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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Edmonton for a late-season Pacific Division battle against the Oilers. Vegas goaltender Adin Hill started in net for the first time since late March and was tested early. Midway through the period the Oilers took the opening lead and carried it into the first intermission.

Edmonton’s offense continued to produce in the second frame. The Oilers scored two goals in a short span, taking a 3-0 advantage into the break.

The Oilers took a 4-0 lead 6:50 into the final frame but Vegas got it back :60 seconds later. Keegan Kolesar snapped the Oilers shutout with his seventh goal of the season on the penalty kill. Edmonton added another to finish off Vegas 5-1.

The Golden Knights record drops to 42-28-8 falling to the Oilers 5-1 in Edmonton. Next up, Vegas will host the Minnesota Wild on Friday night. Puck drop against the Wild is scheduled for 7 PM.  (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights lacked just about every necessary element it takes to beat the Edmonton Oilers, even without McDavid. They did not have much of a forecheck, they did not control the puck in the offensive zone, and they relied on transition when the Oilers were committed to taking it away. The biggest concern for VGK that comes from this game is the fact that they aren’t dominating the Oilers at 5-on-5 anymore. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place.

  • VGK are a heavy team, they need to live up to it

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Noah Hanifin
** William Karlsson
* Keegan Kolesar

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Golden Knights Have Created A Reputation, They Need To Get Back To Living Up To It


  1. Emmanuel

    Ive always said Pietrangelo is the teams MVP. Without him the D is sus…….

    • NAM

      Well they went 5-0-1 just a couple of weeks ago without him. Not sure I can say its an excuse. Certainly adds to the excuses along with Roy and Stephenson, but that was just poor hockey all around.

      • Emmanuel

        Thats a good point NAM, still it seems like they take more risk with him back there and that changes the dynamics. Without him it seems they are playing more conservatively yet disorganized at the same time, as if they have a b/u G in net.

        Getting him & Stone back alters the teams roles/depth.

        • NAM

          Petra is definitely is missed though, especially against EDM. Seems like he and Draisaitl have a rivalry. That probably adds to the fire in the team as well.

    • ThG

      smart post, grass hopper is learning.

  2. former season ticket holder

    I call bs… Deja vu 22… but there is no reason we go out night after night and play like the #32 team in the league…no this, no that, game after game. This team needs a kick in the balls directly from the creator.. or whatever rift there is between players and coach be exposed now…. the losses this team dumps on us fans is now very questionable…

  3. Cheese Louise

    At this point I’m ready to see St. Louis or Minnesota knock them out of the playoffs. They do not deserve it playing like this. And I will no longer have to watch a team with no will to win until next year. This team has lost its drive to win.

    I believe there is something going on in the locker room as well.

  4. DeezNutz

    I hope Carrier has been enjoying his season so far he is worthless to this team. Is Pietrangelo vaccine injured? Something is seriously wrong with him. Can’t wait to miss the playoffs by one Arizona choke job so the reigning Champs can get what they’ve wanted all season….more party time. If I’m the FO I’m letting every single FA walk this off season including Marchy. I’d give Bruce one more season as coach but his system has turned into a nightmare. Players I’m done with:
    Hague (big fucking oaf bastard)
    Carrier (I don’t even consider him a Knight anymore)
    Hill (sieve)
    Thompson (sieve)
    Stone (walking band-aid)

    These guys all need to go. Fuck this team all they had to do was prove to the hockey world that their cup run wasn’t a fluke like Corado last year but these assholes can’t even hold a 3 goal lead against Arizona. So fucking embarrassing

    • knights fan in minny

      fuck off pillow biter numb nutz your nothing but a whiney piece of shit

    • NAM

      Probably harsher than I would state it, but I get where you are coming from. I would throw Theo on that list too. The dude just isn’t the same guy he was previously, even just early this year and especially last year.

      I like the Pietrangelo vaccine comment. There is something fishy about his situation. I feel like Cassidy bobbles his words every time he has to say Petra has an illness. It’s a little thing, but something that made me suspicious.

    • TS

      Deez, just what is ” vaccine- injured”?

      • TS

        Did a needle puncture a fat cell? Cause a horrible bruise?? Infect a mole??

