trip in the first minute or two of the game. Eichel took another stick the face. Cheap shot on Petro, Habs lucky in my opinion to get that PP. I understand why we got 2 penalties, but it just doesn’t seem fair the Habs got an advantage and a goal for that. Typical NHL officiating i suppose.
    Important thing is they didn’t let it affect the outcome.
    Mental toughness is something this team has lacked at times, but not this year. They seem very confident, comfortable and they believe in each other. Give Bruce some credit, he has come in and done EXACTLY what we all hoped for. Im so happy with this team right now…keep it up boys!!!

  9. knights fan in minny

    good win the squad had to work hard for it hill 5-o dumb broosiot get some cap space dont mess with goalie tandem hell of a pass from wild bill to smitty on goal number 2 wild bill playing well what is it the new haircut or the new bride

  10. Tim

    The most impressive thing to me is the announcers from the teams we’ve played. We stream the games and most times we have the other teams announcers and the positive comments about the Knights are refreshing. Were getting a lot of respect from the opposition which means more because it comes from our rivals. Sorvino is right these are all professional teams and you normally don’t dominate for 60 minutes. Good game 22 points and off to Toronto where there having some goalie issues.

  11. Jailbird

    Seven in a row! Way to go boys!

  12. JV

    FYI, Brossiot surrendered 5 goals on 25 shots in a 6(en)-3 loss to Bakersfield in his first game since March.

    • Pistol Pete

      Not good but he’s been out a long time. HSK is off to a horrible 2-8-0 last place start anyways.

  13. Vic

    Six goal but a few off the iron, a few missed calls, and some nice saves by Allen. Could have easily been 10+ goals. Carrier playing great the past few games and to me easily one of the three stars in the past two. Don’t sweat the goals against. One of them was caused by someone falling down, and the others are due to a few excellent young players on the Habs. Cash it in, and move on.

  14. Pistol Pete

    What does everyone think of Kolesar? Cassidy appears committed to him where he could scratch him for Cotter. That would not be a good signal to Kolesar of course. Personally I’m getting okay with Keegan. He’s big, can skate and is performing defensively which is key for Cassidy. I don’t see why he can’t be the equivalent of Carrier. That line has been excellent so far. Makes sense Cassidy wants to leave it alone.

    • Pistol Pete

      Come to think of it I can see interchanging Howden and Roy which Cassidy did a shift I saw in period 2. Carrier and Kolesar are good for wingers on that line.

    • TS

      Pp, agreed. Kolesar is improving his game..a little competition for his spot is motivating him. He handled the agression from ‘ Jackeye, aka jackass’ well.He keeps his cool, even as opposing teams try to ” bait him”. Cassidy understands that if it’s working, DON’T TRY TO FIX IT. I am impressed with Cassidy…he’s a cut above PDB, his hockey IQ is DEEP. I think Vegas has a WINNER!!

  15. Pistol Pete

    Cassidy referenced Howden’s lack of finishing the other night so we know that’s a work in progress.

  16. TS

    Tim, that’s a real barometer, hearing positive assessments from OTHERS. VGK fans have been spoiled with all the success we’ve had, and when things went south last season with injuries, fans got pretty restless. Negative. Uber- critical. For some, the VGK will always miss at SOMETHING… Never satisfied.
    I see the team getting better every game this season. That 4th line is the biggest surprise— just LOVE their energy and tenacity! The entire team is clicking!
    Montreal’s ” Jackeye”( sp.) , was a real JACKASS! Guess desperation does nasty things to players. He deserves what he gets…
    CONGRATS to the TEAM .on top of the league right now. KEEP IT UP, GUYS!!

  17. THE hockey GOD

    now come knock me down.

    NHL is much like GAME OF THRONES, each team being a house. Some houses are great houses, some houses remain muddled , seemingly endless, near the gutter.

    This streak can not last, if the odds and game history says anything. Enjoy it while it lasts !

    Meanwhile the hypocrisy of the MONTREAL CANADIANS police attention to “crime” remains unbounded. “Acting” Chief of Police Sophie Roy (must be related to Patrick Roy- google her) Failed to ACT at the SCENE of a MuGGING at the Bell Center. In which a Montreal player ambushed a VGK no. 7, nearly injuring them at most unprotected part of ice, near players bench. This player came from behind like a THUG on streets of NYC doing a smash and grab on ole white lady walking home from the grocery store. BAM! then all hell broke lose as the VGK players all jumped on board the Montreal player on scene reminiscent of the Louie IV outdoor chess game in Mel Brooks HISTORY of the WORLD PART ONE (I am still waiting for part two to come out).

    Montreal police have a penchant for putting out arrest warrants on visiting players, especially Boston Bruin players, AFTER they deliver a cruel hit in BOSTON arena, when the next game is in MONTREAL. Where were the warrants for the Montreal player SOPHIE ?? WHERE ???? Anderson is toast next time he comes to T mobile. When the enforcing on your team is the GOALIE is this what you would expect the opposing team to do every night ?

    PS I liked the way nearly every FAN in the building was singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM of CANADA pre game. You don’t see this in most NHL AMERICAN rinks, and especially at T mobile . Why is that ? I suspect it is because most FANS aren’t real americans, having recently jumped the fence and do not know culturally what it means to be a patriot and stand up for your nation. Well maybe they still stand up for the nation where they came from. End or rant.

    • Sorvino

      New York Mets tv analyst Ron Darling brought up how Toronto Blue Jays fans sing the Canadian national anthem before playoff games and how it can really pump up the crowd. His reasoning for why this happens in Canada and not as much in the United States is simply because the Canadian national anthem is much simpler to sing. Both countries have wonderful anthems but the Canadian anthem is more conducive to sing along to.

