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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to LA for their first meeting with the Kings this season. It took a while for both offenses to get going but eventually, the Kings opened the scoring at the 13:13 mark of the opening period.

Up 1-0, LA added to their lead early in the middle frame, but Vegas responded a few minutes later. First Michael Amadio cut the Kings lead in half and William Carrier tied the game in the second period. After 40 minutes the contest was locked in a 2-2 lock.

Alex Pietrangelo drew a 3rd period penalty to set Vegas up with a power play 5:37 into the final frame. Jonathan Marchessault found captain Mark Stone for an easy one-time shot to give Vegas their first lead of the game. Ivan Barbashev took an unfortunate double minor that Vegas successfully killed off to preserve their one-goal advantage. 

With a minute remaining the Kings tied the game with their net empty forcing overtime. The Golden Knights were awarded an OT power play which they couldn’t capitalize on. The game eventually turned to a shootout to decide a winner. Jack Eichel scored the only goal to pick up a victory in SO. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 8-0-1 defeating the Kings 4-3 in shootout. Vegas’ next game will be on Monday night against Montreal at T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop against the Canadiens is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights really didn’t find themselves engaged in this game until they fell behind by two goals, but once that happened they were the far better team and deserved the win. It’s a bit unfortunate they couldn’t get across the line in regulation as they failed on a breakaway and an empty net chance. A win’s a win, and that’s 8 of 9 for VGK. (Analysis by Ken)

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** Alex Pietrangelo
* Alec Martinez



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  1. Richard

    Fun fact: 9 games into the season the VGK are 9 points above the playoff line…

  2. David T

    A hard fought win, but a win, nevertheless.

  3. Richie-Rich

    8-0-1, but another inconsistent showing.

    Top line (Eichel, Barby & March) lack of production has been the problem. Team depth is keeping the team in games and giving us nail biting points.

    Thompson is the #1 star in my book for his shootout performance.

    What was Amadio thinking? Empty net, puck on his stick and tries an impossible cross ice pass that is picked off. Time to be selfish there and go for it.

    • Bobby

      Agreed, Amadio put that thing in the empty net next time. Saves energy for the rest of the team.

  4. TS

    Yup, LT was superb when it mattered, in the Shootout… Kept his cool, and his “exclamation point” at the end was great to see!

  5. Pistol Pete

    So which is better?




    It’s not necessarily which is better standing on his own, Cotter or Dorofeyev though one can debate that, it’s how one makes a better Karlsson line.

    • Pistol Pete

      After setting up Amadio’s goal I’m surprised Pav did not get an assist on that one. No matter, he still created the goal.

      • knights fan in minny

        that line was good last night i thought the same thing on the helper i was suprised he did not get it

  6. Pistol Pete

    It took a SO but that was a win against one of the better teams in the league. Nice comeback from 0-2. LT was excellent again.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Eichel’s relative lack of goal scoring is hopefully another issue addressable by the Cassidy-Eichel partnership. Going into this game Eichel was second only to MacKinnon in shots landed. Perhaps that SO goal will ignite a run.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Gotta love Carrier’s goal. Embodies everything about Carrier, the speed and improved shot. VGK now has 18 different goal scorers in the first nine games. Can you say “depth”? Odd men out: Kolesar, Petro, McNabb, and Hutton.

    • TS

      Pp, I feel Carrier was somewhat slighted in the SC Final game, when Cassidy didn’t start him. Carrier had said at the time that “coach gives the orders, he just follows them.” That may have carried over to this season..he has been less impactful so far this season, ( injury aside)so I hope his goal is the right direction for him now. We NEED him!
      Just my observation and opinion….

      • Jailbird

        Where was he going to start Will? At defense?

        • TS

          I know, jb. I get that. SOMEONE had ro sit, simple Math. ButCarrier’s comment was telling.

      • Pistol Pete

        TS are you sure that is Carrier you are thinking of? He played every postseason game except four in the Winnipeg series due to injury.