  5. David T.

    This getting hard to watch. VGK is playing without any energy, passion or pride. The younger players need to step up. The older players need to crap or get off the pot. They aren’t looking like they are ready for a wild card seed, let alone, the regular season ending with any momentum. Embarrassing.

    • Dissapointed

      I agree, this team is looking to end the season early.

      Every single one of them owe the fans an apology. If we performed at work the way they do, we’d be pounding the pavement looking for a new job.

  6. Richie-Rich

    Game 78 Analysis VGK 1 EDM 5 LOSS

    VGK records now stands at 42-28-8, 92pts .589, +17 GF/GA

    This game was one of the worst games I have ever seen them play. The collapse against the Coyotes wasn’t even this bad. The Golden Knights looked tired and worn out. What is even worse is that they could not match the intensity of an Oiler team whose top player was out of the lineup. This team simply doesn’t seem able to function with Petro and Carrier. There it is, I said it.

    Statistically it is near impossible for the Golden Knights to drop out of the playoffs. But, the way they are playing they certainly don’t look confident at all. They better gel at home over the next 4 games or they might find themselves out of the playoffs altogether.

    I hate to say it but the chances that the VGK can get through the 1st round is not good with the way they are playing. There’s very little chemistry out there on this roster right now, and both goaltenders have looked shaky since early in the season.

    1 Star – Keegan Kolesar
    2 Star – William Karlsson
    3 Star – Noah Hanifan


    57 2/22 H-TOR* LOSS 7-3
    58 2/24 A-OTT (MW) LOSS 4-3 OTL
    59 2/27 A-TOR* WIN 6-2
    60 2/29 A-BOS* LOSS 5-4
    61 3/02 A-BUF (MW) LOSS 2-7
    62 3/04 A-CBJ (MW) LOSS 3-6
    63 3/07 H-VAN* LOSS 1-3
    64 3/09 H-DET** WIN 4-3
    65 3/12 A-SEA (MW) WIN 5-4 OT
    66 3/14 A-CGY (MW) LOSS 1-4
    67 3/17 H-NJD (MW) WIN 3-1
    68 3/19 H-TBL** LOSS 5-3
    69 3/21 H-SEA** WIN 3-1
    70 3/23 H-CBJ (MW) WIN 4-2
    71 3/25 A-STL**(MW) WIN 2-1 OT
    72 3/26 A-NSH** LOSS 4-5 OTL
    73 3/28 A-WPG* WIN 4-1
    74 3/30 A-MIN** WIN 2-1OT
    75 4/02 H-VAN WIN 6-3
    76 4/05 A-ARI LOSS 4-7
    77 4/08 A-VAN LOSS 3-5
    78 4/10 A- EDM LOSS 1-5


    79 4/12 H-MIN
    80 4/14 H-COL
    81 4/16 H-CHI (MW)
    82 4/18 H-ANA (MW)

    Petro and Carrier are very very much missed out there. Cotter’s game has regressed to a complete mess. There’s got to be a better option than him with Carrier out. Goaltending has been shaky since the middle of November. I like Mantha, Hertl, and Hanifan but the chemistry looks completely off. They may get into the playoffs, but if so they likely will be eliminated in the first round. Lose on Friday and the pressure really goes up if St Louis closes the gap further.

    • TS

      Rr, you mentioned missing Petro and Carrier. These two are getting a lot of criticism– yet, they aren’t even playing! I wonder: Is the criticism from others BECAUSE they aren’t playing and contributing? I personally feel both players are missed, as well. Carrier keeps opponents wary of his hard checking,( yes, he HAS been hurt a lot this season). Petro is a sure hand on D. I just don’t get all the criticism of them.
      Maybe when we are losing, fans feel EVERY player sucks, IDK…

      • knights fan in minny

        i think some people on here think the team should win the cup every year now

        • TS

          I also think it’s easy, as fans, to play the blame game. Blasting individual players
          . But it’s a TEAM game, it takes all of them to win or lose every game they play.

  7. Richie-Rich

    Playoff Picture

    The VGK have 4 games remaining.