      I think when the American national anthem is sung well before a sporting event, Americans will roar in appreciation rather then sing along.

      Wayne Messmer is my favourite anthem singer of all time. In case you don’t know who he is, he used to sing the national anthem for the Chicago Black Hawks when they played at the old Chicago stadium aka the Mad House on Madison. I think he occasionally sang for the Cubs as well. Unfortunately he can no longer sing as he was shot in the neck outside the stadium one night.

      Click on this link and listen to it as loud as possible. It is absolutely perfect. I’m Canadian and this still gives me goose bumps.

      This is Wayne Messmer singing before the All-Star Game.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Sorvino no one could rev up a crowd like Kate Smith singing GOD BLESS AMERICA before a FLYERS game. NO ONE ! And you can take that to the bank. Even the CAnadian singer last night couldn’t hit the high notes in American National Anthem, but at least people should attempt to sing along.

    • Ts

      Thg, maybe we don’t sing along with the Canadian anthem here because we don’t know the words! We need that Karioke monitor. Dang it!

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Ts
        at least the Canadian “fans” can sing their anthem in TWO languages, us dumb shit Americans can barely sing it in English. The only word they get out at T mobile is night, errr, KNIGHT.

        Maybe they should put a big telephone key pad on the over head projection screen at T mobile “presione uno para inglés” or “presione dos para espanole” ??

        • TS

          Thg, I’m a really good hummer…i can hum any song. With or without words! Oh, Canada, hum hum hum hummmmm….

          • THE hockey GOD

            i am not touching that one with my ten foot pole !! Not in a million years !

    • Richie-Rich

      Borders? We don’t need no stinkin borders. We don’t have any stinkin borders!

  18. vgk21

    a few notes after another big win……

    Carrier is playing the best hockey of his career.

    the Ottawa coach Smith was right when he said a week ago that Hague and Whitecloud are the best 3rd pair dmen in the league. They were each a PLUS 4 last night.

    and I sure wish the Vgk still had Nick Suzuki.

    • knights fan in minny

      hauge looks good for not having training camp he had a great play in his own end when he held off the foward that lead to a goal

  19. Pistol Pete

    Ideally Management wants to see the HSK play the Cassidy methodology ie. first using zone formations to defend the N and D zones, limit odd man rushes and drive the net. That’s how the HSK can win and prepare prospects to play the big club.

    • Pistol Pete

      I’m staying the obvious. Of course the parent and farm teams implement common methodology. Had just never thought about it. The point is, the Cassidy methodology has worked well so far for the VGK. It should help the HSK. A key metric I had learned previously for HSK players is they have to be good defensively to come up. The Cassidy zone formations will require HSK players to play the right way, hopefully get them winning again, and get the younger top offensive prospects further along in the process, players like Brisson and Dorofeyev.

  20. Tim

    The Misfit line is back, The Eichel line is healthy, the fourth line is outstanding, and the third line not so much. We all obviously have to be pleased and our 3 par’s of defense I’ll go out on a limb and say there the best in the NHL. Toronto will bw an interesting game especially if there on there third or forth goalie. Buffalo’s announcers make me want to vomit talk about homer announcers only outdone by the arrogant Colorado announcers not just this year but in previous years just hard to listen to. I try to stay away from our announcers Dave Gousher with all his stats over and over gets real tiring hence I usually listen to our opponents announcers and check out the different styles. Keep that snowball rolling down the hill next stop Willoughby Oops I meant Toronto. THG is pretty smart he should know my Willoughby meaning. You are now entering the Fill in blank?

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ tim, I hear ya buddy. When I tuned in last night to VGK game it was in FRENCH !! I thought I had a stroke or something.
      Then they had a lead in showing all the canadian famous, dead, announcers. Then they explained why all the coaches were wearing that red poppy flower like a broache** on their lapels the principal emblem of the Royal Canadian Legion

      **11. (Jewellery) a less common spelling of brooch. brooch
      an ornament having a pin at the back: That is a lovely brooch on your dress.
      Not to be confused with:
      broach – introduce, propose, bring up, submit, advance: Did you broach the subject at the meeting?; a cutting tool; a spit for roasting meat. Or grouch who coaches behind the bench for the Calgary Flames.

      • Tim

        THG, The answer was You Are Now Entering The Twilight Zone. Sorry you get a big fat F

  21. Sorvino

    THG. This is what I meant by Kate Smith being cancelled. She was a great singer.
    Click on link

  22. TS

    Montreal’s Anderson just received a “HEFTY” 2 Game suspension for his board hit on Petro Saturday. Whoa, don’t know if the guy can sit out that long…WHAT A JOKE. If Petro had a concussion and face fracture, Anderson might have gotten the penalty he DESERVED.

    • TS

      So, let me get this right: if the ” hitter” doesn’t : break a neck, fracture a skull/ face, cause concussion and brain trauma, break bones, he gets a basic ” no- harm, little to NO PENALTY”??? Never mind the hitters INTENT, as Petro’s vicious hit showed????

    • knights fan in minny

      should have been 5

    • JV

      This is an ongoing issue with the DOPES than run DOP(E)S. They hand out punishment based on the outcome of an action instead of the action itself. How many times has that POS Tom Wilson only received a $5000 fine? Then again, you have one of the biggest former goons George Parros in charge.

  23. TS

    Jv, I recall Reaves getting pummeled on the back of his HEAD by the butt end of Shark Joe Thornton, in an early years’ playoff game. It was in a scrum..Ref’s head was turned, so Thornton got no penalty. DIRTY HOCKEY. When PDB was then hired by our team,it did NOT sit well with many.

  24. B-Rad-Lee
    The Leafs need a goaltender. Might they be interested in Brossoit?
    If we waive him, someone will pick him up for nothing.
    At least we can get a pick for him.

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