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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Chicago to try and extend their winning streak to six games. Vegas jumped out early on Keegan Kolesar’s 6th goal of the season. Later in the period, the Blackhawks evened the score at 1-1. 

Jack Eichel scored the go-ahead goal for Vegas midway through the 2nd period taking a 2-1 lead into the second intermission.

Chicago had a few breakaways in the final period but goaltender Laurent Brossoit fended off the Blackhawks’ attempts. In the waning minutes of the game, Alex Pietrangelo was called for a delay of game which Chicago took advantage of. The Blackhawks tied the game 2-2 to force overtime. Chicago ended the game in a shootout 3-2. 

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 34-18-5 losing to the Blackhawks 3-2 in shootout. Vegas will head back home for a two-game set against the Calgary Flames and Dallas Stars beginning on Thursday. Puck drop against Calgary is scheduled for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights fell right into the trap that was a one-game trip to Chicago during a win streak. They were sloppy all night and couldn’t convert on the chances they were able to generate. Brossoit almost willed them to the win but a late penalty doomed them. Tough loss but even getting a point playing poorly is fine.(Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Chicago Blackhawks at United Center.

  • Goalie Interference

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Keegan Kolesar
** Jack Eichel
* Laurent Brossoit



Golden Knights Displayed Defensive Masterclass In 3rd Period Against Tampa Bay


Has Kane Shown Enough Flash For Vegas To Strike A Deal With Chicago?


  1. Sorvino

    Welcome back Tim, Richie-Rich, Blitz and hdbiker7851.

    • SMH

      Dude – you nailed it. Richie-Bich is pissing in his diaper because he is so happy that the winning streak is over, and that he can try to pin the entire blame for an overtime loss on one of the players that he irrationally hates (see his ALL CAPS post below)!

      • Sorvino

        SMH, they are not fans. That’s all they want to do is complain. You are correct that they actually want the VGK to lose. That’s why I don’t really challenge their opinions as I would rather just converse with actual fans.

      • THE hockey GOD


    • Blitz

      In your head am I THG #3? I wasn’t going to post any thing to be honest. Really don’t care much about it. Losing to the absolute worst team in the central doesn’t give me a warm feeling, but we did just beat a better team than us the game before. Whatever. Hey look Cassidy said “Guys were getting behind us, we didn’t play a very respectful game at all”. How dare he call it as he sees it. Maybe you should go be a whiney bitch them him.

  2. Former season ticket holder

    Never mind the ‘plaining… worst game ever

  3. Pistol Pete

    16-10-1 = 106 pts

    • Pistol Pete

      Whoops make that 16-8-1 = 106 pts

      Yes that would require maintaining approximately the current .64 win % which given the demanding schedule IS a tall order. May well have to move the goal post but might as well aim for #1 seed in the West! Why not?

  4. Richie-Rich

    #1 STAR

    • DocDG

      Richie-Rich You forgot the last 2 words in your post. “YET AGAIN”.
      Although he is a competent defenseman he is over hyped and paid about twice what he is worth.

      • SMH

        If you know that little about hockey, you should probably refrain from posting, but then again, that has never stopped people like Richie from posting either…

  5. Jailbird

    Not a good game (other than LB). Still should have won it. Bonehead play by 7. But, got a point, and Kings lost. Move on to Flames Thur.

  6. Sorvino – VGKs got exactly what they deserved – a loss unfortunately. They played down to the Hawks level who are better playing there than Vegas. They were sloppy, refused to get down dirty with net presences etc. One point is better than zero is about the only positive thing that can be said for tonight. On ward and upeward with the A team showing up Thursday

    • Pistol Pete

      Hawks were coming off that 5-3 win at home against the Leafs. I’m sure the Knights went into this to play their A game but did not work out. Careless penalty at the end I’m told. Even though not a good game for the VGK still came close to two points. Within spitting distance of a six game streak.

  7. Can't shoot!

    What a pathetic yet predictable performance from VGK tonight. This team definitely needs to trade for Kane so they will then have 2 players on the roster who can shoot with accuracy. The Misfits have got to be the absolute worst shooters in the league. Maybe Marchy shouldn’t attempt a snipe on the shootout when he can’t even hit the damn net most nights. This team is pretty good at everything except scoring goals which is kind of important in sports. Only reason they beat TBL was because of bad officiating and Vasilevskiy having an off night if they play that TBL game 10 times Tampa is winning 8 of them. Now a struggling Calgary gets to have their confidence boosted I can guarantee Markstrom will be leaving the fortress tomorrow night feeling like Hasek and the Flames will be catapulted to a post season spot starting tomorrow mark my words. They need to practice their shooting like children do in pee wee league.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Don’t want to just be an excuse maker but did not the Lightning just lose to the Coyotes 1-0 in a SO in Arizona? They had two days off came here and lost again though apparently were way better than against the Coyotes. Can’t win every time unless you are the Bruins lol.

  9. knights fan in minny

    you cant make it up great layers make great plays the price for kane just went up

  10. TS

    Common theme, unfortunately….our team plays down to inferior opponents.
    Positive note: Brossoilt..Welcome back!
    2nd positive: we play decent teams next few games, so we should play UP, not DOWN. HOPE….

  11. The Chosen One

    Oh Pietro what have you done !! The game was won… then you get that stupid “delaying of game” penalty out of nowhere. I don’t understand why the Chicago player didn’t cause the penalty to not being given. He was the one who deflected the puck to the ranks after all.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    vgk have a net minder issue, it’s pretty evident

    i wouldn’t be surprised if they acquired a veteran goalie due to fact that
    current two goalies are out for awhile

    doesn’t help that the d man air mailed the puck last two games, they ran into same issue at end of last season

  13. THE hockey GOD

    so far having seen timo, domi, kane play in last few games

    i’d pass on kane and timo

    domi looked the best of the three

    kane next best, skating well, seeing ice well, but lost a step.
    Timo, not too impressed with, never was. pass.