    VGK 92 pts
    79 4/12 H-MIN
    80 4/14 H-COL
    81 4/16 H-CHI (MW)
    82 4/18 H-ANA (MW)

    The Blues have 3 games remaining.

    STL 89 pts
    80 4/12 H-CAR
    81 4/14 H-SEA (12pm)
    82 4/17 A-DAL

    The VGK has the 95pt tie breaker, which means they need 3 of the remaining 8 available points on the board. That’s 1 win and an OTL. If the Blues should win all 3 of their remaining games they will have 95 points. A loss to Carolina on Friday would be nice, but I view the game against The Wild as a Must Win game in front of the home fans. Every game for us is going to be tough as every one of these teams will be looking to eliminate the Cup Champions from the postseason.

    Dallas is locked into place and I doubt they are going to risk injuries for the President’s Trophy. It is quite likely that the Blues will be facing mostly scrubs in the final game. The VGK doesn’t want to be playing the Ducks next Thursday to get into the playoffs!

    • DeezNutz

      I don’t think VGK has the tie breaker. VGK need 96 points if the Blues win their final 3 games.

      • Kevin C

        As of today, VGK do indeed have the tie-breaker. It’s regulation wins. VGK has 32, STL has 30 – again, as of today.
        If STL runs the table, they’d have to have all 3 wins be in regulation to pass VGK’s tiebreaker number, and that would have to be against CAR and DAL.
        All VGK need to do is get 1 more RW and they lock up the tiebreaker against STL for good

        • DeezNutz

          Ok that makes me feel better then. I think VGK wins 1 more game in and ends up with 94 points. Chicago and Anaheim will be licking their chops to beat them and I honestly don’t see VGK matching that intensity. We also have to remember that VGK can absolutely dominate games and struggle to score so I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost their next 4. I have zero confidence in this squad they are not a good team.

    • Puck Collector

      First-time commenter here. I enjoy your takes, RR, but must correct you on 95-point tie breaker. There are scenarios, however slim, that the Blues win that tie breaker. Assuming both teams complete 82 games, first tie breaker is regulation wins, or RW in the standings. VGK has 32. Blues have 30. If the Blues win all three of their remaining games in regulation, they would have 33 RW, one more than VGK. If VGK collects their three points via one overtime/shootout victory and one overtime/shootout loss or three overtime/shootout loses, they would have 95 points but lose the RW tie breaker to the Blues, assuming three regulation wins for the Blues. If both teams tie in RW, second tie breaker is regulation and overtime wins, or ROW in the standings. VGK currently leads Blues 38-37 in ROW. VGK would win third tie breaker, which is head to head competition with Blues. IMHO, this should be the first tie breaker.

      • ThG

        welcome to the jungle PC !!

        (bungle in the jungle ?)

      • Richie-Rich

        It true, but unlikely that there the Blues will overtake us for the 2nd wild card. As of today, we own the tie breaker, which is what I meant to say. The chances that we both end up with 95? Statistically not zero, but close…..

  8. Pretty pathic showing – zero intensity, appeared at time to have little to no interest in winning. Their reluctance to screen the opposition goalie is a sorry situation to say the least, even the announcers stated they needed to take away Skinner’s view if they expect to score at all. Vancouver beat them by charging the net and they normally had two guys in front of LT who was blinded. Hill was no prize this evening and the defense let him down often. About the only plus from the game was the shorthanded goal but that didn’t do much about lighting and spark. The way they are playing or better stated not playing they very well could loss Friday. If they were not a team that couldn’t win that would be something lease but that is not the case. What is frustrating with the interviews they acknowledge they didn’t play well enough but next game will be different. Actions speak louder than words which they seem to recognize the difference. Maybe the A team will show up Friday – that maybe wishful thinking.

  9. Everything was off today…nothing worked…nothing tried to was slow…sluggish…boring…skating in mud…passing was terrible..must have been 7 or 8 icings in the first period alone…Hill looked like he was hurt twice more but stayed in net…this is really crazy that we are in this position somehow someway…i still maintain the belief that once we get in our fortunes will change…wishful thinking i suppose lol….and want to know what is most concerning and most vexing?…i am betting the farm we will be facing Fleury on Friday in what could be the last time if he chooses to retire…and if we come out flat again the fans could turn and start chanting his name like long ago…i sincerely hope that scenario does not eventuate!!!

