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Recap: The Golden Knights 2022-23 season began with a divisional game on the road against the LA Kings. It was the first time since 2017-18 that Vegas opened the season on the road. 

The home team got on the scoreboard first shooting through traffic in front of the Golden Knights net. Reilly Smith had two quality chances late in the period but Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick held the 1-0 lead.

After an expiring power play Vegas took advantage of a tired LA team. Jonathan Marchessault tied the game 1-1, notching his first of the season 1:41 into the middle frame. Both teams had several opportunities throughout the period but Quick and Logan Thompson kept the puck out of their nets. 

Star center Jack Eichel broke the tie picking up a loose rebound and roofing the puck for the 2-1 VGK lead. The Kings evened the score but Alex Pietrangelo took advantage of a 3rd period power play. The defenseman drilled a shot pass from the blue line and William Karlsson deflected it by the sprawling Quick. Karlsson’s goal was the team’s first power play goal under new coach Bruce Cassidy. LA later scored the equalizer but Mark Stone scored the game-winner with under a minute remaining.

The Golden Knights defeat Los Angeles 4-3 to start their season with a (1-0) record. Vegas travels back for their home opener against Chicago on Thursday night. Puck drop against the Blackhawks is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were the better team for a majority of the night. The forechecking was excellent and caused all sorts of problems for the Kings in the d-zone and neutral zone. It took a wild play to get the Golden Knights across the line with two points, but they earned that win. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings at Arena.

  • Forechecking FTW
  • Inside the final play of the game
  • Goalie Interference

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Nic Roy
** Jack Eichel
* Mark Stone



Season Opener: What I’m Looking Out For Aside From The Outcome


Inside Look At The Crazy Final Play Leading To Mark Stone’s Game-Winning Goal


  1. Pistol Pete

    Like Cassidy’s lines spreading the depth.

    4th landed 8 shots! Cotter 3/Roy 4/Kolesar 1

    • PP, that line is impressive! The 3 work really well together…I thought that the past couple games. That line is going to be formidable. Very reassuring to know we have a deep enough roster to challenge. Roy is the FUTURE of the Vgk’ success!

      • A Fan

        Just put in Carrier for Kolesar and it’s perfect.

        • LegionNoir

          I disagree. Not everything impactful done by “Goalslaw” shows up on the scoring sheet, despite the deceptively good shooting he’s capable of.

        • YouOnKazoo

          Kolesar’s fine where he is.

          That line may be capable of even more shots, and Kolesar can shoot.

          • A Fan

            100% totally disagree with both of you & LN. Time will tell.

        • Deutscher

          He’s the kind of guy that you WANT on your 4th line in the playoffs…

          Not offensively deficient, defensively strong, and most importantly, can draw out the rage of an opponent with a good hit.

          WE WANT THAT.

  2. Pistol Pete

    VGK has never lost a season opener away.

  3. vgk21

    good start to the season. exciting game. Stone returns to form with big last minute winner.

    the 4th line was great for o-zone possession, with Cotter a real horse in the corners on the forecheck.

    LT was solid.

    the dmen need to be better in coverage in front of their own net. and prevent passes to the low slot from behind the net……

    and the needless penalties have to be eliminated.
    but overall a big win on the road vs a playoff team last season and rival from their own division

  4. Pistol Pete

    Really good to see the two biggest names score in the season opener. Both back from injury especially Stone.

    Can definitely see Cassidy utilizing this offensive blue line he has now.

  5. JoeinHendo

    I know it’s only game 1, but I really liked what I saw from our guys, they seemed so much more energetic and aggressive then last year. Nice to see our top scorers getting pucks in the net right off the bat. Wild Bill scoring a PP goal 1st game was huge (not only for his confidence, but for the confidence of a historically bad PP scoring VGK team under “coach” DeDouchebag last year). Knight’s seemed more comfortable and confident in Coach Cassidy’s system. Hopefully our new coaches are better at developing the younger talent then the previous trainwreck coaching staff, and can get them up and rolling as the season wears on and injuries start taking their toll. Overall, it was just refreshing not glaring in disgust at my tv screen every time VGK’s coach was shown lol.

    • TS

      JOE, DITTO!! I really like what I see in Cassidy’s game plan!! The guys look fast, don’t they!! The pace has definitely picked up from PDB’s SLOOOOWWW- MO coaching style. The guys look more like our 1st year team than before, and speed was a big factor in that success then. Good win!

