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Recap: The Golden Knights struck first in Chicago, scoring on their first power play opportunity. Chandler Stephenson drew a penalty and went on to score the game’s first goal. After the opening twenty minutes Vegas led Chicago 1-0.

Reilly Smith doubled VGK’s lead quickly in the middle frame. Smith scored shorthanded 3:56 into the 2nd period for his 13th goal of the season.

Vegas extended their lead in the final period. Phil Kessel picked up his 6th tally of the season to give VGK a 3-0 advantage. The Blackhawks scored to get within two but Smith regained the Golden Knights three goal lead with his second goal of the contest. 

The Golden Knights record improves to (22-9-1) defeating the Blackhawks 4-1 in Chicago. Vegas will return back to Las Vegas for a four-game homestand beginning on Saturday. Puck drop against the New York Islanders is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights played down to their competition tonight, but the competition played even worse. VGK did almost nothing at even-strength but scored on a power play, shorthanded, into an empty net, and got an own goal from Chicago. It was a terribly boring game, but winning them is always better than losing them. (Recap by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Chandler Stephenson
** Mark Stone
* Reilly Smith



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  1. Danny

    the road warriors do it again. now let’s see some wins at home.

    Chicago is in the Conner Bedard sweepstakes.

  2. Pistol Pete

    With the shorty (another by Reilly) it’s better than a perfect night for the special teams:

    1/1 PP
    2/2 PK (plus SHG bonus)

    Kessel scores and Miromanov (+1) gets an assist which with Pachal’s assist are the only D points.

    Next back to T-Mobile for a toughie vs. the Isles. Hopefully Jack will be back and firing on all cylinders.

    Home: 8-7
    Road: 14-2-1
    Goals for: 108 (3.38)
    Goals against: 86 (2.69)

  3. THE hockey God

    Man, the ice the Blackhawks skate on is really bad

  4. THE hockey GOD

    another game, and another run by opposing player taking a cheat shot at VGK player; the media and NHL is silent as a rush of these cheap shots are happening across the NHL.

    This time the coward on Black Hawks hid behind his face shield (like a neofasict antifa thug wearing a face mask).

    The lack of retribution is telling, it’s obvious the VGK need an enforcer. Or by the end of the year the VGK will be the HSK. And that is not promising.

    The other night, the goon, ex VGK player Reaves took a run at Hronek of the REd Wings. And leveled him, flat out on the ice. He only played a less than two minutes in the whole game. Red Wings fought Reaves, and Reaves laughed at them. Pointing to his big guns, biceps, all the way to the penalty box.

    Meanwhile Bettman sits in Toronto trying on a new pair of panty hose and trying to think of new woke ways to feminize the NHL.


    • THE hockey GOD

      rash , not rush; sort of like the parole from north las vegas posts here

    • Mark

      Agree 100%. Keep wokeness out of this sport. It’s a man’s game, it’s not for crossdressers and the weak minded. This BS about inclusion, this is how the cookie crumbles, if your good enough your included.

  5. THE hockey God

    And the broadcast had ads featuring interracial couples buying cars and coffee – this woke stuff is so bad

  6. Tim

    The fans and announcers just love big hits. We went between the Vegas feed and the Chicago feed and happened to be on the Chicago feed when Cotter took that hit. The Chicago announcers loved it and couldn’t say how tough there guy was took 75 stitches and came back to play in the same game. Hence the excuse he couldn’t drop the gloves. If you want to play hockey just to target a star player how long do you think it would be before a rule change. Cotter is a nobody so it will be business as usual. Well we got the 2 points now it’s back home to be embarrassed on our home ice.

  7. B-Rad-Lee

    I was at the DLC watching the USA-CAN Women’s game. At or about the same instant that Phil scored, his sister Amanda scored!

  8. Sorvino

    Look at this hit by Ryan Reaves. WOW!

  9. Sorvino

    Then look what happens when Ben Chiarot invites him to dance.

  10. Sorvino

    What up The Hockey God. I agree with most of what you say. Same with knights fan in minny even though you guys are enemies.

    Have you seen Marc-André Fleury’s numbers this year. ROTFL.

