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Recap: Fresh off their Christmas break the Golden Knights traveled to LA for a battle against the Kings. LA got on the board first but Vegas quickly responded on the ensuing power play. After 20 minutes the game was locked in a 1-1 tie.

Brayden McNabb broke the tie in the 2nd period, registering his first goal of 2022-23. The Kings later evened the score, taking a 2-2 game into the second intermission. 

LA took the lead midway through the final period and was able to fend off any real threat from Vegas. The Kings later sealed the game with a late period empty net goal. 

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 24-12-1 losing 4-2 in LA. Vegas will play the Ducks tomorrow night for the second game of their Southern California back-to-back trip. Puck drop against the last place Ducks is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights played a fairly decent game despite being down a ton of regular players. It really just came down to mistakes, which VGK made a few more of than the Kings. It may have been the best game of the year for the Rondbjerg, Leschyshyn, Dorofeyev line, but they didn’t score. Pachal was solid too. Big guys didn’t score, and when they don’t VGK don’t often win. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Brayden Pachal
** William Karlsson
* Alex Pietrangelo


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  1. Emmanuel

    So many “new” players are filling out the ranks that if you look at their NHL bio’s their pictures are blank! In fact 1 entire line tonight had no “official” picture for any of the players!

    Its clear to me Pietrangelo is their most important player, without him the blueline borders on tweener level.

  2. Canada

    losing Theodore was the most devastating of our injuries best Dman we have in my opinion , Petro continues to make aggressive plays and as often as not gets caught behind the play and we get scored on as happened last night, better discipline when he is is on with slower or one way players he shouldn’t press.. The other thing I find increasingly hard to watch is the third line breakout,virtually nonexistent and usually ends up as a mess in our end . Cassidy has to change something on that third line . He usually starts them as a checking line against the top Line of our opponents, they are not good enough or mean enough in my opinion to fill this roll.

  3. Jailbird

    We have to hang in until we get some of our key injured players back. Must win tonight against lowly ducks .

  4. TS

    HAGUE took quite a few shots on goal, but it seems they weren’t strong shots, just going through the motions. Hague has a ROCKET Shot at practices, but in games his shots seem weak. He’s a BIG , strong guy…why his strength eludes him in goal shots is baffling…is he afraid of hitting one of OUR guys? Hague should be playing much stronger than he is…

  5. THE hockey GOD

    – soft goal let in
    – key player down
    – another misfire by 42 failing to clear puck in d zone leading to goal.

    team trending down, must be the Anaheim Schmucks tonight or it looks
    like a repeat of last year is trending

    the new guys are doing nothing, one rookie in 17 games has zero goals, zero assists, and minus three rating.
    the old guys are doing nothing, one guy has a minus 12 in 36 games, one goal in last 11 games; should change name to shadow banning, or zombie on skates.

    Dr howard
    Dr Fine
    Dr Howard
    have their hands full as another player is in ER, blocked a shot. only played six minutes and change.

  6. Tim

    All the injuries are frustrating as the saying goes you can’t make chicken soup out of chicken feathers. It won’t be long before we have more AHL players on the team then NHL players. It’s no ones fault but this next man up can only go so far before were once again out of the playoffs. Has Martinez joined the walking wounded now? Right now it looks like Stone, Smith, and Stephenson are our only scoring options so pray Stone doesn’t go down. Back to my baseball analogy usually your team is in tack maybe a pitcher blows his arm out or a player gets hit in the wrist which causes him to miss time but your usually your daily lineup doesn’t change much win or lose you are what you are. Hockey is a whole different animal as the injuries pile up your chances diminish on making the playoffs. You diehard hockey fans except this as part of the game and I appreciate your loyalty but to me I watch and hope for the best with the Knights but in reality there just spinning there wheels. Anaheim tonight then 7 games at home so we should have a better feel after that. It’s hard to blame Cassidy he’s been dealt a tough hand and you all can be arm chair quarterbacks but he’s with the team every day and he knows who can do what and the team and lines that give him the best chance to win.

  7. Danny

    Petro has to stop trying to do everyone else’s job, and just do his own. yes, a lot of times he does good things that way, but also a lot of times he effs up too.

    on the winning goal by Iafallo, 7 dumped the puck into the corner of the Kings zone while his teammates were in a line change, then he stupidly chased in after it, then he stupidly went to to the front of the Kings net for no apparent reason, then he got back toward his D position, but cheated over too far toward Hague’s side, which allowed Iafallo to have a clear close in shot on goal, and game over.

    Cassidy’s defensive scheme is supposed to allow shots from outside the dots and above the circles, NOT close-in, high danger shots.

    Miro42 with the mental blunder on goal 1, reversing the puck blindly when there was no reason to do it.

    A win tonight over the hapless Ducks is a must, or the undermanned, injury plagued Vgk will be in the beginnings of a freefall like last season.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ danny
      the “Iafallo” goal, go ahead goal, was not no. 7 fault. If you watch the replay closely you will see that two forwards missed their assignment. No. 61 fell on his butt at the red line, and no. 20 was in no where’s land back checking nobody.

      On the goal before that one, no 3 and no 15 fail to clear the zone; and no 15 and no 28 of VGK completely missed the goal scoring both skating to same area. Can someone say “chemistry” or lack of it?

      Learn to watch the games and see what is really going on out there instead of jumping to conclusions.

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