        • TS

          Pp, I was referring to the START of that final CUP game, when Casdidy wisely decided to start the Misfits. I know he played through the game, his comment after gave me that feeling HE felt slighted somehow..

  9. Pistol Pete

    I will continue to be a Pav cheerleader for the time being. Comes in the last two games, scores, sets up
    another, lands 7 shots,+2. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

  10. Jailbird

    I will continue to be a Knights cheerleader, no matter who is in the lineup! Great game by bottom six and LT. 17 out of a possible 18 points. We just find a way. In this 82 game grind of a season, it’s simply about points, points, points. This we are doing better than anyone else! Way to go boys!

  11. Weston

    That was a good win vs a quality Kings team. Couple things. The VGK need to bury more empty net goals this season. Also, it is not discussed much here but Roy is a spectacular player and to have him center the fourth line just exemplifies the teams depth. I was majorly concerned when he left Tuesdays game and I still. But the 4th line keeps producing. Super deep.

  12. Playoff type game… exciting.. fun.., exhilarating… annoying… irritable we cannot seem to protect and close out games… but hey those kinks can be addressed and worked out over the 82 game grind in preparation for the playoffs…14 points clear of oilers though they have thst all important game in hand…when eichel buries one he will make himself and his line mates ever more dangerous!!

    • Pistol Pete

      As I implied above, one can be sure Cassidy and Eichel together are addressing his relative inability to find the back of the net. Frankly it has not mattered all that much other than a couple of these wins could have been easier. As long as Jack contributes in his end and plays the PK I am happy. His point a game will come.

  13. Pistol Pete

    Based on Cassidy’s postgame this time he appears to favor Dorofeyev on the Karlsson line. Not sure he’ll scratch Cotter for Dorofeyev on Monday leaving Cotter in a potentially challenging situation mentally, but if does play Cotter it may be on a short lease. He likes what he sees in Dorofeyev-Karlsson-Amadio on and away from the puck. Dorofeyev is a smart player, always looking for position and ready to move. Shoots whenever possible and gets to the front the net. Good movement, good balance. I would say you stack him up against Amadio, Howden and Cotter, he is the one most likely to become a consistent north of 40 pts scorer, maybe more. This is a player who came to North America and between the ages of 20-21 scored in the AHL at an 82 game pace of 31. That is why I have been bullish on him from the beginning. He can score and his playmaking is improving. He also has more top end speed than was first apparent.

  14. Pistol Pete

    Anyone wondering why the VGK PK is so good so far this season? Jack Eichel is on the top unit.

  15. Tim

    Another team effort every game someone else lights the lamp so were hard to defend. Our goalie combo is as good as it gets and with Thompson 25 and Hill 27 were in good shape not only now but in the future.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    Pava only had 11+ minutes TOI . I think he may be nursing an injury
    maybe Carrier. Hard to tell without seeing them practice. Paval had 5 , 6 and 5 shifts, per period. Played better than prior game, and needs to keep getting

    Cotter on other hand had more ice time, but coach again diminished playing time
    as game moved on stats showing 6, 6, 3 shifts. Made penalty and coach saw enough, well near enough.

    Barbashev, is turning out not to be a Smith duplicate had 6 ,5 , 5 and one shift in OT. Don’t know if he will ever get to Smith level of play. Since he’s not used on PP much, or on PK.

    Kings coach matched up players well against hague/pachal combo (both had minus 2). I don’t think this defensive pair have played much together. Earlier in season with MArty out, Hague was paired on as part of top pair.

    Petro and MArty , after being very rusty since returning from IR finally showed up.

    LT easily was star no. 1. Clearly shows why , over long haul he’s probably a skosh better than Hill. A tad better at rebounds when he can control them.

    Kings will get better as season progresses, good thing they don’t have much of a look against VGK because they hardly play them this year! Schedule miscue ? Hard to make gains on teams in your own division if you don’t play them much.

    And world is still on fire, Biden owns this mess. Oh wait it’s all Trump’s fault. And Engoron is clown, what a joke.