    What a fucking piece of shit goalie he is. Every time he steps on the ice right now he is actually disrespecting the game of hockey and the league. I know Ryan Reaves and him are friends and now teammates again but if Reavo was a real friend he would punch Flower in the head and knock him out of the league while he still has some dignity.

    We had a fat goalie last year with multiple injuries that nobody liked playing on an injury riddled team that still had a save percentage 30 points higher then Fluery has this year. Thank god Fluery is Minnesota’s problem now.

  11. Sorvino

    I miss the steady play of Pietrangelo. Whenever there are injuries there are opportunities for others to step up. Miromanov has been decent on the power play taking Theodore’s spot. Good offensive instincts although defensively he still is a bit of a train wreck.

    Any word on the health status of Paul Cotter?

    Have a good evening fellow Knights fans.

    • Pistol Pete

      Miromanov is not stupid. He knows to make the roster full time he’ll need to play Cassidy’s defensive system and just in general become a good defender. He’s been working on his defense while stuck over in Henderson since last season otherwise they would not have called him up for 11 games last year where he achieved a +/- of zero and got an assist. He held his own defensively validating their decision to try him out over other D prospects. Forget Miro’s offensive punch, unbelievable talent notwithstanding the key for all AHL players including forwards to moving up lies in their ability to not be a defensive liability in the NHL. This year he’s -4 for 7 games but has 1 G and 3 A his +/- will improve imo. Personally I think he’s way smart enough to understand the opportunity he’s worked hard for to make the NHL hinges on his ability to defend at this level. As long as he’s physically capable of it and he seems to have all the tools (size, reach, agility, speed and the skating) he’ll succeed imo. Virtually guaranteed imo of moving Hutton out to become 7th D and possibly turn Hague in to a prospective trade piece come the deadline.

  12. Sorvino

    Pistol Pete,

    Horvat would be a great rental. However, I personally don’t want to give away any more futures. Management has done enough of that and I’m sure they don’t regret it since Vegas has played the second most playoff games since entering the league but at some point we need to build up a prospect pool to avoid a long painful rebuild. The cupboard is pretty bare. I trust management will do the right thing and I believe the right thing is either stand pat or just get a depth winger on the third line. I have felt this way for a while which is why I have disagreed with you in the past that they should go after Tarasenko or Filip Forsberg. However, I highly respect your opinion.

    Nobody has a crystal ball and can be right 100% of the time but I think this management team has done a great job of getting rid of players at the right time. They have a knack for that. Erik Haula, James Neal, Colin Miller, Cody Eakin, Paul Stastny, Marc Andre Fluery, Tomas Nosek and Mattais Janmark were all players that they moved at the exact right time, literally the exact right time. All of those players dramatically dropped off as soon as they left. The timing on getting rid of Pacioretty is just spooky. Maybe they do have a crystal ball. They probably wished they could have kept David Perron and “if” it was possible trade Cody Glass instead of Nick Suzuki but Montreal may have insisted on Suzuki. Again, this management has a fantastic record in making the right moves. It’s no accident that the VGK have played the second most playoff games since they entered the league, second to Tampa. Considering we got fucked over with that bogus 5 minute major in game 7 against San Jose where all of the sudden Fleury couldn’t stop a beach ball during those 5 minutes and the terrible injury situation last year it’s not inconceivable that the VGK should have played even more playoff games.

    To the idiots who use words like McIdiot for McCrimmon, you can all go fuck eachother and fuck goats as well or any other farm animals. Funny how you are all quiet now. Can you imagine where this team would be if management wasn’t right about 80% of the time. What if they got rid of Reilly Smith and Brayden McNabb instead of Cody Eakin and Colin Miller. Nic Roy, Zach Whitecloud and Logan Thompson are examples of fantastic jewels that they found for giving up nothing. Whenever management does make a mistake which will happen because you can’t be right 100% of the time, they will always fix it right away without having an ego or being stubborn. Evgeni Dadonov, Tomas Tatar and Vadim Shipchayov are perfect examples of this. If you are not Golden Knights material your ass is getting shipped out of town.

    Go Knights Go!

  13. Sorvino

    One more thing, as much as enjoyed Ryan Reaves they also made the right decision in moving on from him. I love the guy and will continue to post links of videos of him in the future when he does something noteworthy but in all honesty his game has dramatically dropped off as well. He would be great if he was earning $800,000.

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