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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Colorado for a Western Conference clash against the Avalanche. The home team took advantage of an early Golden Knights miscue to take a 1-0 lead 0:14 into the game. 

Mikko Rantanen scored his second goal of the game to double the Avalanche’s lead late in the middle frame. The Golden Knights trailed 2-0 heading into the second intermission. 

Colorado continued to pressure in the third period but Vegas had opportunities. Midway though the Golden Knights were awarded a power play but came up short. The Avalanche fought off late attacks and added an empty net goal to shutout the Golden Knights 3-0

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 35-19-6 losing 3-0 to the Avalanche. Vegas travels back home for a three-game set beginning with the Carolina Hurricanes on Wednesday. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The instant deficit certainly made things more difficult, but the Golden Knights were the worse team pretty much the entire night. VGK weren’t able to generate much offensively for multiple reasons. First, they weren’t strong enough on the puck in the offensive zone. Second, they didn’t generate much on the rush. Last, the power play couldn’t convert. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. No A team tonight- 14 seconds Denver 1 assist A Hill. Not sure that made all the difference but certainly didn’t help. Even the players post game suggested the A team stayed home. They need to put this behind them and move on – hopefully learning from their mistakes – need60 minute effort there were some spectators tonight. Wednesday a chance to redeem themselves.

  2. DL

    Never really in it. Never mind the goal against 14 seconds in. Colorado just exemplified playoff and Cup winning hockey for all 3,600 seconds. And that is without Makar. Now here comes the mighty East. Better ramp it up.

  3. DeezNutz

    I bet they regret throwing away 2 winnable games now. What discombobulated roster this has been all season. I’m sorry but you aren’t winning shit with the Misfits in your top 6. Eichel is worth 7 million. Hill is average and cannot puck handle whatsoever. Martinez contract is terrible and on top of it all we have hired a fantastic coach whose system does not work with these soft ass players at all. I could honestly go on for days it seems. There is something fundamentally wrong with this roster and the one common denominator through it all has been the Misfits. It’s time to stop lying to ourselves and thinking that this team is elite because they aren’t. Good luck sucking ass against Carolina. Golden washed up bums.

  4. Richie-Rich

    The team took the night off, OR — they just are not in the same league as the Avalanche. It’s one or the other.

    The Avalanche were dominant in every aspect of hockey this evening. The VGK were reeling from start to finish on their heels with Avalanche in their pockets the entire time and beating them to the pucks, outmuscling them, out passing them and getting a ton more quality chances.

    This was a 100% complete shit show that we need to close the book on. I am not sure if I can remember a game ever that they played worse than, and that’s saying a lot. Thankfully, Landeskog and Makar were not out there or it would have been like watch an NHL club play against pee wees.

    Let’s hope we can get some points on this mini home stand.

  5. DeezNutz

    I’m willing to bet that Brossoit injured himself in either OT or the shootout in that Dallas game neither of which this team should let it get to in the first place. Because of their constant injuries and lack of scoring talent I’m honestly on the fence about their chances of making playoffs. We all know they have a lot more choke potential left in the tank that hasn’t been tapped yet this season I feel like these guys could go on a devastating losing streak at any moment that’s how much faith I have in these guys. Anybody remember the Montreal series? LMFAO

  6. I notice all the Rose Color Crew are missing this evening. Apparently, they either didn’t watch or maybe couldn’t believe their eyes. There is no justification on how poorly they played this evening, so it is probably better they say nothing at all. Not optimistic about Wednesday but who knows maybe the A team will show.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Two things happen on this board;

    Team wins = complements (team is good)

    Team loses= whining (team sucks…even with 6-1-2 after the break and first in the West takes a regulation loss and against a good team and the team overall sucks)

    Me = aim high (after all…most points in the West…why not?)

    15-7-0 = 106 pts

    • Richie-Rich

      PP- You measure a team by its success against the top 10 in the league, not simply by W-L and points. By all measures, the Golden Knights are an average hockey club. Young goaltenders who are not established, chaos behind the bench, injuries, aging, roster chaos. Despite all of the problems they have to go on a major losing streak to fall out of the playoff picture. Credit Cassidy and this team for fighting as hard as they can to be where they are at in the standings. Can they go all they way? It’s not likely. Yes, it will be interesting to see how Barbashev gels with this team. We all want a Cup. 106 points is still doable but they need to win every point against bottom feeders and bring in some points against the top 10 to get there. It’s a best case scenario for sure.

