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Recap: Golden Knights hockey is officially underway as the team faced off against the Colorado Avalanche for their first exhibition game of the 2022-23 season. Vegas took the first lead of the game with under a minute to go in the opening 20 minutes. Henderson Silver Knights forward Paul Cotter scored on Vegas’ second power play of the period.

The second frame was a bit messy like the first. Vegas committed three penalties and Colorado added two more. All in all through 40 minutes, 20 of them were spent on special teams. The Golden Knights penalty killers and goaltenders did a good job of shutting down the Avalanche’s power play. After two periods Vegas held a 1-0 advantage.

Colorado quickly came storming back in the final period; tying the game in the opening minute and taking the lead 12 minutes later. The Avalanche tacked on a late empty net goal to cap off a 3-1 final.

The Golden Knights get right back to work tomorrow night against the LA Kings. Vegas will take the ice at T-Mobile Arena for the first time since late April. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The few moments in which the game was played at even-strength, VGK were pretty good. But, they took nine penalties and drew six more of their own so the 5-on-5 time was few and far between. A lot of the youngsters stood out though. From Cotter to Leschyshyn to Dean to Morozov, it was a positive first preseason game for sure, despite the result. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Colorado Avalanche preseason game at Ball Arena.

  • Sakari Manninen, the center(?), making a name for himself early in camp

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Zach Dean
** Michael Hutchinson
* Paul Cotter


VGK Players Undervalued In Fantasy Hockey Rankings


Paul Cotter And Sakari Manninen Making Early Push For Roster Spots


  1. Vic

    Cotter looked very good all game. Even though it was mostly the kids, the contrast in the power plays was alarming. The Avs kids were quicker, had excellent anticipation creating endless scoring chances and seemed to spend most of the two minutes in the VGK zone. The VGK power play was the exact opposite (but at least the drop pass was gone). Only the preseason, but not a good look. Keep Cotter please.

  2. Blitz

    I only watched period 1 and the last half of 3. In my half a game I thought Rondbjerg was a beast getting at the puck. A couple of times I went “who is this 46 guy” only to remember. Didn’t notice much of him offensively. Cotter stood out for sure, deserves the 1 star, and had the only goal (a nice goal). Morozov did some things.

    Defense men – Cormier skates well, very fluid. I noticed him alot. Whitecloud and Hutton definitely were the veteran d-men on the ice. The other 3 d-men invisible.

    Invisible: Kolesar, Amadio, and Howden besides their trips to the box.

    The veteran presence on d was obvious, but I didn’t feel any of the veteran forwards showed better than the semi veteran guys. Cotter, Leschyshyn, and Rondbjerg.

    Just my general observations from my limited watching. Colorado looked the better team on the ice.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    i am still looking for the new “system” to kick in.

    VGK has abundance of decent goalies and d men, maybe they can trade them all for someone who can score ?

  4. Deez Nuts

    I realize it’s only preseason game 1. I make these statement based on their results last year and looking at the entire history of the NHL. If ANY team during power plays cannot consistently enter the attacking zones holding on to and controlling the puck while effectively passing, they are doomed to fail. Do that over an entire season and they fail to make the playoffs. It is a proven fact that the PP and then PK are some of the most telling stats of a good or greater team that will play beyond the regular season for a Cup.

  5. projected lineup/depth chart:

    Jonathan Marchessault — Jack Eichel — Mark Stone

    Phil Kessel — William Karlsson — Reilly Smith

    Sakari Manninen — Chandler Stephenson — Nicolas Roy

    William Carrier — Brett Howden — Keegan Kolesar

    Alec Martinez — Alex Pietrangelo

    Brayden McNabb — Shea Theodore

    Nicolas Hague — Zach Whitecloud

    Logan Thompson

    Adin Hill

  6. Jailbird

    You can’t read anything into last nights game. Nothing! Perhaps with more regulars playing tonight we can tell more!