    • Thg – well we see eye to eye concerning Smith – it’s a shame he is not still a Knight. Not one of the better decisions the front office has made. Smith while at flashy did it all – 200 ft guy defensively and offensively, PK with his buddy Wild Bill etc. Sad to see him go.

  17. knights fan in minny

    logan was sharp wild bill line was good all night talbot saved the kings butt a win is a win

  18. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete, you seem a bit obsessed with Pavel Dorofeyev and may be missing what Kaeden Korczac brings to the team. Dorofeyev and Cotter are intriguing but I don’t think they are viable replacements for Marchessault next year. They may still have to look outside the organization to replace Jonathan but Kaeden Korczak to me looks like he can fill in Alec Martinez spot seamlessly. I think that is very exciting.

    • Jailbird

      Why are assuming Marchy will be gone next year?

      • Sorvino

        I guess I should’ve written in my comments in parenthes (if Marchessault is not back next year) as I have said many times, management has a knack for replacing players at the right time. (James Neal, Marc Andre Fluery, Max Pacioretty, James Neal etc…) Marchessault is the oldest forward on the team and generally players don’t get better in their 30s. Management may deem that it is the better play to not give a contract extension with a raise to what will be a declining asset.

    • Pistol Pete

      Lol Sorvino I am definitely a stuck record on Dorofeyev. My angle is simply his goal scoring in the AHL. While this site had him ranked 13th as a prospect going into last year I had him #1 and he came in getting 8 goals in 23 games an 82 game pace of 29. The guy can score way more than any prospect we have seen so far including Nick Suzuki who currently sits at 20 goals per 82 games. He has a small NHL sample but Dorofeyev played 119 AHL games with 31 goals per 82 games. Korczak is a D so he’s not in the discussion on forwards, but I am bullish on him to become another McNabb or if Marty does not get an extension he’ll replace him. So far there are two guys in the picture to replace Smith: Cotter and Dorofeyev. Who will replace Marchy or Karlsson when the time comes is another discussion: that will require acquiring an elite veteran when the time comes. For the time being we need to replace Smith from the existing prospects pool. In Dorofeyev I see more intelligence and poise to his game. He gets inside, shoots and will shoot from further out too. From what I can see he’s stronger away from the puck than Cotter, more consistent defensively, more consistent all around imo. Cassidy has been giving Cotter the starts he earned with his performance last year. My sense is Cassidy was impressed with Dorofeyev and that line the last two games. We’ll see what happens when Roy comes back.

  19. Henderson Knights

    Howden at center is no Nic Roy. he can’t stickhandle the puck nearly as well, and his line got stuck in the d zone in the first half of the game, and that is what led to the Hague, Pachal problems.

    overall though, a very good comeback effort after that blip on Friday. LT played excellent vs a very strong offensive LA lineup… he is 4th best all time in the NHL in the shootout.

    • Pistol Pete

      Howden seems at his best as a passenger on the Stephenson line. A big man who will fight, his physicality combined with his speed and hands makes for depth scoring that works on that line. He was everything one could expect of him in the playoffs.

  20. As they say at my workplace ‘business needs’ will be the order of the day when it comes to signing Marchy ….he will be a year older and possibly less productive… his intensity.. drive… willingness are unparalleled …a great teammate who is loved and respected… so was Schmidt Reaves and Fleury.. Stephenson will be more of a priority next year.. if salary cap goes up 4 million a hometown discount for Marchy may certainly come into play.

    • THE hockey GOD

      schmidt the druggy
      reeves the big mouth
      and MAF the back stabber

      were not loved and respected, thank God they are gone, don’t let the door hit them in their lame a$$es on the way out.

  21. Jailbird

    Again, worrying about NEXT year, when we have just started THIS year! Just don’t get it.

    • Sorvino

      You don’t have to get it jailbird. Talking about the future is just not your thing. But apparently other people do want to talk about it.