      • JoeinHendo

        TS, Yes! It was so refreshing last night to see some glimmers of our Original Misfits’ play and attitude those first couple seasons. “coach” DeDouchebag’s lack of fire and emotion had our past couple teams playing like zombies. I found myself enjoying watching last night’s game so much more than the past couple years. So happy VGK flushed the turd known as PDB and his cling-on coaches, still can’t believe he was ever hired in the first place. His failure in Vegas played out just as I predicted the surreal week Gallant was unjustly fired and DeDouchebag was announced as head coach. If anything, PDB is consistent in destroying good teams as VGK was his 3rd in a row. I’m very excited to see Coach Cassidy’s team moving forward!

        • Joe, agree on all points! We’re like- minded fans, PDB was the WORST mistake of ALL of Mgmt’s mistakes!

    • DMR

      Yes, I noticed the same things and their resiliency to keep fighting for another goal was impressive!

  6. Pistol Pete

    Will be sweet if Howden works out up there with Stevie and Stone. Big body first rounder with speed. I get where Cassidy is coming from.

    • Pistol Pete

      I see 60 pts written all over Howden if he stays healthy. Only 24 too.

      • Pistol Pete

        Sure a guy will score more on a top line but the point is if a bottom six player can hold his own playing up, you create depth by moving top six players down. Makes all the sense in the world.

  7. knights fan in minny

    where are you now mcphat obvious with your bitter post

  8. Sorvino

    Very good first game of the season especially on the road. If they lose Chicago it sort of makes it less meaningful so I hope they keep up the effort.

  9. That was a fun win! Great to see Stone out there scoring! He may be a step slow( surprise, lol), but his desire and play- making make up for it.
    I think Roy will have a break-out season. He is so, smart, wicked net shot. He will be a real force this season!
    Lt was AWESOME. He was really tested in LA, and he held up well. Didn’t get rattled. Yeah, he was down, out of place on one goal, but overall he was great! I think the goalie question ( the press likes to ” press” this issue) is no longer a question…the VGK have a very competent goalie!! And, as the “press” LOVE to talk playoff predictions, perhaps they’ll change their less- than- flattering outlook. Vegas is gonna be FINE.

  10. Jailbird

    Yea baby! Nice win, showed me much!

  11. Blitz

    What a great first game, new coach, new system, new energy! It was a great battle against a good LA team. Lot’s of positives to say. Scoring and scoring attempts felt much stronger as a whole. Puck was moving, shots and chances were coming from places rarely seen in the Peter era. I like these lines from 1 to 4. I have a harder time judging defense from the forwards, but I know Eichel and even Kessel had a few noticeable defensive plays. Watching the new guys, Cotter looked great with Roy and Kolesar. Those guys were high energy with some gritty chances, getting the puck back for the L1 line again all game. Kessel’s smooth passing ability thru the neutral zone and in the O zone are something. Outside of Eichel you don’t see alot of guys on this team that can operate in a phone booth, but Kessel definitely can and is so calm doing it.

    A couple of neg observations. Out of the 12 forwards I thought Amadio was the bottom guy for sure. Just didn’t seem to be clicking like every one else. Marchy/Bill were at an A level and Amadio was operating at like a C. Its one game, room for improvement. Whitecloud on the ice for all goals against, wasn’t his best game. D man core as a whole, need work some stuff out.

    Room for improvement, but great game and 2 points in the books WITHOUT giving 1 point to LA at the end.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ bltiz, in the defense of Whitecloud on first goal he was somehow a paired with EF Hutton dropped his stick and glove, on second goal the VGK forwards were on an extended shift and should have come off, on the third goal the goalie flopped a bit too much to his right, and left the net wide open. I can’t wait for Hague to come back. I don’t see how no. 17 made the team.

      I heard the ESPN announcers say something that was rarely heard last year “the VGK have some unexpected speed through the transition zone”.

      Also, Howden is snake bitten. Amadio had a decent game, he had a couple of set ups. I wouldn’t put him down too much. Hutton only played a 11 minutes, the coach knows the score. Amadio only nine minutes, not meeting the coach’s goal of ten minutes.

      VGK out shot LAK 51 to 30
      The Fifth line.

      • Blitz

        I knew when I wrote that you would would comment about Hutton. You are very predicable. When McNabb lost his stick the other defenders actually helped out and drove the puck outside and Kolesar at least tried to give McNabb his stick. Hutton loses his stick and everyone else decided it was time for a 5 minute smoke break. It was a shitty situation, I thought Hutton tried his ass off to get out of it, but *your* LA Transgender Queens capitalized on it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ Blitz ?