  7. Richie-Rich

    I agree with Jailbird. It was interesting to watch at times, but the number of penalties by both teams was definitely a factor. I thought the standouts were Cotter, Cormier, Hutchinson, Morozov, Dorofoyev, Lechyshyn and Rondjberg.

    Unimpressed with Kolesar, Amadio, Howden and Patera.

    Any word on Carrier upper body injury?

    From my perspective only Carrier’s and Karlsson/Stephenson’s spot is safe on the bottom 6. Kolesar continues to unimpress.

    Goalies: Hutchinson’s play moves him up the ladder. I view Logan Thompson’s spot as safe at 1A. The others are vying for the backup spot. I know I am jumping out in front of this as Logan doesn’t have the resume at this level, so yeah that’s a gamble on my part. But, I am sticking with him.

  8. knights fan in minny

    its tough to watch pre season hockey

    • THE hockey GOD

      i fell asleep at beginning of period 3, unwatchable.

      • Blitz

        I watched “House of the Dragon” during the 2nd and some of the 3rd.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Spoilers follow, so do your thing, read it or don’t.

          House of Dragon, is soooo bad, you have to watch it. It’s like the original Bat Man TV series, or my mother the car, or Hogan’s Heroes.

          I can’t find a character with ANY redeeming value. At least with GOT you had Jon Snow, Ygrette (what a sweat heart! thumpity thump thump , thump thump), Arya, Ned Stark and his wife, Sansa, Samwell Tarly, Brian and even the Hound at the end; I know some of you were rooting for them . I was. My favorite character was from beyond the wall who measured everyone’s character they met by “the size of their member” somewhere in the conversation. 🙂

          In HoD, the king is weak, makes bad decisions, feeble and is losing more body parts with every episode. The Hand of the King, should really be called some other body part, south of the border. The queen had potential for some empathy but has turned into a scheming, evil, lat rastard. The brother Demon, or Daemon , or whatever his name is- is really the smartest character so far, finally proved that he could “finish”, but has two daughters that he ignores. How sad is that.

          zzzzz boring, poor writing, just zipping in time (and space); every episode is like ten years into the future from prior episode. I fell asleep twice in this episode. No character development for new faces (the rat(s) literally have more development) , if you are a new face with very little face time; then you are literally toast ( no pun intended) as George RRRR Martin and co. race through this series you need more than a score card.

          The actors muddle through their lines with British undertones so fast, you have no idea what the FCK they are saying. I even tried putting on sub titles , on CC, but they couldn’t keep up either.

          Still no characters with an iota of redeeming value. We are seeing regurgitated Martin stories, only with different faces. So it looks like they ALL are going to be toast at end of this series in typical Martin fashion, done in by some Quentin Tarantino-like bloody, or toasty, death concoction.

          The best scene in this episode, well whole series, was the Emmy winning dragon scene , with Vhagar (what a name for a dragon)
          trying to figure out how toasty his ex rider is going to be or if his dragon rider is trying to pull a fast one with typical one word instruction.

          Best comment on social media , copied and pasted

          “Vhagar’s acting is top tier this week! That scene with Laena….so emotional!! ” Spoiler , Vhagar is oldest , meanest, female dragon.

          I was hoping for a second the dragon would not do it. I even yelled at TV, Don’t do it Lamont you big dummy, don’t do it But noooo. I thought all dragon riders had blood of dragons and withstood fire. NAY NAY NAY.

          Nay nay nay, or is it kingihts that say nee nee nee or is it nay ? The king must be a secret member of the knights who say nee or black knight order (from Monty Python) because he keeps losing more body parts with each episode . Pretty soon he’ll only be a talking head ! Another invention from the sick mind of George RRRR Martin. “it’s only a minor flesh would, come on come on, mate!”

          Finally the princess has turned from a hottie into a pasty, dough boy, looking character. The queen’s son is a spoiled rotten idiot and both sons look like the king with their long horse shaped , typically Saxony, heads. The second son had very little face time, except he really seems to want to turn into French toast like Quentyn Martell in GOT.

          Now we have a third character named Joffrey ? What could possibly go wrong with that ?

          End of rant, (for today).

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