    • Emmanuel

      Domi & a physical winger. Even if Kane re-signs how much will he cost $5-7 Million?

  14. Richie-Rich

    Those of you who think you are “real fans” because all you do is heap gushing praise on their team can go you know what.

    I personally think Pietrangelo is our best defensemen. Is he in the top 10 of the league? No, of course not. If you look at our team we don’t have a single forward in the top 10.

    The reason why this team is playing well is fucking outstanding coach and players who are dedicated to Cassidy’s game plan. The team played well enough to win, in fact they should have won. When I say that loss is on #7, that is simply truth. It’s not hate, because I don’t hate any of these players. I heap praise on them when they do well, I cheer them on every single minute of the games. But, when you are a long time professional like Petro, you don’t make a bonehead play like that. You keep that puck outside unless you are 100% sure.

    Enough said. Pin the loss on #7. But, it is also true that VGK failed to bury a bottom feeder. The skating and energy was just off with Chicago skating circles around them in their own zone. Credit Cassidy’s system and the players executing it for the fact that they even had a chance to win this game with under a minute.

    The goaltending isn’t really the issue. Once again, VGK had trouble on offense.

    VGK is lucky to be in the Western Conference. With their record they would be struggling for a wild card spot in the east.

    With that said, that game they played against the Lightning was the best I have seen out of them in several years. Sixty full minutes of great skating, passing, offense and chances.

    I don’t think we need a veteran goaltender. Personally, I am hoping we make a move for Timo. He’s a younger stone with legs/speed and would be a great weapon. The only issue will be the cost. He won’t be cheap. If we’re going to go milk toast on the buyers market then I’d rather we just stand pat and not give up anyone/picks.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you prophet

      your loser “pal” RR is back again !!

    • TS

      Rr, I for one think you’re realistic, NOT a bitcher. We have to accept the good, bad and ugly, and still support the team. Carry on!

  15. Sorvino

    Thank you TS. You pretty much encapsulated what I’ve been saying and thinking, but managed to do it in a few sentences.

    If they think the VGK is so bad, why don’t they tell us before the game that they are going to lose to the Blackhawks. They just like to wait and see and when something doesn’t go as well as they expected then they complain about it.

    An example of the way they think would be a trade deadline acquisition. They won’t tell you whether we should pick up Patrick Kane or not. They will just to react to it if it goes negatively.

    If we acquire Patrick Kane and he works out they will say nothing and if he doesn’t work out well, they will say management is stupid for bringing someone that is old and washed up or whatever way they phrase it.

    The simple fact is none of us are fortunetellers, every front office in the league is not going to win every single trade or have every player they sign perform up to expectations. I think it would be nice to be right about 65% of the time but that might be pushing it. Winning 65% of the games equates to a 106 point season but that won’t be enough because they will whine and bitch at the 35% of the games that they don’t win.

    At the end of the day, people are people and if we were all the same, it would be a boring world. I don’t dislike the whiny bitches, but I do not think that they are actual fans. I believe that they would prefer for things to go wrong so they can complain. It’s their time to shine.

    • TS

      Sorvino, It’s called SPECULATION! If we could make a buck on it, we’d be rich!
      And: a public forum like this should be a place to OPINE without being ridiculed or bashed on for it. Civility. To each his own. Like our noses, we ALL have one! Peace!

      • VGK Fan

        TS, well said!

        I’ve been a season ticket holder since year two and attend 40 games a year with my young sons. I know RR was a season ticket holder since year one. It just make no sense to me how some individuals on this site would call out RR just because he cares about the team so much that he gets mad when they play bad.

        I actually enjoy RR’s comments and his insight, for the most part they are mostly factual with some opinions of course. But for individuals on this site who call him out as not a real fan I find that very sad.

        • Richie-Rich

          No worries VGK Fan. The comments made on this site won’t leave a mark. Armchair warriors looking for a reaction to make themselves feel powerful. Sorry, you’re not powerful except in your own delusional minds.

          I am debt free, happily married and retired. I could give a *($*(!!! less what is said to me or about me on this site.

          As a season ticket holder since year 1, I reserve the right to be critical and to heap praise when deserved. Against Tampa Bay I saw a team that is Cup contender worthy. But, those games have been too few and far between. Our VGK is a very good team, no doubt about that.

          Give the Head Coaching position and net-minding some long term consistency instead of changing them like underwear. This team remains 1 or 2 pieces away from being a real contender, but the clock is ticking as no one on this team is getting any younger. The win now philosophy is okay as long as it ends up with a Stanley Cup parade. In the meantime we are going after every new shiny toy. We all hope it works out. Eichel was supposed to be the piece to take us to that next level. It really hasn’t happened, and now we are hearing people like PP calling for yet another piece because Eichel alone wasn’t the solution. Well, I give you McDavid and Draisatl as examples of a team with the top two forwards in the NHL as proof that this philosophy is the wrong path.

          The right path is putting together a team on the ice that has chemistry and work well together under a coach who can motivate them and give them a great game plan to win.

          I’m not negative. I am a realist, and if you don’t like my posts then tough (*#RIT, move on down the road and read the “this team is great slop”. Eat that up. You won’t get that from me. You get the good and the bad.

        • TS

          Thanks, Vgk! And…agreed! I get frustrated, as we ALL do. it’s OK to voice that. Others, ditto! We’re ALL fans, here… Can’t forget that, right?? Hell, I yell and ( oops) curse at the TV myself! But I also go to open practices, and feel pretty lucky to have Vegas’ first pro homegrown team to cheer for!

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