  8. Pistol Pete

    The “A team” missing is a common occurrence on any given night in the NHL which only the Bruins are more or less exempt from this season, recent examples are Ducks beating the Canes in Carolina in regulation and CBJ beating EDM in regulation. Geesh how many times do I have to hold hands on this? Not even excuse making it’s simple reality. As a fan I take in stride and move on. That games like this are addressed in the locker room is a given. Not rocket science.

    • VGK Fan


      Yes, there are always upsets in hockey and in all other sports that doesn’t mean everyone has to ignore it and put on rose colored glasses. Its okay to be upset when your team doesn’t play well and to expect them to play better.

  9. Pistol Pete

    I went into this game not optimistic for a win. VGK has been sort of hanging onto a thread to be the best record in the West without Stone which is why I have been saying ad nauseum he needs to be replaced by the deadline to have any hope of a deep postseason run. I’ll second guess the whining nellies here who will call this excuse making. Anyways I have not seen the game, will watch it and try to get back with an objective assessment for what that will be worth. I’ll probably conclude there was effort but it did not click which is why a good team can lose to anybody on a given night. I know excuse making, but it really is not and in any case is better than banging one’s head on the wall each and every time your team loses.

    Now let’s surprise the doubting thomas’ on Wednesday and Friday vs. two of the top teams in the East at TMobile which will include Timo Meier on the Devils. To be realistic it’s a steep hill to climb but for now I’m clinging to:

    15-7-0 = 106 points (need a replacement, a quasi one, for Stone by the deadline)

    • Pete – your changing your tune – your man Eichel was the answer to all Vegas short coming doesn’t appears to be turning out that way. Just another 10 mill experiment oh well it’s only money.

      • Pistol Pete

        Looking forward to you eating those words if Jack has a good postseason, his first if Vegas makes it. I really think you’d rather Eichel not work out so you can come back point your finger and say “I told you so”. Better ways to be a “fan” imo.

        P. S. If you have read me over the last few weeks you would have seen me acknowledging Eichel was over priced at $10m. So it’s $10m and not the $8m maybe you should think it should be. None of us though are a GM faced with the challenge of finding a top line center when the team never had one. That’s what happens when you make the SC finals your inaugural season and the conference finals two of the next three. See, you don’t get low picks to get a MacKinnon or Stamkos so the only choice is to go into the marketplace and do your best to not overpay but always do. All the dynasties suffered through multiple losing season to get where they got. Has Vegas suffered through multiple losing seasons?

        • Pistol Pete

          In fact for TBL to get #1 pick Stamkos and for COL to get #1 pick MacKinnon they each had to finsih either dead last in the league or win the lottery from a very low finish. For example BUF lost the lottery to EDM, did not get McDavid so they got Eichel. He gets 20+ goals his first five seasons (24, 24, 25, 28, 36) until he injured his neck, then becomes a high priced commodity in the marketplace. BUF gets him for free by finishing last, VGK who never did has to pay the premium down the road. Finish up in the standings and you have to get lucky like TBL did with Kucherov at #58.

        • Richie-Rich

          The VGK shocked the world in year 1 with a solid lineup, no elites. Neal was the closest to elite and Karlsson played lights out. All of this emphasis on elite this and that isn’t doing Edmonton any favors now is it?

          Check the Rangers. They just amped up their club to a whole new level. That series, if it happens, between the Rangers and Bruins is going to be fun to watch.

