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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Colorado for a matchup with the 2022 Stanley Cup champions. Both teams swapped power plays in the opening period with the home team taking advantage with 0:14 left in the frame. Colorado took a 1-0 edge into the 1st intermission.

Colorado outshot Vegas early in the middle frame and eventually doubled their lead with another power play goal. The Golden Knights had several chances to score towards the back end of the period, but nothing would fall for the reigning champions.

Midway through the final frame Colorado extended the lead with their first five-on-five goal of the game.

The Golden Knights record drops to 23-13-5 losing to the Avalanche 3-0 in Colorado. Vegas will head back home for a Thursday night battle with the Boston Bruins. Puck drop against the Bruins is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The shorthanded Golden Knights looked every bit of it in this game. They hung in there for the first portion of the game but special teams let them down. In the 2nd period and into the 3rd it was an onslaught of chances. Patera stopped a lot of them, but there’s no question VGK were not close to as good as Colorado tonight. (Analysis by Ken)

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  • Halfway point of the season: Where are VGK compared to other reigning champs?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jiri Patera
** Mark Stone
* Paul Cotter


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  1. David T

    Knights need to learn to play with some consistency. I see no sense of urgency. This is painful to watch.

  2. Richie-Rich

    Game 41 Analysis
    VGK 0, COL 3

    Bring on the All Star Break
    Goaltending is NOT the issue
    End Analysis

  3. DeezNutz

    Their cup run was a fluke and will never be replicated. They need to trade Marchessault, Stephenson and Martinez while they can and try to build a roster with players who can score goals like NHL players. They have built a team that is supposedly defensive minded first but the defense and PK are garbage so it’s no use if you don’t have good forwards. Unfortunately we are stuck with Stone and Petro because I would ship them off first if I could those contracts are an anchor to this team. Thankfully they got lucky at the right time and won a cup because there isn’t one single metric that tells me this team is anything special. It is just boring hockey to watch because I guess defense is their strength Lol

    • Tim

      Deez I’ve said it for a while a shakeup is coming and you hit on the same three players I’ve mentioned. We’ve got about 13 million in Stephenson, Martinez, And Marchessault and with there age an expiring contracts there the mostly to get traded. We don’t score with them how much less can we score without them?

      • DeezNutz

        I agree Tim. Unless Marchy is willing to sign an extension for 4 million MAX then I’m ready to ship him off. Thank you for playing your best hockey at the perfect time but besides that run he’s been extremely streaky and we can’t have him in our top 6 anymore he’s a 3rd line player at best. Martinez is showing his age and I think it’s time to hang them up thank you for the insane amount of blocked shots but we need speed cause it’s a young man’s game. Stephenson’s magic has disappeared and he has now reverted back to that 4th liner on Washington. We need more than 1 offensively talented forward most teams have at least 3. Give Eichel actual good players to work with because we will just end up wasting the rest of his contract trying to force B level players on a line with him. On top of it all this team is too injury prone and at this point the GM needs to re-work a much of the roster as humanly possible and try to catch lightening in a bottle again because this current roster is a waste of time and money.

        • Richie-Rich

          I think it’s a no win situation. If Marchy at his age isn’t performing then you are going to generate any buyers, the same can be said of Martinez. You won’t get a playoff contender buyer. You will be looking to get picks and prospects from bottom feeders. Even the bottom feeders are not going to trade us a younger star for an aging one that isn’t producing.

          This goes back to the premise that you build a playoff team through your own scouting and recruiting and not primarily through the trade market. We’ve shipped off some key pieces over the years and that strategy paid dividends with a Cup in 6. The Front Office is rolling the dice again hoping that the same roster will be able to double down on last year’s Cup run.

          The talent is definitely there. Injuries are once again an issue and the schedule has been absolutely brutal with Boston coming into Vegas tomorrow night licking their chops over a wounded VGK team that is ripe for another ass whipping.

          One thing I will agree with you on is the status of Martinez and Marchy. I think we are fairly deep on defense with Pachal, Korczak and Cormier. Theodore is injured. I think we could survive trading Martinez at the trade deadline to an eastern conference team, but not a top contender, for picks and prospects. I thought it would have been smart to trade Smith last season at the deadline and to my surprise they kept Smith. I love Marchy, he’s been a winner his entire career and there is no doubt he has several good years still in his game. But, if he is willing to take a haircut to stay, that’s the question! If not, then I think it’s time to get some value for him now rather than letting him walk in the offseason.

          Pietrangelo has put in a lot of minutes. His TOI is unbelievable and he has remained healthy. But, beyond that his production offensively is way off and his defense has been questionable. I say this without looking at his plus/minus. But, he’s been responsible for some pretty blatant and heart stopping turnovers and goals this season. Problem is, he isn’t going anywhere.