          “You knew it” How did you know? Do you have special powers of some sort ? I already commented below Before you made your post on it on the Hutton.

          You ignored the other two let downs.

          In Hutton’s defense it looked like LA player knocked his stick out of his hands, I don’t see how that is not a penalty. Then he loses his glove on top of that. The other defenders never had a chance to get the puck, it was bang bang play, then in the net.

          McNabb lost his stick, not his stick AND his glove !

          BTW they are the LA Gender Bender Queens, don’t you know ? And I don’t own them !

          Have a cookie, I wasn’t busting your chops.

          • Blitz

            No special intuition powers. I literally thought when I commented on Whitecloud that THG will comeback with a Hutton comment. You have bashed Hutton for a long time, so it was an obvious conclusion.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “No special intuition powers.” Nope

            you just read my post below which stated as much about Hutton BEFORE you posted yours. GOOD WORK buddy.

            Got it

            have another cookie ! It’s on me
            THE FIFTH LINE
            GKG !

        • Sorvino, I think Cotter has earned his shot, looks hungry out there. That 4th line is hummin. Carrier is a warrior in any line. Amadio may be the odd man out, as you said.

    • Sorvino

      Good observation blitz. I noticed the same thing about Amadio. Someone is going to sit when William Carrier is ready to go and I guess the original plan was to have Cotter go back to the Silver Knights, however maybe that guy should be Amadio instead of Cotter who looks like a much improved player over last season.

      • Blitz

        @Sorvino I agree. Problem, no one except LT can “safely” go back to HSK. Putting Cotter on waivers to send him back down would end badly in my opinion. Might end badly for Leschyshyn as well, if that was the case. So yeah 2 extra forwards at this point, what do you do? Guys will get hurt and you will see a rotation, but what if guys don’t get hurt, especially early when every one is fresh? Hate to see Leschyshyn and Cotter ride the bench for a month etc. I would think you rotate bottom six guys a bit. Carrier, Amadio, Kolesar, Cotter, and Leschyshyn if no injuries. Heck I hope no injuries, that would be a good problem to have. 🙂 But yeah from my GM/coach chair I healthy scratch Amadio next game, move Cotter to L3 and Carrier back to L4 if healthy or Leschyshyn if not.

      • Pistol Pete

        Carrier, Cotter and Leschyshyn are all on the roster. Fourteen forwards, with no injuries two scratches every game.

    • Pistol Pete

      Kessel surprised me with his speed on that 3rd period rush. Put the brakes to fool the defender. Been to practices so I already knew he can skate.

      • Blitz

        @Pete it is funny, by looks, he strikes people/me as a guy that should be slow, but the dude can flat out skate. I watched him alot last night (and preseason), he creates great chances and is always looking to do just that for himself or others. If he continues to commit to back-checking and some defense he will be a great asset. Gotta lay off the penalties though.

      • knights fan in minny

        who was saying feel has no speed

        • Blitz

          “Feel” LOL! I don’t think any one has said he has no speed. I think it is just surprising when he shows. it.

  12. THE hockey GOD


    Dominated LAK, easily could have been much higher score for VGK
    except for
    1- EF HUTTON losing his stick, and glove , leading to LAK goal no. 1. Give
    that guy some crazy glue!
    2- goal two for LAK , the VGK forwards over stayed their shift. They
    should have come off
    3- goal three, a back checking forward came back checking all the
    way back to his own blue line; then stopped back checking. The defensive
    formation fell apart.

    Some clown in the stands had a whistle they kept blowing in second period, trying
    to throw the VGK off sides.

    ESPN stepped up their game. Leah (they moved her from booth to in between
    the benches, got a puck and a stick. What a hottie !) Hextell >>>>>>>> better
    than Emily (Robin Lehner had kneed surgery and is done for season, then he played
    the next week) Kaplan who did the rangers game prior to VGK game. ESPN gets 4.5 stars. The announcers ACTUALLY did the live play by play, nearly the whole game. And didn’t bore us with inane stories, useless stats, and jibber jabber like “some other announcers who shall remain nameless”.

    • Roberto

      I also thought ESPN did a nice job. Liked Steve Levy on the desk during intermissions. Always thought he was excellent and then he did Monday Night Football and was stunned at how horrible he was there. As much as fortune favors the bold (hi Matt Damon and Crypto Arena!), often staying in your lane is the right call.