      • Jose

        And Jailbird just because some of us like to talk about the future, that doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying the present. So don’t accuse us of that either.

      • Jailbird

        Talk away boys. Make assumptions that may not even happen. Talk about years ahead, enjoy. I’m an old man and I live in the now. I could care less about next year, at this time. All that talk is just blah, blah, blah. You guys make a blanket statement that Marchy will degrade just because he’s over 30. Plenty of players doing great into late 30s. Marchy was a star in the playoffs and big reason we won. Where’s your locality for a player like that? He’ll be back!

        • TS

          Jb, I also am a bit put off by the Marchy trade talk. He has been, and still is, an integral part of the VGK, and I think he will continue to be valuable for a few more years. 30— OLD?? Heck, I have WRINKLES older than that!!!! lol

        • Pistol Pete

          Yeah think it would take a real decline in performance for them to not offer Marchy an extension. Let’s see first how the rest of the season goes. It will take a major downturn for this team to not make the playoffs. I would expect Marchy to be impactful again. Some time ago I thought it possible they will retire him in favor of a William Nylander but I am less inclined to think so now.

  22. Stay in the present.. look to the future.. if we don’t we end up like the potentially record setting hapless Sharks!

  23. Pistol Pete

    Habs coming in here 5-2-1 same record as TOR. Should be another tough game. Wondering if Roy will play.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Roy is OUT long term per Cassidy’s recent comments,
      maybe he was fading it.

      Did he show up at practice today ?

  24. Sorvino

    Excellent point Larry. Teams that just look at the present and not the future and do stupid things like sign older players to contracts that have very long terms. San Jose has a bunch of those.

    Marc Edoard Vlasic is now a 37-year-old fringe defenceman that plays about 13 minutes a game and is still signed for three more years at 7 million per.

    They used assets to move other ridiculous contracts like Brent Burns and Erik Karlsson.

    If San Jose had won a cup, at least all of this that they are going through now would have been more palatable. So it’s awesome that we have our cup. However, in saying that I don’t think that should mean that certain players should have a lifetime membership on a team.

    That’s stupid loyalty.

    Thankfully, VGK management does not do that. If they did Marc Andre Fleury would still be here.

    The reason why some fans think about the future is because they are enjoying the present so much that they don’t want a San Jose type future.

  25. Pistol Pete

    Grigori Denisenko scored to tie the game after two periods. Including this game he has 3 G/5 A in 8 games, giving Brisson (3 G/1A in 8 games) a run for his money. Denisenko has something like 17 NHL games too. If he keeps up this pace he could be called up before Rondbjerg this season. Rondbjerg with his size though is a better man to fill in on the 4th. Need I remind, Denisenko was a #15 pick. What remains more than anything perhaps is to get him strong enough on the puck and committed enough defensively to play VGK hockey.

    • Pistol Pete

      He’s a couple inches taller than Marchy and about the same weight. It’s up to him. If he commits to it he should be able to get hard enough to play up here.

      • Pistol Pete

        What an opportunity sits before the guy. Just like Dorofeyev the chance to play on a championship team. Same for Brisson and whomever of the others who might become good enough. A steep hill to climb.

    • Henderson Knights

      Rondberg is a favored fill in with the coaches because he is a very dependable defensive winger who they can count on to backcheck diligently.

  26. Pistol Pete

    Brendan scores the go ahead goal with 7:27 remaining. Good for you my man.

    • Pistol Pete

      Brisson’s was PP goal, Denisenko’s was not. If anybody has seen Denisenko in action I would be curious to get a report. I know scouting reports can be inflated the one I saw had him very fast, great stickhandler, high vision and IQ.

      • Pistol Pete

        Denisenko scores again. Must have an EN. 4G/5 A in 8 games at Henderson.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Swetlikoff is playing better. Denisenko is inconsistent, had minus three game in prior game. He scored on a breakaway and empty netter in yesterday’s game. Needs to be more consistent.

