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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to wrap up their four-game road trip with a win in Detroit against the Red Wings. The home team opened the scoring 5:04 into the contest and doubled their lead two minutes later. Vegas fought back and scored two consecutive goals in two minutes to tie the game 2-2. Both Ivan Barbashev and Paul Cotter recorded goals, evening the score. Detroit took advantage of a late period power play to take a 3-2 edge into the first intermission.

Both teams had several quality chances in the 2nd period but neither found the back of the net. Logan Thompson kept the game tight with multiple goal-saving stops in the middle frame. After 40 minutes the reigning Stanley Cup champions trailed 3-2.

Vegas outshot Detroit in the final 20 minutes but couldn’t come up with the equalizing goal. The Red Wings added to their lead in the third period to finish off the Golden Knights 5-2.

The Golden Knights record drops to 29-15-6 losing to the Red Wings 5-2 in Detroit. Vegas will head into the All-Star break with 64 points and are cemented in the second place in the Pacific Division. The Golden Knights next game will be on Tuesday, February 6th against Edmonton. The Oilers will look to tie the NHL record win streak at 17. Puck drop against the Oilers is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The first two periods were a fairly close game in which VGK might have even been the better team. But down a goal in the 3rd they just didn’t have the pushback necessary and they weren’t able to generate enough looks to net the tying goal. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alec Martinez
** Paul Cotter
* Ivan Barbashev


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  1. JB

    LT is the chocolate man, on the road. You never know what you are going to get. Anyway, 5 points was more than most thought we would get on this trip. So now to rest, maybe get a guy or two back and kick Edmonton’s ass in first game back!

    • JB – That would be refreshing – they often don’t do well after being off. One would think it would help but as I recall that is not always the case. They seem to do better under presure if they put their minds to it. Hopefully they can match the run they were able to accomplish last year after the break. Guess we have to wait until 2/6 – 10 days away. No question 5 of 8 points isn’t to bad but they could have easily had seven but seemed to run out of steam.

    • ThG

      anyone blaming LT for goals has rocks for brains, clearly not the goalie fault on any of the goals.
      – goal 1, Roy outmuscled for puck, marty no where to seen, no. 7 left back along; goalie left out to dry
      -goal 2 and 3 were deflections, one off hague
      – goal 4 marty’s shot blocked, red wing picked up puck, marty left at blue line. Red wings out numbered VGK no. 7 and no. 61. Red Wing player went to net and gave LT a snow shower, and DRW three on two was too much for the VGK to handle.

      Learn to watch the game and see what is really going on in game.

      PS fans shouted JEFF GOOOFFFFFF repeatedly, and Joe Biden is a piece of shit.

      • Richie-Rich

        Well, I must have rocks because he should have stopped one, if not 2 of those goals. It’s a team effort. He’s made those saves in the past. I am not saying he sucks or that he needs to be benched. Far from it.

        The defense needs to play better. It’s mostly intact with the absence of Theodore. Every break out does not need to be a stretch pass for an attempted breakaway. Control the puck and move together as a team. Stretch pass if you see a possibility. Too many of those stretch passes have been intercepted and turned back the other way ending up in high chances and goals for the opposition.

        • JB

          I agree Rich. I thought 3 of the goals, all on his glove side, could and should have been stopped. Yes, some defensive mistakes lead to turnovers, but those 3 shots were not screened. LT had clear views of them and just got beat. It happens, but seems it happens with him on the road a lot!

  2. Richie-Rich

    Game 50 Analysis DET 5, VGK 2
    Let me first say thank you to Ken for providing the sugar to wash down the bad taste of yet another poor showing.

    The VGK fell right back into bad habits and LT had yet another bad game. Sure, there were some breakdowns, but he didn’t play his best and that was a factor in this evening’s loss.

    Stars of the game?
    I will give Cotter one for a decent goal.

    Detroit has a decent team and was able to take 2 points from an injury ravaged Golden Knight club.

    There are 32 games left in the season.
    Edmonton remains red hot and has won 16 straight with a 4-1 victory over Nashville.

    Vegas has 64 points at the all star break. There are 32 games left. Winning half of those games will give the VGK 96 points. They’ll need to do better than that if they are going to win the Division and get one of the top 3 seeds.

  3. Emmanuel

    I spaced out thinking the game was tomorrow & missed it. Lucky me. Now cold turkey for 10 days.

  4. Logan was definitely not the last line of defense that was needed tonight….5 out of 8 points was a nice bonus…6 was easily attainable but we fell short Monday and tonight…but let us remember that even though the bottom 6 gave their all…their all is more AHL quality then what is needed on the major level…let us also remember we were playng our 2nd back to back this week….we stayed afloat and have seen the kings crumbling due mostly to goaltending and coaching…the 6 on 5 Ken alluded to is simply an extension of our current power play…we DO NOT have a quarterback out there audibilizing and directing traffic…we have no one except Chandler to even build up a head of steam to set up shop in the offensive zone…i will be very curious who will and wont be on the ice as we take down the oilers on feb 6!!!