  10. Pistol Pete

    I would say as it stands right now Avs are the best team in the West and with a record nearly identical to the VGK. Only hope is for Vegas to acquire a top winger by the deadline, otherwise they just can’t match the top line of MacKinnon-Rantanen, superlative five man defense notwithstanding. Goaltending a possible issue as well.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Can’t wait for today’s Devils @ Avs; Meier’s debut should be interesting. Meier adds a big big body to a team consisting of predominately undersized forwards. Seattle has the same issue, fast and scrappy forwards but undersized. Could be a factor in the playoffs.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Not to take anything a away from Joe Sakic, he’s a great person, was an amazing player and a competent GM but there is one reason and one reason only the Avs have today’s core of star players consisting of Rantanen, MacKinnon and Makar (Landeskog came earlier drafted #2 in 2011 and they did win the division his third year though they finished in last place the next). That reason is they finished down or last in the division or conference multiple seasons running providing them with low picks. Finishing 5th in the division 2012-13 they must have won the lottery awarding them the #1 pick and MacKinnon. Three seasons later they won the division but finished dead last 2014-15, were awarded the #10 pick and Rantanen (good scouting for sure) in what was a very deep draft year (McDavid, Eichel et. al.). Despite having Landeskog, MacKinnon and Rantanen they continued to struggle after winning the division 2013-14. Finally after finishing dead last in the conference 2016-17 they were awarded the #4 pick and Makar. Then their fortunes turned and they are who they are today. So you see to get major draft capital you need to stink for a few years and Vegas has not.

    Has Vegas ever had the fortune of low draft picks? The closest they came was being awarded #6 in 2017, the draft entering the inaugural season. Pettersson went #5 to the Canucks and Vegas selected Glass. The point is you finish up in the standings and your chances of drafting impact players is significantly reduced. The McPhee and McCrimmon detractors should be more realistic and fairminded to do with the challenges involved in improving an expansion team that perennially finishes up in the standings.

    • Pistol Pete


      I wrote:

      “Finishing 5th in the division 2012-13 they must have won the lottery awarding them the #1 pick and MacKinnon. Three seasons later they won the division but finished dead last 2014-15,”

      They won the division the year MacKinnon was drafted (2013-14) not three seasons later. Winning the division “three years later” was after drafting Landeskog (MacKinnon’s rookie year 2013-14).

      Following the 2013-14 season Sakic and the team tanked:

      2014-15: 7th
      2015-16: 6th
      2016-17: 7th
      2017-18: 4th
      2018-19: 5th
      Enter Makar:
      2019-20: 2nd
      2020-21: 1st
      2021-22: 1st


      2017-18: 1st
      2018-19: 3rd
      2019-20: 1st
      2020-21: 2nd
      2021-22: 4th

      Some people make it sound like McPhee and McCrimmon are the worst managers in the history of the NHL lol.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “Some people make it sound like McPhee and McCrimmon ” VGK FO is crap , they step into crap all the time, they have crap in between their ears. All they do is talk crap. That is the mindset of these “some people”. Bah! The driver is grape stomper, and it is no secret the ruination of your farm system is not the elixir or secret sauce to a successful long term franchise. The top franchise have ex elite players running them. Tampa BAy (stevie Y), Colorado (Joe S.), etc etc.

  13. TS

    Hello? Any Knights around? Did any Knights show up in Colorado to PLAY?? Must have been the high altitude.( which can indeed be a factor, no joke.)
    BUT: Pretty poor, tired performance overall.

    • THE hockey GOD

      TS notice how they ran out of gas nearly half way through every period ? High altitude ? Or not plain good enuf ?

    • Pistol Pete

      Not going to show up every game TS. They showed up just did not click, right? We’re not the Bruins nor is anyone else this season lol.

      • TS

        Pp, I know, I know. Dang it, where is some consistency???? Up, down,Iike a Yo Yo!! MY head hurts!

  14. THE hockey GOD


    hard to win against last year’s champs when your starting goalie pulls a MAF
    in first 14 second of game !! Notwithstanding that comment, looks like FO got another Russian dud, as opposed to a “dude”.

    The team is one elite goalie and two top six forwards from contending right now. Notwithstanding the continued , infrequent bone head plays by what is otherwise an outstanding defensive core of d men is not helping at times.

    Two last games exposed weaknesses, and the games were not even close. Easy wins by opposing teams. Next up four beatable teams and where is that Jethro Tull tune? CAn’t seem to find on that is appropriate.

    • Pistol Pete

      Hot wife but then that may not interest you lol

      • THE hockey GOD

        my experience with Russian women is that the word “loyal” or “faithful” is not a word in their language. I think it has something to do with the fact that after WW2 most of the male population was killed (to a very large percentage), the commie’s running the show banned religion and thus all the morals and values associated with a Christian society. And finally Russian men drink themselves to an early death. Thus leaving the women to fend for themselves without a moral compass.

        But what do I know ?

      • Sorvino


        • THE hockey GOD

          sorvino , Eggplant /?

          is that a Jethro Tull song ? Or your dinner for tonight ?