          • Tim

            Richie, The only people trading with us for Martinez ( Toronto ) and Marchy ( Pittsburg ) or another contender if we get nothing for them so be it we get the cap space roughly 11 million. Stephenson who really hasn’t done much this year would be a little harder to move but we could live with his 2.6 million if need be. No doubt we have more then the normal amount of injuries which will help when they come back. Theadore, Karlsson, Hill, and Carrier are key players were missing the other injured players we need back but not as crucial.

          • Emmanuel

            Theres a market for Stephenson and hes cheap.

    • Richie-Rich

      Damn man. Cool your jets.

      • Actually the Jets are one of several teams that seemingly cant be cooled…along with the Canucks the Kraken and the fast rising Oilers…its crazy we are in this position after the start we had….but thank goodness for that start as we are still in playoff contention with half the season still to unfold…these next few weeks before the All Star break could very well have us teetering on the edge of a playoff spot….sigh!!!!

    • Niggles

      I thought Stones been pretty consistent. The others you mentioned have not.

  4. JB

    PP and PK were bad. Let’s see what we bring tonight vs the beantown boys?

  5. ThG

    more cotton !!

    shades of 2022 !!

    i doubt if they will make a trade unless one of their injured players is out for good.

    They may pick up a player or two at trade dead line.

    meanwhile genocide joe is still worst resident of white house, and liberal judge shows he is piece of shit on death of Trump’s mother in law ! What a scum bag.

  6. ThG

    more cotton !!

    shades of 2022 !!

    i doubt if they will make a trade unless one of their injured players is out for good.

    They may pick up a player or two at trade dead line.

    meanwhile genocide joe is still worst resident of white house, and liberal judge shows he is piece of shit on death of Trump’s mother in law ! What a scum bag.

  7. This was a painful game to watch. It could have easily been 7 or 8 to 0 instead of only 3 to 0. It will be a great game to watch to learn how to show intensity and controlling the puck with accurate passing. Regarding VGK, I lost count of how many passes went to the other team or not even close to a VGK player!

  8. Danny Gallivan

    Realism sets in. This team is a fragile, borderline playoff team that is aging fast, is too slow and soft, and their opponents have figured out how to counteract the Cassidy system, which is rope a dope defense that concedes large portions of the perimeter ice to their opponents.

    Any team that has such a terrible, embarrassing PP and PK is doomed to mediocrity.

    Then how did they win the title last June you ask?

    simple, they did a St. Louis Blues 2019 on the league, THAT’s how. They captured temporary lightning in a bottle, and rode a hot streak and hot goalie after the all star game to glory. Could they not do it once again? very unlikely because the opponents have figured out their system, injuries have cropped up, and also because their top players have aged and worn down considerably from the grind of last year’s run.

    The Blues have become mediocre ever since, and I’m afraid that the Vgk are heading in that direction, albeit more gradually. I will not be surprised when the Vgk front office starts the player movement soon.

    The Vgk have lost six consecutive road games, and have been outscored 26-11 during this road skid.

    • Walt

      Good analysis, Danny.

    • niggles

      But we still got a cup *flexing*

      I feel like Petro et all just don’t care…they are comfortable and getting older etc

      Need some young blood that thirst for the cup!

  9. Besides everything else going wrong lately for VGK….besides watching an inferior product….besides being shown how little depth we actually have in the organization…besides the crazy amount of injuries….one of our strengths during our history is defending THE FORTRESS…tonight with the rested Bruins in town i foresee the stands being at least 33% full of their fans negating whatever home ice advantage that was once ours….2 more items…what does our current state of affairs say about Brisson to not even giving him a shot…and on the glimmer of hope and plus side….once Cormier overcomes his nerves and understandable tentiveness on the ice his skating can be a big plus for VGK!

  10. DL

    Everybody calm down. This is virtually the same team that ran the table last year. Minus Smith and many recurring injuries again this year.
    There is no way that management makes drastic moves coming off the Cup win. Nearly the same team is in place with a chance to repeat.
    The only things that matter are to get to the playoffs, get healthy, get hot, and get lucky. A combination of all these and in no particular order.
    This team deserves that opportunity. If it happens, that is great and rare air. If not, then let the changes of some players and coaches begin.

    • JB

      Totally agree DL! We are not far off of the numbers we had last year at this time. Besides staying healthy with regulars in lineup now, we need Theo and Will back, and most importantly we need Hilly back! Let’s not forget that he led the NHL goalies when he got hurt. He is very good and a key to us! But DL, we have those here that will always be negative when they can. The same bunch were saying the same things this time last year!

    • ThG

      i agree, and one caveat, depends on extent of injuried players. The same players seem to get injured over and over and over again. Carrier, Theo, for example. This takes a toll. What is disheartening at this stage is that the stars are not playing. One would think 61, 9 , 7, 81, 23 would be leading. Tells you the depth is not there.

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