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Recap: The Golden Knights were trying to snap their two-game road skill with a victory over the Florida Panthers. The opening period was dominated by the Panthers, but Jiri Patera held strong stopping all 20 shots.

Both offenses woke up in the middle frame. Captain Mark Stone opened the scoring 1:21 into the period but the Panthers came right back with two straight goals. With under a minute in the period Pavel Dorofeyev evened the score at 2-2. 

Vegas committed several costly penalties in the final twenty minutes. Florida took advantage and scored two power play goals to take a 4-2 advantage. The Golden Knights had a sixth attacker on the ice with three minutes remaining but the score didn’t change. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 21-9-5 losing 4-2 to the Panthers. Vegas will wrap up their four game road trip with a stop in Anaheim before returning home. Puck drop against the Ducks is scheduled for Wednesday night at 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: VGK appeared to forget this game started at noon as they were about as terrible as possibly can be in the 1st period. It didn’t end up hurting them but then the same issues as they’ve had the whole trip popped up again. Special teams got outscored, they allowed two more goals in the 2nd period, and the breakouts remained unclean. Brutal road trip. Good time for a break in the schedule. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Florida Panthers at Amerant Bank Arena

  • Merry Christmas

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Pavel Dorofeyev
** Ben Hutton
* Keegan Kolesar



Defense Slipping In Recent Weeks


Merry Christmas!


  1. JB

    Well, when the other teams smallest guy, basically knocks out your tuff guy, with one punch, you might be in trouble! Lowest time of the season right now. The break is badly needed. I’ll give the kid in goal credit, kept us in it for awhile. Florida wanted revenge, we just wanted to go home.

  2. Sorvino

    There is nothing positive about this particular game. Now is a good time for the Christmas break. They lead the league in games played and of course went on that really long playoff run so it seems like fatigue has finally set in a little bit. Maybe the Stanley Cup hangover is happening right now.

    They got a month to continue to assess and get healthier before the All-Star break and trade deadline.

    Of course, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they get to ship going in the right direction before the playoffs because that’s what they always do.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    • JB

      I agree Sorvino. Looked slow and uninterested. A much more favorable schedule 2nd half of season. Will get Theo and our goalies back eventually.

  3. Anand

    They got their asses pounded harder then Pastor Melissa Scott on a Saturday afternoon film set.

  4. Satan

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  5. Terrible time for the PK to go in the crapper – from 3 best in league to I believe 11th and not sure where the PP is at this moment. An unfortunate self-inflicted start to the third and two quick pp goals by Panthers spelled trouble. In reality the score could have been much worse except for the play of Patera in the first. Vegas goalies, all of them, appear to have a rebound issue and the D corps haven’t helped them as much as they previously have. Well one and all a Very Merry Christmas and here’s to a resurgence starting 12/27 against the Ducks.

  6. arnold rothstein

    Christmas came early !!!

    Easy pickins !

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night !

    it doesn’t take brains to figure this stuff out

  7. TS

    Hey, I turned on a brawl,
    and a Hockey game broke out! Brutal ending, hope the beating Petro got didn’t break his face–2 frigging players beating on him–pretty nasty. Florida definitely hit that target on our backs again and again, and it hurt the boys.

    • Did you see the one punch that Kolesar took – isn’t he supposed to be the Vegas policeman? Right to the dressing room for repair and the Panter guy didn’t break a sweat. Karlsson took a couple of hits during that fiasco at the end. Home for a couple of days rest. Not a good road trip –

      • TS

        HD, and Petro got his face rearranged in that melee by 2 goons.
        . That was a beating.

      • TS

        Seems like Keegan just dropped like a rock– glass jaw, or??? Bad beatdown for the whole team…

  8. ThG

    Shane Knidy “the Tampa Bay game, yesterday turned on the Barbashev fighting giving them the momentum”. Ty Shane, some people on this forum would say you know nothing about hockey for making such a statement.

    and it’s time for
    you guessed it

  9. knights fan in minny

    brutal loss petra was a stud in the first maybe a few days away from the rink w ill do them some good

  10. ThG

    shepards do not tend their sheep in December !

    A simple Christmas message, one of many agree with this

  11. Tim

    I feel for Patera he didn’t sign up to be the man but here he is front and center. I think he’s doing ok for the pressure he’s under but teams are getting to many PP’s and thats tuff on any goalie. Both goalies out but missing Theadore is a big hit. Trade freeze is over on the 27th bet we get a goalie I’m betting Rattna anyone else take a guess?

    • ThG

      yeah TIMMAH, Patera is going back to AHL; he’s got more than an EDUCATION on this road trip. He’s only 24 and he was crushed emotionally on those goals. Seems like he lets up a lot after giving up a goal. He needs to learn a) shake off a goal b) get faster.

      He learned that NHL game is exponentially, light years faster than AHL pace. Until he ups his game he is going to have a tough time breaking into NHL. IT appears the VGK went to the well one to many times in trying to dig out a goalie. Where is Oscar Dansk ?

    • knights fan in minny

      stalock was sent down a possible

    • JaB

      IF Hilly is out very long term , say anther two months and LT is worse than they are saying, then maybe they go for another goalie. But I don’t think that will happen.

  12. anand

    thg, i want to bang her so badly. please post more of her.