        Swet is another FO western Canadian “find”. He was originally assigned to Ghost Pirates, but two games ago got promoted to the mini knights. Hedge knight? Knights that say nee ? Or is it ni ?

  27. Pistol Pete

    Just look how Marchy tore up the AHL before the skill evaluation folks figured out he was NHL material. He was undrafted. Guess their view of his game was skewed based on that?

    263 pts/306 regular season games = .86 pts/game

  28. Jailbird – man another post with meaning – we have no idea what tomorrow brings let alone next season. Your absolutely correct blah, blah etc. Is not even relevant – just busy talk. There is something to be said for age and wisdom pretty well defines it. Stay healthy it’s a long season before another shot at winning the cup again.

  29. UK-VGK

    Hey All, Genuine question. Has Stone looked poor in general so far this season?

    I’m in the UK and because of the time difference watching all games in full just isn’t feasible. (03:00 am start times). The games I have caught so far, he doesn’t appear to have shown up.

    Is this the case or have I happens to see his poor performances?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Pistol Pete

      He has 7 pts (2 G/5 A) in 9 games. Pretty decent numbers. He’s not a fast fancy skater so it can be tough to tell if he’s 100% healthy. Sure hope he is!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Stone is playing good. Having lost chemistry with Howden didn’t help in his last game. WAs going to comment earlier on Howden move, but some other posters mentioned, I agreed with this poster’s assessment. Howden seems to play
      “faster” with Stone and STephenson. Not so good on the fourth line. Maybe he took it psychologically as a put down. Who knows? Hockey psychee s are so fragile at times, but forwards are better at it than ghoulies.

  30. Tim

    The posts this year have been refreshing what a difference a Stanley Cup will do, Montreal tonight I assume Hill will be in net. Every time I think of Montreal I think of how they kept us from another Stanley Cup appearance. That was one time the better team didn’t win.

  31. I agree Tim.. the loss that year was and still is confounding… especially after game #1…notwithstanding fleurys gaffe.. we stopped scoring and our power play was beyond powerless…having said that I still believe we would have beaten the Lightning simply because we have always matched up well with them!

  32. Pistol Pete

    After watching the goal Dorofeyev set up I can not understand for the life of me how he does not get an assist on that. He came around behind the net, passed out to the front of the net, Karlsson was there but the puck never touched his stick and instead found it’s way through to Amadio who scored the goal. Watching the replay it is goal by Amadio assisted by Dorofeyev with no assist by Karlsson. As far as I am concerned Pav is 1 G/2 A (3 points in four games). I don’t mind Karly getting an assist obviously. When the coaching staff reviews the play the know the goal was set up by Dorofeyev, a key play in the game bringing the VGK to within one goal in the game.

  33. Pistol Pete

    Yeah think it would take a real decline in performance for them to not offer Marchy an extension. Let’s see first how the rest of the season goes. It will take a major downturn for this team to not make the playoffs. I would expect Marchy to be impactful again in the postseason. Some time ago I thought it possible they will retire him in favor of a William Nylander but I am less inclined to think so now.

  34. Tim

    Pistol Pete, Like you I’m a Dorofeyev fan I see lots of potential he just needs playing time. On all these guys they bring up we may talk like we know something like what we use to say being shit house lawyers but the fact is the coaches are with them every day and they know obviously more then us.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim that is true. I have been laser focused on who the final LW on the Karlsson line to replace Smith will be, Cotter and Dorofeyev being the only candidates. Both are on the roster and neither can go back to Henderson without passing through waivers. They are both possibilities but I think when the smoke clears Cassidy will select Pav. My own best guess.

      • Pistol Pete

        With Roy back on the roster one of them is a scratch. Most recently is was Pav and that could continue, however If Roy stays out and the chemistry with Pav builds that could change. It could be tough on Cotter. Looks like Roy is out again vs. Montreal with the only projected change being Korzcak comes in for Pachal. Another game for Dorofeyev to show what he can do on the Karlsson line. Last game that line had a number of very good shifts.

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