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The Golden Knights finished the preseason with a divisional matchup in LA. Both offenses came out firing in the first period. Five combined goals were scored in the opening period, which LA held a 3-2 advantage.

Shea Theodore picked up his first goal of the preseason in the second period. However, the Kings scored to regain their one goal lead heading into the second intermission.

Vegas took over in the final frame. Early on Nic Roy evened the score and Jack Eichel gave Vegas the 5-4 lead five and half minutes later. Conn Smyth winner Jonathan Marchessault added an insurance goal giving his team a two-goal edge. Eichel tacked on one more to seal the game 7-4.

Vegas finished the preseason with a (3-4) record. The Stanley Cup champions open their season on Tuesday night against the Seattle Kraken. The Golden Knights released their special for Tuesday’s championship banner celebration

VGK Opening Night Festivities

11:00a: Morning Skate (CNA)
3:30p: Gold Carpet
6:00p: Doors Open
7:30ish: Banner raising ceremony
7:45ish: VGK vs SEA

Recap: (Recap by Jason)


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  1. Emmanuel

    Ill say the same thing i said last year. IF they make the playoffs (nothing is a given, see 2 years ago) they will go deep. The team is built for the playoffs.

  2. Tim

    We simply wore them down. After the game there announcers who were realistic said they have work to do. I think tomorrow as much as the media hates us got a reality check. Not only are we good were big, physical, and by the third period we ware the opponent down where they make mistakes which leads to careless penalties as you saw today.

  3. Jason, apparently your partner in crime had nothing to say about the convening win.

  4. Vic

    Ken got tired of saying ‘First star Jack Eichel’.

  5. Jailbird

    Our big boys took over in third. Now, enough of these practice games. Bring on the real thing Tuesday and let’s raise that banner! Yea baby!

  6. Pistol Pete

    Nice way to end the preseason, winning the last and only two games to feature the full regular season roster (not including injuries). Both come
    from behind also.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Remember this kid from Episode 7 “Jackpot” from the ESPN series Quest For The Stanley Cup? He came in for Tkachuk and had one of those early looks in the opening minutes of game 5. He’s not the big bodied depth forward we like to have on the roster, in fact Dorofeyev is a couple inches taller and about 10 lb. heavier, however Denisenko can fly, has really good hands and as a first round pick himself should give Brisson a run for his money in Henderson. He’s about the same size as Brisson and like him needs to get stronger on the puck and develop his defensive game.

    • THE hockey GOD

      nice pick up PP, what does that say about Max Comtois ?

      I thought they would pick up a waiver claim, watching the pre season lethargic progress of the farm system, that seems to be the way FO picks up potentially good players. Notwithstanding that Nolan Patrick and wiggy biscuit have opened up roster spots.

      Everyone is saying, who is taking smith’s spot? Who is taking Smith’s spot? Wrong question. Barby has the spot. The obvious question is who is taking Nolan or wiggy biscuit’s spot.

      I hope they don’t lose patches on waivers, or EF Hutton. It’s going to be a tricky proposition as team gets healthy.

      Meanwhile JoeFlation rages, gas is over $5 and $7 in LA. Rents are out of control, the border is being invaded without resistance. And the world is on fire. Shame on you clowns who voted this POS into office. This never happened when the “other” guy was in office. Shame shame shame shame shame.

      • There is no hockey god

        This fucking idiot

        Another galaxy brained take from
        THE precious SNOWFLAKE

        Serious question for you- when you’re a mouth-breathing moron, does the shit that Tucker takes straight into your brain roll right out of your agape mouth?
        You goddamn moron!

  8. Pistol Pete

    Read what Cassidy has in mind for Jack Eichel going forward.

    Coach Bruce Cassidy said he wants to use him more on the penalty kill to win the first face-off and to break up plays with his strong stick. He wants him to take control of the power play and raise its pace. And he wants him to shoot more often.

    “He has one of the better shots on our team, too, and he likes to defer sometimes and make the play,” Cassidy said. “He’s a center. I get all that. I just think he’s got a dangerous shot, and he could use it a little more often to keep teams honest.”

  9. TS

    I just want to say that it is REFRESHING to see Sinbin Posters getting along! I applaud everyone for their civility and good nature!! Cheers to a FANTASTIC season!!

  10. knights fan in minny

    martini on ir that sucks

  11. Jailbird

    Shit! I was hoping he was going to play. Ok then, it’s started. We will have to deal with this kind of thing during the season for sure. Hopefully Wild bill will play Tuesday. That leaves us short two d-men. So Hutton and whoever will have to step up.

    • knights fan in minny

      the boys will be fine they will be pumped to see that banner

  12. JV

    Feeling that Comtois doesn’t want to sign for 851K, which is the cap space they have left once Lehner goes on LTIR.

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