    • knights fan in minny

      get lost loser

      • anand

        you get lost kfim. you don’t like beautiful women???

        • knights fan in minny

          this hockey site you piece of shit naand

          • Anand

            Why would you call me that and use foul language. Especially just before Christmas. I never used any felt language towards you.

            You are just not a very nice person. And very angry.

  13. Jake

    More and more we are seeing that Adin Hill is the main reason Vegas won a Cup!

  14. JB

    Merry Christmas you all. Even the idiots!

  15. Anand

    Merry Christmas to you all. Please be nice to people.

  16. DeezNutz

    The defense are too slow on this team Martinez is likely playing his last season with us and that Petro contract is entering it’s brutal stages. We have 1 reliable goalie and he’s a band aid. If our defense and goaltending is going to look like the Oilers then we need more top end talent who can out score these problems because they struggle to score goals for long stretches. Powerplay isn’t anything special and the PK is practically a guaranteed goal for the other team these days. Thankfully they pulled off a Cup win last season because this team looks busted and old.

    • knights fan in minny

      you need to start watching polo or something a 3 game losing streak everybody has them we are still a top 5 team get a grip

  17. Richie-Rich

    Game 35 Analysis VGK 2, FLA 4

    The goaltending is a problem, but then so too is just about every other aspect of the VGK play lately.


    The Ducks are next up on the list, Game 36. They are 30th in the league in points standing and shouldn’t be a problem for the Stanley Cup Champions.

  18. I’m never one to panic… I’m one to say it’s a long season and overall play will dictate the final product after 82 games.. however this recent spate of play… particularly our defensive system being exploited..and no goalie being able to step in and step up as the last bastion is definitely concerning.. not to mention every team out in the western conference are consistently piling up points..for Ken to say on his podcast doesn’t matter where VGK ends up in the standings playoff wise… is a surprisingly short sighted and quite honestly an ignorant statement…wouldn’t it be better for us to face a Minnesota team rather than oilers or kings in a first round matchup… yea blah blah blah you need to beat any and everyone to win The Cup but why make it extra difficult if you don’t need to!

    • TS

      Larry, realistic assessment. Looking pretty grim right now. But we know what the team is capable of, and once we get at least one of our G’s back, we should be OK. Soon, PLEASE!!

  19. Pistol Pete

    Hopefully things don’t look as dire and bleak heading into the All-Star break as they did last yea (sort of doubt they will). That is a ways off. Just saying. Would help to have the starting goalies back plus Theo.

    Happy Holidays y’all!

  20. Pistol Pete

    Well, 29-18-4 was not exactly dire but the 2-6-2 run heading into the break was pretty bleak.

  21. Pistol Pete


    Cotter: 5 G/8 A (-2) 13 pts/35 games = .37 pts/game
    Dorofeyev: 3 G/4 A (+3) 7 pts/16 games = .44 pts/game


    Cotter: 20 G/13 A (-6) 33 pts/97 games = .34 pts/game
    Dorofeyev: 10 G/6 A (+7) 16 pts/36 games = .44 pts/game.

    Judge for yourself. Personally I believe Dorofeyev is more skilled and a better skater. Not quite as fast but a better skater and more effective in the D zone. Better hands, better shooter, more natural around the net. Cotter is decent though and worth more to McCrimmon presently based on his entry level contract extending through 2025-26. Cement him as a solid 3rd line winger and that is a good contract.

  22. NHhell

    Kolesar #1 star????

    yeah, for the Florida Panthers.

    He helped fire up them and their crowd by getting knocked on his ass.

    the sooner he is gone, the better this team will be.

    just sayin’ if they lose to shitty Seattle on Jan 1 in front of a national audience, and then get beat again Jan 4 by Fla at T mobile, then you can start the alarm bells for changes coming.

    • TS

      NH, Yikes! I just feel there is NO way the team implodes this season. Injuries happen. Letdowns happen. The team WILL rebound. They won the CUP for good reason– they’re a top team. Top teams rebound. And they will!! Happy New Year!( hope!)

      • Richie-Rich

        No way I am jumping on the VGK bashing train. It’s way too early with the Knights at the very top of the league standings to begin sweating the load. The schedule has been intense and injuries have been a factor.

        Nothing to worry about at this point.

  23. TS

    My Holiday wish: PEACE and Good Will TO ALL!!

  24. Santa

    Hello Y’all,

    I’ve lost my gifts list. Which one of you asked for a filthy pastor porn star for Christmas?

    Ho ho ho

  25. Richie-Rich

    Have a wonderful Christmas all!

  26. Pistol Pete

    Zach Dean who we traded for Barbashev is off to a slow start on the AHL Springfield Thunderbirds [2 G/2 A (-8) 24 games]; Dylan Coghlan also on the roster. Tough league the AHL.

    Brendan Brisson on the other hand did far better when he first started in the AHL and now has 67 pts/94 games = .71 pts/game. No room for him on the VGK roster though, injuries notwithstanding.

  27. Christmas break came just at the right time… clear our heads a little bit… get a good practice in tomorrow… approach the Ducks as if its a playoff game to get back on the right track.. with the Kings looming on the tail end of another back to back…a happy holiday to all and as always Go Knights Go!!

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