  5. ThG

    anyone blaming LT for goals has rocks for brains, clearly not the goalie fault on any of the goals.
    – goal 1, Roy outmuscled for puck, marty no where to seen, no. 7 left back along; goalie left out to dry
    -goal 2 and 3 were deflections, one off hague
    – goal 4 marty’s shot blocked, red wing picked up puck, marty left at blue line. Red wings out numbered VGK no. 7 and no. 61. Red Wing player went to net and gave LT a snow shower, and DRW three on two was too much for the VGK to handle.

    Learn to watch the game and see what is really going on in game.

    PS fans shouted JEFF GOOOFFFFFF repeatedly, and Joe Biden is a piece of shit.

    PPS most unsophisticated fan base, per Ian, not me. He said it, deal with it .

    • Thg – you do watch the game and pay attention – your not a bad guy when you stick to hockey – you are correct about LT. Just forgo all the other BS and stick to hockey and possible your input might be appreciated.

  6. ThG

    this is for jose sorvino and his activities for the day

    • Jose

      You son of a bitch. You got me excited. That’s not porn star Pastor Melissa Scott.

  7. Canada

    Interesting line adjustment , I love that about Cassidy nothing is sacred he is always trying to find the little tweaks that might make the difference . Cotter stood in front of the net and got a goal and looked better out there , if he cant score on this line he never will. LT as has been said could have made the difference, i saw two softies in this game .I will go out on a limb and say we don’t have a chance in beating the Oilers with out at least two of Carlson , Theo or Eichel back in the line up, who is going to check Mcdavid ? Hill might be the difference maker but with the Oiler’s starting fire up their pp we are in deep water . The Oilers say their not talking about 17 in the dressing room but that will undoubtedly be in their minds could be a motivator or a distraction for them, 17 is a big deal , If we get off to a good start and we have Hill in net we might have a chance “big might” . Either way win or lose i hope the Edmonton game is a good one im ready for some good hard checking hockey . If we get the crew back together we are very much in this thing for the home stretch . Go Knights

    • Canada – there are a couple of dark horses on the Edmonton team – Kane and Perry – that need to be addressed. Perry is always in goalie’s face and very tuff around the net. All vgk better keep their heads up with those two around. Can they beat Edmonton certainly if they come with their A game if not probably not. What’s a little concerning they are not at their best after a long layoff. Sounds strange but go back and check. It takes them a while to get in sink. They actually do better with minium rest for whatever reason.

  8. knights fan in minny

    good first half coach did a nice job holding together a patch work line up these 9 days off come at a perfect time heel up those nagging injuries get some rest some guys have been playing a lot of extra minutes do they make a move or not it will be interesting the names will start flying

  9. NHhell

    the Vgk got out of their solid defensive structure after Barbashev scored that nice goal to give them the lead.

    iow, after taking the lead, they played beer league again and the predictable results followed.

    Question—-did you know that the Vgk now have 2 penalty kill situations?
    One is when the opponent has a man advantage, and the other is when the Vgk have a man advantage.
    That’s right, the Vgk PP does a good job of killing off the opponent penalty. along with an occasional breakaway given to them by Petro for good measure.

    • Richie-Rich

      Exactly! #7 has lost more than a step. He’s over the hill. He’s getting huge bucks to play as a 1st line defenseman, but he’s incapable of performing at that level any longer. With Pachal, Korczak, Cormier and other defensemen ready to make the transition, it’s time to consider trading him to an east coast organization. Even if we just get 1 or 2 draft picks, unloading half or more of his salary will be worth it.

      What say you all?

      • NHhell

        Petro has a NMC, a no move clause in his contract.

        and there is no way the Vgk can afford to retain salary which would leave them with $4.4M dead cap space per year for 3 more years after this.

  10. I return to the fact VGK does not have a quarterback out there on the power play unit…id be surprised if Martinez ever was used in that capacity during his long career…he is certainly not the answer …and certainly pietrangelo was not either…id still rather take a chance with Whitecloud out there….couldnt possibly be any worse could it???….i dont know what that status of Theodore is….who the heck might even know???…but if he stays out another month i might be inclined to go with 11 forwards and bring Cormier back up as a 7th defenseman to guide the PP unit…epsecially as the schedule is not crazy busy the first few weeks of February!!

    • Richie-Rich

      I would like to see Whitecloud quarterbacking the PP, but Cormier also has great puck handling and passing skills.

      I believe Pietrangelo has lost too many steps. You can look at his defensive and offensive performance this year compared to the past few. He’s getting a lot of TOI and is now best suited to a stay at home 2nd or 3rd line defenseman.