    • Vic

      How about Living in the Past? As you imply, improving from average goaltending to something higher is a must for playoff runs. Then the huge need to find players who can score, and saying goodbye to those who can’t. Living in the past not going to work. Can’t address all the problems right now, but perhaps a last minute add might add a spark.

      • THE hockey GOD

        idk Vic, I was thinking more along of the lines of Dark Ages. What do you think ?? There is even a reference to golden (k)nites

        Darlings are you ready for the long winter’s fall?
        Said the lady in her parlor
        Said the butler in the hall.
        Is there time for another?
        Cried the drunkard in his sleep.
        Not likely
        Said the little child. What’s done
        The Lord can keep.
        And the vicar stands a-praying.
        And the television dies
        As the white dot flickers and is gone
        And no-one stops to cry.
        Dark ages
        Shaking the dead
        Closed pages
        Better not read
        Dull rages
        They burn in your head.
        The big jet rumbles over runway miles
        That scar the patchwork green
        Where slick tycoons and rich buffoons
        Have opened up the seam
        Of golden nights and champagne flights
        Ad-man overkill
        And in the haze
        Consumer crazed
        We take the sugar pill.
        Dark ages
        Shaking the dead
        Closed pages
        Better not read
        Dull rages
        They burn in your head
        Jagged fires mark the picket lines
        The politicians weep
        And mealy-mouthed
        Through corridors of power on tip-toe creep.
        Come and see bureaucracy
        Make its final heave
        And let the new disorder through
        While senses take their leave.
        Dark ages
        Shaking the dead
        Closed pages
        Better not read
        Dull rages
        They burn in your head
        Families screaming line the streets
        And put the windows through
        In corner shops
        Where keepers kept
        The country’s life-blood blue.
        Take their pick
        And try the trick
        With loaves and fishes shared
        And the vicar shouts
        As the lights go out,
        And no-one really cares.
        Dark Ages
        Shaking the dead
        Closed pages
        Better not read
        Cold rages
        They burn in your head.
        Darlings are you ready for the long
        Winter’s fall?
        Said the lady in her parlor
        Said the butler in the hall
        Dark ages
        Shaking the dead
        Closed pages
        Better not read
        Dull rages
        They burn
        In your head.

        • Vic

          Excellent taste in music my friend. JT is one of the reasons my hearing is what it is (or isn’t) today. Played Thick as a Brick all the way through hundreds of times, and still love it as an old guy. JT has always been severely underrated.

    • Richie-Rich

      You do realize that Carolina is the #2 ranked NHL club in the league right? Ice on the brain. Out of the next 4 games we have two must win games. We can hope that we get a point from either CGY or NJD.

  15. knights fan in minny

    you don’t score you don’t win plain and simple

  16. Jailbird

    Throw that game away, start a new streak !

  17. Jailbird

    One bad game and out they come. So predictable of the negative naysayers! We will regroup and be fine!

  18. Frank

    Not a good game, but I will take 6-1-2 after all star break. Avs are a good team and a measuring stick. We fell short last night. Barbashev settling in and we miss Roy as well. LT coming back at some point too will be a big boost. Need to have a strong March and peak going into April.

  19. Pistol Pete

    So I did finally watch the game. The most gracious spin I can put on the complaint the team “did not show up with their A game” is to assume it was a metaphor for they did show up, put in the effort but it did not quite click. Discounting Hill’s 14 sec. into te game goal-costing gaffe, this was basically a matchup of two equal teams, one getting one better high danger chance than the other and converting which happened in period two. First half of period one was dominated by Vegas the second half by the Avs. Periods two and three were basically equal with Vegas giving up the one chance to Rantanen. Good defending, decent goaltending by both teams. Vegas has a better than fighting chance imo against the Avs in a series assuming no major injuries happen. Same for the Avs. Injuries will hurt them too (of course).

    P. S. Hill has to stop these goal-costing gaffes. He has committed at least three of them this season. Despite the gaffe Hill’s stats this game (2.00 GAA/.939 SV%) actually improved his season stats (14-6-1: 2.52/.912).

  20. JV

    To be in the locker room when Cassidy ripped Hill a new one. Wouldn’t be the first time Bruce has called out Hill for his wizardry in puck handling.

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