    • Lots of good points you made their Larry, regarding the actual game last night and possibly facing Fleury tomorrow night, someone or something needs to issue a wake up call before it’s too late!!

  10. DL

    Started 11-0-1.
    Lucky and basically made the playoffs after first 12 games.
    Since 31-28-7.
    Mediocre and not a good run backing into the playoffs.
    Dress healthy players, flip the switch, and see what happens.
    Only time will tell.

  11. Puck Collector

    First time commenter here, trying to clarify the tiebreaker if both VGK and Blues land on 95 points. Assuming both teams complete 82 games, first tiebreaker is regulation wins (RW). VGK leads 32-30 but can be overtaken if Blues win their final three games in regulation and VGK fails to win any of their final games in regulation. If both end up tied in RW, next tiebreaker is regulation and overtime wins excluding shootouts (ROW). VGK leads 38-37. Next tiebreaker is total wins, including shootout victories. They’re tied 42-42. Next tiebreaker is head to head and this is where it gets dicey. VGK outpointed Blues 5-3 heads up, winning two of three this season. But because Blues hosted two of the games the tiebreaker tosses their first home game, which was a VGK regulation win. The two remaining games were the teams beating each other 2-1 in OT on the road, so for the purposes of this tiebreaker they were 3-3. The next tiebreaker is where VGK crushes the Blues, under the DIFF column in the standings. VGK is plus 17 in goals scored versus goals against but the Blues are minus 10. Better hope VGK collects four points so all this tiebreaker stuff is unnecessary.

  12. knights fan in minny

    the Vegas turn over machine

  13. TS

    I can’t find words. Guess I’ll just get busy planning the funeral.
    Time to BURY this season and move on.

  14. JB

    We WILLmake the layoffs! And the team the steps on the ice in that first PO game will look much different than last nights lineup. I totally believe in our boys when the playoffs get here.

    • TS

      JB, I wish I had your eternal optimism! Wonder if the team can bring you in to the locker room for some needed MOTIVATION!

      • JB

        Why not have a positive attitude TS. Our boys have shown time after time what they can do. We only need 3 points out of possible 8 to make it. (Less if the Blues lose a game). There is no way the boys won’t accomplish this. No way! 🙂

        • TS

          Jb, you are my lesson for the day: Never give up! IDK if I can do it, but TRY, I will!

        • Puck Collector

          That VGK only need three points is incorrect under certain circumstances. Blues can still win regulation wins tiebreaker if both teams end up with 95 points, if Blues win all three of their final games in regulation. Blues would end up with 33 RW to 32 RW for VGK if none of VGK points come from a regulation win.
          If Blues win two games in regulation and one in overtime/shootout AND VGK also gets to 95 points without regulation win, both teams would end up with 32 RW. It then goes to next tiebreaker, which is regulation and overtime wins, or ROW. VGK leads 38-37.
          If Blues win all three of their games in regulation or overtime AND VGK earns its three points with one win and one OT loss, Blues would win ROW tiebreaker 40-39. Or if VGK earns its three points via OT losses, Blues would win ROW 40-38.
          And so on. The tiebreaker process, which is on the NHL website, has been misunderstood by many hockey journalists.

          • Richie-Rich

            This is why I look at Friday’s tilt vs the Wild as a game 7 must win type playoff game. Shut the door already!

  15. ThG

    the new guys need to step up, flipping a team late in season has consequences; takes a few games to jell.

    need petro and carrier back in line up.

    PS they sucked worse than biden trying to read a teleprompter with the lady doing closed caption on his side for the hearing impaired.

  16. Tim

    5-1 Without McDavid ouch. We have had the same problem all year we don’t score. Win or lose how many games have we scored two or less goals? We have the best owner competent President and GM so as shit flows down hill is it Cassidy or players ego’s causing this disconnect?

    • NAM

      I still don’t buy in that the front office is competent. I allowed the terrible deeds of the past to be erased by the SC win and the hiring of Cassidy, but still find myself questioning decisions, even now, as the Hertl decision and UFA will combat either other this year.