    • Tim

      THG How about our announcer Dave Goucher he drives me crazy with stat after stat. Just call the goddam game.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Tim

        “And didn’t bore us with inane stories, useless stats, and jibber jabber like “some other announcers who shall remain nameless”.

        I see Dave G around town all the time and talk to him. He’s a really nice guy. I can’t call him out. I see the radio announcer D Uva, also, they are both quality people.

  13. Tim

    Well I for one wanted Kolesar gone but after watching him play last night I have to give credit where credit is due and he looks pretty good. Overall they looked good and I think turned the heads of people in hockey that the Knights are for real. In any sport speed kills and it seems like were playing at a much faster pace this year.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ tim, yes

      Kolesar played above his “station” last year due to injuries. Now that he has more experience and playing on a high energy line his play style on the fourth line is complimenting his line mates.


  14. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Announcer asks crowd not to use whistles at any time.

    So of course every person in the building is now whistling as loud as they can.

    >>the Russians do this a lot in KHL, must be a lot of Putin fans in LA Staples center (there is no way I ever call this crypto crazy rink , crytpo is junk, a waste of energy, fake money)

  15. THE hockey GOD

    Blitz; I was wrong about Hutton. I think everything that you have been commenting on has been 100% correct. You’re one of the great people on this site.

    • Blitz

      Hmmm, why do I get the impression you are an imposter? 🙂 Or this is some kind of reverse psychology jedi mind trick. Like the Inconceivable guy from Princess Bride.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Blitz I disagree with the imposter’s first statement. In regards to second statement , I can’t say I disagree, except that it may give you a big head.


        PS they say imitation is really admiration on a different level. OR is that an old wives tail ?

  16. LVsc

    Vgk had only 3 giveaways, LA had 16. That indicates that the Butch Cassidy system is working as intended.

  17. Pistol Pete

    No matter the level of talent, no team can play to their full potential if they are not forechecking and winning those puck battles.

  18. JoeinHendo

    VGK PP goal by Karlsson in game 1 was huge. If “coach” DeDouchbag was still there then the PP score probably wouldn’t have happened, and at best, game goes into overtime at 3-3. Who knows what happens then. The ability to score on the PP is part of Coach Cassidy’s “goalie friendly” system and Thompson was saved the extra pressures of OT because of it (and thanks to a rejuvenated Mark Stone). Not that I don’t have confidence in LT, but getting that first game win in regulation is a huge confidence builder for him as opposed to possibly dropping one in OT. And there’s no question LT controls the puck on shots on goal so much better than Lehner, not a lot of easy putback opportunities for the Kings because the puck bounces off RL like a vertical trampoline. Last night was the best possible start for a VGK team with so many unanswered questions heading into the regular season.

    • Joe, LT DOES hang onto the puck better than Lehner. He collapses on it, if needed. I recall MAF also had trouble hanging on to it. LT is a worthy goalie, and I sure feel more confident about the season…

  19. Pistol Pete

    Towards the end of the preseason Cassidy called the 4th line out in public saying they have a long ways to go. Seems they got the message.

  20. Pistol Pete

    Calgary’s going to be as good with Kadri replacing Gaudreau and Tkachuk? Really?

    EDM just always has to try harder in spite of their star power.

    Kings, Canucks, Kraken? Maybe maybe maybe.

  21. Pistol Pete

    Thompson will have to be good. Along with a few other pieces working. The key is motivation and desire.

  22. knights fan in minny

    i was pleasantly surprised by the performance new coach new system opening night it was a good game

  23. knights fan in minny

    crickets from mr bitter loser mcphat obvious

  24. Nothing negative to say about this game at all, except my 3 stars are different:

    *** Stephenson
    ** Karlsson
    * Stone

  25. Richie-Rich

    One last comment.


    Someone needs to bash his face in next time he steps on the ice with our Knights. I mean a real old fashioned ass whooping. That was an intentional elbow and should have been a roughing call, not whatever they called it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree 10000% regarding Fiala, but Eichel deserves a star more than no.71 who was having a rough time out there at times. There were other cheap shots too, but the VGK did not fall for the bait.

      • Richie-Rich

        ThG I gave stars to Stephenson and Karlsson for getting 2 points. Eichel got 1G-1pt. Karlsson 1G, 1A. I like how the goals were spread out all around.

  26. Vic

    Everything Blitz said.
    Great first game. Let’s see how things go before going too crazy with what we saw last night. Best news…. No injuries.

    In other news…. Suzuki… Captain of the Habs. Wow. Good for him.

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