      He’s definitely not earning that big fat salary.

  11. I agree he has lost a step..i also agree he would be better suited as an Mcnabb type defenseman….less pinching more stay at home….he is and will always be a great teamate and warrior putting in all those minutes…he for sure has lost almost all the physicalitty he had with the blues…age does factor into that as does money and family….i wouldnt be opposed to a trade but i dont see another team willing to be a trade partner…then again we were able to dump Stasny and Paciorettys contract so who really knows?…i never thought we should have ever signed him to that contract as a free gent….but heck all moves led to our Stanley Cup so how can we possibly complain?????????/…and i agree on Logan having clear views last night…clear views of the puck beating him…sigh…was an off night overall on the tail end of 2 back to backs…enjoy the rest boys..get healthy….practice hard and ‘welcome’ the oilers to the Fortress on 2/6!!

  12. Richie-Rich

    With a NMC it’s best to push Pietrangelo down the D line. I would propose that Whitecloud or Hague move up to D1 with Martinez.

    D1 Martinez, Whitecloud or Hague
    D2 Pietrangelo, Mcnabb (also PK1)
    D3 Hague, Whitecloud, and Theodore, Korczak, Pachal, or Cormier

  13. knights fan in minny

    wild bill off litr

  14. Pistol Pete

    Maple Leafs:
    4th place in the division (58 pts)

    Point a game +
    Auston Mathews: 40 G/18 A (58 pts)
    William Nylander: 23 G/38 A (61 pts)
    Mitch Marner: 20 G/33 A (53 pts)

    2nd place in division (64 pts)

    Most points for a player:
    Mark Stone: 15 G/34 A (49 pts in 50 games)

    So much for individual scoring mattering. It’s about depth scoring and five man defense.

    • Richie-Rich

      Great post. I doubt McCrimmon is going to make a move at the trade deadline unless it will be an investment for the future.

  15. Pistol Pete

    Petro is coming off the highest offensive production year of his career last season (age 32-33) points wise (11 G/43 A = 54 pts in 73 games). He is down this season for sure with just two goals but still close to half a point a game. It does not make any sense he just magically declines so quickly due to age. He’s had off years before going way back. Theo has 18 pts in 20 games but other than him no D is anywhere near close to Petro’s half a point a game. I realize it’s not just points it’s defending and it is true Petro is only +1 however Theo with almost a point a game is a mere +2.

    I am going to hang in there with Petro because for one thing I know nowhere near as much about this as Cassidy and something tells me Cassidy still values Petro a lot.

    • Pistol Pete

      Correction: Last year Petro was 33-34 (not 32-33). He has a January birthday so he’ll turn 35 January of the 2024-25 season. Martinez is 36 this entire season (July birthday). I have thought before if Martinez can play at this age so can Petro. That varies per person though I have heard Petro looks after himself. He should it’s a rough game. Besides he wants another Cup.

      • Pistol Pete

        So Petro is signed through 2026-27. He’ll start that season at age 37, the age Martinez will be if he plays next season, turning 38 January 2027. I will admit $8.8m gets to be a lot of money for a player in the latter stage of their twilight but imo it was worth his contract to win that first Cup (McCrimmon and McPhee would agree) and they may win another one with him still playing. Has not been extremely dogged by injuries throughout his career.

  16. Pistol Pete

    Safe to say all older NHL work their butts off extra hard to stay fit and strong. How can you survive out there otherwise?

  17. NHhell

    Alex Pietrangelo’s salary is $12,300,000 and his cap hit is $8,800,000 for the 2023-24 season. His salary is comprised of $8,000,000 in signing bonuses and $4,300,000 in base salary.

    Just so the fans understand….his cap hit is 8.8m, but his actual salary this season is $12.3 million

    and his salary next season is 12.5 m

    and for the 25-26 season it is 10m

    and for 26-27 season it is 8.8m

    source= Capfriendly

    • Richie-Rich

      It’s a huge cap hit, but Las Vegas has a Stanley Cup. Better yet, the roster is still good enough to challenge for a repeat. Age will eventually catch up to him and Martinez. In the meantime, it’s up to Cassidy to decide how effective he can be on D1, PK & PP. Personally, I would like to see Petro take more of a defensive posture and be used primarily on the PK.

    • Pistol Pete

      Thanks for the info on Petro’s bonuses but so long as they don’t count towards the cap we are good to go. As I have stated, $8.8m for an old player IS a lot but then arguably the VGK does not have a Cup without him.

  18. arnold rothstein

    the LIONS coach snatched DEFEAT from the JAWS of victory

    what a putz, left six points on the field.

  19. JB

    I cashed in a nice parley with KC and Detroit. Yea, that coach didn’t realize this is the playoffs. You take points when you can get them. That 4th down decision in the third changed the whole momentum of the game.

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