      Cassidy was the driving force that brought this team a Stanley cup less than a year ago. Everyone keeps saying that nothing changed in the off season and I don’t agree. I think Smith was the heart of this team and part of the nucleolus that all was built from. A top defender that hasn’t been replaced and was just 2 goals from being the top goal scorer on the team. The second major thing, that seems crazy to me, is that half the coaching staff was let go (disguised as other things). Why?

      That’s it, those two things (maybe Kessel for a locker room feel), but yet the team from day 1 this season has looked different. The 11 win start was a fluke. The team looked like crap but was winning. “Finding a way to win” as Bruce said. I think age is also a factor as is losing the desire to win something you now have (aka hunger to win a cup).

      Everyone on this team knows what it takes to win with the system they are in, yet maybe have achieve that level 12 games this season.

      • TS

        All good thoughts, questions, Nam. We’ll probably get some answers post-season, esp. If heads start to roll out the door…

  17. ThG

    The Coyotes’ future in Arizona is in doubt. Last May, voters rejected the NHL franchise’s plan for a multibillion-dollar entertainment district in Tempe.

    The team continues to play home games at Mullett Arena on the campus of Arizona State University during the ongoing 2023-24 season. The facility can only seat 5,000 spectators. The team also played in the arena throughout the 2022-23 season.

    Amid the uncertainly surrounding the team’s future, the NHL appears to be working on a contingency plan that could result in the franchise’s relocation to Salt Lake City by as early as next season, ESPN reported.

  18. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Based on the way Vegas has been playing. I estimate they will go 1 and 3 in the last 4. Still love the VGK, but I can’t be optimistic about the playoffs. Putting Stone on LTIR to “cheat” really worked out didn’t it. <- sarcasm

  19. Henderson Knights

    The Vgk players should hang their heads in shame. Put aside the fans’ disappointment for a moment…. the players are cheating themselves. The players are giving far less than 100% effort, and even less in the hockey smarts and mental aspect of the game. They are playing far below their talent level, their capabilities, and their self-respect levels in the effort department.

    It does not matter what the injury situation is for either team if the Vgk players are going to play lazy, no-effort, no forecheck, no urgency, no chemistry, no cohesion, no chance hockey.

    One thing is for sure. Even if they back into a playoff spot, they are in for a short ride, because most of the games will be on the road. Last year they were road warriors, this year they are just roadkill.

    • TS

      Henderson, ouch! That last statement hurt! ( clever, though, made me chuckle!)

  20. JB

    Ya just knew all the negative comments were going to come. It’s what some here live for. As far as making the playoffs ….. St. Louis has to win their remaining 3 games and we have to lose 3 of our 4 games, at home! That combination is just not going to happen, period! So, once we ARE in the POs, if we get back Petro, Roy, Will and dare say …. Stoney, we CAN win the SC again! So keep whining if it suits you. I chose to believe!

    • Puck Collector

      Again incorrect. VGK leads Blues 92-89 in points. If VGK loses all four games in regulation, they remain stuck at 92. Blues would only have to win two of their last three games or register one win and two OT/Shootout losses to reach 93.

      • Richie-Rich

        Right now this is nearly a statistical impossibility, very unlikely. That’s why Friday’s game is so important. It’s a must win in my opinion.

        Close the effing door!

  21. Jack Hammer

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    • knights fan in minny

      the fucking nut job is back

    • Richie-Rich

      I have seen some really weird and creepy shit on this forum, but this one is likely now on the top of list. Further solidifies in my mind just how close to complete disintegration western civilization is.

  22. Jose

    Love the Hanifin signing.

  23. Rashaad

    Curious to hear forward lineup suggestions if everyone is healthy. It’s actually challenging especially if you are open minded and don’t automatically put Hertl and Stone together. Amadio’s play has dipped a bit but should we put Martha in there ahead of him? I think Carrier is out even if he is healthy. Any thoughts?

    Barbashev – Eichel – Marchessault
    Dorofeyev – Hertl – Mantha
    Stephenson – Karlsson – Stone
    Howden – Roy – Kolesar


    Any thoughts, Pistol Pete, Richie Rich, JB, hockey god, knights fan in minny, anyone?

    • Richie-Rich



      That’s how I see it.

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